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How to put a seal on a gas meter

How to remove or bypass the seal?

On the Internet there are a lot of harmful tips from the craftsmen of bypassing the “seals” of the UUT. We do not recommend doing this for several reasons.

This procedure is not as simple as it seems at first glance, it is very easy to damage the seal. And even if you manage to do it, the supplying organization can easily pay attention to the underestimated figures of consumption and make an unscheduled check. And the traces of tampering with the meter will be almost 100% visible.

Gas Meter Trick! How To Cut Your Gas Bill

According to the aforementioned PP 49, if the seal is damaged, the subscriber pays compensation, the amount of which varies depending on how it was detected.

Thus, paragraph 25 states that if the consumer notified the supplier on the day the fault was discovered, they will be paid at the general standard rates from the day the fault was reported until the day after the new seal was installed.

If the damage is detected by employees of the gas company during a standard inspection, compensation will be calculated according to the same standards, but from the date of the last inspection until the installation of a new seal. Since checks are carried out every six months, according to PP 49, it is more advantageous to immediately contact the service organization and inform them that you have a problem with the integrity of the indicator.

In addition, you can be fined for damaging the “seal”, according to CAO Art.19.2. The amount, however, is small. from 100 to 300. But if it is proven that you intentionally destroyed the indicator, the fine could be much higher.

How to put a seal on a gas meter

Repair of gas filters is carried out by technicians of the laboratory for repair and maintenance of gas filters PJSC “Kharkivgas”

When checking the working order of the meter, a representative of PJSC Kharkovgas checks

  • availability of the inspection certificate with a stamp indicating the date of the next periodic inspection of the gas meter;
  • Integrity of installation and factory seals, seals and the verifier’s stamp on the body of the gas meter;
  • No external damages (dents, cracks, scratches, chips of paint coating).

The fact that the meter is in working order is recorded in the gas meter inspection report.

Who has the right to unseal the gas meter??

Only the representatives of the gas supplying organization have the right to remove the seals from the meter during scheduled or unscheduled inspection or maintenance of the meter. After the work is finished, a representative of the gas supply company must unseal the meter, make a protocol of unsealing the gas meter in two copies.

One copy of the act remains with the customer.

The consumer has a gas meter. Does he have the right to move it to another place if he wants??

In 2014 Kharkivgaz will install more than 4 thousand. Gas meters without cost Kharkevgas PJSC

To transfer the meter, the consumer must apply to the commercial and customer service of PJSC Kharkovgas at the place of residence.


Execution of the works is done after the consumer pays the cost of services provided by PJSC Kharkovgas.See the cost of services of Kharkovgaz in the section Cost of our services.

Execution of the works on the transfer of the gas meter is made by Kharkovgas if it does not contradict the Safety Rules of gas supply systems of Ukraine.

Why consumers must ensure the inspection and examination of flue and ventilation ducts?

Check the availability of traction by means of Kharkivgaz steamer

Absence or poor draft in the chimney can lead to an accumulation of carbon monoxide in the apartment (house). Carbon monoxide is very dangerous for human health, causes poisoning, chronic oxygen deficiency. Therefore, checking the smoke and ventilation ducts (VCV) is conducted for the safety of consumers themselves.

With the causes of carbon monoxide poisoning and how to avoid it our consumers can read here.

For more information on how to check the smoke and ventilation ducts, see Smoke and Ventilation Ducts.

A list and contacts of organizations that carry out inspections of DCK see here.

Is it possible not to pay for gas services, while no one lives in the apartment (there is no meter)?

At the request of the consumer “Kharkivgas” ceases gas communication services “Kharkivgas”

In order not to pay for gas services in the absence of a gas meter while there is no one living in the apartment (house), the owner must submit an application for disconnection of gas equipment from the gas supply system to the client service department of Kharkovgaz at the place of residence.

Detailed information about working hours and contacts of PJSC Kharkovgas services can be found in the page Our services.

Phone of the reception room: 380 057 341 44 50 Our address is: 61109, Kharkov. Kharkovl. Bezlyudovskaya, 1


According to the Agreement on gas supply for public utilities after installation, replacement, checking or repair of gas accounting units (meters) the Supplier (OOO Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Saratov) is obliged to install a seal on the place of connection of gas accounting unit to the gas pipeline.

The initial installation of the seal at the place where the gas metering device is connected to the gas pipeline is done at the Supplier’s expense, the subsequent ones (including.ч. When restoring the gas accounting device after calibration or repair) is paid by the Subscriber according to the Supplier’s price list that is in force at the time of the work.

To install a seal, the subscriber applies to a branch or site of OOO Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Saratov to make an application for sealing. A subscriber can submit a completed application form.

Copies of the following documents must be attached to the application. The passport on the gas meter;. Documents on passing the last calibration of the meter (except for new gas meters). When sealing the meter, the subscriber must have the meter installation order from the organization that carried out the work.

When submitting an application to branch offices of OOO Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Saratov the date of installation of the seal is agreed upon with the subscriber.

At the subscriber’s request, the gas meter connection to the gas pipeline shall be sealed by the gas meter supervisor at the time agreed upon with the subscriber.

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How to put a seal on the meter

Changed the wiring in the country (input and secondary). I had to remove the seal from the terminal box of the meter. After the replacement, I immediately called and asked for a seal. They are asking for 3000 thousand as a fine! In St. Petersburg there are no such problems, I’m an electrician by profession and have changed the meter and changed the entire electrical wiring with the removal of the seal. What does the law say about this situation?

I broke the seal on the water meter, called the inspector from the management company said that I didn’t break it on purpose. An inspector came and wrote off the testimony, said not to put a seal until I check the meter, it is old, checked it got a paper, when the inspector comes and says he will not put a seal as it was before, even if there is a paper check the meter, what to say to put a seal by law? But I have debts there.

We have a private house in the village (20 km from the city). There are two old electric meters 1 meter serves the house, the 2nd on the street serves the light in the yard and near the house. In May 2013 the meter began to spark on the street, we called Bryanskenergo and asked permission to break the seal on the meter, they said on the phone that it was okay, after a call no one came. We had to repair the meter ourselves, no one put a seal.

In August 2013, there was an inspection, they wrote a statement and fined 10,503 rubles, explaining that we did not call them and there was no seal and the meter was working. We have no debts on electricity before. The fine was written for the use of a lathe and a welding machine. At the time of the meter inspection, the inspector asked to turn on the machines and show how the data on the meter was displayed. Welding machine was used very seldom. To repair the tractor (1.2 times a year), sharpening axe 1.2 times in half a year).

On the same day wrote a certificate of 2 electric meter, which is in the house. the old needs to be replaced. A week later we bought a new meter called to ask for installation, when they came they refused to install it, we have installed themselves asked (phoned) to put a seal and no one came to us to put a seal.

Now one meter (on the street) turned off Bryanskenergo, the second has, a new meter in the house without a seal wrote that will turn off 13.01.14 citing the failure to pay a fine.

After disconnecting the meter on the street we sued. To prove that we called them is not possible, the mobile operator can not give a printout of outgoing calls because the number was not tied to their parent company to the main contract and is not registered under anyone.

Can you please tell me. Do they have the right to turn off the electricity in the house and is such a large 10503 fine justified, for a torn seal due to a faulty (possible fire) meter? Are their actions illegal (they didn’t put a seal) regarding the new meter which we changed a week after the act of sealing?

Sealing of gas meters

According to p. 25,27 of the Rules of gas supply for public utilities, approved by the Government Decree of 21.07.2008 г. 49 (hereinafter. the Rules), the volume of consumed gas shall be determined according to the readings of gas meters, subject to a number of conditions, one of which is the presence of an unbroken seal of the gas supplier at the place where the gas metering device is connected to the gas pipeline. The presence of other seals does not replace the seal of the gas supplier. If a consumer (physical entity) does not have a seal of the gas supply company on the gas meter, the gas consumption is determined in accordance with the standards (standards) of consumption (the item “Provision of Consumer Services” in the Russian Federation, “Provision of Consumer Services” in the Russian Federation). 32 of the Rules), approved by the Decree of the Ministry of Housing and Communal Services of the Astrakhan region of August 27, 2012. N 161-p. Calculation of payment for gas according to the metering device readings will be started/resumed from the date of installation by the gas supplier of a seal in the place where the metering device is connected to the gas pipeline. The sealing by OOO Gazprom mezhregiongaz Astrakhan is scheduled for 5 working days after registration of the subscriber in the office of the organization or other convenient for the subscriber time by prior arrangement to ensure access of representatives of the gas supply company to the gas accounting instrument. According to the item. 22 of the Rules the initial installation of the gas supplier’s seal is done at the expense of OOO Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Astrakhan, subsequent (including the restoration of the gas accounting device after calibration or repair) is paid by the subscriber. The current legislation of the Russian Federation does not make an exception for the concept of “emergency situation. The cost of services of Gazprom mezhregiongaz Astrakhan related to installation of secondary seal on the place of gas metering device connection to the gas pipeline for residential gas supply is currently set at 306.00 kopecks per month. and is determined by taking into account the necessary costs of the organization. In accordance with the gas supply contract, the subscriber shall immediately notify OOO Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Astrakhan of any damage to the gas supplier’s seal, as well as the seal installed by the manufacturer or the organization that carried out the last verification.

seal, meter

    1. To submit an application for primary/repeat sealing of the gas meter in any way convenient for the subscriber: in person, by contacting the chancellery or department of control of gas economy at the location of the organization (c. Shahumyan, Astrakhan, sq. Shahumyan. д. 2);

How the sealing is done

An employee of the gas supply company carries out a visual inspection of the metering device: checks the presence and integrity of the seal of the producer, no mechanical damage to the body of the meter, and also checks compliance with the requirements of the producer during installation.

If you find any discrepancies or the device is damaged, then the gas company has the right to refuse to seal the gas meter. It can be carried out only if all the violations are corrected.

You can sealing your meter, but if everything is in order, you will receive a sealing certificate, and from that moment on you will be able to read the meter.


A recent raid on the checking readings of gas meters, carried out by employees of Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Orel, revealed a number of problems associated with ignorance of the rules for commissioning gas meters. A sore subject. sealing a gas meter. When to seal the gas meter? Who can install a gas meter and who can repair it? Who to trust to carry out sealing? Oksana Voloshina, Head of Department for Work with Socially Important Consumers at Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Oryol tells about it:

There is a common misconception: if a meter is installed, it means that from now on the readings are accepted.

According to the rules the volume of consumed gas is determined according to the metering device readings from the day of the gas supplier’s installation of the seal. In other words, only from this moment the metering device is put into operation.

That is, if you have decided to install a gas meter, it is better to contact a specialized organization that has an emergency dispatch service, which will perform this work (in the Orel region such criteria among specialized organizations may include JSC “Gazprom gazoraspredelenie Orel”). But after you have a meter, you must apply to the customer service of the gas supplier. LLC “Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Orel” with a request to install a seal. Until the moment of installation of the seal, the payment for the consumed gas is calculated according to the standard, according to the number of registered citizens. And these amounts may be many times greater than those charged according to the meter readings.

If your meter is installed by someone other than a specialized company, you can expect to spend a lot more time, money and nerves.

It is important to remember a few prerequisites: The seals are placed where the appliance is connected to the gas supply mains, if the appliance is in good condition and bears the seal of the gas supply company. According to the same Decree 549 of the Government, only gas supplier company (in our region. OOO Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Orel) has the right to install a seal on metering devices.

As soon as the customer service receives your application. it will be considered. If it is impossible to achieve the order within the specified period, the employee will contact you and agree on a date and time of sealing the meter. The first installation of the seal shall be done at the expense of the gas supply company. Secondary sealing. at the subscriber’s expense.

In this regard we remind subscribers: check once again if your gas meter is sealed, if yes, what is the condition of the seal, who carried out sealing of your meter.

You can apply with a request to have a gas meter sealed

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The seal on the gas meter

I am not getting a seal on my gas meter. I call their service and get the answer. What is the seal on the meter. Although no one came and did not put a seal.

In 2014 I installed a gas meter, but only recently the inspector noticed that the factory seal does not have any seals, but the passport has. They wrote out a statement “the factory seal was broken, there was tampering with the gas meter”. How can I prove that I have not touched the gas seal and have not interfered?

When checking it was found that the imprint on the factory seal does not match the imprint in the passport to the gas meter, although there is a seal of the gas service and we regularly paid for gas, and we did not know about it. We live in a house for 4 years, I have all the receipts. How to prove. That we did not break the seal?

I refuse to replace the gas meter that is still under warranty for the reason that it does not have a seal of the manufacturer on the meter there should be 3 and in fact 2! We were not present when the meter was installed.к. We were given an apartment in a new building and everything was already installed! The 2 seals show that the gas meter has not been opened!

Tell me please, when buying an apartment, there was no antimagnetic seal on the gas meter, (during the routine verification of the counter gas service found the absence of the seal, made a report, and on this basis, recalculated, it was 102 thousand, lived in the apartment a year, paid regularly at the counter, no debts) former owners claim that it was not installed in their presence, but in the gas company, the computer marked the installation of a seal, when asked to provide a log of antimagnetic seals, the answer was that there is no such log, verification was carried out by a technician of the gas service, and the inspector who made a report on the absence of the seal. What was the basis for the recalculation? Is it lawful not to provide an antimagnetic seal logbook? Where is the proof that the seal was installed?? This is a reason to complain to the prosecutor’s office? Thank you!

Lost passport on the gas meter, but there is a seal of the gas supplier Mezhregiongaz but we are required to put another seal from Gazprommezhregiongaz Astrakhan. We submitted the application. They came to us after 5 days, but refused to install the seal as if there was no factory seal! What to do? (

I’m changing an old gas meter to a new one because the old one is about to expire in May or verification of the old one to extend. Went to the gas service to register a new meter to install in place of the old one. Requested a new meter to verify and record the number, as well as the installation of a seal on the reader and demanded payment for the installation of the seal. 1) The gas service has the right to install a seal on an uninstalled meter? 2) Have they the right to charge for the seal? If so, on what grounds?? Thanks.

Bought a house in a village, water was pouring onto the gas meter from the roof. A special inspector was summoned to remove the meter, check and re-seal it. 28.10.2009 inspector re-sealed the meter, glued holograms. Made an entry in the book.

13.09.2014 inspector made a report, seals, holograms are not broken, but should be the factory hologram and seal. I wrote a receipt for the arrears of gas (for 6 months, the norm (2 people). 79 m 2) for 33900 for violating the state. The seals.) On the meter paid in advance until December. Said that the previous inspector should not have violated the state. seal. If we do not pay, the gas will be shut off. How do I know what I should or should not have? I specifically called the inspector. What should I do??

When sealing the gas meter it turned out that the paper seal on the gas pipe is missing, the meter was sealed. They hung the seals, the gas receipt came with a large amount for 6 months. How can I dispute this payment document?

According to Regulation 549, the supplier is obliged to install a seal on the Meter which is a gas appliance, and from the moment the seal is installed on the Meter, its readings are taken into account.

However, the gas supplier installed a seal on the Meter by an illegal act of sealing the meter in a form unknown to the law. And now, whenever the supplier wants, their main gas supplier makes lists, and collects over the meter by 20. 100,000.

METER. is a serviceable part, which is made by putting it into service with the registration of a specialized organization of the act of putting into service of the meter, and a mark in the passport of the meter on the commissioning of it that it is now a metering device.

The gas supplier in accordance with the clause of the.No one has the right to put the meter into operation, given in accordance with Article 354, paragraph 2 of the Law. Thus, the work on the initial start of the gas is not completed, from the Meter never made the MEASUREMENT.

So, the counter passport is not filled out and there is no note on it about putting it into service. е. that the Meter has become a METER, and according to the act, the seal is installed on the Meter.

Appealing to the court does not help, they refuse to install a seal on the counter, and directly in the decision states that the seal is installed BREADWATCH, but the Act of sealing the meter does not respond.

Appealing to the fact that gas companies supply gas through faulty meters, organizing uncontrolled terrorist attacks, does not lead to anything.

The word Meter in Regulation 354, Regulation 549, 261-FZ “On Energy Saving” and other laws. No, except for the SNIP on the design.

Question: How do I link this to the violation of the Constitution that the seal is installed on the Meter, not on the Meter, and I am not allowed to use the gas with this equipment?

The rotary product is a transparent plastic body with a rotating mechanism as a locking device and holes for wire feeding. Maximum permissible wire diameter 1.2 mm, length upon request.

Seals are made of polycarbonate in different colors. Handle is convenient for turning the mechanism, and after sealing, it breaks off, excluding unnoticeable removal of control. Individual number and logo can be applied to the device, if required.

Magnetic seal on the gas meter is a small rectangular sticker that contains a container with a suspension, responsive to the approach of the magnet with a change of color. On the surface of the sticker there is a number, its duplicate, a place for additional information and company logo.

The base of the model is made of a type of adhesive tape. if you try to remove the strip you will leave a trace on the equipment and the sticker itself will be damaged. This indicates the reliability of the protective product.

Despite the obvious differences, the models, you can identify common features:

  • disposable use;
  • compactness;
  • durability;
  • resistance to different temperatures, substances, mechanical action;
  • ease of installation;
  • practicality of use;
  • the presence of an individual number.



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