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How to remove the cover for the powder washing machine

What to clean: the best means

Which way to deal with contamination. we have decided. Now let’s find out what is the best way to wash the petrified detergent. Use a factory-made household detergent. It will clean the cuvette and the main components of the machine.

  • Sandokkaebi. The most effective composition made in South Korea. It will clean not only the container, but also the hoses and spigots of the washing machine. Affordable price is an important advantage.

To soak the tray, you can use a more aggressive chemistry, because it is not poured into the machine. Products for cleaning sanitary ware and toilets will do. For example, Domestos or Toilet Duck.

How to Clean the Dust Tray of the Washing Machine?

If you notice that your washing machine has become worse at washing and rinsing laundry, we advise you first check the powder tray. It may be clogged and need to be cleaned.

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Often housewives do not think about the fact that cleaning the tray. a necessary event. They think that the detergents and water that are constantly circulating in the tray make it clean by itself. But it is not. Lime scale, laundry detergent or conditioner residue is hard to wash out. Part of it remains in the tray. Over time, it all accumulates, lime-powder “stalagmites” form in the tray, and they close the hole through which the water flows. As a result, detergents do not get into the drum of the machine and washing becomes ineffective. And sometimes it can even break the machine.


How to clean the powder tray in a washing machine: peculiarities of procedures

If you have a washing machine, then you know firsthand that the unit often clogs the tray: there is powder left in it. Why it happens? And how to clean the tank? To answer the question: Why is there powder left in the washing machine tray? In practice, it is proven: to clean the powder tray in the washing machine, you do not need to spend a lot of money, calling a specialist. It is quite possible to do it on your own so that no leaks will occur and you will not flood the neighbors.

How to clear a blocked washing machine soap drawer and clean your Fabric conditioner tray

How to remove the lid on most side-loading machines

Having moved away the machine to be able to unscrew the screws at the back of the machine, find the location of the self-tapping screws on the back wall. Most models have two of these screws, but there are devices with three screws. Using a screwdriver, rotate the self-tapping screws until they are completely unscrewed. Remember that there may be plastic washers underneath, so make sure that such parts are not lost.

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Once you have unscrewed the cover, you must force it to disengage from the machine, which will cause the cover to come out of the groove and move slightly backwards and then upwards. After that, the cover can be removed to the side. To install the lid in place perform all actions in reverse order, that is, first slide the lid into the grooves, then screw the self-tapping screws.

How to Remove a Stuck item from a Washing Machine Drum

Flushing the Box

How often do you need to care for your “homemaker? It is ideal to rinse the detergent dispenser after every use of the washing machine. So, when all the clothes are washed and dry, you just need to take out the powder container and rinse it out with warm water. The granules left on the walls can easily be washed away with a rush of water.

If the cistern has not been cleaned for a long time, you will have to make more effort. You will need a sponge with a hard surface and baking soda. Dilute water and baking soda in a 1:1 ratio in a container. Pour the mixture into the tray. The container should be left for a few hours so that the baking soda kills mold. Then you need to wipe the walls of the dispenser with a hard sponge side and rinse with warm water.

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If there is a lot of dirt, try to fill the powder hopper with baking soda and pour 9% vinegar on top. There will be a chemical reaction, after which the walls of the container will shine with purity.

A mixture of 9% vinegar and boiling water will help to cope with dirt. Remove the powder tray, fill it with a liter of boiled water and add 200 ml of acetic acid. Leave the tray in this condition for 6 to 10 hours. After washing, wipe the walls of the trough with a sponge or washcloth.

Citric acid will also remove plaque from the dispenser sections. You can pour food additive into the tray and run the wash cycle. This will clean not only the cuvette, but also the insides of the CMA.

It is best to prevent fouling on the walls of the container, to take measures to prevent the formation of mold. This is accomplished by rinsing the tray at the end of the wash. It is very important to make sure that the moisture evaporates from the powder tray, so after washing either wipe the walls dry with a rag or leave it open to air out.

How to remove the powder tray in an Indesit and Ariston washing machine

Probably every other housewife who uses an automatic washing machine knows how to remove the standard powder tray from it. The standard powder container has a special tab in the center, in the area of the conditioner compartment, on which you can simultaneously pull the tray itself and pull it out without any problem. 90% of washing machine brands have a container of this design, but there are washing machines (Indesit, Ariston), which have a tray arranged differently and pulled out a special way. How to? Let’s get this straight.

How to remove the powder tray in a washing machine?

Almost every housewife knows how to remove the tray from the washing machine, because in traditional versions of the devices powder container is located in the center and is equipped with a special latch, pushing on which you can start to pull and then pull out the tray (firms LG, Bosch). But there are also washing machines with a slightly different design.

Why do you need to clean the tray?

Laundry detergents, especially powders, are not completely flushed from the powder container. The lower their quality the worse they are flushed. The liquid detergents get washed out more thoroughly because they are liquids, but some will still remain on the walls. At a low water pressure the accumulation of residual detergent in the container is accelerated.

Conditioners contain a significant amount of surfactants which create a film on both the items being washed and the walls of the tray. This happens because the conditioner is poured into the compartment designed for it before washing begins, and is washed into the drum with the laundry at the final stage. When the conditioner is used frequently, the walls of the compartment will become sticky and slippery.

Certain conditions must be met to wash some things. For example, bleach may not be used in the wash. But if it has been used before, its particles will surely get on fabric and spoil the appearance of clothes.

Remember that dirt accumulating in the container may end up in the drum and cause the laundry to deteriorate.

Leaks when washing or rinsing

In most cases of overfilling, the washing machine should give an error code on the display, but it all depends on the water pressure in the faucet and before the error appears the machine can leak.



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