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How to remove blocking from the oven oven

Why is the Bosch plate is blocked and how to remove the lock

Bosch hobs are gradually replacing ordinary electric and gas stoves, which differ in dimensions and difficulty in maintenance. Induction slabs with touch panels provide comfort and ease of use. An additional advantage is the security system equipped with the possibility of temporary blocking the working surface, and you can remove the lock from the Bosch stove with one button.

Bosch plates are equipped with a special locking system, which is used for security purposes and allows you to increase convenience and reliability in the operation of the unit.

Depending on the design, the third section of the upper part of the plate is responsible for heating and control of the temperature regime. On the control panel there is a special control button that allows temporarily block the working surface and oven.

With activated blocking, the plate can be turned on and off in normal mode, as well as install a timer for the oven.

Bosch modern boards have several types of locking in manual mode:

  • short.term. temporary unit for independent cleaning of the hob or automatic cleansing of the oven;
  • Protection against children. a high safety regime, which is intended to protect against children’s burns and injuries;
  • Automatic block. locking independently when turning off the electricity or voltage surge.

During activation of any type of lock on the panel, the corresponding symbol is displayed. On some models, this procedure may also be accompanied by a sound signal.

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How to remove a lock from a NEFF stove?

To remove the lock, click and hold the corresponding button on the touch panel or put the switch in place. The function of the Cleaning pause is launched by a separate button. After activation, the touch panel is blocked for 30 seconds.

After connecting the hob to the electric network, the control panel is in a locked state (“LO” is displayed on the display). To unlock the control panel, touch the “double/triple zone” and “boiling” buttons at the same time.


Check out the operating instructions.24.

You have a timer I will introduce? See the guide on page 23 (link in the tab).

You just need to hold the symbol of the key with a finger a little.Not the one burns.And the indicated symbol on the panel.Everything will be removed right away.Easily.

http: // m.UA/LNKRD.PHP?ID = fDulhtwr9m2type = here is the link to the instructions describes how to use a timer18 page

I can not unscrew the cap on the lighting lamp of the electric articular

Set the time of day after disconnecting

Press and hold the key key for some time, this will remove the lock.

Interested in such a question, installed the temperature and mode, then turned on the blocking from children.The oven at the same time works or not?

Inner glass may be removed if you unscrew 4 screws from the back of the door?

After the electricity has turned off. The display on the oven stopped working. zeros burn. the oven does not warm (

Contact the master or to the service center

What the grill icon on the oven oven looks like?

The grill regime icon in the oven is usually indicated by a zigzag line, or three painted overwhelmed triangles in the upper part of the square. the function of the small grill is rare, mainly for the manufacturer Bosch. The icon has the form of a shortened zigzag line.

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To install the exact time, you need to use a special rotary handle or button on the display. By setting the exact value, click the icon indicating the clock and proceed to the installation of minutes. At this time, minute numbers will blink.

How to remove blocking from the oven Gorenje?

How to remove a block from an oven? To remove locking from the oven, you need to clamp on 5-6 seconds two extreme buttons on the left side-top and bottom.

After connecting the hob to the electric network, the control panel is in a locked state (“LO” is displayed on the display). To unlock the control panel, touch the “double/triple zone” and “boiling” buttons at the same time.

What to do if the oven does not heat up?

When not a single heater warms in the oven, the first thing to do is to check, the performance of the outlet. The easiest way to check is to include another, operating device. If the outlet is working, then it is possible in the electric network there is a very low voltage, in which case the heating elements will not warm.

Sometimes the next method helps. Bake products for a longer time on low heat. In order to prevent baking does not dry, put a metal bowl of water to the bottom of the oven. The evaporation of moisture from the bowl will not allow the pies to “dry” and the steam from the water will more evenly distribute heat on the ovens.

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How to unlock my Bosch?

The castle of the oven helps to protect children while the oven is hot. Self.cleaning oven GE have a locking door of the oven as a safety measure. The self.cleaning cycle sharply increases the temperature inside the oven so that the baked products are burned, until the oven cools down to a safe temperature.

What does LOC mean?

Loc. English. Loss of Control. Management. one of the reasons for the plane crash of jet aircraft. Cm. list of aircraft crashed as a result.).

How to enable Gorenje, Darina, Hephaestus

You should completely open the door. The systems equipped with electric fire are lit by turning the regulator counterclockwise, by pressing the regulator and holding it in a pressed position for 20 seconds.

What does SAFE mean on the oven?

Press the “Selection” button until the message “SAFE” is displayed on the display. This means that the blocking of the oven of the oven is installed after automatically shutdown with gloom turn off the oven. After that it can be turned on again.

And the symbol “Key”. After activating the lock on the display within 5 seconds. The current time and symbol “Key” will appear. To turn off the lock is necessary:. simultaneously press the buttons (1) and (2), and do not let go of pressing within 8 seconds.;. When an off appears on the display (off.), release buttons.



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