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How to put a seal on the gas meter

Antimagnetic seal on the gas meter photo

Metering devices are necessarily equipped with special seals, which perform a protective function and prevent fraudulent actions of the owners of the premises.

If you do not know what it looks like antimagnetic seal on the water meter, then pay attention to the small colored sticker on the surface of the device. This type of seal is designed to avoid possible fraud by the owners of the premises. As a rule, to change the work of the meter uses a magnet, which reduces the speed of rotation and accounting for used water or electricity.

When in contact with a magnet, the seal changes color, and this factor serves as proof that someone has tried to interfere with the natural process of operation of the meter. Some owners are trying to bypass the antimagnetic seal, and even developed some homemade ways, but inspectors of controlling companies check the color and integrity of the sticker first.

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If you do not agree with the decision

It is possible that the gas inspectors made a mistake: for example, they took a low-quality photo of the seal, where the inscriptions are not readable, and decided that the seal is damaged.

If you are sure that you are right, then do not sign the inspection report. In this case, indicate in writing that you do not agree with the document and explain the reasons. And then independently conduct a photo and video fixation of the installed seals, and then call a specialist to check again. Then write a complaint to the service providers.

Only in this case you will be able to challenge the gas inspectors claims against you through the court.

Types of seals

To avoid problems later, you need to pay attention to many nuances. Components that block access to meter’s internal parts and places of direct connection of power supply cables are of primary importance.

There are different seals for meters, depending on the stage of work with the device.

Factory seal

The seal is installed at the factory that produced the device. This is a guarantee that the device is in working order and has not been tampered with. This sealing is a must, and if it is absent, the meter is verified separately or is declared unserviceable.

The following elements must be present on the electricity meter:

  • OTC seal in the form of holographic sticker. It is placed in the places where the parts of the casing overlap.
  • Verification seal on the casing. It is a wire passed through the holes with a plastic or lead plug, on which the parameters are reflected. Depending on the type of device, there is a statute of limitations on the installation of the stigma: three-phase meters, sealed no more than 1 year ago, and single-phase. up to 2 years are allowed for installation.
  • Mastic State Seal. Alternative to the previous version, also contains data on the verification. It is distinguished by the fact that it is filled in the screw hole.

When you buy an electricity meter, first check the integrity of the factory seals and their compliance with the accompanying documents on the device

The seal of the power supply company

Indicates that the meter is connected according to the rules and registered. According to the PUE-7 par.1.5.13, the element is placed on the terminal cover of the device (terminal box).

  • Leaded or plastic with individual number. A fishing line or twisted wire is passed through a special hole in the body and a screw, and the ends are riveted with lead or slipped through and screwed onto a plastic rod.
  • Stickers. These are rectangular stickers placed on the correct part of the enclosure. If you tear or spoil such a seal, the surface will show the word “Open”, “Violated”, “Open” or something similar.
  • Antimagnetic stickers. They are used to detect tampering with the mechanism by means of magnetic waves.

The decision to use certain types of seals is made at the level of the regional energy company

To avoid problems, the device is inspected upon purchase for the presence of factory seals.

Attention! Electric meter must have an operational passport, which contains the necessary data.

For a fee or for free

Despite the fact that the gas meter is a standard meter, the payment procedure for sealing the gas meter is different from the sealing of water meters and energy meters.

Unisto Sealky: security seal for meters

On the basis of paragraph 22b of Regulation 549, the initial installation of the seal is free of charge at the expense of the provider of the resource. But all subsequent sealing (e.g. during repair or calibration) must be paid for by the customer.

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The amount of fees and tariff can be found out in advance from the supplier of the resource. On the day of the sealing, the representative of the company must show the receipt of payment.

How to unseal a gas meter: options for removal

Do not unseal the gas meter yourself

There may be many reasons that lead to the need to discreetly and accurately remove a plastic or lead seal. This may apply to both electric and gas meters. So, there may be a situation where the wiring is faulty, but there is no visual reason for the breakdown. Sometimes the reason can be hidden inside the meter itself, and professional help is far away.

According to the same Decree 549 of the Government, only the gas supply company (in our region. OOO Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Orel) has the right to install a seal on metering devices. As soon as the subscriber service receives your application. it will be considered.

If the antimagnetic seal is broken. This is considered a serious violation, as the use of special magnets is prohibited by law. Sometimes such penalties are handed down by the court, but most often the gas service counts a fine of 3,000 to 3,000 with payment of the losses incurred by the company.

Sealing a gas meter

In order to pay for the gas consumed it is necessary to calculate the amount of gas consumed with special equipment. The use of the gas meter requires the sealing procedure approved by the Government Decree Until the seal is applied, the readings on the meter can not be considered valid, because the gas service can not be sure of their authenticity.

The procedure to follow when a damaged seal is found

If the user notices that the safety device is damaged, he should immediately contact the gas service. On the speed of action depends on the amount of penalties that will impose gas inspectors. There are three possible outcomes:

  • With a recent visit of the inspector and unintentional damage to the seal there is a chance of getting away with a minimal fine. It can range from 100 to 1,000 or the cost of re-sealing. Normally, the gas Authority is not unfriendly to honest taxpayers who keep their gas appliances in good working order and follow all the rules. Nevertheless, the meter will necessarily take for examination at the expense of the customer and if there is no damage to the meter.
  • If the antimagnetic seal is broken. This is considered a serious violation, as the use of special magnets is prohibited by law. Sometimes such penalties are handed down by the court, but most often the gas service charges a fine of 3,000 to the amount of the loss incurred by the company. Damages are calculated depending on the type and capacity of gas appliances and other factors affecting consumption. Sometimes these amounts are enormous.
  • Representatives of the gas service recorded not only violation of the seal of the gas meter, but also unauthorized connection or connection of an unregistered device. Because such behavior can endanger the life and health of other people, you can risk imprisonment. As a rule, gas workers in such situations prefer to take the case to court.

How do I get my gas meter checked?

To start checking or replacing your gas meter you need to call the inspector. The gas meter inspector will check your meter and unseal it. You don’t have to go anywhere to have the inspector come, just call a unified information center by phone or leave a request on the website of the gas service in your area.

You can find all the telephone numbers you need on your gas receipt. If you would still like to notify the organization in person of the need to call the inspector, you can do so at the reception desks of your local precinct.

You will be offered a convenient time for you. Before his arrival, the inspector will contact you by phone and once again to clarify the time of visit. Once you have submitted the application, the term of its implementation should not exceed five working days, following the day of receipt of the application.

To undergo periodic verification, the meter is dismantled. Work on the removal of the meter is carried out only by specialists of the organization with which you have signed a contract for the maintenance and repair of your gas equipment. This is what it says on the website of the gas company in our region.

In fact, it turns out not quite like this. We had our meter verified a few months ago, so we know firsthand.

The gas service in our region does not do calibrations at this time. The only thing they can advise the organization to remove and install the seal on the meter. To record the act of verification, and then, after a thorough check of the documents of organizations that carried out this verification.

I strongly advise against buying a verification certificate for a gas meter. This can be detected during the inspection of your documents. You should not throw money down the drain.

After removing the seal and choosing your organization engaged in verification, the specialists of the service carry out the dismantling of the counter, with the agreement of the date. Another (own) meter is put in its place for the time of calibration. The employee writes the protocol of dismantling, you will have one copy. He also enters all the data in his log.

A receipt for payment is written out. (We paid a one-time fee of 2500). All payments for the service are made on the spot. The technician takes your meter with him and takes it to the metrology service for diagnosis.

Arranges with you a day when he will bring the device back. Usually the procedure is done in four to five business days.

When everything is ready, the technician will contact you in advance and bring your meter at a convenient time for you. Will carry out the installation of your meter in place, check the tightness of connections. The second act on the installation of equipment will be issued.

The second act will be given to you. Together with the act of calibration they will issue a certificate of calibration of your meter and explain the procedure of registration of calibration in the reception area of the territorial office.

Verification of gas meters in 2021 is one of the mandatory procedures for measuring devices. Users should not neglect timely procedures and wait for the expiration date of any measuring devices. It is better to hold the next verification in time.



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