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How to raise the door of the refrigerator Bosch

How to outweigh the refrigerator door: repair recommendations step.by.step instructions

In most cases, the question of how to outweigh the refrigerator door arises when redevelopment of the kitchen is required and the equipment should be rearranged to a new place.

If the position of the refrigerator does not allow the door to open properly, there is a need to outweigh it in the opposite direction for more convenience. How to do it correctly and what you should know, so as not to damage the door?

We will analyze these questions in our article. For a better understanding of the outrage process, we give step.by.step briefing, equipped with visual photos.

The refrigerator stopped closing: what to check the ordinary user before calling the master?

Before he trumpet the alarm and call a specialist, you can inspect the refrigerator yourself, maybe everything is in order with the device and you do not have to repair the unit. Check the following:

  • Maybe the refrigerator stopped closing because something inside the cameras interferes with him? Forgot to push the salad bowl or turned the bucket with a handle to the door and please!. the door will not close, no matter how you try. All that can protrude, pushing into the camera or get out of the refrigerator.
  • How exactly your refrigerator is on the floor? Have you moved it recently? If you have a level, then with its help you can check if you have installed the refrigerator exactly. If there is no construction line, use a glass of water. it is not so accurately, but still shows whether the device is crooked or evenly installed (glasses with a painted horizontal rim are especially successful. you need to pour water on it exactly according to the rims). What is the danger of a slope? In fact, it is not dangerous, but if the refrigerator is inclined a little forward, then the door according to the laws of gravity will open itself. If everything is just that, then after regulating the legs, everything will fall into place.

If two of the above troubles are not your case, then a breakdown could arise, which prevents the unit doors of the unit tightly fit to the body of the device.

At the request of our customers, we will tell in detail about all the most common reasons because of which the refrigerator door cannot close.

We test the door

This test was invented ten years ago and is called “Test with a probe”. An ordinary sheet of paper acts as a probe (the thinner the paper, the better). The strip should be 5cm in width. This paper is laid across the sealing gum, the door is closed, and they try to get the paper. If everything is fine, then it is problematic to extract paper. You need to walk with this “probe” throughout the door. If there are areas in which rubber adjacent to the refrigerator body is weak, then the paper is easily extracted. After simply a test, you narrow the circle of possible reasons for the failure of the refrigerator.

And now about the reasons weak and bad or not at all closing the refrigerator door:

The cause of the malfunction and methods of elimination

After conducting a “test with a probe”, you determined that the paper cannot be fixed at all.

The fasteners of the door were ill, and the density of its fit to the perimeter of the refrigerator was weakened. You will need an accurate adjustment of the door loops. produced by the master.

You cannot close the refrigerator door, and during the test it turned out that in different places the door does not close equally tightly.

Symptom one, and two reasons: 1. Could serve his term seal, especially if he was not often pleased with the departure, and the door was clapped with heroic force. Over the years of operation, rubber loses the functions of elasticity, becomes less elastic, violating the tightness of the compartments. This consumable needs to replace.

If the device is only from the store or it serves for many years, but literally after moving or rearrangements, then the door could accidentally be damaged in it. If the deformation is not serious, then you can do with adjustment, but if fatal changes in the design of the door occur, then you will need to replace the entire door.

In the old refrigerator, the door seems to be “departing” from the closet itself.

In the design of the “grandmother’s” devices there is a special sparkle detail, which is a small element of plastic, which is located at the base of the door. with its assistance, the door opens and closes smoothly. If the door is clapping, the plastic is deformed over time, and the door ceases to close normally. The spacer part must be replaced by a new.

raise, door, refrigerator, bosch

The door does not close in the refrigerators of the Ariston brand or Indesite, it seems to be springy from the refrigerator case.

In some models of the units of these brands, the rod of the inclusion and shutdown of light is located according to the idea of ​​manufacturers is not entirely correct. often it interferes with the closure of the door. This stem must be moved deep into the camera.

Having tested the density of closing the doors, the probe showed that the door is closed everywhere equally tightly, but at the same time the signal warning about the open door does not stop.

The refrigerator is just an electrical appliance stuffed with sensors, nodes and systems. And often the sensors are the first to suffer. In this case, the sensor reacting to the closure of the door could break. It is subject to urgent replacement.

If you don’t have a refrigerator, freezer or refrigerator, the refrigerator door breaks, a new or old refrigerator does not close, or any other nuisance associated with the door happened, then, of course, a qualified specialist will come to the rescue.

But do not forget that a lot depends on you. Remember that slamming the refrigerator door, whatever it is. old or new, only from the store, you can’t. No need to play with the refrigerator in the game “Closed-opened”. If you noticed, then opening the device immediately after its closure, the door is difficult. This can be explained by the pressure difference in the refrigerator and in the room itself. If you forgot to take something from the refrigerator, then wait only for a minute and then open it-so you extend the service life of the elastic band and the refrigerator itself. As for the sealing material, it also needs to be careful. From time to time you need to wash it using a weak soap solution. and then be sure to dry. Do not smear the elastic with lubricant or oils. these substances destroy the rubber environment.

If you are guided by simple rules, the refrigerator will serve you for a long time and without problems for many years. And if the refrigerator has already broken, then you should not be upset. contact professional masters and they will cope with a breakdown quickly and efficiently.

The correct and long.term work of the refrigerator depends on several reasons. One of them is the tightness of household appliances. As a result of depressurization, warm air penetrates into the internal compartment, which leads to ice. The load on the cooling system, which is forced to constantly drive Freon, increases to maintain the desired temperature in the space of the refrigerator. And this leads to the premature wear of the unit and the subsequent purchase of a new refrigerator.

Causes of loose closing the doors of the refrigerator

There are several ways to check the serviceable operation of the refrigerator:

raise, door, refrigerator, bosch
  • A sheet of paper is placed on the seal and the doors are closed. If the sheet remained hanging, and the doors closed, and, when trying to pull it out, the sheet resists, the tightness is not disturbed. Otherwise, they are looking for the cause of depressurization and ways to eliminate it.
  • The flashlight turned on is placed on the upper shelf of the unit, closed the equipment. If the light breaks through the sealing gum, the refrigerator is disturbed by the tightness.

The reasons for the tightness of tightness can be:

  • Rearing the shelves as a result of clogging the refrigerator with pots and pans. The pens of dishes interfere with the tightness of the unit. So that the technique is easily closed, the shelves are freed from excess.
  • Wear of the door hinges or their poor lubrication. If the shelves of the refrigerator are not overloaded, and the door is slightly skewed and creaks when closing, then the loops need lubrication. It is bought in household stores or pumped into a syringe usually machine oil, unscrewed slightly fasteners and lubricated and adjusted to the loops.
  • The rubber seal failed, worn out, becomes tough and poorly sealing.
  • The rubber seal is dirty. It gets dirty with fat, clogged with small garbage, crumbs from food.
  • The level is not adjusted. With a slight deviation of the refrigerator forward, the door spontaneously opens. The adjustment of the refrigerator horizontally with the help of a building level easily solves the problem.
  • Problems with plastic sprout, due to which the closing element descends down. To slam the refrigerator, the door is lifted and the household appliance is closed. But this is only a temporary solution to the problem. The spacer must be replaced, otherwise the part will soon fall off.
  • If the sensor gives signals in the new generation refrigerator, and the refrigerator is tightly closed, then it has failed and requires replacement.
  • Door deformation due to overload. Bottles and heavy products are removed from its lateral shelves.
  • Door deformation due to the fall of the refrigerator. You can harm the integrity of the refrigerator when moving to a new place of residence or delivery of a new unit when buying. In this case, you can’t do without replacing the closing part.

The rubber seal is washed only with a sponge, using soda and vinegar or detergent with ammonia without the use of chemicals.

We disassemble the refrigerator

First of all, make sure the refrigerator is disconnected from the network. Only after that can you start work. Remove the plastic panel of the upper loop and unscrew 2-3 bolts.

If the refrigerator is equipped with a display on the door, then first of all disconnect the control of the control unit so as not to damage it. The train is hidden under a plastic panel. After that, unscrew the bolts that hold the upper loop and remove it. Raise the door to remove it from the middle loop. Put the door so that it could not fall.

Similarly, unscrew the bolts of the middle loop and remove the second door. Then proceed to the dismantling of the lower loop. For most manufacturers, the doors attachment scheme is more or less similar, but sometimes the lower loop is installed so that it will be difficult to get to it. In this case, the refrigerator will have to tilt a little.

Features of outrage in popular manufacturers

When the refrigerator door is supervised, the design features provided for by the manufacturer must be taken into account.


The procedure for outweighing doors in the refrigerator Atlant includes the following stages:

  • Removing a decorative panel. The fasteners are unscrewed with a cross blade, the bar is pulled on themselves. Under it at the refrigerator of the above brand is a layer of thermal insulation material. Before starting installation work, the foam is removed and removed to the side.
  • Removing the upper loop. Fastening is a plate with a pin on which the door holds. On the other hand, a strip with a thread is installed. The bolts of these parts are divorced by a hexagon. The door when performing a rearrangement is not necessary to be covered with a masking tape.
  • Removing the freezer door. After unscrewing the fasteners, the element is disconnected from the pin and lifted up. If the refrigerator is two.chamber, you need to remove the door and from the remaining loop. After that, the bolts caps are removed. The middle loop is completely removed, the door is lifted and put aside.
  • Removing the lower mount. This part in the refrigerator Atlant is also hidden under the decorative pad that needs to be removed. After that, a rearrangement of the loop is performed.

To outweigh the door to the other side, the above actions for the other side of the case are performed in the reverse order.

Bosch refrigerator door is not difficult to reinstall, but before starting work you need to study the instructions. Particular attention pay attention to the presence of additional elements. Start outweighing with the removal of plugs and unscrewing fasteners. After that, swivel loops and pen are removed from the door. The details are rearranged to the other side of the case. When repairing refrigerators with a display, the following actions are performed:

  • Remove the top cover of the device and seek cables;
  • disconnect the contacts, recording their actions on paper;
  • Remove the door of the upper compartment and remove the panel hiding the cables;
  • Unscrew the loop, the contacts are rearranged to the other side, the installation is performed in the reverse order;
  • Cables are closed with a panel, contacts are connected.
raise, door, refrigerator, bosch


In order to reconfect the facades of the indesite refrigerator, you need to perform the following actions:

  • inspect the device and verify the possibility of reinstalling (not all models are equipped with the appropriate holes);
  • turn off the device from the power supply network, extract the contents of the cameras;
  • dismantle the handle, remove the plugs from the holes located in the place of the proposed installation;
  • unscrew the lower and upper bolts;
  • Remove rotary hinges and door;
  • change the location of the parts (elements are rearranged to the opposite side of the case);
  • The above actions are performed in the reverse order, collecting the refrigerator;
  • adjust the position of the loops.

In some models of the Indesite refrigerators, change the position of the housing elements without using additional details. Most often, products are included. The closure sensor is located in the central part of the case, it does not need to be rearranged.


To outweigh the door of the Samsung refrigerator, you need to remove the device cover and disconnect the wires. After that, unscrew the loops and transfer them to the left side. The bracket located in the lower part of the body is rearranged, changing the direction of movement. The design of the Samsung brand instruments provides for the presence of a freezer opening limiter, which also needs to be transferred to the left side. After installation of the elements, the wires are connected, the lid is returned to the place.

bosch convertible refrigerator ⚡ bosch refrigerator ⚡ bosch fridge ⚡ Bosch refrigerator double door

LG refrigerators are equipped with hinges that are unscrewed by a screwdriver with a suitable nozzle. The door after removal from the mount may fall, so it needs to be fixed with a masking tape, gluing it along the side. When performing work, care is caution. With deformation of hinges, it will be impossible to install the door. Modern devices have an electronic control unit, the wires of which need to be expanded in the opposite direction. Cables are hidden under the decorative panel and overlay of the upper loop.


Together with the HotPoint-Ariston refrigerator, plastic liners are not supplied to change the mounting site. If such a problem occurs, you can try to change the upper and lower loops in places. This provides a mirror standard location of parts.

Fast adjustment if the refrigerator door is distorted

Saunching the refrigerator doors. a slyly arranged element that is attached to the plane of the sash with pins. To dismantle the door that began to sag and which needs to be adjusted, you need to access the mounting bolts. This requires to turn the unit on the side, so that the canopies are on top. The equipment is prohibited on the back wall, since there is a high probability of damage to the cooling circuit and freon leakage.

When examining the bottom, the bolts of fastening the lower door canopy are easily determined. If it is removed, then from the upper groove the sash is removed simply. It is easy to determine the back of the canopies. when, with a low load, the canopy “walks”, makes a knock or turn it, it needs to be replaced or fixed stronger. Cracks and bent pins are an indicator of element wear, it is necessary to replace it with a new. Depending on what the canopy is attached, the technology of installation of the door back is as follows:

  • Bolts. we set the veil at level 90 in relation to the bottom of the unit on the same line with the lower canopy and screw. Rarely, to strengthen the structure, we use a thin counter-shabu that prevents the promotion of the bolt.
  • Rivets. I rumble a specialized tool that has a resemblance to the metal coreer. I recommend replacing it with bolts or screws. this will prevent probable damage to the equipment housing in case of repeated riveting.
  • Self.tapping screws. an algorithm of action, as in the case of bolts, but a cross screwdriver is needed or with a straight slot.

Когда обнаруживается трещина в области прикрепления кронштейна, допустимо перенести дверцу на другую сторону корпуса. To do this, dismantle the wings (from the refrigerator compartment and the freezer), free the nests for pins from the plastic plugs that are present on the other sidewall. The holes or cracks at the previous place of fastening of the wings are closed with plastic lids, which are supplied with refrigeration equipment, or you can pour them with epoxy resin (cold welding) if a large crack is large.

How to disassemble and install a door in a single.chamber refrigerator on the other side

After preparation, we proceed directly to the very removal of the door. First of all, you need to fix the door so as not to damage it when removing. We do this with masking tape. Next, you should twist the bolts and plugs. Thus the upper mount will be removed. On some refrigerators, to get to the bolts, you must first remove the top cover.

Now you can remove the painting tape and remove the door. Put it on the floor, having previously placed the old blanket, the soft substrate will protect the door from damage, especially if it is made of glass.

Now the turn of the plugs: with the help of a screwdriver, rearrange them on one side of the body to the other, in those nests that have already been freed. Pay attention to the fact that the mounts do not change places, otherwise you have to redo everything. After that, you can outweigh the door to the place you need and move the handle if it is removable. Also check the refrigerator tightness. You can do this with a regular piece of paper: pinch it between the door and the body and try to pull it out. If the sheet did not work out, then everything is done correctly. But if the elastic band does not fit tightly, then the refrigeration equipment will not be able to maintain the desired temperature inside.

Other recommendations for repairing the refrigerator door

Other problems, in addition to replacing the elastic band, when a petty repair of the refrigerator is required with your own hands, is the creaking of the door or its reinstall. You can eliminate the appearance of the creak in the following way:

Thus, elementaryly adjust the loops by raising them (how much free move allows) and dripping on the axis of a few drops of oil in order to get rid of the unpleasant sound of the creak.

Another, no less complicated work on the independent repair of the refrigerator is the door adjustment when it is reinstalled or sagging, which is carried out using adjusting pits from plastic. Depending on the size of the door shedding, such goals will need to be purchased from 2-4 pcs.

In order to adjust the refrigerator door with your own hands when sagging, you need to carefully remove the door by unscrewing the refrigerator panel and removing its fasteners at the top. Then it will be necessary to put the regulatory washers on the lower bracket pin (1-2 pcs.) and adjust the door horizontally. Then it remains to “plant” the refrigerator door in place, checking it for the lack of distortions and cracks, as well as on the presence of a tight fit of the elastic band to the body (or door) and the operation of the light switch in the refrigerator.

Before starting repairing the refrigerator door with your own hands, it is strongly recommended not to load the refrigerator door from the inside.

If the landing hole is detected, the door will just need to be outweighed to the opposite side, where it is the whole. Similarly, adjust the door for distortions (see.Description above) using adjusting plastic washers. In the case of a fault of holes in two places and the inability to outweigh the door, on the damaged surface you will need to strengthen the plate using “cold welding”. Then prepare the hole under the axis of the bracket and hook the door to the same place.

Bosch Refrigerator: How to connect to the Home Connect App

How to choose loops for a refrigerator

In order to choose the right loops for the built.in refrigerator, you need to know its model. Each loop is made for a certain model of the device. Therefore, be careful when choosing these parts. Installation of loops that do not correspond to your model can lead to big problems up to the failure of the door closing.

In addition, it should be remembered that poor.quality or non.original parts can break quickly or lead to the fact that the doors will not close tightly. And this can lead to corruption of products.

After installing a new loop for the doors of the refrigerator, remember the proper operation of the unit:

  • Do not store a large number of products on the shelves;
  • Be sure to check the correctness of the integration of freezing equipment;
  • Learn the loop for integrity.

Also, too heavy the canopy can lead to a breakdown. Many people like to rest on the door shifting their body weight to the door. This creates an additional load and can also lead to the failure of the fragile elements of the wings.

You can choose the right door loops for the refrigerator in our ZIP-REM online store, which presents a huge selection of this part for the most diverse models of devices.

However, before deciding whether the replacement is needed or not, you should understand what condition the loop is in. This is necessary:



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