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How to put a fan on so it doesn’t blow

What you need in the heat

It would seem that what can be better than a refreshing breeze of a fan in a stuffy room?? Believe me, under certain conditions, the fan can turn being in a stuffy room into a hell of an ordeal. For a long time already the World Health Organization says that at the temperature of the air more than 35 degrees Celsius fans only increase the load on a human body by directing the hot air on it. It turned out that when using a fan, you should also pay attention to the level of humidity.

A fan in the heat can be dangerous. Physician

On hot summer days, when the air temperature rises to 30 degrees and above, many people prefer to be indoors, where the air is at least somehow cooled. Not everybody can afford to install air conditioner in the apartment. The alternative is inexpensive fans. True, it’s also difficult to buy them now. there is a shortage of them in stores. But those who have already felt relief, becoming the happy owner of a useful device in the heat should be careful. It is not recommended to use fans when the air temperature is higher than 35 degrees.

Symptoms of heat exhaustion are similar to manifestations of heat stroke

The doctor recommends using fans at temperatures no higher than 30 degrees and, if possible, in rooms with humid air. Also during the summer heat you need to drink a lot of water, take a refreshing shower more often to prevent dehydration of the body.

Earlier “Doctor Peter” suggested some tips on how to cool the room with a fan. You can put a basin with cold water in front of it and direct the air from the fan to it. Also a wet cloth, such as a towel or an old sheet, spread on the floor or on chairs may help. This way you can humidify the air in the room and lower the temperature by a few degrees.

At night the fan should be installed near the open window so that it blows air out of the room. In other rooms you must also open the windows.

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The doctor warned about the dangers of a fan in the heat

On hot days electric fans are literally swept from shelves in stores. But it is necessary to use them with great caution in the home.

On hot summer days when the temperature goes up to 30 degrees and above many people prefer to be in rooms where the air is cooled somehow. Not everybody can afford to install conditioner in their apartment, and even those, who are ready, have to wait. in the capital, for example, specialists are two weeks busy with orders.

The alternative to the air conditioner. inexpensive fans. Though, to buy them now is also difficult. there is a deficit in stores. But those who have already felt relief having become a happy owner of this useful in hot weather device should be cautious. It is not recommended to use fans when the temperature of air is more than 35 deg.

The symptoms of heat exhaustion are similar to the manifestations of heat stroke

The doctor recommends the use of fans at temperatures no higher than 30 degrees and, if possible, in rooms with humid air. Also in the period of summer heat need to drink a lot of water, take a refreshing shower more often, to prevent dehydration of the organism.

Earlier “Doctor Peter” offered a few tips on how to cool the room with a fan. One may put a basin with cold water in front of it and direct the air from the fan onto it. Also a wet cloth. a towel or an old sheet. spread on the floor or on chairs would help. This method can humidify the air in the room and lower the air temperature by several degrees.

Place a ventilator near an open window at night, so that it blows air out of the room. Open windows in other rooms as well.

Avoid sudden temperature changes

Temperature fluctuations are probably the most common cause of colds. For some reason we like to set the air conditioner to 17-18ºC, when it is scorching outside the window at 35ºC. As a result, sharply entering a cool room, the body gets hypothermia, and then the person suffers from a runny nose.

The difference between the room and the street should not be more than 7 ºС. For example, if it is 32 ºС outside, set the air conditioner to 25 ºС. it is quite a comfortable temperature that will feel much more pleasant than a cold 18 ºС.

Faced with the temperature drop you can not only enter the room from the street. For example, one should not sit down under a cold air conditioner after a bath or a training session too. it is better to wait when the body cools down, or to switch the device off beforehand, in order not to come into a too cold room.

How to cool an apartment and a room with a fan

Many residents of apartment buildings faced with the problem of cooling their homes during the hot summer. As a rule, tenants who can afford it, install expensive air conditioners, which effectively cool the rooms of the apartment. However, there are other equally effective ways to cool rooms with available fans. In this article we will consider in more detail, how to cool the apartment and your room with the fan without significant cost and create a favorable microclimate in the house or apartment during the hot season.

Trying to FIX a Bathroom Extractor Fan that doesn’t run on

There are a few of the most effective ways to quickly bring the room temperature down to a more comfortable temperature.

We need a basin of cold water, a floor fan, a plastic bottle of frozen water and a scrap of gauze.

We take gauze and thoroughly wet it in cold water. After that you need to put the moistened gauze on the fan. To do this, drop any of the 4 ends of the gauze into a basin of cold water, which will stand next to the fan. After that we turn on the fan, and the room air along with the circulation will begin to cool the room. For maximum effect, you should put a plastic bottle with ice or very cold water in the basin. Depending on the diameter of the fan and the height of the installation, you will need to choose the size of gauze.

We offer you another effective method to help answer the question how to cool yourself and the room without air conditioning? For this We need a floor fan and a large water bowl. It is best to use cool water, and the larger the tank for it, the faster the room will cool. We set the fan in the desired position and put a container of water in front of it. In the process of blowing warm air intensively through the room the water will start to evaporate. And thus the temperature in the room will drop by 2-5 degrees.

Recommendation. Keep track of the water in the container and periodically refill to the top level.

With the help of a floor fan you can effectively cool the room in the evening or at night. For this purpose it is necessary to turn the fan in the direction of the window. In this way hot air will escape from the rooms. In the other rooms all the windows must be completely open. In this case we get a draught when the inflow of fresh air from the street will push the hot air with the help of the fan outside. This makes the room temperature equal to the cooler outdoor temperature.

For this We need a floor fan and empty plastic bottles of 1.5-2 liters. Pour cool water into the plastic bottles and freeze. Then we put bottles of frozen water in every room. In the living room we install a floor fan, which will cool the room more effectively. When the water melts it is necessary to put plastic bottles into the freezer again and repeat the procedure.

How to put a fan so as not to blow

Summer is characterized not only by the vacation season, trips to the sea or other bodies of water, and summer vacations. This time of year is also accompanied by very warm, and sometimes unbearably hot weather. About how harmful high temperatures are for humans, written a lot of publications, so understandable desire of most people in the summer to make a microclimate in your home more or less comfortable. Of course, the ideal solution in this case is to install air conditioning, but it is quite expensive and not everyone can afford. So in the summer, other methods of cooling the air in the house are quite in demand.

For starters, let’s look at how exactly our body cools in hot weather. There are four methods of heat transfer from the skin to the environment. Convection (heat transfer to moving air), conduction (heat transfer to still, cooled air), evaporation (cooling by evaporation of sweat) and radiation (radiation by the body of infrared radiation). Two methods can be used at home. it is possible to cool air (this is what the air conditioner does) or make it move and take heat from the body. You can of course use and evaporation, such as pouring water or take a cool shower, but it is a temporary measure and does not affect the microclimate in the house. Therefore, in the absence of air conditioning, it is necessary to increase ventilation in the house, which will cause the necessary air movement. But it is also worth doing this properly.

The most common appliance used to create air movement is a fan. But no matter how nice it is to sit under a stream of air from it in the summer heat, you still should not do so. Such “blowing” is fraught with colds and immunity decrease. It is better to install the fan so that it causes a slight air movement throughout the room, for example, put it in a corner and direct the air stream along the diagonal of the room. Of course, you can hardly get a quick feeling of coolness with this method, but in any case it will be more comfortable than outdoors.

Two fans can be used to make the air movement more perceptible. One blows air into the street through the window, the second stands near the door or opposite the first at the other end of the room and blows air in the same direction. This ventilation direction is used during daytime hours, when outdoor temperature is much higher than room temperature. In the evening or in the morning you can change the direction or just do not include fans. Cool air will enter the room by itself. And even in the absence of fans on the same principle in the summer time is worth ventilating rooms. one opens windows in the morning and evening or at night and closes them tightly during the day. A sluggish draught from the window leaf will not save you from the heat, but will only warm the air in the room additionally.

The main thing is to open the windows at least at some time of the day to air the room. Ventilation in apartment buildings is almost non-operational during the hot periods of the day, resulting in poor air exchange and accumulation of respiratory products in the apartment. Use of special small fans, which are installed in ventilation holes or at least turning on the usual kitchen extractor for a couple of hours a day will help to partially correct this situation.

Using a fan when the windows are closed can be more effective by making it “run” the cooled air. For this purpose, it is possible to install or put some refrigerant containers behind the fan blades, which can be put in refrigerator bags and are widely available. If they are not available, frozen water bottles can be used to cool the air. Hanging wet towels around the house or apartment, contrary to popular opinion, is not very effective. For some visible air cooling it is necessary to cover the whole room with them. The same can be said of spraying cold water from a spray bottle. This will have a temporary, very short-term effect. In addition, when the windows are completely closed, it will cause a significant increase in humidity in the house, which may have a negative impact on furniture and coatings, and can also be a trigger for diseases such as bronchial asthma.

Certainly all these methods will not create the same comfort in the apartment as a conditioner use, but the correct ventilation of the house at high air temperature will create the necessary motion that will largely promote the heat diversion from the human body and give an opportunity to survive a more or less painless hot season.

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Can a fan make you sick??

Hello dear subscribers of the site I want to know everything! Many are wondering if it is possible to fall ill from the fan?

This question is important enough, despite its simplicity.


If everything is clear with air conditioner and nobody doubts that it is possible to fall ill, so with the fan the question is not so unambiguous.

Many people start using fans just because they are much cheaper and therefore more affordable. But every year more and more owners of air conditioners prefer to buy themselves a fan. You may ask why?

The answer is quite simple, the fan is much safer than air conditioner and if used correctly it actually eliminates a cold.

But it is also important to consider the fact that its illiterate use entails not only the possibility of catching cold, but even catch pneumonia. Yes yes, that’s right pneumonia in the height of summer!

In order it will not happen with you, follow very simple recommendations and a floor fan will become your best friend.

The first and most important is not to direct the flow of the fan at yourself at point blank range. It is best to adjust the fan so that the flow of cool air went above your head or to the side. Believe me, it is enough to create the atmosphere of comfort in the room.

The second. Never turn on the fan if you’re already sweating. often than not, people get sick just because they ignore this important fact. You have to be sure to cool down before the fan blows on you.

And third. Never be in the area between an open window and a fan. In this position there is a draught, which can provoke such a disease as otitis, with all its consequences.

If you stick to these simple recommendations, you can safely use a home ventilator every day and without risk to your health.

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Can you get sick from the air conditioner. the whole truth

Greetings to all visitors to my site! Today let’s touch upon the most important topic, connected with one of the best inventions of mankind. air conditioner. This device is particularly indispensable in hot summer days, when the room is stuffy. But because of some people’s fear of catching a cold, sometimes it happens that the air conditioner is left off. In fact the whole problem is in a wrong installation and not knowing how to use it.

The device can cause illness if:

  • the temperature is chosen incorrectly;
  • Fan speed is set too high;
  • a cold stream of air is constantly directed against a person; (about an open window a person can easily “squirt”).

It is most dangerous to be under an air stream when you are sweating or “steamed up” (for example, after a sauna). It is also harmful to go from the street, where it is very hot, into a cold room. under the influence of a sharp change in temperature, overcooling of the body will occur.

Causes of acute respiratory infections from the air conditioner

Thanks to the air conditioning you can significantly improve your well-being in hot weather. Maintaining a normal room temperature contributes to mental and physical activity, which is why most offices are equipped with split systems. But their installation is fraught with the development of acute respiratory infections, as specialists remind us.

Why do people catch cold from air conditioner??

  • Overcooling. A rapid drop in air temperature contributes to hypothermia and a decrease in immune reactivity;
  • Drying of mucous membranes of the nose and eyes. Air conditioning leads to a decrease in its humidity level, which negatively affects the condition of nasopharynx and conjunctiva mucous. Their desiccation creates optimal conditions for the development of pathogenic flora;
  • Temperature extremes. Often the difference between the temperature indoors and outdoors is more than 10-15 degrees. It negatively affects the immune protection of the body and contributes to hypothermia.

How not to catch a cold under the air conditioner? First of all, it should not be abused. When the air cools to 22 degrees, the device should be turned off for at least 30-40 minutes.




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