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How to remove the boiler from the wall

Installation of a wall gas boiler: DIY installation in compliance with norms

At home, by definition, it should be warm. It can be provided in a variety of ways. However, the dazhy owner seeks to do this as efficiently and economically as possible. These options include installing a wall gas boiler. And this is quite justified, since gas heating is very beneficial, and the equipment is quite easy to operate and installed.

If you, too, began to think about the purchase of a wall heating boiler, then be sure to read our material. In it, we will try to tell in the most detail about the principles of the operation of such equipment and types of wall.mounted devices. And also consider all the nuances of connecting such a system.

What is needed to replace in 2018

If you plan to install a new boiler in another room, consider the following requirements:

  • Installation is allowed only in non.residential rooms with the door.
  • To install equipment with an open combustion chamber, a window with a window and a room area of ​​8 m² is necessary. For closed devices, the requirements are only in volume. from 9 m².

How to draw up an installation and collect documents:

  • Write a statement to the gas service for permission.
  • Get a list of technical conditions. If it turns out that only the equipment is changing, then the project remains the same. If the installation location, communication scheme changes, then a new project is being developed. To do this, contact a company with a license.
  • From the replacement company, take a construction passport. With him, an act on the status of chimney channels, an act of conformity of equipment to standards, contact the gas inspectorate.
  • Dismantling, installation, commissioning.

The collection of documentation can be engaged in your own or give an order to a special service.

Is the unauthorized installation of equipment in a private house or apartment allowed?

Do.it.yourself installation is not prohibited documented. Only unauthorized connection to the gas line is not allowed. The user can do the rest of the work if there are skills.

When connecting gas without approval, you are facing a fine of 10,000 to 15,000 (under Article 7.19 Code of Administrative Offenses). This does not scare many consumers: they carry out installation unauthorizedly, and then pay a fine. But it should be understood that you endanger not only yourself, but also your neighbors.

What actions must be carried out when replacing:

  • The organization of condensation boilers requires connecting to the network, connecting the system for removing condensate according to the rules.
  • Before turning on, you will need to coordinate the state of the chimney. Verification is carried out by a gas service specialist. After that, such an audit will be held once a year.
  • When carrying out independent work, you will not receive a guarantee.

Stages of decoration of the boiler

The procedure for replacing the boiler, which differs from the old gas consumption in the technical characteristics and the volume of gas consumption per hour, consists of several stages, which can only be performed after obtaining a special permission in the gas service.

And this moment cannot be ignored, especially if the difference in the power of the boilers is significant (the exact number must be clarified in your Gorgaz). In addition, in most cases, documentary confirmation will be required.

Squeezing of actions when replacing:

  • Submitting an application for the provision of technical conditions;
  • Familiarization with technical conditions;
  • Design;
  • Approval of the project (approval);
  • Dismantling the old boiler;
  • Installation of a new boiler;
  • Test of the boiler and heating systems;
  • Application for connecting a boiler.

It should be remembered that the indicated procedure for replacing the boilers is established by law and a number of by.laws. Therefore, if the owner of the building decides to in any way “simplify” the procedure, change it, perform work bypassing the law, then at best the responsible authority will not give a replacement of permission or cancel it.

The procedure for replacing boilers has become easier. domestic legislation is regularly updated, simplifying the rules for the requirement to replace a gas boiler in a private house

In the worst case, for unauthorized connection and use of gas, if such actions did not result in serious consequences and do not contain criminally punishable acts, administrative responsibility will come and you will have to pay a fine, the size of which is 10-15 thousand. rubles for individuals. This is stated in the Code of Administrative Offenses Article 7.nineteen. P.1 in the editors of 03.eleven.2015 N 307-ФЗ.

And you also need to know that the gas service has the right, and unilaterally, to break the contracts for the supply of “blue” fuel and stop its supply. But this development option is extremely rare and only after a written motivated notification.

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Next, we will consider in the phased process of making the replacement of heating equipment on gas.

Stage #1. submission of an application for the provision of TU

Replacing any gas boiler begins with a trip to Gorgaz (Raigaz). Where you need to write a statement with a request to provide technical conditions and issue a permit for the implementation of design, if it is necessary.

remove, boiler, wall

As well as in the indicated document, the planned gas consumption volumes should be prescribed. If this is not done, then the application will not be accepted. The necessary numbers are always in the passports of heating boilers.

If there are any difficulties, then you can seek help from specialists. The desired calculation will be able to complete in Gorgaz, but for this it will be necessary to submit a separate application, and before applying to obtain technical conditions.

Documents governing the procedure for replacing boilers do not prohibit the owners with the dismantling of the old and the installation of new equipment. But you should not rush to save on the service, since the Contractor should have skills to handle electric, gas networks, heating systems, and also be able to handle the boiler itself

Since only the owners of buildings are entitled to replace boilers, you should have a passport to confirm the personality with yourself. As well as a document indicating that the applicant is the owner of real estate. In some cases, it will be necessary to confirm the right to own the land plot. For example, if a new boiler is placed in a boiler room that has not yet been built. In the same case, you will need to provide a situational plan for allotments.

Technical conditions, along with the permission necessary for designing (if necessary), will not be provided to the applicant immediately, but after performing the relevant calculations by Gorgaz specialists. What will be needed for a while.

Gazzmarik will indicate the exact date of the issue of the document during the acceptance of the application. over, the realities are such that the terms do not depend on any norms of legislation, but solely on the workload of specialists. Although for the execution of the necessary documents to gas workers is given no more than 10 days.

You should know that when replacing individual technical work (connecting boilers to gas supply, verification work), only licensed specialists are entitled

If the applicant does not have information about which gas organization to contact, then the application can be submitted to local self.government bodies. Responsible persons of which are required to transfer the received document to the desired Gorgaz (Raigaz). For these actions, they are provided for 5 days.

remove, boiler, wall

And also the legislation allows you to submit an application in the form of an electronic document.

Stage #2. familiarization with technical conditions

The specified document (technical conditions) is a set of rules and norms that must be adhere to when designing, connecting equipment. And also it sets out the procedure for replacing the surviving gas boiler in any private house.

Technical conditions are determined and drawn up on the basis of the current version of the rules for connecting to the gas distribution networks of PP from 30.12.2013 314.

Stage #3. Drawing up project documentation

This item is optional in most cases. This is indicated by the GS of 29.12.2004 90-ФЗ, which says that design when replacing boilers can not be performed.

But there are exceptions, so the specified documentation will have to be drawn up if:

In addition, the owner of the building has the right to perform design on his own initiative.

Features of the replacement of the boiler of the same power

If the consumption of gas per hour of the new boiler is similar to the gas consumption of the old, then this greatly simplifies the task. Since everything that is needed from the owner is to file a notification to Gorgaz about the replacement.

After consideration, the application is given permission. After which the replacement, testing of equipment is performed and its operation begins. Thus, it allows you to operate PP 203 p. 61 (1).

Setting up the heating system

You can establish effective and stable operation of heating systems after the successful launch of the boiler. For commissioning, you will need to understand the regulatory taps. In most cases, the batteries that are most remote from the boiler does not get the heat. This can be fixed if the supply of a heated coolant is distributed evenly.

To do this, fasten the taps to adjust the first two radiators. The tap of the first radiator needs to be fastened half, and the subsequent ones are slightly smaller. Observe the effect achieved. To obtain uniform heating of each radiator, you may need several days of adjustment and setting. However, in general, the system at this stage is already working normally and warms the room.

Conclusions and useful videos

On the translation of the modern model to summer mode and possible errors:

One way to drain the heating system:

If you leave home for a long time, you can’t throw gas equipment without a preliminary stop. In the absence of hosts, an unforeseen situation may occur, which can deprive you of not only the heating system, but also at home. It is better to consult with specialists first how to turn off the heating and stop the gas boiler, and act according to the recommendations.

Only professionals can also be carried out by qualified cleaning and conservation. Automatic shutdown or transfer to a more suitable mode can be performed independently, according to the manufacturer’s instructions, but only if you leave the house for a short period.

You have questions in the process of independent conservation of gas equipment? Ask the advice from our experts and other visitors to the site, participate in the discussion. the form of Комментарии и мнения владельцев is located below.

Installation on different walls

Boilers have a fairly large weight, and therefore problems may arise if you do not take into account the reliability of fixation to the wall. There are certain standards for installing boilers, which indicates that installation work must only be carried out on a hard wall.

Requirements may vary greatly depending on the material, which was used in the construction of walls in the house. There are norms for wooden, reinforced concrete, drywall and brick surfaces.

Installation on the Wall Wall

Reinforced concrete walls are the most suitable options for installing a wall gas boiler. They have increased strength and completely non.combustible. Therefore, no additional ways of protection in the form of cladding were used. To fix the heat generator housing, metal anchors are used, on which they fix the mounting bar. After that, the unit is installed on the prepared site. Any types of heating systems can be installed on concrete walls: having a large power or a regular Boiler of the accumulative type.

Installation on a brick wall

The installation norms separately spell out the conditions for fastening to the wall of brick. Brick is another high.quality non.combustible material, and therefore the equipment is installed immediately on the wall, but this time you have to prepare the surface.

In order not to violate the requirements of gazmiers before the installation work, the wall must be plastered. During these works, you will need to mount a special bar. After the plaster is completed, two bolts should stick out of the wall, which serve as a landing place for equipment.

Is it possible to hang a boiler on a wooden wall

Installation of a wall gas boiler in a wooden house is a difficult task due to a number of nuances. A wooden wall can light up, so you need to take care of security measures.

To correctly mount the heating boiler will have to fulfill several special conditions:

  • Thoroughly treat the tree at the installation site. It is quite simple to do it with your own hands. there are special antipyrines in construction stores. They will need to handle the wall abundantly.
  • Pre.prolong the wall with plaster (thickness. 15 mm). This is the minimum value that guarantees protection against high temperatures. You can also linen the wall with roof steel.

If there is no desire to use plaster or cladding with metal, you can put the gypsum.accommodation plate at the place of fastening of the heat generator, and then cover with ceramic tiles.

So that the heavy heating boiler does not fall from the installed place, it is necessary to strengthen the site with a powerful beam that is placed under the facing material. Thus, it will turn out to reliably fix the heat generator on the wall.

Is it possible to hang on drywall

When installing drywall, the presence of voids cannot be avoided. This creates problems with the fastener of a heavy heat generator. However, there is an option to eliminate this defect.

When the manufacture of a metal frame occurs, it is necessary to choose a place for fixing the boiler in advance and carry out preparatory work. It is necessary to reliably strengthen the site using a wooden beam and metal profile. For installation on a fragile drywall, special locks are used. These are plastic traffic jams that are screwed into the facing material. Metizes must be mounted already in the established cork. Experts say that ready.made fasteners are gradually shaking, which leads to a deterioration in fixation.

Pencounton and aerated concrete boiler fastening

If the house is built of aerated concrete or foam concrete, then several methods can be used to install the boiler:

  • Fasteners are installed in advance at the moment when the blocks are laid. The installation of the boiler is carried out when the masonry mixture completely hardens.
  • In stores you can find raven for fixation in foam concrete. They are very similar in traffic, used to work with drywall. But they have a deeper thread and a greater step. As soon as the material is screwed into foam concrete or aerated concrete, any anchor that will reliably hold gas equipment can be installed in the rains.
  • Another reliable way to fix it. hairpins. They are installed with a small interval from each other, and in the wall (on each side) the bar is mounted, which is tightly fixed with bolts for maximum reliability.
  • You can also use liquid, chemical anchors. They provide solid fixation, but are more expensive than previous options.

Fines for an independent shift without coordination

Replace a gas boiler in a private house without permission and without a project is prohibited by law. st. 7.19 Code of Administrative Offenses “Unauthorized connection and use of electric, thermal energy, oil or gas”. The size of the fine is from 10 to 15 thousand. rubles, in the event of an emergency, criminal liability is possible.

They can detect a replacement at the next planned verification: at least, there will be no stamp in the boiler passport, indicating the conduct of commissioning specialists. Then the gas distribution company terminates the contract, disconnects the house from the gas line, imposes penalties.

Nevertheless, in most cases, gas workers do not pay attention to the changes made or turn a blind eye even to serious violations, you can often agree with employees. Many owners of private houses, especially in rural areas, are actively using loyalty, but what works today can be interrupted tomorrow, and it is impossible to legalize the already installed gas boiler. Therefore, despite the huge bureaucracy, we recommend that you initially make a replacement in accordance with all the rules, especially since the process can be entrusted to specialists for relatively little money.

The replacement procedure

To replace the old unit with a new owner, you will need to contact the appropriate Gorgaz unit in order to clarify the options for possible design and the necessary package of documents, in relation to the technical parameters of replacement.

It needs to be collected in full, so that in the future there are no problems with the corresponding regulatory authorities. The owner has the right to collect these materials on his own or entrust this procedure by the representative by proxy.

Design of technical conditions and the implementation of the project

In the case of installing a new more powerful boiler, the owner receives from the corresponding Gorgaz unit the technical conditions for the reconstruction of the intra.house gas supply system.

Preparation of the TU is carried out according to the legislation no later than 2 weeks from the date of filing an application and payment by the customer of services.

In this document, specialists will establish certain requirements for the placement of the boiler, drainage systems, gas metering devices and intra.house gas networks.

Since TU is developed on the basis of specific technical parameters of gas supply processes, within a particular household, they are unique to each consumer, the property of the customer, and should be appropriately registered. After that, TU is transferred to the design organization to develop a project.

Boiler Service

The project is developed by a design organization that has permits for the right to carry out relevant works.

The owner of the premises ordering the project from the developers must conclude a contract with them, preferably “turnkey” so that they independently fulfill the approval with control departments and only after that pay for the work performed.

Dismantling of old equipment

After the owner has an approved project in hand, according to the “Specifications” section, equipment and materials are acquired for the reconstruction of the heat supply source.

After that, you can start dismantling old equipment. If the owner feels that you can’t cope with this on your own, then this is the rules, if you do not need welding on the gas pipeline.

The only recommendation is that this work should be carried out in the warm season, so that the house does not need to be heated, since the work on dismantling and installation of equipment can take for a long time from several weeks to several months, everything will depend on the supply of equipment.

remove, boiler, wall

After the boiler is disconnected and the coolant cooled to the temperature of the outer air, dismantling measures are performed:

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  • Internal cleaning of the tube heating system. For this operation, the coolant is drained from the network using a drainage valve. And then through the feed valve it is filled again. Thus, flushing is performed 3-4 times.
  • Overlapping a gas fishing line for a trimmer through the main supply valve in the house.
  • The supply of cold water for double.circuit boilers is blocked.
  • The boiler is disconnected from the mains.
  • Disconnect the device pipe using the smoke.focused system.
  • Auxiliary equipment fans, burners, safety automation with a postpart is removed from the boiler.
  • The boiler is removed from the foundation or wall anchors.
  • A dismantled boiler is taken out of the room of a furnace or kitchen.

Dismantling of equipment must be performed very carefully so as not to violate the integrity of existing engineering communications.

Installation of a new unit and first launch

Before starting installation, you need to perform preparatory work. Clean the premises of the garbage left after dismantling, remove the old winding from threaded joints.

Further, all work on the installation of a gas boiler is performed under the contract by a special installation organization that has a license. The first gas launch is performed by the representative of Gorgaz.

The algorithm for connecting a new hinged gas boiler:

  • Connect the DHW pipeline and the input/output of the heating system.
  • Connect the unit to the gas network.
  • Connect the smoke pipe of the device with a common.house smoke.rod system.
  • Install a dute fan.
  • Power supply to the boiler.
  • Install a security system with primary sensors.
  • Check the tightness of the strapping with a pressure of 0.8-1.8 bar. Examine all the connections of collected engineering networks for leakage.
  • Gorgaz representative turns on the gas supply.
  • The system is launched and the boiler is tested.

So, summarizing, it is possible to state the following, replacing the old boiler with a new one, requires the owner of the passage of certain stages, which are regulated by the norms of the legislation.

They are sometimes complex and long, but without their execution on the owner, penalties from 10 to 15 thousand can be imposed on the owner. In accordance with Article 7.19 Code of Administrative Offenses

Such strict measures are carried out primarily in the interests of the residents of the house in order to protect from an emergency that may occur due to improper installation of fire hazardous equipment.



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