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How to remove a biscuit from the oven correctly

How much the biscuit should lie after baking?

After the finished biscuit has cooled down, it can be wrapped in a food film and sent to the refrigerator for the night. Thus, the moisture inside the biscuit will be evenly distributed, the biscuit will not crumble, it can be cut into several cakes, and its taste will become much better.

During heating, the air molecules are expanded, the biscuit rises from the inside. But if we open the oven, the temperature drops sharply, the air in the test is compressed, respectively, the biscuit falls.

Yeah, all the discussions reminded me of a centipede, from which they asked what leg she starts to walk with?biscuit biscuit, of those eggs that were, fresh and not very, warm cold, and in a bad mood and it always turned out airy and well, only one nuance in the biscuits and if a decent person taught, he will always indicate it, but it turns out so much wisdom can be thought out.

Girls, what informative Комментарии и мнения владельцев. And my stove flew. It works 1 comfort. We ordered a new one, here they will install. I will try

So that the biscuit is not dense, the flour needs to be sifted. this time, and secondly, the flour is different, it all depends on the content of gluten. Therefore, it is better to put the flour less than the superfluous.

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And I will add. The dough is prepared by a hot way (I then found a description in a special. literature) rises well in the oven even if it is slightly settled. Thanks to this science, the biscuits without any problems have many years and experience has conveyed to the huge number of young virgins, which amazed the imagination of future husbands by the bskvit with strawberries and whipped cream.

Yeah, Michelle in Kuking also taught a stove in the bathhouse. But such a biscuit is always more dense, it comes out or something.

Once in her youth she worked in a pioneer camp. Bunches for children were baked by an elderly woman, a former cook-focus of a restaurant known in the city. To close the shift, she baked biscuit cakes, and we, then young girls ran to see her and learn. She made a biscuit hotly. Put a bowl with an egg-sajar mixture in a basin with hot water (50 degrees) and beat with a mixer (this cook, by the way, was beaten simply with a fork). The mass becomes white and magnificent, but the flour can be interfered only when you run a groove on the surface with your finger and it remains on it without blurring. And then everything is as usual: neatly, trying to mix from the bottom up, inside the flour and pour a homogeneous dough into a prepared shape. And in the oven.

I was embarrassed by one point in the recipe, for the roll to the main recrees, 500 g is added.Oil but not a lot of oils.

Interesting article, thanks! I have a biscuit recipe that should be baked not in the oven, but at the top. It turns out very magnificent.

I was also convinced of my own experience: it is better to bake the biscuit in advance, let it get out at least at night, then it will acquire a slightly different structure and will not crumble like that when cutting. I always impregnate the biscuits when assembling the cake, with any cream, with the exception. Unless, half.dead sour cream. Good luck!

And I never stir the flour with a mixer, but only with my hand or spatula and sooo carefully. Be sure to go up from the bottom up, it is well stirred, and air bubbles do not burst, due to which, in fact, the unique structure of the biscuit is achieved. Acting a mixer. It is very easy to “kill” the biscuit. Biscuits biscuit for a very long time, therefore I can say that the biscuit really needs to feel, even at the moment when the eggs are whipped, yes, this must be done at least 10 minutes, but sometimes the eggs are whipped faster, sometimes slower. And so I also focus on visual sensations. when the mixer’s blades leave a persistent elastic track in the air mass. It’s time to add flour.I can also say that the amount of flour also differs slightly from time to time, since it depends on the flour.Once, from the size of the eggs. two.And this very amount of flour also needs to be felt. sometimes enough to add or remove a tablespoon. to achieve the desired consistency. But the ability to see these nuances comes only after repeated attempts. Give a little flour. the biscuit will be dry and dense (however, it can be saved. intensively saturated with impregnation) But the consistency will still not be the same, but you will not give a bit. the biscuit can settle down, although the upper part will be airy. Believe me, all this can happen, even if you strictly follow the prescription proportions. That’s why I insist that the biscuit needs to feel, he is alive, and even when you put in the oven, be in a good mood, are configured for positive, wish your biscuit of successful baking, and it will be tender, like a child’s cheek, like a cloud, inimitable. such as only a biscuit can be! But the advice, if you want to bake a biscuit roll with oil cream,, as you know, you won’t smear it on a hot cake: taking the cake from the oven. roll it into a roll along with parchment, and cool. Then expand, separate the paper and spread with cream. Turn into the roll again.

How to get muffins, muffins and cupcakes

For baking muffins, muffins, cupcakes, manufacturers produce special forms made from different materials.

The easiest way to remove one.time paper immediately before use.

It is easy to separate baking from silicone. After cooling, turn it inside out. Separate adhered products with a toothpick.

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time will take the extraction of muffins, metal.shaped cupcakes. The same methods are suitable for her as for a baking sheet. So that you do not have to separate the pastries, risking the appearance, before cooking, place paper molds in metal excavations.

remove, biscuit, oven, correctly

Temperature, time and baking mode of biscuit

Time, the preparation mode of biscuit dough in the electric and gas oven is slightly different. The subtleties of baking depend on the method and uniformity of the spread of heat.

In an electric oven

Electric oven heats up and cools slowly. This fact has a positive effect on the final result, great for baking, as temperature drops are excluded.

In order for the dough to bake evenly, cook the biscuit for 45 minutes in the “top-niz” mode at T-160–170 ° C.

In the gas oven

The gas oven is heated faster than the electric, it is easier to control the temperature if there is a thermometer. But when the gas is combined, moisture leads to frying the crust. The gas oven cannot ensure the uniformity of warming due to possible gas ignition.

Baking biscuit cakes in it is possible if you adopt to the nuances of work. The optimal cooking time is 40 minutes at a temperature of 180 ° C.

How long does the biscuit cool?

If you prepare a roll (thickness about 1 cm)-10-15 minutes. So that the biscuit does not opal, it is cooled in forms. Then they turn it on to the grate, so the biscuit is evenly cooled from all sides. After the finished biscuit has cooled down, it can be wrapped in a food film and sent to the refrigerator for the night.

remove, biscuit, oven, correctly

The most common, but not the most neat (in the sense. even) method is to cut a biscuit with a knife. With the help of a knife, it is convenient to cut dense biscuits, and loose can crumble from such “intervention”. Therefore, the knife should be long, sharp and with a very thin blade.

How to save the finished pie with lush?

The cake can fall greatly: 1 from a sharp temperature difference, with a concussion. They sharply took it out of the oven, slapped the door, especially if it is a little underpidden. Therefore, it is better to leave the baked cake for a while in the oven, so that it cools down a little and get it from the oven warm. 2. If this is a biscuit, then it is better to leave it in the oven until completely cool. It is better to cut it on the 2nd day. So it is much tastier, especially if you prepared with additives (for example, a biscuit with apples) 3. The cake cannot be baked at a very high temperature, since it will immediately “grasp” (harden) from above. inside will remain raw. And, of course, will fall. The ideal temperature that is suitable for baking most biscuit products. 180 ° C, sand cupcakes. 160-180 ° C (for yeast dough. from 170-175 ° C to 240 ° C (and even higher). Depending on the size and type of baked product, in addition, the behavior of yeast test is affected by the recipe and cooking mode).

I used to fall out of the biscuit because I did not have flour. I was afraid that it would be clogged, in the end he was lush in the oven, and then flat.

Causes of baking after baking:. sharp temperature difference. The dish should remain in the oven for at least 10 minutes after turning off A large amount of filling. Under her weight, the pie often settles. It should be remembered that for curd baking is considered normal partial falling. The biscuit will not fall if, after baking, turn it on the kitchen bars and let it cool without taking it out of the form. Before looking into the oven, look through the glass door. The pie should look ruddy, then check with a toothpick.

There are some tips that I try to adhere. I read them at one time in the vast vapor of the Internet before putting the pie in the oven, it is allowed to come for 15-20 minutes, grease it before baking eggs from sand dough should be removed from the forms chilled during the first 20 minutes of baking the door of the oven should not be opened then you can just check on a dry match not to clap the door with the door for the dashed pies allow to cool in the same room where the pie is fed soft and magnificent. while it is still hot. cover it with dense fabric pies, it is better to store them in clay dishes. covered with a napkin, or in a plastic bag.

But here it all depends on the test that you use when cooking a pie.

If you turn off the oven, but leave the pie there. He will not continue to prepare for some time? That is, not to stroke/will dry? Or these are vain fears? Today I baked a banana cake, yes, the bananas are heavy, but it got up, pulled out 10 minutes later and again great. At home we have not so paired, but far from cold.

And everything is fine with the recipe? And specifically with baking powder?And perhaps you put and bake in a heated oven.Check your temperature regime

Now I read that the dough is biscuit. I think the problem is in the oven.I haven’t tried to bake from someone? Or on a very hot or cold oven bake. What temperature do you bake? If normal, then the oven itself does not support the desired temperature regime.It is necessary to measure the temperature separately and compare with the readings of the regulator. And contact an electrician or service. My electric ordinary oven overshadow is much better than new with a bunch of bells and whistles.Although the same temperature regime.And the temperature can kill any pastries

Thank you, I also suspected that the problem is in the oven. In the very near future I will check with my mother.in.law. Peku with standard 180, as a rule, the most common temperature, 25-30 minutes. As I see that the edges are brown (through the glass of the form) and the top grabbed, which means it is ready.

When you need to pull out a biscuit from the oven?

Open the oven during cooking, especially when these alluring aromas of fresh baking fly in the kitchen. Hold yourself in your hands! It’s definitely not worth it to open the door after 25-30 minutes-the biscuit is falling and will not rise anymore.

The most important reason for this failure is poorly beaten eggs, so the biscuit dough of the wrong consistency. Beat the eggs with sugar into a lush white foam until the mass increases by 2-3 times. A powerful mixer will help to do it correctly. Mix the flour in small portions, using a shoulder blade (and not a mixer).

Biscuit preparation rules

Under what circumstances do not take out the baking of their oven immediately after turning off. Otherwise, all works will go to dust. The door of the stove must be opened and wait 15 minutes, only after which the shape can be removed.

I generally recommend that many confectioners give Biscove to completely cool down in the oven, but this can threaten the drying out of the cake, and, accordingly, lose its taste qualities. So our advice, look for a middle ground in everything!

If you baked a biscuit for a roll, then this product should leave the “fried” 10 minutes after disconnecting, and what is important, it should be very warm, since the chilled cake will break and crack during twisting.

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Комментарии и мнения владельцев and reviews

This is my biscuit, thank you very much, Natasha for the recipe, did everything exactly according to the description and without baking powder, everything was excessively beaten, I rose luxuriously in the oven (I have a diameter of 20 cm), I took out a little from the oven, but this did not prevent you from making a wonderful Delicate cake (https: // www.Povarenok.ru/Photo/138006/) Thank you for the recipe!

Biscuit biscuit according to the same proportions, without dividing the eggs into yolks and proteins, without baking powder. But I add a spoonful of cognac to the finished dough- take a word, much more tender and air cake, and the aroma (both when baking and from the finished one), it does not smell even from freshly baked eggs! The main condition for good biscuit is fresh eggs and a powerful mixer!

Thanks for the advice, I will remember about cognac.You can also beat a powerful mixer, only in time it will be longer.

They say that you can take everything that is 40g and above (you need the process of evaporation of alcohol for loosening the dough). But I use cognac! And the weak mixer was earlier, probably, I lacked the patience to bring the matter to the end, the good biscuit most often did not work out, as I bought good, so no problems! But then I didn’t add cognac, I just didn’t know!

remove, biscuit, oven, correctly

Natasha, thank you very much for the recipe really liked the biscuit, baked 3 pieces, flour 200 gr. My flour.Sugar and recipe eggs.Beat for 7 minutes, in the oven was 160 “20 minutes, quick cooking. I need three cakes, my husband loved cakes very much. I was very pleased. Then I will show the cake. Thank you very much for the recipe !!

Natalia! Thanks for the master class. I enlightened that the biscuit can be prepared without baking powder. We will try.

Hello, how many eggs did not beat, and such a groove never succeeded and the biscuit rises poorly and it turns out as dense, although tasty. I think it depends on the mixer, apparently there is not enough power to beat.

Thanks for the recipe! Everything worked out. Lush, voluminous! Now I will always do so! I will call him “Natashinsky! (Kidding!)

remove, biscuit, oven, correctly

I am very glad that there is a recipe with such a detailed description. I usually cook with baking powder, but it really is not necessary. On one of my recipes, Charlotte one Madam wrote that the recipe is wrong, she did not rise and in general, a biscuit without butter, notice, never done. Everyone rises. She does not rise. The conclusion is obvious. Thanks!

Everything is painted in great detail and understandable. I will definitely use your advice. Do not tell me if the butter affects the splendor of the biscuit?

The biscuit turned out to be magnificent and tasty, sugar added only 50 grams, used it as a basis for a cake soufle, thanks!

Biscuit super. Soft. Smooth. Lush. With a crust as I love. I took it out right away, not opal. This is the only way to do now.

I used to get biscuits more or less, but now I don’t hope at all, according to your recipe everything will work out

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