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How to put a lattice in a meat grinder correctly

Which side to put a net in a meat grinder?

You need to install it so that the flat side is on the front side of the meat grinder and is clearly visible, and convex was located inside the screw.

The lattice does not have a clearly expressed orientation, so you can put it with any side, combining the side cut with a protrusion. A protracted ring is wound on top. No need to make excessive efforts to it and tighten very tightly.

What will happen if you put a knife in a meat grinder incorrectly

If you do it wrong, the output meat will seem chewed. This will happen due to the fact that the blade will not grind the meat, but only crush on it. Thus, the installation error makes the technique of “incapable” technique, takes time to assembly. Further about how to avoid this mistake.

Advanced housewives know how to do it. Their family is fed in time and satisfied. Want to evaluate how advanced you are a housewife?

First determine what kind of knife your device. A lot of them:

in the seat. square, hexagonal;

If you read this article, then you got one.sided. The collection of such a meat grinder is a little more complicated than the usual.

Read the instructions on how to insert a knife into a meat grinder:

the knife with the convex side inward, and flat;

The shape of the knife (hexagonal or square) is similar to the tip of the screw shaft.

Fulfilled the conditions, but the meat grinder does not twist, but the meat rummages? Perhaps the point is not about installing a knife, but, for example, in its wear.

The promised bonus is an unobvious manner for operating meat grinders:

  • For a long service: insert the grill with one side (the plane of contact with the knife should be the same that it does not rub again every time).
  • For effective work: pull not only a knife, but also a lattice (can be done manually or give to a special service).
  • Against rust: a lattice and a knife must be washed in hot water, and then placed on a paper towel or a napkin.


How a hand meat grinder works

Hand meat grinders have a fairly simple design. They work on a manual drive and mechanical pressure, which is created by a screw. The process of grinding products is as follows:

lattice, meat, grinder, correctly

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Components of the meat grinder and their purpose

Classic manual meat grinders consist of the following details:

-Rym-Bolt (necessary for fastening the handle).

Typically, the meat grinder includes additional lattices that have different holes, knives, nozzles for the preparation of sausages, sausages, juice.

REFERENCE! No nozzles must be undermined, you can not cut them too hard products or sinewy meat.

Schnek shaft is the main, important detail of the meat grinder. It is made in the form of a spiral, which crushes the meat during operation, moving it to the knives. This part should be made of durable metal.

Knife and other nozzles are necessary for grinding, cutting and crushing meat, as well as other products. Most often they are made of stainless steel. For better work, the knives must be sharpened, although they themselves are hidden in the process of rotation on the grill. The knife must be installed correctly, otherwise the meat grinder can jam.

  • Very large, with a diameter of 12 mm. infrequently included in the kit, has only 3 or 4 holes. Need to make minced meat for bulbing stuffing.
  • Large, with a diameter of 8 mm. great for sausage mince.
  • Medium, with a diameter of 4-4.5 mm-a standard grill used to produce minced meat for cutlets.
  • Small, with a diameter of 3 mm. a lattice for a paste or mashed potatoes.

The fixing ring (nut) is necessary for the clamp and fixation of the lattice, knife and screw shaft. Sometimes, after completing meat processing, the nut can be difficult to twist. However, this problem can be solved by putting on a nut of ordinary fabric.

Using a threaded device, the meat grinder is attached to the table or other working surface.

REFERENCE! Therefore, you need to put something under the metal base in order to exclude movement on the table. For example, you can turn a newspaper several times.

How to assemble a meat grinder: electric and manual, proper installation of a knife

A manual or electric meat is considered a sufficiently popular device in the kitchen. It is used to process meat for minced meat, squeezing fruit juice, home sausage, cooking vegetable puree or pasta preparation. In order for the technique to work correctly, you need to familiarize yourself with the nuances of its device. From our article we will learn how to assemble a meat grinder and make out.

How much does an electric meat grinder cost Moulinex?

for Moulinex meat grinders

The name of the meat grinder
Moulinex HV8 ME 6201 from 5 990 r.
Moulinex HV4 ME 4561 from 4 990 r.
Moulinex HV8 Pro ME 6888 from 10 990 r.
Moulinex HV8 Plus Me 6848 from 7,390 r.

The knife has a fairly simple structure and consists of: when assembling a hand.made meat grinder, you need to remember that the knife is always worn by the flat side to the outside. Otherwise, the meat grinder will only put pressure on the meat, but not grind it.

How to assemble a meat grinder step by step and insert a knife

In order for the device to properly serve for many years to properly prepare for work. Despite the apparent simplicity of the process, there are certain nuances when assembling an electric meat grinder, which we will talk about further.

The main details in a meat grinder that are collected at the stage of preparation is:

Proper operation of a meat grinder involves the following sequence when assembling.

    They insert a screw into the reception camera so that the shank (the pin at the end of the shaft twisted along the spiral) falls into the hole in the rear wall. At this stage, the screw hangs freely inside the camera.

Depending on the design of the device at the end of the shaft, instead of a shank, a plastic or metal gear-adapter may be located.

It is also important not to pull the rug nut and not leave it, freely dangling on the neck. In the first case, it will be difficult to unscrew the nut before disassemble the meat grinder. In the second case, during work, during loads, it may jump off the thread.

  • With a locking connection, the neck at an angle of about 45 degrees should be installed in existing grooves and turn counterclockwise to clicking.
  • With a screw connection, the neck is installed directly and tightened, so that there is no backlash (it does not stagger). You should not pull it either, otherwise you can tear the thread.

After assembly, the meat grinder can be turned on. She should work smoothly, without any extraneous noise. If after turning on, the clang, cracking, rattling, the neck “walks” in the landing hole is heard, the device should be turned off and assembled again, after carefully checking the correctness of each connection.

The given scheme is suitable for electric models, how to assemble a manual meat grinder. Consider separately.

The principle of operation of a manual meat grinder

Manual meat grinder, in terms of design. the device is quite simple. Its work is based on two things. a manual drive and mechanical pressure created by a screw. The grinding process looks like this:

  • meat, fish or any other product is laid in the receiver and enters the screw shaft;
  • Then the product is pressed to the grill and cut off with a special four.lobed knife, which slides along the surface of this lattice;
  • Products are crushed continuously: the meat is laid in the receiver and after that leaves through the grill.

HOW. TO | MEAT! Grinders

lattice, meat, grinder, correctly

The principle of operation is simple: we lay products and get minced meat. Simply and easily!

How is a meat grinder

Meat grinder. a universal device that no new gadgets will displace. With its help, not only excellent uniform minced meat is made, but also other dishes: utensils are used to prepare home sausage and sausages, pastes, various mashed potatoes, original cookies and even pasta. The meat grinder replaces the juicer, blender, grater and other mechanisms, if you show imagination and stock up on special forces.

Many are familiar with the mechanical design of the cast.iron meat grinder of the times of the USSR. The device has undergone a lot of modifications over time, became more aesthetic and functional, but the essence of its device almost did not change. Therefore, the rules for the assembly and care of the mechanical and electrical version are practically identical.

What is the mechanical meat grinder, all the details:

  • The case with a connector for entering meat or other products (sometimes the meat receiver is inserted into the case separately).
  • Handle and screw. join the body to rotate the mechanism.
  • Skin is a spiral element that is inserted into the case and ensures the movement of products to the knives of the meat grinder.
  • Knife. a four.lobed or disk.shaped small element responsible for the cut.
  • The lattice is a round disc with holes, it is ordinary or curly and is needed to control the degree of grinding and the shape of the outgoing minced meat / dough.
  • Round clamping part for integrity of the entire structure.

Electronic versions are equipped with a drive and a special button control panel or a switch.on.cupcaster. Pressing the button replaces the process of grinding products manually. Also, in modern meat grinders of a small format, the case is made of special food plastic.

The models are lighter and pretty, unlike old ones, but otherwise they are identical. powerful devices are usually closed with a steel case. In any case, due to the motor, such a device weighs more and it is larger than the Soviet model in terms of dimensions. In principle, the version of the version is identical.

The advantage of mechanical models is independence from the network, a longer service life, but manually work with large volumes of products, with veins is hard. Here an automatic analogue comes to the rescue.

Improved models of meat grinders from Redmond, Axion, Polaris, Scarlett, Bosch, etc. Includes additional elements for the preparation of home sausages and other dishes in the set. These are conical nozzles on the case and special washers instead of a lattice and four.lobed knives.

For sausages, grilles of three or four holes of 12 mm in diameter are sold, for sausage minced meat, purchase grilles with 8 mm connectors. Paste bars are the smallest, their diameter is 3 mm. The standard part of the kit has a diameter of holes 4-4.5 mm.

How to choose the right meat grinder

Be sure to look at the quality of the material from which a meat grinder is produced and a knife in it. The duration of the service life will depend on this.

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Knives can be made of cast iron or hardened steel. These materials are the most durable, they serve for a long time and retain their sharp edges of the cutting edge. For the production of knives, the forging or stamping method is used.

The most durable options are forged. They are expensive and have more weight than stamped. Produce cast knives with a coating or chrome. Looking at the photo knife for a meat grinder, it is quite difficult to understand what metal it is made of metal.

The shape of the cutting blade of the knife is also very important. The edge moved forward from the vertical axis of the edge indicates that the knife will cut the sliding method. In this case, the low efficiency of grinding products.

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The advantages of such a knife include the fact that processed products will not remain on the walls of the working chamber, the cross section of the camera does not narrow. The meat grinder will not require frequent analysis and cleaning.

Modern manufacturers of meat grinder equip them with knife knives. Such knives slide much better than others, cutting is performed better.

Electromyaska is equipped with knives, which can have from two to six blades with a cutting edge. The most common options are four.lobed knives.

  • Six.lobed are used in meat grinders, which are in production or in large supermarkets, where the amount of minced meat produced per day is calculated not one kilogram.

The type of meat will depend on the number of rays on the knife. large pieces or small. For large pieces, a two.lobed knife is used, for small pieces you will need a knife with four blades.

All knives that are produced for modern meat grinders made of steel must be periodically tightened. expensive models of knives that will be made from a special alloy containing Cobalt with the addition of molybdenum, chromium will be more wear.resistant. Thanks to this alloy, the knife will serve the owner for a long time and will not demand sharpening.

A self.adjusting petal knife for a meat grinder, which is made of instrumental steel, is used in meat grinders for industrial purposes. These are the most expensive knives that it makes no sense to purchase for household meat grinders.

Household apparatuses are equipped with standard knives for a meat grinder, which must be periodically tightened.

Sharpening should be carried out as soon as you notice that the knife stopped quickly grinding meat or the number of veins that are wound on the screw has increased.

All knives must be sharpened in a special workshop. However, if you want to do it yourself and at home is a sharp.tool tool, you can do this procedure at home. The most important rule is to read the instructions for the knives of the meat grinder before starting sharpening.

You can sharpen a knife with a stone for sharpening. To do this, you need to moisten the stone well. Move with a knife in a circular motion. After you finish the sharpening, be sure to connect both elements of the block, which cuts on the presence of a clearance between them.

There is another option for sharpening with sandpaper. To do this, fix the sandpaper on plastic. Sharpening is made in circular movements in one direction. First you need paper with medium grain, and then with small. It is necessary to polish to mirror shine.



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