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How to put a coffee vending machine in a hospital

Business on vending coffee machines

Vending business has long established itself as a fast payback and highly profitable. According to experts, to organize their business on the coffee machines is possible with the threshold of entry 4 thous. dol., And if you choose the right location, the money invested can be recouped in the first year of work.

The main risk is vandalism. Experienced players of the vending market assert that there are a lot of fans of “knocking” on the machine, so it is better to choose a place with security or video surveillance.

Ingredients for the machine. what to fill the machine?

You can save money on napkins, sugar sticks, or anything else, but not on ingredients. remember this rule. If you buy raw materials of bad quality, you get a bad product, which of course will not be in demand. And if you take into account the high level of competition, then you can forget about the business on the coffee machines. no one will come to your machine.

Before you sign a contract for the supply of raw materials, it’s better to test the quality yourself. If you like the taste of brewed coffee so much that you would like to drink it in the morning, for example, then you can safely order a batch.

To fill the machines most often use these ingredients:

  • Different blends of ground or ground coffee beans.
  • Tea. green, black, with various additives.
  • Cocoa.
  • Hot chocolate.
  • Milk granulated or powdered, cream.
  • Filtered water, if you have machines with a self-contained tank.

And don’t forget the consumables: cups, stirrers.

Please note that mixes for making drinks in a dispenser are different from those sold for self-made coffee, so it is not recommended to make the raw materials yourself. you may end up with a product with the best taste.

The cost of a coffee vending machine

How much does a coffee vending machine cost and where to buy it? It is not very difficult to buy such a machine on Russian market. If you are a novice businessman and just beginning to probe the market for the development of their business on the placement of coffee machines, it is better to buy an inexpensive vending machine. Read reviews, analyze These machines are suitable for points of average permeability with the estimated sales volume of 50 cups of coffee a day, 16 different drinks, as well as hot chocolate and sweet milk. Dimensions of such machines will not burden you much with rent, so at the beginning they are profitable.

Well, if you already have a well-established business or picked a good place to install the machine for coffee, it is better to buy equipment more expensive, now fashionable direction “coffee with you. An example of such equipment would be “Unicum Rosso To Go”. Full Calculation of business on the coffee vending machine will be based on this equipment. Including delivery to the place we will take it

How to install coffee vending machine

How to start a vending business

The word vending means the sale without the participation of the seller, not necessarily a product, but also a service.

There are a lot of vending machines selling coffee, snacks, sandwiches, water, ice cream, popcorn, personal care products, cosmetics, flowers, newspapers, etc.п. There are also vending solariums, vending pizza machines and even machines for making warm aromatic burritos. To the field of vending business can also include booths for instant photography, copy machines and machines in hospitals, which issue disposable shoe covers.

Different kinds of activity connected with the sales of some products are considered to be more profitable. They are devoid of manufacturing problems and do not require a thorough adherence to the regulatory framework.

All kinds of goods are sold through automated systems without the need for staff.

The main advantages of this type of trade include:

  • Minimum requirements to floor space;
  • No need to maintain a large staff;
  • trade is conducted around the clock;
  • there is no need to rent warehouse and production facilities;
  • Short payback period;
  • no need to observe cash discipline.

For vending business is characterized by some disadvantages:

Vending machines can break down, so you will lose a share of the profits.

If the equipment is installed in the street or far from the cameras, it will suffer from the actions of vandals.

Government agencies will arrange official inspections to determine whether your products meet standards.

The main disadvantage is the dependence of revenues from the location of the machine.

Let us consider the main areas of the vending business:

One of the most popular directions: Coffee machines

The machines prepare drinks based on coffee beans and instant ingredients (milk, chocolate, tea, cappuccino, kissel, broth)

There are a lot of places for their installation: these are clinics, car washes, service stations, taxi parks, car dealerships, tire changers, educational institutions, shopping centers, train stations, in general places with large crowds of people, waiting rooms, etc.п.

In order to start a vending business in this direction, it is necessary to find a suitable place with minimum competition, i.e.е. No cafes, coffee houses, other coffee vending machines.

After selecting the place contracts with future consumers of services for the rental of their area. And only after this work is done, the quantity of necessary equipment is calculated and purchased.

After buying the machine, you must look for a specialist to service your machine.

Just choose an ingredient supplier at once, often the seller of vending machines still has a warehouse with parts and ingredients, it is very convenient.

The place is found, the machine and the necessary ingredients are acquired, the contract for space rental is signed, it’s just a matter of small things, set it on the spot, fill in all the necessary ingredients and start earning.

Tips for attracting customers:

Coffee flavoring. the smell of coffee increases the appetite of customers, hang it next to the machine, and the result will not make you wait.

Branding of the vending machine. try to make it more visible among competitors.

The quality of ingredients is one of the main criteria for consumer choice, try to add good beans and believe me, your customers will appreciate it!

Snack machines:

Usually they are installed next to the coffee machines, it is convenient and profitable. The consumer will not deny himself the pleasure of drinking a cup of coffee with a chocolate bar or croissant, bought in a snack machine.

Unlike the coffee machine, the snack machine can sell a wide variety of products, such as chocolate bars, snacks, burgers and sandwiches, bottled water and juices, milk, lunches in containers, etc.п.

The vending machines can also sell not only food, it could be chargers and phone covers, toys, lenses, personal care products, stationery, etc.п.

This is a big plus for the owner of the snack machine, t.к. If one item doesn’t go, it can always be replaced by another.

Snack machines are suitable for those places where there is no possibility to organize a cafe because of the lack of space, and the vending machine takes 1 sq. km.meter.

The installation of vending equipment will not require a businessman to spend a lot of money.Do not necessarily buy new equipment on the market a lot of good options and on the BU, more profitable to buy from organizations that give the equipment a guarantee, it will be for you a kind of insurance.The full cost of each vending machine pays for itself in 1 year or less. After a while you can buy another one, gradually expanding the network of traders. On the payback period affects the location of the trading device. According to statistics, the biggest profit comes from equipment installed in cinemas, shopping centers and amusement parks. The smallest profit, according to reviews, brings equipment installed near stores and shopping centers.

Mechanical vending machines:

Mechanical vending machine is a small flask with a dispenser and a coin-operated device which are installed on a stand of varying height. Coin acceptors can be installed for coins of different denominations from 5, 10, 1010, 101010.

Through the mechanical machines usually sell the following types of goods: chewing gum, candy, bouncing balls, toys in capsules, shoe covers. The main customers of such goods are children. That’s why vending machine racks are usually set at a low height so that children can shop on their own.

The area required to install the machine is less than 1m2. This is good, because it eliminates the problem of high rents. However, large shopping centers are not always convenient to rent a small space of 1 to 2m2. Therefore, for vending machines such as payment terminals, ATMs, snack machines, the fee is set as if per vending space. per month, as the monthly revenue of a vending machine on average in the regions is 5000.

Calculation of the payback and the cost of production:

How to calculate the rent for a vending machine? Rent is calculated per 1 square meter (one machine) and ranges from (500 to 10000 ), depending on the location, its passability and purchasing power. It also matters the type of vending equipment.

Total: Average revenue per month 27 000. 67500 p. (Without taking into account the payment of rent, service and electricity) from one machine.

Taxation and registration of legal entity

    To engage in this business, you need to legalize this activity. For this will suit a simple organizational form of business. it is IE, to register IE will take a few days. Get a license, permits and similar documentation you will not have. It is enough to have quality certificates for the filler.

How the tax on vending machines is calculated?

From July 1, 2018 comes into force the law 54-FZ “On the application of cash registers” According to which, the mandatory introduction of online cash registers for vending machines is required. The main problem that concerns all representatives of the vending industry is that online cash registers require daily closing of the shift and withdrawal of the Z-report, which was previously mandatory only for cash registers served by a cashier. Vending does not require daily maintenance of cash register equipment, and therefore the innovations have caused panic among operators of machines. Also, this article gives recommendations to the owners of vending machines to implement the new-style cash register equipment.

Places to install the installation of machines:

Shopping centers, children’s stores, game rooms, food supermarkets, entertainment centers, bus stations, cinemas, etc.п.

If you can sell the shoe covers through them, then these are clinics, kindergartens, schools.

According to statistics, the most popular product sold through these machines is chewing gum and bouncy balls, this is a definite plus for the owner of t.к. This product has a low cost, which will help to reduce the payback period of the machine.

Periodicity of service of mechanical dispensers is much lower than for example coffee vending machines. Usually it is enough to service the cash register once in 30 days. It is very convenient when you create a large network of 100 or even 200 machines. over, for the maintenance of a network of 50 vending machines need only one operator.

The only downside, which was partially touched on above, is the low profitability of mechanical vending machines, which is highly dependent on installation locations. Even in very good and passable places earnings per month with 1 machine usually does not exceed 10 thousand. But such a problem is solved by installing a large network of automatic machines in many different locations in the city.

And again, a tip on attracting customers:

  • Be sure to hang a certificate for the products you sell near the place where you install the machine, parents will certainly pay attention to it, which will encourage them to buy.
  • The machine should be noticeable, bright, cover it with different characters from cartoons, and the children will not pass by.

We have considered with you several areas of vending business, they are really popular in Russia, but not in all regions. For example, in the South, most popular are machines for the production of gas.water, selling ice cream, making popcorn.

Before you start your vending business, be sure to study it as thoroughly as possible.

Spend more time looking for the right place, study the consumer, choose only quality vending machines and ingredients.

Vending, is not a bad way to earn money, but in order to make it a good result, you have to try hard!

Buying equipment

What vending machine should be chosen new or used??

Vending operators pose a burning question. what equipment is better to choose for vending operations, because there are two variants. Both of these solutions have enough strengths and weaknesses. Which of the two is more profitable. the purchase of new equipment, or opt for a second-hand. is a crucial question.

Of course, used machines are cheaper, the price is more affordable, they can justify themselves in the process of increasing the profitability of the business. In the end it is possible to make the modernization of the machine that allows to equip it with the newest or used payment systems. All the more, retrofitting is possible at an attractive price, but the purchase of used machines for this reason does not appear as the only positive point.

It is possible to name several arguments, when the purchase of a used vending machine becomes more useful and profitable than a new one. Although in the process of their operation may arise a variety of situations.

First, the benefit of purchasing as a result of budget shortfalls. Assuming that starting a vending business will be associated with a start-up capital of a few thousand dollars. Let’s assume that the initial price of new coffee-machine brands like Bianchi, Necta, Saeco, is about 150000, and the purchase of equipment that was already in use, will cost twice as cheap, so the in the ranges of automatic machines start from 80,000, with a difference between 50,000 and 90,000.

Secondly, if the buyer seeks to increase income and reduce the payback period of the equipment itself. This variant of purchase of used machines is profitable, because you can learn about it after calculation of payback period of new equipment. It is important to add the price of new payment systems, rental costs, overheads, as a result the payback period will be longer than the payback period of used equipment. At the same time it is possible to recoup the cost of the latter in a shorter time. While the cost of new equipment will only pay off, used machines will already be source of net income. Therefore growth of profitability of business will be stipulated by low cost of machines, which are not inferior in their quality to the latest samples of equipment.

Thirdly, the possibility of independent replacement of spare parts. The offered line of used machines has differences just like any other. The market offers machines that have undergone presales. It implies replacement of mixers, rubber pads and other materials with new ones. Also on the market the machines are offered without replacement of various materials, so the difference between the first and the second type of equipment is substantial, exceeding 50000-80000. At the same time independently replace old materials with new ones for 5000-6000. With such apparent savings, labor costs are also taken into account, which requires an early assessment of one’s capabilities.

Fourthly, buying a used vending machine, costing 50. 60% less than the cost of new equipment, but with used resource only 10. 15%. Since during the exploitation period the potential of the new vending equipment decreases, its cost drops much faster, even before the full exhaustion of the machine’s working capacity. In the first months, the cost of the machine is reduced by 15-20%, like the price of cars. If cost will be lowered, and the resource is not used up, it is possible to buy automatons with a short life cycle at the price 40-60% lower than the cost of the new equipment.

Fifth, if the business will be sold in the short term, investments in new machines become unprofitable, because all the equipment will be sold. As a result of the sale of the business, the price of the equipment will decrease by 40-50%, and in the event that new models of machines will be purchased later, in each sample. While the purchase of used vending machines and their subsequent sale at the same price will cost no losses.

Arguments that have been considered are not exhaustive in favor of the benefits associated with the purchase of used equipment, because there are many situations in which these devices are more profitable to buy than new ones.

coffee, vending, machine, hospital

Maintenance of vending machines

Vending machine maintenance does not take much time from the entrepreneur. You need to replenish the coffee machine (coffee beans. chocolate, powdered milk, flavored cappuccino, tea, sugar, glasses. Stirrers. water and other dry ingredients. Snack machines should be loaded with snack foods and bottled water. Cleaning-disinfecting and automatic flushing of the machine. Fill the coin slot with change (if necessary).

How to start a coffee vending business

Coffee vending machines as a business will bring good revenues only if you choose a suitable place for their installation. Therefore, it is advisable to start implementing this commercial idea with the search for a site. It is worth relying on your own observations, data from surveys of the population, as well as feedback from entrepreneurs who are already engaged in coffee machines as a business.

As practice shows, the most effective are the following places of placement:

  • airports and train stations, waiting rooms
  • clinics and hospitals
  • youth gathering places such as colleges, technical colleges, universities, cinemas, etc. д.
  • shopping, business, and entertainment facilities
  • Parking lots and parking lots
  • markets
  • Rest areas for motorists, the so-called truckers

At the same time as deciding on the location, you should deal with the choice of the coffee machine.

Important! If you are looking for a machine, read reviews on the Internet, find out if there are service centers of the manufacturers under consideration in your city. Pay attention to the price, functionality, loading capabilities and warranty period of the coffee machine.

Start your business with one vending machine, then as you develop and reach self-sufficiency, you can expand, installing several machines in the busiest places. If financial resources do not allow you to buy a device, consider renting it.

Coffee machine for business. pros and cons

This type of business has significantly more pros than cons, which include several factors:

  • There is no need to rent a large area. you need only 1.5-2 m².
  • If you can not buy, then the first period will suit rental equipment.
  • Ease of business registration, which requires only opening a sole proprietorship and conclusion of a rental agreement.
  • No specific knowledge, skills and education required.
  • Entrepreneurial activity on the coffee machines is considered one of the most profitable.

The disadvantages of this sphere include a high level of competition, as such machines are installed almost everywhere. Also take into account coffee houses and various establishments, where the beverage is prepared by people, not by the device.

Business practice: how to negotiate the installation of vending machines

The most difficult thing for the operator of the vending network is to sell the vending machine in a certain place or agree with the owner to install the machine on certain conditions.

Terry Stanley is a Texas businessman with extensive experience. His network of vending machines is located all over the state, and in the art of setting up vending machines he is second to none. He enjoys sharing his wealth of experience with newcomers to the business. In Stanley’s opinion, the most common mistake operators make in their effort to “occupy” a particular point of sale is to begin with a presentation of a vending machine that they have learned by heart (often taken from advertising brochures of the manufacturer). Certainly, such tactics do not capture the outlet owner, nor do they push him into action. Most of them just listen to your “lecture” and immediately forget it.

In Stanley’s experience, a smart operator only has to direct the point owner’s train of thought to what he himself has been thinking about for a long time already. give a few Комментарии и мнения владельцев or thoughtful questions, lightly touching the subject of his own customers. For example, Stanley acts like this: in just a few words he hints that it would be good to put a vending machine in such a place, shows a picture or a photograph, and easily proceeds to discuss the affairs of the given outlet, finds out who the main customers are. and, seeing the interest of the owner exactly in his own customers, he suggests: “It would probably be nice if children. while their parents (moms, dads. depending on the type of outlet) were not just running back and forth around the store premises, knocking down shelves of goods and distracting parents from shopping, but could keep themselves occupied, for example, by shopping for small sweets or stickers.”. The owner may think. and really, how many potential purchases he had thwarted, when a capricious child simply did not give his parents to make a purchase, demanding attention on themselves, but not to the product.

Therefore, in order to successfully negotiate with the landlord, the owner needs:

Understand that such things as the operator’s experience in business, the reliability of the machine and other things the landlord is not interested in. The businessman is interested only in his own business, his own clients. And he is only interested in you as an option to attract and create a service for the convenience of his clients.

Have a small album with pictures of different machines (different types, modifications and a few colors of one model). He believes that it is better to offer the owner is not just a “vending machine”, but one that will fit into the interior of the store / salon on the color, shape, idea. A first positive impression of “just the right machine” usually leads to a mutually beneficial deal.

Prepare for special customers in advance. find a company logo in brochures or on a company’s site, cut it out in an editor, apply it to a selected machine, print it out and go to the customer armed with a finished product. it flatters the customer, he sees specifically how his machine will look. a machine that will be part of his business, part of the company.

Don’t be too pushy. Feeling mildly interested, vending machine owners quickly want to get approval from the outlet owner to install the equipment, and ask for too much. It often frightens people, especially conservative bosses. The important thing here is to gain credibility. When Stanley talks to a potential customer on the phone, he only asks permission to come over and show the machine in action. Such a demonstration doesn’t commit to anything. You can always have a dispenser with you, one-third or half filled with the simplest filler (gum, candy, nuts). At a time when the outlet is especially crowded, Stanley, with the owner’s permission, places it in a certain place for an hour, and together with the owner over a pleasant conversation, they watch as the machine (a novelty in such a place!) 2 or 3 customers come up to it, and maybe they make a purchase, or maybe they just look in its direction. You’re lucky if a family with children walks into a store. It’s important that the owner sees it with his own eyes. After the agreed upon time, Stanley is about to put the machine away in his car, and usually he hears, “Hey, kid, let’s leave it here for a week or two”.

coffee, vending, machine, hospital

Be prepared for refusal due to lack of space. Often outlet owners refuse operators because there is no room for a vending machine in the store. You have to be prepared for such a refusal in advance. Upon entering the store, immediately note several points of placement of vending machines, and during the conversation point them out to the owner.

Don’t stop at one point in the same place. After occupying one point of sale, Stanley does not stop and continues to saturate it with different vending machines. Having put one, two, three he offers more, however, feeling that it is enough, and the owner does not want to put more machines. Stanley is satisfied. First, this outlet is now maximally saturated with its vending machines, and second, no competitor will be able to break into this market, since all the spots are taken. The owner of the outlet simply no longer wants to listen to information from other operators, no matter how favorable conditions they offer.

In the experience of Russian entrepreneurs, refusals by retail outlets to install vending machines are caused by the following reasons:

Fear of responsibility for the safety of the vendor. In this case the task of the operator is to demonstrate the stability and reliability of the machine.

Fear that the maintenance will be carried out by their own employees. In this case, the operator must also explain and demonstrate the principles of service.

coffee, vending, machine, hospital

Often in practice, only a demonstration can dispel the doubts, ignorance and fears of outlet owners.

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.000.000 on vending! Myth or reality?!

We got a good, fat cliquebait! But the clickbait is truthful and informative.

That’s right, a million dollars in vending is real. On the same vending machine. In one year. Of course, I pointed out only the proceeds.

Just kidding, just kidding, don’t get too excited! Infotsyganism is thriving, as long as many people are spinning like hamsters in a wheel.

I thought for a long time about whether or not to disclose here and write about the business further. Some people write, why do you breed competitors, since you are so good, others write, not interesting information that you forgot on the entertainment resource, and so on. Reply.

Now let’s move on. A million at one vending machine for a year to make quite realistic, it all just depends on three important factors:

The remaining factors are related, but also play a significant role: design, smooth and problem-free operation of the machine, methods of payment and change, customer focus and service.

Please remember or learn these basic principles as a prayer in the vending business! Put the vending machine (no matter what kind) in a place with a non-target audience. failure. The machine is in a very cheap place/hall (I took the example of a fitness club, since I have them there). failure. Put a vending machine in a low-traffic area. failure.

And just to complete the example of the location. Gradually the software of the vending machine and online cabinet, which prepares fitness drinks, is updated, and finally there is a clear graph showing the low sales. This way the cost of the dispenser will not be recouped even within two or three years.

And this part of the schedule is the best. Usually sales of 400, 2-3 days stable with no sales at all. Recall that the machine this (the second such already, if that) is, but in the club, in the basement, where communication with the machine is stably lost, and cashless and even cash payment due to interruptions in communication hangs on the spot and helps only manual reset.

A lot of the guys I talk to have already tried the vending machines. It wasn’t sweet. The place is bad or untargeted, there is no possibility of non-cash payment, low solvency of people. The main reasons for failure and resentment. It’s totally individual. Probably a role is also played by luck and the “right”, understanding people. By correct I mean people who will in every way advertise you and the machine, help, discuss, advise.

To the simple snack, coffee, and other vending machines located on the streets, near the subway, or at the entrances to shopping malls. Little of what I have written, with the exception of passability and prices, there are their own games and problems.

So, let’s continue with the “jock millionaire.”. In one year, starting in August 2018 and continuing through August, 2019, managed to collect 1 million in revenue from one machine. Now you can talk about the pain:

Total net revenue. 300.000. Not a lot, but not enough for one vending machine. Sales, by and large, have been like this:

What was my main verdict? Never, ever take out a loan!

Work and save. May it take a long time, but you won’t be dragged down by credit. You’ll be less nervous and less worried. What if the vending machine breaks down? You’ll be less nervous and less worried? These worries will at least partially fall away.

I hope my little experience will help you analyze the situation, your capabilities and desires. Or vice versa, encourage you to stay away from this segment of the business or business in general.

Put a snack machine next to the beverage machine. I did not plan to do so, because its margin is not more than 100%. But I was asked, for customers. Service. I had to look for a second-hand version, so a new one, which I coveted, costs 300.000 (FoodBox Touch). Used one cost me 95.000 (with shipping, setup and preparation). Old Italian Rheavendors Damian, 2008, but it seems to work, the freezer freezes, accepts payment. True, there is no telemetry. Blind autonomy on trust.

Within a month I realized that with chips (protein chips, yes) is one pain in the ass. They get stuck in the spring, or between the spring and the glass, or they slip back to the other pack because of their air pack. It’s the programmed mode of the machine that helps. not dropped a product, press the code again, and the spiral will scroll again until it falls out. But here’s the thing. This mode only works with cash payment, well then drop two products at once. For non-cash payment, you must pay again, and the first payment must be returned within a day. If not. I get a call, I transfer.

Anyway, took the chips away, put the dried meat. I have adjusted spirals for each item to fall out 100%, thank goodness they can be moved and changed.

I would advise to buy a snack machine made not earlier than 2014. Here seems to be the possibility of connecting telemetry in this Italian, and it is even visible, on the right gray box with 3 buttons. But, apparently, because of the old circuit and the software, it always failed cashless payment, as plugged straight into the payment slot (where the wire and the bill acceptor is connected, and cashless terminal). Yes, and telemetry was just a statistic of sales, and only. No automatic control. Took it off, hooked up cashless payment directly. Cashless payment works better now.

The calculations will be summarized by the method of “add and subtract”. I have separate sales tables for each machine.

Snacks are also loved, and also bought, but not in such quantity, as drinks. For now. Hopefully it’ll generate more sales. In theory, a snack vending machine like this can make up to 60.000, of which the net proceeds are 25.000-30.000.

While the drink vending machine has a product description, composition and GI content (protein/fat/carbohydrates/calories) on a large display, snack vending machines don’t have that. Pick by eye. So, I had the idea to make a nice looking magazine and put it on a stand near the snack machine, like a menu bar in front of the restaurant. In my opinion, it turned out cool!

About the name. Darth Vender.it’s my new brand. vending machine chain. specifically, I really want to make a chain of. And so I decided to move away from the concept of linking a sports nutrition store with vending machines. I thought about the name for a long time with the designer, and I came up with this combination of words. Just have to think about and change the design now. Don’t consider it advertising, no links, just an explanation of the magazine.

In my head after a year of work I have a plan to put 2-4 machines in every club I can go to. Drinks snacks small appliances (headphones, cans force, etc.).) and household chores (disposable slippers, shampoos, etc.).) coffee. Maximum robotization! It all comes down to financial means.

If you still have questions, write. I’m always happy to help.

To be honest, it looks more like an attempt by the vendor of these machines to convince people that the machines bring income. Tout wrote people with such a business, for the most part all inclined to the fact that such machines can be put, while having an additional business.

As a core business will not go, because a lot of risks.

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The real marketing geniuses choose otherwise:

Took a picture at the wedding of some people close to me. The wedding was in the center of Moscow.

good day ! What kind of taxation system were you on? ?

First poured water, then nonsense, then about b\u machine.There were already here those who were engaged in such, and they clearly said:1. I need to pour in a lot of money.2. Replacing vending machines with new models all the time.3. Understand repairing things yourself.and many other things.

Yes it is possible to make money, but the risks and the time costs are enormous.

I’m on the other side of the barricades. But I want to point out that 90% of the vending machines I constantly used had an assortment of even fucked up.

Replacement like four positions could grow sales I don’t know how many times, because every day people are going on a pilgrimage to the vending machine for quite a good thing you don’t know where.

How to register a business on the sale of coffee

The first stage of any business is registration. For vending the best option would be to register IE. All you need to do is to write an application according to the established form and attach the receipt about payment of state duty (800). It is possible to set up a sole proprietorship without additional employees. In this case, you only have to pay contributions to the funds for yourself. Type of activity according to OKVED-2: 47.99.2 Trade activity through vending machines.

After the number of days specified in the notification you will take your documents (Extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities) to the tax office. On the same day it is desirable to write an application for the transition to the chosen tax regime. It is recommended to choose UTII (tax is calculated based on the number of vending machines and the coefficient k2 for the city in which the business is planned). Please note that UTII is not valid in all regions, so you should clarify in advance whether this type of taxation is available in your area.

The choice of taxation system also depends on the location of vending machines: a fixed rate should be chosen if the machines are located in places of high demand (shopping malls, train stations). If the outlet has a pronounced seasonality of demand or an average level of foot traffic, it is better to choose the method of taxation, which depends on profits (STS 6%). Pre-calculate both options to determine the appropriate one. After that you can open a current account (its monthly maintenance will cost about 2500).

Many novice venders are worried about whether they need to obtain any permits, licenses from the regulatory authorities? To vending Rospotrebnadzor treats quite leniently. Therefore, there is no need to notify the territorial authorities Rospotrebnadzor on the start of business activities. Nevertheless, you should take into account that Rospotrebnadzor has the right to conduct scheduled and unscheduled inspections of your organization. To avoid claims from the regulatory authorities, each vending company needs to have:

Medical book for the employee who will serve the vending machine;

Certificates for automatic machines (provided by manufacturer or seller) and certificates for goods, ingredients (provided by supplier);

contract for renting space for a vending machine;

production control program and monthly reports on the implementation of the program;

The order of persons responsible for compliance with sanitary norms and rules, and implementation of the above program.



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