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How to put a mobile air conditioner on the balcony

DIY mobile floor air conditioning

There are different devices to create a good microclimate in the house or office. Among air conditioners, compact mobile. These floor models quickly won the market. And all because the scope of their use is slightly larger than usual, starting from VIP rooms and ending with covered awning. Their rental in the summer is in great demand. It’s not only about the price, for the most part in mobility.

Portable air conditioners are divided into two types:

  • with a closed cycle-evaporative-condensation models in which the refrigerant circulates a closed contour. In shape, they resemble the cabinet.
  • with an open cycle. floor conditioners of the evaporative type with a phase transition.

Air cooling in such models occurs due to evaporation in the open space of the refrigerant. The installation occurs according to the principle: acquired, brought and connected. Place such models against the wall. They are somewhat similar to a suitcase. For movement are equipped with wheels and a handle.

You can find air conditioners of the cassette option that mount in the suspension ceiling. In this case, it is difficult to call them mobile. After all, mobility lies in the ease of installation of a mobile air conditioner with your own hands, without unnecessary additional work. To do this, you just need to include them in the outlet.

Now let’s look at each model in detail.

What to look for when choosing a mobile air conditioner

Floor air conditioners are less popular wall models, but still create decent competition and have many advantages.

mobile, conditioner, balcony

Manufacturers produce mobile floor conditioners of different models. When choosing climate equipment, you should pay attention to some important criteria.

  • Optimal productivity and capacity of the device due to the area of ​​the room. For example, for a 25 m 2 room, a model with a capacity of 1-1 is suitable.5 W.
  • Energy efficiency class. The maximum possible. but, however, if the owner wants to save costs for the operation of the device, it is better to choose a class A model.
  • The principle of operation is a linear or inverter type. Linear models work with breaks, automatically disconnected when a given temperature value is reached, and when the temperature deviates several degrees from the set parameters, the operating mode is again launched and operate on the entire power. Inverter air conditioners quickly reach a given temperature, but do not turn off, but go into the mode of operation at reduced power, constantly maintaining the necessary temperature in the room according to the established value.
  • Control system. In equipping many devices there is a remote control, which is convenient for the owner. Otherwise, the commands will have to be set through the control panel located on the upper part of the case.
  • Additional options. Air conditioning can not only cool, but also heat the air during the cool season. The function of moisturizing, ionization and drying of air may also be useful.
  • The dimensions of the case. Pre.determine the place where the block will be installed and calculate the optimal dimensions of the device. The monoblock of the floor air conditioner should not be close to other types of equipment or furniture items.

Despite the large selection of mobile air conditioners, they are all divided into three main groups-with an air duct, without an air duct and floor portable split systems.

  • Mobile air conditioners with an air duct have a corrugated tube of large diameter in equipment, which needs to be taken to the street. Hot air emissions will occur through it. Such models are recommended to install closer to the window.
  • Air conditioners without a duct can be installed anywhere. However, during the operation of such an air conditioner, it is recommended to regularly ventilate the room, opening windows for free air penetration.
  • Portable split systems consist of two compact monoblocks interconnected by a flexible hose along which a refrigerant passes. According to the principle of operation, they do not differ from wall split systems, but, unlike the latter, they suggest a flooring.

There are also mobile air conditioners with two air ducts, in the equipment of which there are two tubes: one for the release of air, the second. for fresh air from the street. The buyer should decide in advance which option is more suitable for him.

Advantages and disadvantages of such installation

Before putting air conditioning on a glazed balcony, pay attention to some nuances.

If you place the air conditioner directly on a glazed balcony, you do not have to fix the block to the fencing of the balcony. Such works are associated with a danger to life and health, so beginning masters are often reinsured and put an outer block on the balcony.

However, it is important to understand that the presence of an air conditioner block on a glazed balcony entails several significant drawbacks:

The noise from the operation of the air conditioner will inevitably penetrate the living room;

windows on the balcony cannot be kept closed. Otherwise, the air conditioner will overheat and quickly fail.

We believe that the installation of a split system on a glazed balcony is unacceptable. Too many compromises. It is better to call professionals once so that they mount an external unit in compliance with the rules of operation, and forget about this problem.

Installation on an open balcony has less disadvantages, but we would not load the balcony with an additional weight. Especially if it is an old house without a major overhaul. But, if you firmly decide to put the air conditioner on the balcony (glazed or not), study the article until the end.

The installation of the outdoor unit on the balcony will require you to comply with certain rules. Next, we will tell you how the air conditioner is installed on the balcony with glazing. Recall that the installation of split systems on a glazed balcony can hardly be called the right. But, if you decide to choose this particular method, study the information below.

Pros and cons of an apartment without a balcony

When deciding whether it is worth buying an apartment without a balcony, you need to decide how much this part of the space is needed in the apartment, and which is more. the advantages or disadvantages of such an acquisition.

That does not suit residents who bought an apartment without a balcony?

  • Lack of space for storing seasonal things: skis, bicycles, winter tires and other unnecessary trash.
  • It is best to dry the washing outdoors. you can’t argue with this. No modern dryers and air conditioners will give the laundry of fresh frosty air.
  • Lack of the ability to expand the area, add a couple of useful meters is another minus of the apartment without a balcony. Reading cabinet, winter garden and just to organize the smoking room will not work.
  • To breathe fresh air, you have to descend into the yard. The mother of babies who could take the stroller just to the balcony are especially acutely felt by this problem.
  • When selling, an apartment without a balcony will cost less.

What are the pluses of an apartment without a balcony? There are much less of them than disadvantages, but they are available. They say that without a loggia in the rooms is warmer and light in the room penetrates better. But the main advantage is the cost of such housing: most likely, the balcony will not enter the total area of ​​the apartment, and it will cost cheaper if it is not about a modern new building with biases.

As you can see, there are much more inconveniences from the lack of a balcony, therefore, despite fashionable European areas of construction, most Russian developers continue to implement projects with balconies or loggias.

mobile, conditioner, balcony

Condensate removal from the external unit

Air cooling in the room occurs by circulation of the refrigerant. During the operation of the device, condensate drops are formed. When installing the outer block on the balcony or loggia, it is important to carefully consider the ways of removing condensate.

It is impossible for the liquid to fall on the facade of the building, on the floor of the loggia. It is forbidden to drain condensate to the street, especially if pedestrian areas are located below or car parking is organized.

The removal of condensate with violation of the rules can lead to:

  • to the breakdown of the equipment (if at a negative temperature, the liquid freezes inside the device);
  • to damage to the elements of the facade;
  • to the appearance of an unpleasant odor, the formation of mold or fungus on the loggia or balcony.

The best way to remove condensate is the drain into the sewer. However, this decision will require additional financial costs. This will require laying the drainage pipe to the sewer system.

It is also possible to withdraw the tube to the street. In this case, the liquid will simply drain out. However, this method can lead to serious problems. Condensate to seep onto the facade, drip on window sills, windows of residents from below or simply pour out on passers.by. In this case, claims from both the homeowner or management company and neighbors are possible.

Some owners of apartments simply remove the liquid into a special collection, which is devastated as they are filled. The disadvantages of this method of collecting condensate are the risks of fluid overflow and the need to constantly monitor the filling of the tank.

When installing the air conditioner, the engineers of the Klimat company will help you choose the best way to collect condensate, make drainage and connect to the conclusions of the sewage system.

Stages of installing air conditioning on the balcony/loggia

The installation of a split system on balconies and loggias is performed in stages according to generally accepted rules using a special tool.

Installation of the external unit on the balcony:

  • In the selected place, marking the location of the block is made.
  • The dowels are mounted.
  • Preparations are prepared for a trimmer power supply.
  • The mounting box is fixed.
  • Next, you need to install the internal block, after which you can already go to the installation of the external module. It is installed on special power brackets and fixed on dowels.
  • At the next stage, the connecting route is formed, the connection of the electric cable and the laying of the drainage hose.

When climatic equipment is installed, it is necessary to vacuum the system with air removal from the highway and testing of tightness. Before the test, the air conditioner sets work settings. The effectiveness of the equipment is checked in different modes.

How to avoid mistakes

Many buyers of climatic devices, wanting to save the budget, perform the installation of blocks on their own. Such experience often has negative consequences.

The main errors of installing the air conditioner on the balcony:

  • The place for fixing the block is incorrectly selected.
  • The external unit is installed without preliminary measurements, as a result of which the structure is in an uneven position in which the condensate does not flow into the drainage tube, but on the floor of the balcony. The noise and vibration of the block during operation may also increase.
  • Pipe are poorly connected to the blocks, which leads to a freon leak.
  • Incorrectly selected tubes with a diameter less than the necessary, as a result of which the level of pressure will be insufficient. This will lead to the weak work of the air conditioner and can provoke a quick failure of the compressor.
  • Lack of distance between the box and the wall, which leads to overheating of the block.

Any errors made during installation reduce the efficiency of the system, lead to improper operation and quick breakdown of equipment.

All work on installing blocks of split systems on balconies and loggias is best entrusted to experienced specialists from the service center.

When the installation is justified?

Indeed, in some cases, the installation of an external unit on the balcony is allowed due to the ban on the management company for the installation of climatic equipment on the facades of the building or if the house represents historical, artistic or any other value for the city. But many owners, in order to save on the length of the freon line and installation, set the air conditioning inside the balcony, without realizing what consequences this may lead.

https: // www.YouTube.COM/Watch?V = 3YVEPYARWQ Advantages of mounting the external unit of the split system on the balcony

  • Simplicity of installation. Installers will appreciate the convenience of working on a solid basis, possibly reducing the price of installation of the device.
  • The interior block of the split system is under the “protection”, so atmospheric precipitation affects it less. And you can not spend money on the purchase and installation of a visor.
  • The air conditioner will not suddenly tear off, a broken block of ice from the roof. There is no comment here.
  • Good access to maintain equipment, dust cleaning, etc.D.
  • The minimum line length will greatly facilitate the launch of the entire system and reduce the amount of drainage fluid.

In general, with the installation of the air conditioner on the loggia or on a non.glazed balcony, there should be no problems. All requirements for the operation of this climate equipment for heat transfer with open access to the external environment will be observed. The disadvantages of such an installation

  • The main drawback of such installation is that the balcony should not be glazed. Based on the technical requirements and safety regulations, when working on a glazed loggia, three window sashs should be opened, one of them is opposite the capacitor module.
  • When deciding to establish an external air conditioner block on the balcony, you need to be prepared to organize the forced output of the heated air and increase the power of your air conditioner. The thing is that when calculating power, most likely, heat supplies were not taken into account, which will affect the serviced room through glass into the room. And these factors will significantly increase the cost of the entire project.
  • The external air conditioner block on a glazed balcony will quickly warm up to 45 ° C, after which the automation will turn it off due to overheating.
  • An external block with a bracket system is a fairly overall design that will take up a lot of space.
  • A working air conditioner is a fairly noisy technique. The noise of the motor can be heard even in the room.

Even if your balcony is not glazed, sooner or later this issue will facing the owners of housing, and the transfer of the condenser unit will pull more significant expenses.

Installation of a mobile air conditioner

The installation of a mobile air conditioner in the apartment will not take much time and will not require special knowledge from the owner. Since externally, such a climatic technique is most similar to a small cabinet on wheels, it is enough to install it on a flat flooring surface, bring a corrugated duct that is designed with the device, which is designed to remove heat and connect the device to a household network. Everything, you can enjoy the coolness in the summer, and in the cold season the same device can work as a heat cower, heating the air into the dwelling.

Important! When installing it, it should be noted that the mobile air conditioner can be installed no closer than 30, and preferably 50 cm. from walls. In addition, when installing this climatic technique, it is necessary to ensure that the air intake grilles are not cluttered with furniture or interior items.

In fact, most of our readers are more interested in the question, not how to establish a mobile air conditioner, since all this is described in detail in the instructions for the device, and where the very notorious hose can be taken to discharge warm air. The specialists of our company will try to answer this question in this publication.



Two corrugated.shields with bells are included in the closed cycle air conditioner. This moment requires a separate explanation.

Let’s look at the new, just here on the hospital. First, he “thresh”, or continuously with short breaks to cool down the compressor, if there is an asynchronous engine, or at full power, if an increased frequency motor with an inverter power. Then gradually calms down and begins to turn on according to the degree of warming up the room. Why is that?

The evaporator, as it is protruded, takes away more and more chilled air, t.to. Only a cold cycle is carried out in the room, and hot. the whole outside. But in the mobile phone, cold and hot contours are collected in one case! This is for their separation and we need thick bulky corrugations.

Consumers often neglect this circumstance, and simply bring hot corrugations out the window, see. rice. below. And they find that “the Kondyuk eats like frantic, but is cold, like a complete brake”. Why? Yes, because in return for the hot hot technical air, a warm external enters the room all the time, and the whole system cannot enter into a quasistacious regime in any way, as described above.

Incorrect installation of a mobile air conditioner

Then the “condo” is taken out onto the balcony, forcing them to blow cool at its open door, or one of the corrugations is adapted to the cold air supply window and turned into a window, plugging the gaps than hit. The room becomes cooler, but still. “eats like mad”. Because the cold cycle is torn between two rooms, on the balcony, the fence and emission of technical air is partially mixed, and the room cannot cool down to the optimum. In general, this is the same as chasing a hospital with wide open windows.

The correct installation of a closed cycle mobile phone is shown on the trace. rice. By the way, in full accordance with the recommendations of manufacturers. But for this you will have to finalize the window opening, which means SMR, which many do not like. By the way, if you finish it, it is better that the fence and release of the technical air are located vertically and away from each other, as the scheme for rice illustrates. on right. Then the mixing of flows will be excluded under any external conditions.

Correct installation of a mobile air conditioner (left) and the optimal location of the networks of the technical air in the window opening (right)

We bring to mind ourselves

But here, over time, an unpleasant circumstance is discovered over time: the “condo” eats more and more willing, but colder more lazy. The audit of the system reveals the cause immediately: the capacitor radiator was clogged with dust. We take the outer kind of technical air! And the radiator, for the sake of compactness, is made with a minimum margin in its total area.

A homemade synthetic winterizer filter does not solve the problem: it clogs instantly, and the counter, when it is imposed in place in his eyes, “gives the gas”. Not a lot, but in a month the lice is heated significantly. And you need to buy a synthetic winterizer; After washing, he falls into a rag.

The way out was simple, but you need to lay out about 2 thousand. This is if an external radiator (see. rice.) new. You can buy less than a used auto.barbarahka.

Mobile air conditioner with an additional radiator

Radiator, as you already understood, car. From any rascal micro.lines. “Oka”, “Tavria”. With standard pipes on the bar in the window opening is connected by segments of the aluminum.frah of the same diameter as a complete. The output pipe of the radiator 6 should be higher than the air intake 3 so that the condensate flows into the air conditioner tray.

Fan. full.time, at 12 in. You can buy household if a broken radiator is lying in a garage rubbish. Slasps, of course, need to be soldered. If you buy a household fan in the absence of a regular one, but you need to choose with sickle blades and a disk attitude of 0.25-0.7 (see. rice. below); This will give an air flow of the desired density.

NOTE 7: Propeller’s discount attitude is the ratio of the surface area of ​​its blades to the area of ​​the omitted disk.

Household fan to an additional radiator

Portable Air Conditioners. Why you shouldn’t like them

Fan capacity. 20 watts per 1 kW of thermal power of the air conditioner. On blowing it works or on an hood, not fundamentally. Car operates on hood to use high.speed pressure. Purchased household, of course, should work on blowing; Another configuration and blades profile are needed on the hood.

How To SAVE upto 40% Electricity Bill on AC | Also Protect Split Air Conditioner Outdoor Unit

With this refinement, the mobile “condo” in terms of efficiency will be equal to the hospital of the same thermal power. The degree of pollution of the additional radiator is visible immediately; Cleaning. brushed off the dust with a brush, and that’s it. Without disassembly “Kondyuk” and even without turning it off. For 3-5 minutes. stopping the fan nothing will happen to him.

Of course, you have to work, and buy something. But compared to the cost of a hospital, including supreme SMR, this is nothing. And it will be the same way, for no more than 15 thousand Including additional costs.

About noise

If you rummage around the noisy “kondeya” with a measuring microphone and psophometer (a device for measuring sound parameters), it will be found that the main sources of noise are a hot circuit nozzle. What should be, because the compressor is most noisy. If you bring them out, as the manufacturers recommend and as described above, then the “condo” rustles not louder than the kitchen hood.


The open cycle air conditioner is not without reason called office. It is in the offices that the conditions have already been created under which it will really cold, good and very cheap. How can he?

Water heat. 2256 kJ/kg. This is a lot, and a very small in volume of water evaporation can cool a huge volume of air; Its heat capacity is 0.8382 kJ/(KGK). T.e. 1 grams of evaporated water will cool one degree of more than 2.5 liters of air, and its relative humidity will remain in the optimal limits from the point of view of medicine. Why then they write about closed air conditioners under the slogan: “Do not let yourself be deceived?””



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