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How to quickly clean the microwave from fat

method to clean the microwave from fat and other pollution

In the modern kitchen, the dominant role is given to the microwave oven, and not in vain, because it is it that allows you to quickly warm up any dishes or cook food. However, during operation, its surface is contaminated with splashes of fat, so the question “How to wash the microwave?»Actual for all owners of microwave.

Despite the various modifications for self.cleaning, it will not work to avoid the appearance of a nasty smell and stains of fat.

Several rules that will help make the whole process as simple and effective as possible:

  • Cleaning of the microwave begins with the removal of all components, which also require mandatory cleaning;
  • First of all, you need to clean the upper part, then the side walls and. bottom;
  • If pieces of food hit the coating, they need to be removed immediately, without waiting for them to dry to the surface, using the means for cleaning the microwave.

Before you start washing the microwave, put rubber gloves to prevent damage to the skin of the hands.

How to clean the microwave of steam

This is the simplest and safest way to clean the microwave. To do this, do the following:

  • Take a small glass bowl (by the way it will be required for all other methods) and pour 200 ml of water into it.
  • Put a bowl in the microwave, set the maximum power and turn on for 10 minutes.
  • After disconnecting the device, open the lid and wipe the softened fat from the walls.

The main advantage of this method is that after “steaming” in the kitchen there will be no extra odors. However, only weak pollution can be cleaned with ferry. for old fat, a heavier “artillery” will be needed. By the way, there are models of microwaves that have a built.in steam cleaning function.

How often to carry out the procedure?

The schedule of the harvesting of the microwave oven depends on the activity of the operation of the household appliance. With daily use, thoroughly wash the microwave using citric acid is necessary at least once every ten days. If the microwave is rarely used, cleaning is carried out once or twice a month.

Daily wiping the surfaces of the microwave of the microwave with a soft damp cloth, you can avoid general cleaning of the household appliance using improvised means (for example, citric acid) or aggressive household chemicals.

How easy it is to wash the microwave from fat

To do this, you will need a foam sponge and a detergent for dishes. for example, a gel for washing the dishes “Sarma” from the manufacturer “Nevskaya Cosmetics”. You think you just need to wash the walls of the microwave? Not at all, there is a simpler and more effective way. You need to take a plate, put any sponge on it, but not metal, and apply a small amount of detergent on top of it on top of it. Now you should close the camera and turn on the microwave for maximum power for 5-8 minutes.

Next, after turning off the furnace, you need to wait 5 minutes and start wiping all the inner surfaces with the same sponge that warmed up.

Now you have answers to the question of how to easily wash the microwave, but “prevention is more effective than treatment”, so it is worth not allowing strong pollution of household appliances. over, means for washing and cleaning microwave furnaces are available in the public domain, which could be easier. rub the surfaces from the emerging pollution in time?

quickly, clean, microwave

Methods of cleaning the microwave

Today there are many effective ways to quickly wash the microwave. The most effective, inexpensive and affordable means that will help to cope with dried deposits are:

  • Water vapor.
  • Lemon acid.
  • A solution of vinegar.
  • Dishes cleaning.
  • Baking soda.
  • Lemon and zest of orange.
  • Cleaner for glasses.

Each of these options is characterized by its advantages and disadvantages that must be taken into account when solving the issue than to wash the microwave.

Lemon and zest from citrus fruits

Using this method allows not only to qualitatively clear the surface of the microwave oven, but also to give it a pleasant citrus aroma. The main ingredients of the cleaning composition are:

You can clean the microwave inside from fat using these ingredients in the following way:

  • Fill plastic, glass or ceramic dishes with water, put lemon slices and zest from an orange inside.
  • Place the tank with the finished solution in the working chamber and run in the highest power mode for 10 minutes.
  • After disconnecting, we wait 20 minutes so that the condensed substances dissolve dried fat.
  • After that we wipe the entire inner surface with a damp sponge.

Lemon acid

This method is optimal for quick cleaning of old dried pollution. The main ingredients for the work should be pre.prepared:

You can clean the microwave with citric acid, adhering to the next algorithm of actions:

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  • Pour water into a plastic, glass or ceramic container,
  • Fill in citric acid and mix thoroughly.
  • Squeeze the lemon into dishes with the solution and lower the remaining fruits there.
  • Put the resulting mixture in a microwave and launch to warm up at extremely high power.
  • Wait time from two to five minutes, depending on the degree of pollution of the surface of the furnace.
  • After disconnecting the microwave, we wait ten minutes, after which we take out the dishes with the solution.
  • We clean the microwave from the inside with a dry cloth, and for hard.to.reach places you can use a sponge impregnated with a lemon solution.

Dishwashing gel

This method allows you to quickly wash the microwave from the inside with a slight level of pollution. To start completing the work, you will need:

The whole process has the following algorithm of actions:

  • Well moisten the sponge in water and apply dishes to the surface.
  • Squeeze the water and foam gel by alternately compressing the sponge.
  • Put the sponge in the work chamber of the microwave device and run in maximum power mode for 30 seconds.
  • During the operation of the device, make sure that the sponge does not begin to melt.
  • Wipe all the surfaces of the working chamber with a sponge, simultaneously removing old pollution.


This method makes it possible to clean a very dirty microwave, which has not been washed for a long time. The main drawback of such a solution is an unpleasant odor, which eventually disappears. The following components will be needed for the work:

The procedure itself is performed according to the following algorithm of action:

  • Fill a plastic, glass or ceramic container with water, add a solution of vinegar 9% and mix thoroughly.
  • Put the solution in the working chamber of the microwave oven and run in maximum power mode for 5 minutes.
  • To remove an unpleasant odor from the room, it is recommended to turn on the hood and open the windows.
  • After disconnecting, wait 10 minutes so that the evaporation of condensate penetrates deeply into solid deposits.
  • Remove the container from the camera, wash the microwave with a sponge moistened in vinegar solution.
  • Rinse the stove with a cleaner from the residues of the acetic solution.

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The most effective, simple and reliable way to clean the microwave inside. water vapor. For cleaning with this method, there will be a fairly clean water and dishes from non.metallic material. The cleaning process itself looks as follows:

  • Pour in a non.metallic tank of clean water in an amount of about 200 milliliters.
  • Place the tank with water in the working chamber of the microwave oven and turn on the most powerful mode of operation for 10 minutes.
  • After disconnecting, wait 10 minutes, while the condensate finally softens the dry fat layer on the surface of the chamber.
  • It is easy to wash the microwave using a napkin or sponge moistened in warm water.

You can clean the microwave with soda using the minimum number of ingredients:

The procedure for removing pollution from the working chamber takes place in the following sequence:

  • Pour water into a ceramic, glass or plastic container, add baking soda and mix thoroughly.
  • Put the soda solution in the microwave and start in maximum power mode for 5 minutes.
  • We expect for 10 minutes so that the condensate of the soda solution is parted by the dried spray of fat and other pollution.
  • Wipe all the inner surfaces with a dry napkin, and in hard.to.reach places. sponge moistened in soda solution.


It will be possible to quickly and effectively clean the microwave in this way if you make physical efforts. In preparation for work, you should stock up on the main working materials:

The process of eliminating pollution itself has the following algorithm:

  • Turn off the microwave from the power supply network.
  • Prepare a cleaning mixture by mixing the wiper with water in a ratio of 2 to 1.
  • Soak the sponge in this solution and squeeze the excess moisture.
  • Wipe all available pollution until they are completely eliminated.
  • After the cleaning is completed, all treated surfaces are wiped with clean water to eliminate all traces of the wiper.

Cleaning the microwave with lemon

There are different ways to clean the microwave with lemon. The easiest does not imply the use of additional components and in 5 minutes removes the old cargo. To realize this quick recipe, only 2 lemon is required. They squeeze the juice from them and pour it into the container. The remaining crusts are put there. The product is placed in the microwave and included for 2-5 minutes in full power. 5 minutes after the sound signal, the door is open and wipe the walls of the furnace with a soft rag.

The above method is not suitable for frequent use and is harmful to enamel.

To clean the microwave with lemon and water, without prejudice to the equipment, you need:

quickly, clean, microwave

The fetus is cut into pieces, put in a heat.resistant container, poured with warm water and sent to the furnace. The device is turned on for 5-7 minutes at full power and opened 5-6 minutes after the signal. Now it remains to remove the bowl and wash the walls of the stove with a sponge.

My glass

The glass of the microwave on the inside is washed in the same way as the entire area inside the device chamber. Glass outside is cleaned by a means of washing glasses. A purchasing spray or aerosol is easy to apply. He will not leave divorces and quickly remove dust, fat, dirt, traces of fingerprints. If there was no liquid at home to wash the glasses, then prepare such a solution: add 100 grams of vinegar and the same amount of ethyl alcohol to a glass of water. In this mixture, moisten a soft cloth without a pile and wipe the glass thoroughly until clean.

Honight alcohol will help to cope with the washing of glass without a special wiper: in a small amount of warm water, dissolve a couple of spoons of ammonia and wipe the glass from the outside. Salted water will cope with fat traces on the glass. In a glass of hot water, completely dissolve 30-40 grams of table salt. Smell the rag in salt water and clean the glass. Using glycerol, you can create a protective film on the glass. In 30 grams of glycerol add a couple of ammonia drops and a teaspoon of water. Apply this mixture to the glass with a cotton pad and let it dry.

Folk recipes

Folk remedies have a natural base, wash off well and gently affect the surface. You need to use them regularly so that persistent spots do not have time to form on the walls.


The following mixture is used to remove fresh fat:

  • Cut the lemon with slices, fold them into a container suitable for the microwave.
  • Add crusts, pour water and let stand for 5-10 minutes.
  • Warm in a microwave at maximum power for 5-7 minutes.
  • After disconnecting the device, leave the container inside for 25-30 minutes, holding the door closed.
  • Remove the dishes, wipe the walls of the furnace with a napkin or sponge.

Lemon juice softens fat, and the essential oils of citrus fruits allow you to cope with unpleasant odors in the microwave. To wash the internal walls of the furnace, it is recommended to use only soft accessories (foam sponges, microfiber rags, napkins, etc.). Details. in this article.

Lemon acid

With more persistent pollution, a tool based on citric juice and citric acid powder is used.

It will need to be prepared:

  • Pour water into a container for microwave, add acid and stir thoroughly.
  • Cut fresh lemon with slices, squeeze the juice and pour it into the solution. The used slices can be put in the same container, rolled with a spoon and insist for several minutes to select essential oils.
  • Put the solution in a microwave oven at maximum power. Warm for 2-5 minutes, depending on the resistance and thickness of the oily layer.
  • After disconnecting the device, wait 10-15 minutes, then remove the container and thoroughly wipe the oven from the inside.
quickly, clean, microwave

Instead of a solution of citric acid, it is allowed to use table vinegar diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 2. To clean complex contaminants and inaccessible places, it is necessary to moisten a sponge or rag in the prepared solution.

Read about cleaning the microwave using citric acid in this article.

Industrial remedies for fat removal, as a rule, contain solutions of strong alkalis: for example, sodium hydroxide, or causticat.

At home, a weak alkaline solution can be prepared on the basis of baking soda. sodium bicarbonate.

To prepare the product, you need:

  • Dissolve soda into water, mix well.
  • Put a container with a solution in a microwave for 3-5 minutes with the highest power.
  • Take out the dishes, wipe the walls with a sponge.

Hot soda solution well dissolves persistent recent spots and fat spray on the walls of microwaves. To remove complex spots, you can moisten a sponge in a soda solution and apply a little dry soda to the surface, which acts as a soft abrasive. Details. in this article.

Laundry soap

You can remove fresh and old fat and with the help of the cheapest laundry soap. Due to the hydrophobo-hydrophilic structure of molecules, it firmly binds dirt and is completely removed from the surface with a damp sponge.

For cleaning the furnace you need:

  • Grate a quarter of a bar of laundry soap.
  • Dilute the shavings with warm water and beat until thick foam forms.
  • Apply the product to the wet walls of the microwave and leave for 30-60 minutes.
  • Wipe the surface thoroughly with a damp cloth or sponge, often rinsing the tool.
  • Warm in a microwave tank with water. If an unpleasant chemical smell appears in the process, re.wipe the walls from traces of foam.
  • Veil the camera thoroughly.

To increase the efficiency of the soap product, it is necessary to pre.steam the microwave with soda solution.

Tips for experienced housewives

Experienced housewives advise:

  • If a commercial cleaning product is still chosen, you need to try to purchase a weakly smelling product. After cleaning, leave the door open for several hours. Caution by using any chemicals inside the microwave oven.
  • Never use pre.moistened wipes in a microwave oven, because the fabric can flare up and light up.
  • The more you use the microwave, the more often it requires restoring order. However, on average, cleaning once every two weeks is a suitable schedule if you want the microwave to look and smelled like new.



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