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How to put the shelves in the refrigerator Indesite

The rules for turning on the refrigerator Indesite after transportation

IMPORTANT! Caring for the refrigerator should not begin from the moment of delivery of equipment to the house, but in the store. It is necessary to study the refrigerator for lack of damage. To do this, carefully inspect it inside and outside. The equipment should include everything that is necessary for its working.

It is necessary to check the presence of the necessary shelves, the mechanism of opening and closing the refrigerator door. In the process of transportation, it is advisable to ensure a vertical position. Deviation can be no more than 40 degrees. When transporting in the cold season, the refrigerator on the street is trying to make a minimum.

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How long can you turn on a new refrigerator?

Any unit after delivery must “come to life”. The time required for this depends on:

Reference! Remember that the concepts are strictly vertically or strictly horizontal: the equipment will still be carried at least 40 ° on the stairs.

Under normal conditions: buying in summer, low humidity first inclusion is possible after 2-4 hours. If low temperatures and high humidity were affected by the refrigerator, it is left before the evaporation of condensate for 6 hours. But the transportation of lying will require lengthening the time period up to 10 hours.

Preparation for the first inclusion

Important! The refrigerator grill should stand from the wall at a distance of at least 5 cm.

Important! Do not overload the camera with containers, there should be a distance required for free circulation of air flows between them.

What happens to the refrigerator if it is turned on immediately after delivery

During transportation under a strong slope or in a lateral position, the technical oil from the compressor occurs in the circuit where Freon is located. Oily liquid does not have a compression of the refrigerant. As a result, the motor will work without respite, which will lead to overload and breakdown.

After the device has been set vertically, the time is waiting for which the cooling substance will take the correct position in its circuit.

When transporting in the winter months, condensed liquid accumulates inside the device. She should evaporate before connecting the refrigerator to electricity.

note. The rule of delayed connection of household appliances during transportation in winter applies not only to refrigerators. Condensate is able to cause a short circuit in any electrical device.

New refrigerator, first inclusion

Everything is suitable for choosing a refrigerator, but the instructions and, even more so, the chapter with recommendations for the first inclusion for some reason ignore. But it is on this stage of acquaintance that psychological comfort and healthy digestion of households depends.

The first connection to the mains

Preparing for the first turning on the refrigerator for power supply, you should adhere to some tips:

  • Often, technology sellers advise buying a network filter to preserve the unit from voltage drops. But if there is a good outlet with ordinary grounding contacts in the house, such a filter is not required. By the way, if you have a house of a regular extension cord, you can also not buy a network adapter. Modern extension cords have all the contacts grounding, and they cost an order of magnitude cheaper than the filter.
  • If, in addition to the refrigerator, it is planned to connect several more devices at the same time, it is better to use network adapters from possible overload, in addition, they are usually equipped with a large number of sockets.
  • If the refrigerator was purchased in the cold season, after delivery home it is strictly forbidden to include it on the network for the first 3-4 hours. During this time, all parts of the device will warm up well, the condensate that has arisen will evaporate and it can be safely included in the network.
  • At the first connection, it is not recommended to clog the refrigerator with products. It is necessary to give him the opportunity to gain the necessary temperature inchor. This can take about 5 to 10 hours. Only then fill the refrigerator with a small number of products. The refrigerator should be included in the normal mode of operation gradually. In a few hours, the unit will be filled with coolness, the freezer will accumulate a sufficient amount of cold, and the refrigeration unit will be able to start working at full power.

Modern frosty devices are mostly equipped with computer control, all sensors are very sensitive to various changes and differences, and, accordingly, can fail faster.

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On a note. Do not turn off the refrigerator for a period of time less than 1 minute. The compressor can jam and then you can not do without a master!

So, how much time the new refrigerator should work before its first disconnection?

This issue is very worried about the owners of both new devices and devices that have recently been in the repair or former for a long period. The fact is that the first time of its work usually has dependence on factors such as:

  • The temperature of the room.
  • The volume of the refrigerator itself.
  • Compressor performance performance.
  • The number of products loaded into it, their temperature.
  • Type refrigerant and t.P.

On average, this period can be about two hours. If desired, in order to determine the norm of time until the first automatic disconnection of the new refrigerator, it is best to leave it empty, put in a minimum position the temperature thermostat and not open the door until completely disconnected. Depending on the above factors, time can fluctuate from 30-40 minutes to 2-3 hours.

We load with products

The last stage is the loading of the refrigerator with products. Do not rush immediately after turning on the unit to fill it with food. It is necessary to let the refrigerator enter the normal rhythm of work. Each unit needs different times. On average, the refrigerator needs to work idle for several hours. During this time, the refrigerator will be filled with coolness, and the freezer will accumulate frost. In no case do not add a large amount of meat in a new unit, especially warm.

We make the refrigerator more convenient

one. Some products can be stored outside the refrigerator, but so that they are always in sight, you can store them in plastic or metal containers.

Двухкамерный холодильник с No Frost и низким энергопотреблением Indesit LI80 FF2 W

one.one. Prepare a suitable size magnet.

one.2. Glue magnets to the bottom of the container. Magnetic vinyl already has an adhesive side, so superclles will not be needed.

one.3. Fill the containers with the right products and attach to the door or wall of the refrigerator.

Metal boxes with spices

You can also attach baskets for bags with spices and other little things to the refrigerator.

If you do not want to wash and clean your refrigerator often, you can cover the shelves with special rugs that easily wash.

The shelves can also be covered with a baking lap, and when it gets dirty, just remove and throw it away, and attach new pieces of food film in their place.

Instructions for the correct installation

Typically, in the kit with household appliances, instructions with detailed rules for transporting, installation, first inclusion and maintenance. If it is not at hand, follow the rules:

  • If the refrigerator was transported horizontally, wait for two to three hours before the first turned on.
  • Recommended distance from the wall to the rear panel of the unit. 10 cm. 5 can be 5, but air microcirculation will deteriorate.
  • Provide free access. the door should freely open to the maximum angle.
  • To prevent sliding, silicone or plastic stickers on the floor are used. the unit will make no less noise and will not “run” around the kitchen.
  • A sofa and a kitchen corner should not stand near the device. If there is no way to change the furniture location scheme, it is recommended to set the refrigerator so that the distance between it and the interior items is at least 10 cm.

If the listed rules are fulfilled, the risk of overheating of the mechanism, power loss, failure of the tier of the hike or other nodes are reduced.

How to move or move properly

The refrigerator can be rolled around the kitchen using a pair of rear wheels. Tilt a little back and pull the lower part on ourselves.

❄️��INDESIT TAA5 fridge-freezer (Hűtőszekrény) A

Avoid sharp inclinations. the device can be dropped by the radiator on the floor. After such a fall, not all units continue to work, often repair is required.

Fix the power cable on the lattice from the back of the device. If the wire will drain on the floor, it is easy to kill, cut off or spoil the insulation. For fixation, fasteners are used. plastic clamps.

Electricity and cables

To ensure the safe operation of the device, connect it to the electrical panel through the circuit breaker (RCD). Ideally. highlight a separate outlet for the refrigerator. In extreme cases, use the extension cord. but only one.

If you cannot connect the unit to a separate outlet, use the network filter. it will ensure the safety of the technique of any brand (AEG, Beko, Electrolux, LG, Indesit, Samsung, Whirlpool, B OSCH, etc.). With a voltage difference, instead of thin electronics, an external fuse will burn.

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Alignment in level

Install the refrigerator in the selected place so that it stands motionless and evenly, otherwise it will beat, “jump” and “walk” in the kitchen. The fact is that during the compressor operation the device vibrates, so it constantly shifts on an uneven surface. This negatively affects the main nodes.

Adjusting the front legs

Adjust the position of the front legs so that the doors of the refrigerator are closed automatically under your own weight. Legs. two plastic washers on bolts located from below at the front. They allow you to change the angle of the unit for 1-2 degrees. The magnetic seal will do its job and seal the camera.

If the floor is even, without differences (for example, bulk or industrial). just place the equipment in the right place and adjust the position of the front legs. If the floor is uneven, check the slope at the construction level.

  • Detachment the device back a little so that the legs are in the air.
  • Manually twist them clockwise (to reduce the height) or counterclockwise, achieve the optimal position.
  • Gently lower the equipment and roll with a bubble at the construction level.

The final stage

  • At the last stage, set the shelves in the upper camera, and the boxes in the freezer.
  • Change the position of the thermostat by choosing the average temperature regime.
  • Perform the first launch of the device, stick the fork in the outlet.

What is the power and where the lamps are located?

It should be borne in mind that the total cost of the device does not depend on the light bulb. So, in small and medium refrigerators there is only one lamp with a power of not more than 25 watts. In the presence of a large.sized device, this will be not enough, so they install either two lamps with a capacity of about 20 watts, or one with a capacity of about 45 W.

Lighting is usually placed on the sidewall on the side where the door is attached. then the lamp is connected to the switch. Nevertheless, there are other ways of placing lamps that you need to familiarize yourself with before starting to replace:

The back wall or sidewall next to it is the best option for placement. this allows you to get uniform lighting on each side. If the light bulb is on top, then only the upper shelves are clearly visible, which is why it becomes inconvenient to use the lower. Such a nuance is especially important in the presence of a bulky device. The most unsuccessful option is a visor. then there will be little light in all parts of the refrigerator.

How to put shelves in the refrigerator

How to remove the shelf- French Door Model-. Remove all products from the shelf and raise it for the central part.-. Then put it on it with 2 hands.

How to install a shelf- French Door Model-. Raise the front of the shelf and keep at the level you need.-. Hook the back and then lower the front.

How to remove the shelf S X S Refrigratortype 1-. Open the doors widely.-. Slightly raise the back of the shelves and put it out.-. Having pushed it half lift the front part.-. Then put forward completely.

Type 2-. Open the doors widely.-. Keep the front and put forward until it stops.-. When stopping, slightly lift.-. And pull out completely.

It is difficult to install/remove the basket for vegetables

1) how to remove a vegetable basket-. Hold on both ends, slightly raise the central part and remove it.

The refrigerators are different. Large and small, imported and domestic, multi.colored, expensive and not very. Their equipment is also different. One model has a special department for oil, and the other does not The presence of certain “amenities” inside the refrigerator depends on its cost, as well as on the fact that the manufacturer itself is ready to offer us for a particular price. Some firms pay more attention to the “insides” of their units, others less.

No modern household refrigerator is unthinkable without shelves. To pile products with a mountain on top of each other, you see, the pleasure is dubious. Shelves are of two main types: metal (“lattices”) and glass. There are few models with plastic shelves in the market now, and they are not very popular. Special trays or pallets designed to store certain products, boxes in the freezer can be made from this material.

Lattice shelves made of metal. the lot of inexpensive refrigerators. For example, they can be found in some models of Krasnoyarsk units, such as a single.chamber “turquoise” or two.chamber “Biryusa” 18s. There are also in the Great Lucian devices, for example, in Morozko.4. Foreign manufacturers also complete their equipment with metal shelves: take at least the popular Indesit ST 145 in Russia.

However, the lattice metal regiments today differ from those that we are used to seeing in old Soviet refrigerators. Usually they all have plastic “clothes”. This is undoubtedly better, from the point of view of hygiene, and it looks winning naked metal.

In many budget models, shelves are metal, lattice, dressed in plastic. On the

The desire of buyers to purchase refrigerators with glass shelves, and manufacturers can produce them, can be called a fashionable word “trend” (trend, hobby) today. Glass, especially hardened, withstands a considerable load: up to 25 kilograms. So there is no need to be afraid that it will crack if you put a large cast.iron cauldron in the refrigerator with pilaf. Washing glass is much easier than grilles. In addition, refrigerators with glass shelves look more beautiful and more expensive than with lattice. However, not only look, but they also cost, as a rule, more expensive. And this is due not only to an additional fee for beauty. Each medal has a flip side. The fact is that glass shelves prevent normal air circulation in the refrigerator. This manufacturers have to install additional ventilation systems, which leads to a rise in the cost of the final product.

All glass shelves, as a rule, are equipped with a special edging. Usually it is plastic, but in more expensive models there can be made of stainless steel or even wood. In addition to decorative, its role is to prevent accidentally spilled liquids on the lower shelves of the refrigerator. Better if the edging is easily removed. This is convenient when washing the refrigerator, because most of the dirt accumulates precisely in the place of contact of the edging with glass.

In addition, what material the shelves are made of in the refrigerator, it is worth paying attention to the presence of special fixers that will not allow the shelf to “go” after the heavy pots removed from it.

Naturally, the more grooves in the refrigerator for rearranging the shelves, the better. Inexpensive units on the internal walls usually several divisions with a certain step, for example, 5 centimeters. The same as more expensive, often have completely corrugated sides inside, which means that you can fix the shelf at the height that is most convenient for the user.

Some manufacturers (for example, Electrolux, AEG, Liebherr) complete their expensive models with shelves half a usual width. This allows you to store high dishes, large pots or bottles. Other firms, for example, the BOCSH-SIEMENS concern, install folding shelves in refrigerators: they are divided in half and, if necessary, the front half “leaves” under the back. South Korean company Samsung in its Side by Side refrigerator RSJ1KERS also installed a special shelf for the convenience of storage of products in an oversized dish. It is metal and made in the form of the letter Z.

In the refrigerator Samsung RSJ1kers »SRC =” http: // pics.RBC.ru/IMG/CNews/2008/03/21/2.JPG ” /

Z-regiment in the refrigerator Samsung RSJ1kers

Previously, manufacturers did not pay much attention to storage in the refrigerator of bottles. As a rule, for this was a hinged shelf on the door. In extreme cases, the bottle could be put flat on any of the usual shelves. Today, in addition to the shelf on the door, special holders are found in many models. Usually this is a lattice shelf, curved in such a way that a certain number of bottles can be placed on it (usually up to 5), without fear for their safety. Such holders are found in models of almost all manufacturers, and both expensive and middle price category, and even budget.

The most common bottle holders: Balcon shelf and curved lattice shelf

However, some companies offer other solutions for storing drinks. The holder can be for one bottle, in this case it is attached to any shelf in the refrigerator. Such a holder is metallic or plastic. In the second case, the accessory may be more beautiful, but the metal is still more durable.

An interesting solution is offered by Siemens. In some models of this manufacturer, Vario Colbers are installed. On the one hand, they are flat, it is convenient to store products on them, but if such a shelf is turned over, then its other side will be ribbed. Wave.like grooves are ideal for storing bottles.

How to quickly defrost the old refrigerator

Many at home still preserved old refrigerators that need periodic defrosting. Few people like this process, because it requires time and labor. Everyone knows the picture with an icy outer door of the freezer of the Soviet era refrigerator. These “dinosaurs” had one plus. durability in operation, so they survived to our time. In this article I will tell you how to quickly defrost the old refrigerator.

The reasons for icing

  • The growth of the ice layer occurs for certain reasons:
  • The thermostat malfunction.
  • Violation of the tightness of the door due to damage to the sealing gum.
  • In hot weather, the cooling mode is on the maximum.
  • Frequent opening of the refrigerator door, or for a long time the door remains in the open state.

It is recommended to defrost old refrigerators once a month. Otherwise, ice blocks will force the compressor to consume more electricity, and access to products in the freezer will be complicated.

Preparation of the refrigerator for defrosting

  • Plan for defrosting for the period when you have fewer perishable products in your refrigerator.
  • Do not start defrosting if the room is too high in temperature. After the process is completed and included in the network, the compressor will work at the limit of its capabilities, as a result of which the life of the device will be reduced.
  • Install a thermostat at a zero mark, and turn off the device from the network. If there is no pallet for draining water, put a bowl under the drain hose, put around a rag or newspaper.
  • Remove all products and pallets with shelves. Products can be carried out on the balcony in winter, and in the warm season, put them in a pan, which to place in a basin with ice water.

Ways to defrost the refrigerator

Since the natural defrosting of the refrigerator sometimes takes all day, and we want to complete this action as soon as possible, there are many ways to accelerate the process. The only thing that is categorically cannot be done is to force the ice with a knife or other pricking metal objects.

  • Feng. It should be directed a stream of hot air inside the freezer, but the hairdryer is kept at a distance so that the drops of water do not fall on it. Do not direct a stream of hot air to the door rubber gaskets, they can deteriorate.
  • Fan. Before an open refrigerator, you can put a fan, air flows from it will accelerate ice melting.
  • Vacuum cleaner. Turn on the vacuum cleaner to blow out and direct the stream in the refrigerator. The ice crust will soon melt.
  • Hot water. You can put a bowl of hot water inside the freezer, but do not forget to put a wooden board under it. Water must be changed as it cools.
  • Warmer. Fill the heating pad with boiling water and place in the freezer. Change the water in the heating pad as it cools.
  • Teapot. You can put a kettle with hot water on a stand on the camera.
  • Rag. You can wet a rag in hot water, and then wipe icy surfaces with it.

Actions after defrosting

After completely defrosting the refrigerator, the following actions should be performed:

Temperature regime in the refrigerator LG

Korean equipment not only looks beautiful, but also has multifunctionality. The basic temperature in it can be adjusted at different levels. The choice of indicators is influenced by external factors and the degree of loading the refrigerator:

  • For a refrigerator, a temperature of 2-3 degrees is enough;
  • dairy products and finished dishes is suitable for a temperature of up to 5;
  • The compartment for meat and fish should have a temperature within 1-2.

In budget models of the LG brand, the mode is set manually. There are several positions:

It is advisable to set extreme modes only in emergency cases. If the refrigerator constantly has a basic temperature regime, it will last longer.

In two.chamber models, the climate is regulated by departments. And for the freezer, the standard temperature will be within.6-26 degrees.

To quickly freeze products, you can use the shock mode. When at the lowest temperature they instantly freeze, maintaining their beneficial properties. After final freezing, they are stored at temperatures from.8 to.12.

But the basic temperature for the freezer is considered.18 degrees. In these conditions, most pathogenic microorganisms die.

What temperature should be in the refrigerator Indesite

The choice of temperature conditions in the refrigerator depends on the requirement for safe storage of food products. For a long time, the supply of fish and meat supplies, the greenery of deep freezing, should be stored at minus 18-24 0 from. This is a freezer. Meat and fish can be saved at a temperature of about 0 degrees for several days. The compartment is called the freshness zone and is far from all refrigerators. Dairy products, cheeses and sausages require storage temperature 2-5 0. Raw vegetables will not spoil, they will not begin to germinate in a cool compartment 6-8 0 C.

The conditions of safe storage of products are the basis of the established temperature rate by zones in the refrigerator Indesite. A small range of regulation allows you to configure the mode optimally for the family. But first, you need to determine what temperature in fact in the freezer and in the center of the refrigerating chamber Indesite.

How to set the temperature in the refrigerator Indesite

The refrigerator has only mechanical control, the thermostat is designed for 5 provisions The highest temperature is marked with the number 1, the lowest. 5. 5.

About how to properly adjust the temperature, in the instructions for the refrigerator, Indesitis is devoted to the section. The manufacturer warns, the optimal mode is designed for an average value. How much the temperature should be inside the chamber depends on the degree of loading, ambient temperature. The criterion of improperly exhibited mode may be the continuous operation of the compressor, the formation of a large amount of hoarfrost on the back wall. There is no compulsory circulation system in cabinets without knowing, cold air is lowered into the lower part.

The temperature setting the lamb, which is associated with the temperature controller of the Indesite refrigerator. It is this device that is called the thermostat. The rotation of the regulator changes the force of pressure of the spring, closing contacts. Stable heat balance depends on the proper operation of the relay. Indesite refrigerator system includes a temperature sensor with an electronic control system. Where it is located, depends on the refrigerator model, but the device should touch the walls and pipe of the evaporator. The manufacturer recommends using the factory setting that provides a long.term operating time of the thermostat.

Temperature adjustment in a double.chamber refrigerator Indesite

The Indesit refrigerator has a two.chamber temperature control panel, as in the photo, without numbers, with indicators above the images of cameras. Temperature tuning in a two.chamber refrigerator Indesite is carried out separately for the freezer and cold cabinet. There is an average risk on the handles, the adjustment begins from it. Where to twist, you can determine by a thickening color line. It increases from higher temperature to low.

Before you start adjusting the temperature in the plus section of the Indesite refrigerator, you need to perform its actual measurement at the EKO mark. In a wardrobe gaining standard temperature, a glass of water is installed in the center for 2 hours, and the temperature is measured in it. If the indicator is 3-4 degrees, the mode in the closet is optimal. How to properly set the temperature, it is written in detail in the instructions for the Indesite refrigerator.

If your actions on changing the refrigerator mode are unsuccessful, it is necessary to check the serviceability of the thermoregulator. It can cause the appearance in the refrigerator of the minus temperature.

What temperature should be in the refrigerator of the refrigerator Indesite

You can determine the average temperature in the freezer of the refrigerator Indesite by the number of stars in the marking. Three mean freezing 18 0 s, 4. there is a short.term deep fast freezing mode. The largest cold is always in the upper chamber of the freezer, fresh products for deep freezing should be placed there, gradually lowering them below. You can check the temperature by the boxes using a household street thermometer.

It is possible to set the temperature as an independent in the departments of the freezer only in separate cabinets, a two.compressor refrigerator Indsitis or in a system with an electronic distribution of cold. If in the refrigerator indesit there is a “vacation” function, it is necessary to turn the pointer at the risk of Holid, adjust the temperature by 12 0 s. In the freezer, a minimum mode is installed in the thermostat range.

Instructions for defrosting the Indesit refrigerator

There are three types of household models of Indesit refrigerators:

  • Equipped with an option of auto.breeds No Frost, both in the freezer and refrigerated compartments.
  • Mixed type (freezer with “know.Frost”, refrigerator compartment. with a drip defrust).
  • Devices providing manual defrosting of chambers.

Despite what you have a refrigerator model. the old or modern with the “know.Frost”, the electrical appliance must be defrosted at the first signs of ice or hoarfrost. The ice layer prevents the stable and safe operation of equipment.

Thaw the refrigerator correctly in the cool season of the year: in winter, spring or autumn. In the heat it will be necessary to make more efforts to install in the cells of the optimum temperature.

Disconnecting the Indesite refrigerator for defrosting

Instructions for defrosting a two.chamber refrigerator “Indesite” at the first stage provides for the disconnection of the device. Set the temperature controller in a zero position and remove the shtepsel from the outlet.

Turn off the electrical appliance is mandatory: in the process of defrosting, the refrigerator will be in the open state, the cameras will be filled with hot air, the motor will work hard.

This will lead to an increase in temperature and the failure of the engine.

In addition, the refrigerator turned on during defrosting increases the risk of water entering the current elements. This can lead to a short circuit and shock. When disconnecting, you need to place the plug of the power cord higher so that the moisture does not fall on the connecting element.

Release from products, shelves

The next step is to extract products, containers, shelves from chambers. Food must be placed in a cold place, especially perishable. You can put products in thermal packets or containers with ice or cool water. If you leave the contents of the refrigerator inside, then during defrosting, products will cool the surrounding space and slow down the course of the procedure.

Shelves and vegetable boxes, removable cells should also be removed. It is easier to remove pieces of ice from an empty chamber. During thawing, the extracted equipment can be washed and dried.

Waiting for defrosting

There are several ways to quickly defrost a two.chamber refrigerator “Indesite”:

  • Place vessels with hot water in both chambers.
  • Fill the refrigerator with heating pads or plastic bottles with boiling water.
  • Warm areas covered with hoarfrost or ice, using a hairdryer.
  • Put a heat gun or fan opposite the refrigerator.
  • Wipe the walls with a rag or sponge moistened in hot water or soap solution.
  • Spray the device from the inside with hot water using a spray gun.
  • Increase the temperature in the kitchen, turning on heating devices, plate.

Water in the process of thawing will definitely go beyond the boundaries of the chambers. Lay out pieces of well.absorbing tissue moisture around the device (old terry towels or microfiber shreds are suitable). Rags need to be placed inside the cameras.

There is no need to wait until the ice turns into the water: hoarfroll, lagging behind the walls, brush a wet sponge, and put pieces of falling ice into the sink.

Washing and drying

When thawing is completed, wipe the chambers with a dry cloth. After that, you can start cleaning the refrigerator from contaminants inside and outside. A small fat-blade plaque is able to remove a weak solution of dishwasher for washing dishes (2 teaspoons for a glass of water).

For cleaning equipment with “know.Frost”, it is also acceptable to use both homemade and ready detergents. Use the same composition as in the case of a regular model, or purchase a spray, wet wipes, etc. D. Specially developed products not only clean the surface well, but also disinfect.

If there are more serious pollution (spots, stains and smudges) such folk remedies as laundry soap, hydrogen peroxide and food soda. Do not forget to neatly clean and sealing tape. It is important not to abuse aggressive chemicals and compositions with abrasive particles to avoid damage to the body.

When working with detergents, be sure to protect the skin of the hands with household gloves made of impermeable material (rubber, nitril, latex, polyethylene).

Upon completion of defrosting and cleaning, leave the refrigerator door open for a certain period of time until the moisture is completely evaporated from the surfaces. Also check the tightness of the sealant: it is necessary that it fit tightly along the perimeter of the door, leaving no gaps.

Inclusion after defrosting

You can’t connect the refrigerator to the network right away. Device with mechanical or drip thawing after drying close, turn on and leave for 2 hours. Then load the shelves, boxes and products.

The minimum time in the disconnected state for the automatically thawing devices “know.Frost”. 12 hours. It is better to leave the refrigerator for a day. If you do not follow the rules on turning on the device, the compressor and the engine may come out of the system.

Possible problems

The operation of the Indesite refrigerator, like any technique, is associated with the possibility of breakdowns. Some may appear after defrosting the unit.



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