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How to put a lattice on the hood

How to install a grate with your own hands

The usual question is how to fix the ventilation grill? This article gives some answers indicating the pros and cons of each option.

The choice of fastening method directly depends on the type of fixed ventilation grill. Consider several traditional options.

A hole for a screw in the outer frame of the lattice

The first, and the most common for external (facade) grilles, as well as large sizes indoors, option. fastening on screws or self.tapping screws. This method consists in attracting the lattice to the surface with self.tapping screws or screws through the outer frame. To do this, in the frame of the gratings before painting, conical holes (holes with Zenkovka) are performed in the conditions of production).Pros: Reliability of fastening, positioning accuracy, multiple dismantling and installation, versatility of the method. Cons: Violation of the decorative integrity of the external frame, for the subtle framework, the inability to use self.tapping screws with a secret head, difficulty in use on uneven openings, when self.tapping screw falls into the edge of the wall.

Features and options. Subtle frames are attached by self-tapping screws with a press shame or a flat head. Zenkovka of the thin frames is extremely uncomfortable. Sometimes the screws are screwed through the frame, but through the bell.shaped part of the grate and attach it into the arch of the opening. This method is not always successful, since the clip of the frame to the surface is weakened, and the screw heads are still visible. However, in skillful preparation, this method can be successfully applied.

Spring latch on the bell.shaped ventilation grill

The second, also a common way, is the fastening of the ventricles with the help of spring latches. The latches are installed on the bars of the lattices, which are bent from spring steel, which hold the grille in the opening due to friction forces. Pros: the mount is almost invisible, the multiplicity of dismantling-installation, the decorative frame of the grill remains untouched, the method is suitable for thin frames. Cons: low reliability of fastening, not suitable for attaching to the ceiling, difficulty in use on uneven openings when the latch enters the edge of the wall, inaccuracy of positioning, leaks of pressing the scope of the grille to the surface.

Features and options. A good solution is the use of the so.called mounting frames. additional elements aligning the edges of the opening. The lattice exactly corresponds to the mounting frame, provides reliability and multiple installation in the frame, while hiding it with its selection. The mounting frame increases the grill and reduces the opening, but greatly facilitates the operation of the installer.

The third way is gluing. Gluing the gratings on liquid nails, and for small sieves on silicone, is a convenient way to fasten. It can be used both independently and in combination with the first two ways. Pros: fastening is absolutely invisible, the decorative frame of the grill remains untouched, the method is suitable for any framework, high reliability of fastening, high positioning accuracy, suitable for uneven openings. Cons: the impossibility or extreme difficulty of dismantling, it is necessary to accurately fix the grill until the glue dries out.

Mounting adhesive tape Dual Lock Fronts for fastening of vents

Features and options. You can paste the lattice not only on glue, but also on the mounting adhesive tape or self.adhesive fastener type Dual Lock. In this case, it will be possible to remove the grill without damage to the surface.

The fourth method of fastening is special connectors. It implies the presence of a response frame, but is suitable for large weight products and is not as primitive as spring latches. As such connectors, spinger, rotary wraps or roller grips are used. The common type of fastening is secrecy that leaves the untouched outer frame of the grate. Read more about this type of fastening in the article Hidden mount. the best choice.

Roller latches of the lattice to the mounting frame

Pros: the fastening is almost invisible, the multiple of dismantling-installation, the decorative frame of the grill remains untouched, the method is suitable for thin frames, high reliability of fastening, is suitable for uneven openings, positioning accuracy, the density of the frame to the surface. Cons: price, slight decrease in the opening, in the depths of the lattice you can see elements of fastening.

We examined the four most commonly used methods of attaching the grilles to the surface. In fact, there are much more of them, and the expediency of one or another method is selected individually in each case. We are always ready to advise on the installation of ventilation grilles, suggest the optimal way to mount.

Varieties of ventilation grilles

To correctly put the described ventilation device, you must have an idea of ​​its design. At the place of use of the lattice can be external, internal or renewal. The first type of product is subject to fastening from the outside of buildings; External elements protect the ducts from atmospheric precipitation, small litter (for example, it can be leaves), insects, rodents. For manufacture, use durable material, most often steel or aluminum of increased strength, “indifferent” to ultraviolet and other types of external environment. External ventilation elements are supplied with blinds, and in some cases the heating system, to exclude the formation of ice.

Internal devices are fixed directly in the rooms, t.to. These products are designed for a small load, then less durable, cheap plastic is used for their manufacture. Lattices of this type are characterized by attractiveness in aesthetically, small sizes, a variety of styles, shades. This allows you to mount a ventilation grill that harmoniously enters the overall style of the room. And another type of grille is a diverse. Such products are installed in interior partitions, doors. Perevoal lattices not only provide an extract of air, but also guarantee an air exchange between the rooms.


Gives aesthetic appearance

Lattice is an important part of the ventilation system. Here are a few functions that it performs:

  • The external lattice protects the ducts and equipment from animals, insects, leaves and other garbage, which can get outside.
  • Gives the opening at the entrance and output an aesthetic look.
  • Distributes and directs air flows so that the ventilation system fully functions.

As you can see, you can’t do without such a lattice. Despite the fact that the lattices perform the same functions, they can look different in different ways.

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What is it and why they are needed?

The ventilation grill is a special device that is installed in ventilation systems to adjust the air flow from outside and inside.

The lattice is installed for:

  • ventilation in all spaces of any buildings;
  • so that the building meets all available fire safety requirements. in the event of a fire, high.quality lattices with a blown mesh will quickly stretch the smoke from the structure and significantly reduce the risk of burning products;
  • creating the best microclimate in all spaces of the house or office;
  • protection of the ventilation mine from small rodents and the appearance of all kinds of waste and garbage in it;
  • getting rid of various extraneous smells, burning, stale air;
  • original decoration of the facades of buildings;
  • reinforcement of air traction in the entire ventilation system;
  • simplifying the process of maintaining perfect cleanliness inside the mine.

Neatly inserted into the hood, such a product will decorate the appearance of the room from the inside, and a stylish hood for a stretch ceiling or a slot type product will allow you to interestingly beat the interior solution inside the room. Using ventilation grilles for external use, you can very creatively decorate the decor of the facade of any structure, complement it, and make it truly unusual. Nowadays, in the construction market you can find different types of these universal ventilation structures for every taste.

When buying a product, be sure to make sure that it meets the standards of production according to GOST, which means that it is completely safe for your home.

Methods for installing ventilation grilles

This section describes a simple instructions for installing a simple design of the invoice, which can be performed in several ways:

Fixation of the lattice on the wall using painting tape is suitable only for temporary fastening, for example, to outline holes for drilling

  • The fastening with screws “VP. perhaps the easiest and most affordable method of independent installation of the ventilation. It is applicable to almost any surface of the walls (concrete, wooden, brick, drywall).
  • We mark the installation site on the wall.
  • In the case of concrete and brick walls, it will be necessary to drill holes for the dowels with a drill or an infantry.

Drill carefully, since around the walls the walls are usually hollow, it is better to take self.tapping screws with dowels

  • The openings for fastening on the grill itself are processed so that the hat of the screwed screw falls “Washing” with the surface of the frame.
  • Next, apply the product and screw the screws.

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Do not forget to regularly remove the grill and clean it from accumulated dirt and dust

Important! Whatever way you use, the main thing in the process remains a very dense mount to the wall without cracks and gaps. In some cases, you can even use silicone sealant to insulate the channel.

  • With the help of a skirting board or graduate, ventilation wooden grilles are attached. Products of a different type are also attached, but in a room with wooden cladding or decorated with wooden objects.
  • Fastening on a quick.action glue type “liquid nails” (dragon, titanium), silicone, etc.D.


In this way, you should act like this:

  • Squeeze a strip of glue using a special pistol device along the contour of the ventilation barrier.
  • Tightly press the grille against the wall.
  • Installation foam will help to fix it in this position.
  • The next day, the foam is removed.
  • Another common and simple way is to fasten on spacer elements.

Advice! In places where it does not seem convenient and possible, a tight installation of the grille in the ventilation system uses an adapter for a ventilation grill.

To install indoors, give preference to environmentally friendly, non.toxic products.

Types of structures and materials

The lattices are distinguished by the functional capabilities and features of the design on:

  • adjustable, equipped with mobile flaps or blinds, with the help of which you can purposefully change the passing cross section;
  • unregulated, all elements of which are motionless;
  • inertial, possessing rotary lamels that change their position depending on the pressure and direction of air movement;
  • Combined kitchen models equipped with a pipe for connecting the hood installed above the gas stove.

Ventilation grilles are selected in size and shape of the ventilation system openings. The outer panel should block the entire section of the opening with some margin. The most common are rectangular and round products. As raw materials, durable, environmentally friendly and resistant to moisture materials are used for their production: Materials:

The decision on how to correctly attach a decorative lattice inside an apartment or individual house depends on the type of selected model.

We find out how to correctly install a ventilation grill

I’m not sure that I know where I have it in some rooms.

There is no ventilation in all rooms. If you do not know where it is, you don’t care how to put a lattice. And I had a ventilation in the bathroom on the wall opposite the entrance, under the ceiling. Entering the bathroom, I immediately saw through the lattice the blackness of the channel against the background of the white wall. I put a new lattice according to the second option, and now I do not see blacks.

I see dust on the grill :)) By the way, the dust on the grill suggests that the air flow moves normally and in the right direction.

About smells from the lower neighbors. Smells from the ventilator can only penetrate the room if excessive pressure is in the ventilation, and it occurs when someone else’s hood occurs. The fact is that our ventilations are not intended for connecting hoods, but we also need to turn it on more powerful than the hood.

So then there are posters: “Smells and smoke from the ventilation room”

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The main species

In fact, there is a huge selection of grilles, you can choose products for every taste, color and even wallet. But, despite this, all devices have their own distinctive features by which they can be differentiated.

The primary classification sign of differences is the place and method of installation, it can be as follows:

  • External. this option implies the installation of the grate on the outer wall of the structure, where the ventilation pipe comes out;
  • The internal type. most often mounted in the kitchen or bathroom, the design is installed in the opening of the exhaust mine;
  • Fifth view. such products allow you to regulate air exchange between adjacent rooms.

As for external structures, they differ from all other species with their dimensions, a high level of strength, as well as good resistance to sharp temperature differences and other external climatic conditions. They additionally install a hard frame that goes inside the ventilation hole. And then it is securely fixed with steel anchors or using special factory spacer elements. It is this method of installation that is considered the most reliable and durable.

lattice, hood

It will be useful: the frames for photos from the skirting board with your own hands

Pereplane models are most often used to attach walls, partitions or doors, they are connecting elements between the rooms. At the same time, they perform the problem of air exchange and provide sound and light insulation. Typically, such devices are equipped with special blinds in the form of the letter V, which overlap each other.

It is absolutely not difficult to fix the ventilation grill indoors, it is possible for everyone to do it. These products are characterized by aesthetic appearance, lightness and compactness. For the bathroom, it is advisable to purchase devices made of waterproof material, for example, light plastic.

Methods of installation

The installation of a ventilation system is best entrusted to a professional, since certain tools are used for this and you are definitely needed skills. But almost everyone can carry out the installation of ventilation grilles. For its fastening, glue and fasteners are used.

Installation begins with the mounting of the rim into the duct, then mount the central part. The rim can be better fixed using a rubber gasket. If desired, a grid for a barrier from dust and small insects is installed on the back of the grate.



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