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How to remotely turn on the Xiaomi kettle

Xiaomi kettle setting up, phone connection

The modern world is gradually moving to a situation where each household device will be part of one large ecosystem, which is called “Internet of things”.

In this article I will show how to set up an electric kettle of Xiaomi and connect it to the Bluetooth phone in order to make the necessary changes in the configuration of its work and remotely control the boiling water.

The Xiaomi Mi Kettle kettle does not just boil water, as all the others do, it can track the temperature of the water and has several operating modes that are suitable for different situations.

For example, if you poured raw water, even filtered, it must be brought to 100 degrees to guarantee to kill the entire probable pathogenic microflora and not get sick.

remotely, turn, xiaomi, kettle

But if you use previously boiled water, it is not necessary to boil, you can heat it to 80 or 90 degrees.

By the way, you noticed that many recipes for brewing tea specifically indicate that boiling water cannot be used, it spoils tea, makes it tart, bitter and changes the chemical composition of the released essential oils.

It is in order to correctly brew rare or love tea, you need to connect the Xiaomi kettle to the smartphone and get the opportunity to indicate the desired water temperature to achieve the best result.

Kettle control through a smartphone

After the water heating device is connected to the phone, several icons and sliders will appear on the main screen of the application.

Using buttons, you can set the required fluid temperature. The kettle will support it for a given time.

There are several modes. For example, you can set such a scenario: a Smart quieter boils water, waits for it when it cools down, and then heats the liquid to the desired temperature, which it supports for several hours.

The application intensity is simple and understandable. It seems that there should not be difficulties with management.

Xiaomi Smart Kettle connection instructions to a smartphone

Initially, the user will need to install the Mihome application. This is a single program for managing any equipment that is part of the “smart dwelling” Xiaomi.

At the first use of the utility, a message will arise with a request to name your location. It is important to prevent a miss. The fact is that, regardless of the real location of the owner of the kettle, he needs to indicate the mainland of the Mainland China). Otherwise, the device will simply refuse to function.

remotely, turn, xiaomi, kettle

Then you will need to register. It will be necessary to create your own profile in Xiaomi (if there is no one). otherwise it is impossible. Although the registration process is quite simple. you need to click “Sign in”, and select “Sign Up” on another page.

After getting into the profile, access to the addition of an electric kettle will be obtained by means of the plus key located at the top right.

Initial binding. It was quite easy to understand that the image demonstrates one of the keys on the device. It was also not very difficult to guess what the inscriptions in Chinese mean. on the second key they are completely different. Thus, the key is defined. What are the following steps? The presence of the Arabic number “three” among the Chinese hieroglyphs implies that something needs to be done three times. There are only two logical alternatives: press 3 times in a row or press and hold for 3 seconds. The second option was true.

The Xiaomi Smart Kettle connection procedure will not take much time: usually after 10% of the number increases abruptly and the whole process will require no more than 5-6 seconds. However, sometimes you can encounter the fact that the load does not happen at all. In this case, click on the “restart Bluetooth” key and reconnect ”.

On this, in principle, all. The temperature and duration of its preservation can be prescribed on a cell phone, then bring the liquid to a boil with one key, and the second. set the command to maintain the assigned temperature during the established period.

Портативный умный проектор Xiaomi

Finally, you can always go to the Mihome application (if the device is located in the Bluetooth coating sector) and see the temperature of the water temperature in the device at the appropriate time.


The installation of the application allows you to open new opportunities for managing the device from the phone. The intensity is easy to use and understandable. Almost all information is posted on the phone display. The background of the main screen acquires a different shade, depending on the temperature of the liquid. From blue, for cold water. to red, for boiling.

At the top of the display displays an indicator of water temperature. A slider is placed under it, the movement of which is activated by maintaining the temperature regime of water in a certain sense. Time frame from one to twelve hours. In the proposed menu, select the desired temperature (50 °, 80 °, 90 °), or independently make a different value through the “Custom” icon. Digital values ​​are illustrated by pictures of drinks, with an acceptable temperature for them.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Kettle 1S 1.7L with constant heat

By pressing the “” button “two temperature regimes are activated:

First mode: water is heated to the selected temperature with maintaining this value.

When using the second. the water will boil, and then will cool to a certain level.


VIOMI SMART KETTLE Electrician controls are carried out from the phone by applying VIOMI. Its settings are the same as for Smart Kettle.

To maintain the temperature of a drink, you must click on its image. Using the slider on the temperature scale, the temperature value and the maintenance time are set. The application will ask for confirmation of actions and change the parameters.

Using an additional function, the device can maintain a temperature of more than 45 degrees constantly. Even if we remove the device from the stand and then return it to its place.

In the Smart Kettle model, all sessions to preserve the given temperature end immediately after removing the device from the stand.

Other functions of the application: tuning firmware, changing the name of the device.

How to connect a Xiaomi Mi Kettle kettle to a smartphone?

The synchronization of the smartphone and the kettle will begin, after which the desktop will open to work with the kettle.

Nice bonuses include tips about temperature. Xiaomi Mi Kettle independently notifies the level of temperature. The function simplifies the cooking process and does not clog the head with extra information.

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We control a smart teapot

Now that synchronization with a smartphone has been made, the user opens two options for managing the device “Xiaomi Viomi Smart Kettle Bluetooth”:

remotely, turn, xiaomi, kettle

Actually, all the main functions of managing the device are available through the touch buttons on the handle.

And the program can expand the pre.installed settings at the request of the user.

Using the upper button with the inscription “Boil” fluid fluid. On the screen you can monitor the current temperature of water, which will increase as it heats up.

If you need to set the required temperature. there is a second “Warm” key. To change the parameters, short clicks on the “Warm” button are needed until the necessary indicators appear on the display.

Now that we have analyzed the mechanical control, we will move on to software management.

Smartphone gives more opportunities. Several options are available:

  • Keep Warm Time. time for, which will maintain the desired temperature (limit of 12 hours).
  • Cool Down The Boiled Water. after the water boils, the device will wait for its cooling to the specified parameters and will maintain this temperature.
  • Warm up the Water. water heats up and is maintained to the desired temperature without boiling.

But it must be remembered that turning on the device will not work remotely. You can only configure the necessary parameters. You will need to turn on the device using buttons on the teapot handle.

After the device is connected, it is very easy to look for it in the list of devices. It will be highlighted in green. To reset the device to the factory settings, press the Warm and Boil button for 3 or more seconds.

We recommend reading: connecting and setting up a Xiaomi kettle for control from a smartphone.

How to connect Xiaomi kettle to iPhone

Apple gadget owners when installing the Mi Home application are faced with the fact that there is no translation of the text. Many are interested in how to connect a Xiaomi kettle to the phone in this case.

First you need to download Mi Home on the iPhone, after installation, you must enter the application. When the program is loading, you need to select the All Devices tab, click on “”, and then select a household device.

The system will confirm the choice, the window will open, in the lower part of which is the Rescan button. You should click on it and wait.

In order to synchronize the operation of the equipment, the area for warming is connected to the outlet, a kettle is installed on it, and then press the button on its handle. After performing this operation, a connection will be established between the smartphone and the kettle.

Smart teapots from Xiaomi

Xiaomi teapots are not just teapots, but those devices that can interact with the phone. This is necessary, first of all, to increase the level of comfort. After all, many actions will be possible to perform without leaving the rooms. The teapots from Xiaomi themselves are almost no different from analogues. The case is white, with a massive handle on which two touch buttons are located (we will talk about their purpose a little later). The weight of the product with a fairly large weight is over 1 kg. Inside the plastic case is a metal container for water per 1.5 liters. Communication is made with the phone through the built.in Bluetooth module.

Xiaomi Viomi Smart Kettle Bluetooth Pro will definitely appreciate those who are used to pampering themselves with good tea. But also coffee, children’s mixture, a variety of fruits are also successfully prepared with this device. And what is noteworthy. all the taste and beneficial properties of the drink are preserved. The taste and aroma of hot tea is not distorted and at the same time double walls protect your hands from a burn.

Well, as a pleasant addition. with a completely affordable cost of the device, it is possible to control it both through the touch panel on the handle of the device and remotely from the smartphone.



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