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How to remove scale from a washing machine

How to easily clean the washing machine

Dirt, scale, mold, unpleasant smell. faithful friends of any washing machine and the terrible dream of its owner. But there are ways to easily and quickly cope even with the most old problems.

The washing machine is not the lightest object for cleaning. Just wiping the surface with a damp cloth is often not enough. Complexly arranged and hidden details require special care.

What you need to know about scale

As a rule, tap water is quite rigid, that is, it contains a lot of salts, which when heated settled on various surfaces in the form of white or yellowish plaque. Soft water is quite rare, and over time it still forms a sediment. Of course, there are modern cleaning systems that can soften water, thereby making it safe for details. However, not everyone can afford to install such filters.

The trunk filters installed on the tap system are able to significantly reduce the hardness of the water

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Accelerates the process of label formation at high temperatures and the use of liquid detergents instead of traditional powders.

What is the danger of scale in a washing machine? The layer of deposits accumulating on the surface of the heating pipes prevents the heater from conducting heat. First, the energy consumption consumed by the washing machine increases, the process of heating water slows down. If the scale becomes too much, the device overheats and fails. As a result, the washing machine cannot perform washing and gives the corresponding error code.

The thick layer of the scale formed on the tube of the heater leads to its breakdown

The processes of the formation of lime plaque occur in almost every washing unit. It is not difficult to verify the presence of a raid on the heating pipes, you just need to try to consider the device. Take a flashlight and shut up on the bottom of the washing machine drum, usually the heater is located right below it. Through the holes in the drum, it will be possible to inspect the tubes for the formation of scale.

So, you were convinced that the problem of calcareous raid affected your technique. Further in our article we will tell you how to remove the scale in the washing machine-locomotive.

How to clean the scale of a table vinegar

How to clean a kettle from scale

To clean the kettle, dilute vinegar in water and put on fire. After boiling, let it grumble a few more minutes. Then drain the water, remove the remnants of the coat with a sponge with a cleaning product and boil clean water in the kettle.

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How to clean the iron from scale

Pour a warm solution of vinegar into a water tank and, holding the iron horizontally, release steam.

Boil a kettle with vinegar and release steam from an iron only in a well.ventilated room.

How to clean a washing machine from scale

In the washing machine vinegar (10 ml per kilogram of loading) pour into a ditch for air conditioning or liquid powder. Run the wash without linen at maximum temperature, and then also a rinse, to surely get rid of a specific aroma.

Vinegar can damage the gum on the door, so be careful if you decide to fill the substance directly into the drum. This can be done when there are no liquids in the typewriter.

Full cleaning of the washing machine

The proper operation of the home assistant, the prevention of pollution and unpleasant odors also implies the purity of such elements as sealing gum, containers, drain pump, etc. How to properly care for some elements of the automatic machine:

remove, scale, washing, machine
  • Washing cuffs. In the sealing gum is always dark and wet. the perfect environment for mold, dirt. Therefore, to wipe this rubber part from time to time, you can take ordinary soda. Use stronger chemicals (like pre.Metassa) is desirable if an unpleasant pungent smell is felt. However, often they do not need to use them so as not to harm the technique. Apply the product to the wet sponge and wipe the cuff and highly contaminated elements.
  • Washing the tray. To correctly get the bath for powder from the washing machine, refer to the operating instructions. Surely, taking out the compartment, you will see the accumulated particles of the powder. Gently rinse it in all inaccessible places. You can use pemolar and other household chemistry. You may need to soak the tray in the product for several hours.
  • Cleaning the drain pump. No need to wait until the filter is completely clogged and the machine refuses to drain the water. To clean the pump, you need a container, a rag, a flat screwdriver. How to act: open a decorative panel (usually at the bottom of the car). You will see the lid, do not rush to unscrew it, put a rag on the floor or substitute a container to collect water. The amount of water can leak differently. After the cover is unscrewed, take out accumulated garbage from the inside (coins, hair, etc.).
  • Cleaning the filter of the pouring hose. This filter can be clogged with rust and sand particles, and the washing machine can refuse to work (type water). For the procedure, pliers, toothbrush are useful. Do not forget to block the tap supplying cold water to the technique. The hose we need is in the back of the machine. You need to unscrew the nut of the hose, get a small filter set using pliers. Brush the net, rinse and put the element back. Flow the hose. Open the crane.

After all, wipe the washing machine from the outside: control panel, door.

Cleaning with citric acid

In the composition of high.quality washing powders, manufacturers add substances that soften water. However, as practice shows, they do not give one hundred percent result. On sale you can find a wide range of means to clean the washing machine from scale. Their main acting components are a mixture of organic and inorganic acids. According to numerous reviews, a great alternative to specialized tools is natural citric acid, which can be purchased at any grocery store. The main reasons why housewives choose citric acid for a washing machine as a remedy for cleaning:

  • low price and availability of funds;
  • careful purification without aggressive effects on metal, rubber and plastic;
  • simple use, quick result without much trouble;
  • Environmental friendliness, human health safety.

Now let’s move on to the recommendations for the use of miracle tools. Cleaning should only be carried out in the “idle” washing mode without loading underwear. Pour 100 grams of citric acid into the powder compartment, set the temperature of 70 ℃ and turn on any prolonged mode with additional rinse. The seal is not obligatory. After completing the cycle, inspect the tank, remove the particles of the scale that could fall off during cleaning. For one washing cycle with the addition of citric acid, you will not only free the car from scale, but also remove the unpleasant odor that could form during the operation of the unit.

Only concentrated powder is suitable for cleaning the washing machine, but in no case freshly squeezed lemon juice

Subject to the correct dosage of citric acid for the washing machine is absolutely safe. If during the procedure you heard an unusual noise, don’t worry. This is a normal phenomenon indicating the effectiveness of the removal of scale. Large particles of deposits pass through the drain hose, creating a characteristic noise. After the washing is completed, we strongly recommend rinse the drain and, if necessary, remove the stuck pieces of scale from the filter.

With intensive operation of the washing machine, it will be correct to carry out the procedure for removing scale once every 3 months. If you do not practice daily washing, then cleaning the washing machine with citric acid can be performed once every six months.

How to care for a washing machine

Rules for the prevention of the formation of scale, mold and unpleasant odor:

  • Regularly when washing, use water to soften water.
  • Check the s of clothing before loading so that the garbage and trifle does not clog the drain filter. It is better to wash blankets and sweaters in special bags so that the pile does not accumulate in the typewriter.
  • Pull things immediately after washing so that a musty smell and mold do not appear in the drum.
  • I ventilate the drum and container container after each washing cycle, wipe the glass cover and elastic band.
  • Carry out general cleaning at least once every three months

Ways to struggle and prevent the scale on the heater of the washing machine

We use “Chemistry”. struggle with a scale that has already appeared

First, we will tell you how to clean the washing machine from scale with a special tool. It is called. “antinakipine”. It contains an acid that dissolves the crust of the deposits. After falling asleep into the machine, you need to include a special mode. “Washing without linen”. The result is not forced to wait. a chemical reaction occurring when heated, eliminates the elements of the device from the layer of scale. Cheap and angry.

Unfortunately, this method also has “pitfalls”. If spill the powder for cleaning, then you can ruin the elements of the washing machine made of rubber (it simply “flows”). And breathing with acid vapors is not very useful. But using this tool is as simple as possible, and it costs a penny. By the way: do not confuse it with special softeners that are put in water when washing with linen. They will not be rid of scale definitely from scale.

How to clean the washing machine with citric acid with scale acid

If you erase very often, then carry out this procedure once a quarter. With a more rare use of the device, cleaning is enough every six months. We select the washing mode “without linen”, set the temperature from 60 to 90 degrees, and then to where we usually fill up the washing powder, add citric acid (50. 100 grams). It turns out qualitatively and inexpensively, but at the same time it is possible to eliminate extraneous smells (unless, of course, they are). Such prevention will not cause any harm to the details of the washing machine. repeatedly.

Clean the machine with white vinegar

As experts say, it is cleaning the washing machine by vinegar that gives the best effect. Let’s tell you how to do it:

  • Pour 2 cups of vinegar into the machine (ordinary dining room). Add hot water, wash without linen (and without powder) on the most long cycle.
  • After 5 minutes we make a pause for an hour in the program. It is needed to penetrate the purifying solution into all corners of the tank.
  • After the hour’s lasts, we continue the washing program again, now until the end.
  • To wash off the remnants of the cleaning solution, pour water, starting the washing program with a short cycle.
  • A rag moistened with a weak vinegar solution, wipe the machine door from the inside. We process the seals especially well.

We use “physics”. Prevent the formation of scale

Here we get rid of the reason in advance, using all kinds of magnetic softeners of water. They can stand both directly on the pouring hose of the machine, and at the entrance of the pipeline to the apartment. They are called filters-sifters (or water converters).

The softener of the magnetic type water cleans it of magnesium and calcium. There are no salts. no problem. Neither on the surface of the tank, nor on the heating element of the scale no longer appears. excellent. If you talk in more detail, then strong magnets break down the lime deposits (calcite) into ions. As a result of this splitting, instead of calcite, we get aragonite. he does not form any deposits. Thus, passing the “magnetic” water through the tank of cars, we get clean surfaces of both the tank itself and the heater itself.

The disadvantages of this method are that he is not everyone The softener costs about 30. this is much more expensive than a bag with “anti.nakipin”. But it is very convenient to use it, and the filter is about 50 years old. Having spent once, you can live happily, no longer asking the question of how to clean the heating machine from scale.

In addition to magnetic filters, there are also mechanical cleaning filters (sedimentary filters). They purify water from pieces of rust and sand. This allows you to prevent pipe clogs and save household appliances from damage. By the way, plumbing devices in the presence of such filters last longer.

remove, scale, washing, machine

Prevention of the formation of scale technology

This method is based on the following: the more hot water the machine is erased, the more scale it settles on its elements. Modern manufacturers cm take this fact, equipping their products with new washing programs. At the same time, water is warm only up to 40 or 50 degrees, and the dirt is washed perfectly. This method manages to “kill two birds with one stone”. not only to get rid of the appearance of scale, but also to save electricity.

Ten can last a long time, and it can break quickly. The reason for this is not necessarily marriage. much depends on the mode of washing and loads. If you often wash worn underwear, then its particles that have been precipitated will provoke the formation of scale. And falsified powders for washing are also very harmful. using such means, you are not only the heater, but you can also disable the whole car.

Thus, those who want to live economically, without scattering with extra money for electricity or repairing a washing machine, should look at the filter-decamor or use the anti-Nakipine tool. Do not forget about the mechanical filter that removes dirt particles. And when washing, you should choose those modes in which water is warmed less.

And now it is worth finding out what advice on this can be given by professionals. employees of service centers for washing machines. Well, they, perhaps, can know the best how to clean the washing machine from the dirt. After all, the masters are faced with a similar problem daily. Therefore, we asked some questions, one of the employees of the service center, the answers to which you can get below.

The reasons for the appearance of scale in the washing machine

The scale in the washing machine is formed on the heater (tubular electric heaters) and the drum surface. This happens as a result of heating of water containing a large amount of calcium salts and magnesium. In the process of chemical reaction when heated, salt breaks up into carbon dioxide and insoluble precipitate, which is called a scale. In regions with good quality of running water or in houses with the installed pre.cleaning system, the formation of deposits is slower. Over time, metal parts are covered with stalactites from salts, slowing down the process of water heating and increasing the energy consumption of the machine.

First of all, the heating element suffers, which has the appearance of a pipe curved several times. He directly contacts water and releases heat, which leads to the decay of salts. Insoluble deposits settled on the walls of the drum. Salt growths are an abrasive environment, for which all types of pollution cling very well. As a result of multi.layer sticking of salt, dirt, wool and rust on the heating element and tank, they are disabled. You can avoid expensive repairs by timely conducting preventive cleaning of the equipment.

Due to direct contact with water, the heater is subject to the formation of scale

The first signs of scale formation in the typewriter are:

  • deterioration in washing quality;
  • the appearance on light clothes after washing spots of unknown origin;
  • an unpleasant odor coming from the drum, which can intensify during washing at a temperature above 60 o;
  • The appearance on the walls of the raid drum, which cannot be removed with a rag.

Preventive actions

A few more recommendations can be given, subject to which the washing machine will correctly last for a long time:

  • If in the region where the device is used, severe water is pronounced, then with each washing to the powder, ordinary washing soda should be added to the powder. It will take a little, just one tablespoon is enough. This tool will soften water, so that of lime deposits will not occur. The cost of soda is small, and the effect is very good.
  • One ÷ twice a year can be cleaned using citric acid.
  • In the presence of hard water, it is recommended to install additional softening and cleaning filters in the water supply system. this will be useful for all plumbing household appliances, and for the health of the hosts too.
  • For washing, it is recommended to use powders or gels, which “default” already includes mitigating agents. True, high.quality products of this type always cost and much more expensive.
  • The use of “Kalgon” with each washing will save the car from lime deposits. this is how manufacturers position this tool. However, the price of this composition is quite high. By the way, the regular use of the already mentioned washing soda gives approximately the same effect, but it is much cheaper.
  • It is recommended not to abuse washing in high temperatures.

When purchasing a washing machine, it is recommended to give preference to a model with a ceramic water heater. This material and its smooth surface are covered for much longer a crocheted and more steadily withstands the effects of aggressive cleaning compositions.

remove, scale, washing, machine

So, when following the recommendations, the owners can save their washing machine in working condition for many years, without the need to repair. Therefore, largely the performance of the device depends on the regularity of preventive work and constant control by the owners.

We complete the publication by a video in which the hostess of the washing machine shares her secrets of its regular cleaning.



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