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How to put a coal filter in an extract

Installation of a coal filter in hood. Operating principle

There are two main varieties of kitchen hoods. The first are flowing, providing for the excretion of contaminated air out through the external ventilation system. As for the second, it is recirculation kitchen hoods that use carbon filters to clean the air masses. The air passing through them does not leave the limits of the room, and therefore they can function without a duct pipe. if we are not talking about combined hoods that combine the functions of both types of these devices.

Which option is better. flowing or with a filter without a discharge? In many ways, the answer to this question depends on your preferences, but if the compactness and ergonomicity of equipment that can perfectly clean the air is of fundamental importance for you. stop your choice on the second option. In addition, it is cheaper to put it cheaper, and about what the filter elements are necessary for the functioning of these devices, we will tell you below.

As you can guess, the coal filter for extracts as a active substance uses activated carbon. highly effective absorbent, which is necessary in many sectors of the economy and successfully used in them. The air passing through it is thoroughly cleaned, as a result of which the unwanted components that are part of it remain inside the filter. having no chance of going out.

It should also be remembered that a good coal filter for a kitchen hood can clean the air with different speeds. This is due to several key factors, namely:

Coal filter cleans the air at different speeds

Installation of a coal filter in the hood is performed behind a fat barrier.

As for the determination of the degree of wear of this treatment device, some of them provide for the presence of built.in indicators that signal the fact that the filter resource in the hood is developed. In other cases, it is possible to determine the need to replace the cleaner in a coal hood for the kitchen purely empirically. as mentioned above, a worn.out cleansing element works much more slowly, unable to fully cope with the responsibilities assigned to it.

Ideal work of hoods. the right filter

Before hood, the task is to instantly remove unpleasant odors, as well as steam clouds containing drops of fat. The cost of the device depends on the functionality, technical characteristics of a certain model, manufacturing material, air purification, promotion of the manufacturer.

Philips Carbon. Activated Carbon in Action

Principle of operation

Kitchen hoods are available in two varieties. filtering and air.air, which differ in different principles of work (rude and delicate cleaning mode).

Exhausts with a filter

Filtering devices are compact and do not force owners to carry out expensive repair work. They pass dirty air through themselves, filtering out unpleasant odors and other contaminants received with the steam.

The coal filter copes with any smells, but is quickly polluted. Therefore, models with two types of filters are extremely popular. coal and anti.fat.

Air flow

The air supply device is equipped with an electric motor, which sucks dirty air from the room, and then removes it out through the stuffy. The air vent pipe is carried out outside the apartment (crashes into a house ventilation system or exit to the facade of the house).

What to choose. a filter or air vent?

Filter hoods are most effective in small kitchens, where the cooking process takes little time. Rarely cook and do not like to spend the whole weekend at the stove? It makes no sense to install a huge stuffy on the kitchen!

Disadvantages of filter hoods:

Fresh filter pollution during frequent cooking

Manufacturers recommend using kitchen hoods with charcoal filters to people who are relatively rare. Cook the main dishes once a week, and the rest of the time you cut salads and make the scrambled eggs? The filter will cope with such activities perfectly, but will not be effective with enhanced load.

Moderate power and performance

Feed the family daily only fresh food? 5 hours a day, spend at the stove, stinging the masterpieces of cooking? For lunch, be sure to give the first, second and dessert? For dinner. fried, steamy and smoked? Then you need a powerful cleaning! Carefully take the choice of the model, because even a universal coal filter for hoods may not cope with excessive volume of work, so it will be more rational to put an air vent.

coal, filter, extract

Difficulties with the purchase of components

When choosing, you need to make sure that your city has a manufacturer’s service center. Filters must be changed regularly, otherwise the device will perform an exclusively decorative role. to create the appearance of the work. It is necessary to prepare for the need for the desired model, then you have to wait a long time for delivery of the ordered part.

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How to install coal filters in hood

All coal elements are disposable and can go complete with hood or purchase separately.

The process of installing a coal filter is similar to the replacement scheme. Those who do not know how to pull the filter out of the hood should adhere to the algorithm below.

How to replace a coal filter in an extract

  • The first step is to turn off the hood from the network to avoid randomly turning on the engine.
  • Then it is necessary to remove the anti.fat element and get the cassette that is designed for a coal cleaner. Insert the cassette with coal in fastening to click.
  • Next, put in place the anti.fat element.
  • It remains to connect the device to the network and make sure that it works properly without noise and vibration.

Thus, the installation of a coal filter in the hood is a simple task, it is quite possible to cope with it without the help of specialists.

In order for the technique to work properly, it is worth taking care of competent care. To do this, do not forget about the purification of the fatty element and the timely replacement of coal.

In order to rinse the fatter filter, you need:

  • take it out of the equipment and place it in a basin or bathroom,
  • pour it with a detergent and clean it with a brush, pour boiling water on,
  • If you did not work with the detergent, use a solution of soda and laundry soap, soaking the filter in it for 3-4 hours.

After drying the fat, the element can be installed in place.

How to choose and install a coal filter for hood

Clean air, quick getting rid of smells and comfortable cooking. it is quite simple to achieve this if you choose the right filter for hoods. About what varieties of filters are and which is right for you, we will tell you in this article.

As practice shows, many buy hoods last and choose them according to a suitable type of installation, and not according to technical characteristics. As a result, this often leads to the fact that the selected device does not cope with air purification, and it has to be replaced.

To prevent this from happening, it is important to immediately take the choice of hoods with due attention, and decide which filters are better for your room. They will not only get rid of unpleasant odors and fumes harmful to a person, but will also help protect furniture and walls from fat, burning and soot.

There are two varieties of filters in total: fat (usually aluminum) and coal.

Fat filters perform the first stage of rough cleaning. they capture small particles of fat and soot from the air and protect the internal details of the hood from plaque and dirt.

As a rule, they are made of aluminum or galvanized steel, and therefore they serve for a long time and do not require periodic replacement.

coal, filter, extract

Coal filters are used as an additional element in hoods with a combined type of work. that is, when the air is not only diverted from the room, but also filters and returns to it in a purified form.

Their work is built on the use of activated coal and its excellent absorbing properties. It effectively absorbs all unpleasant odors and provides additional air purification from soot and steam evaporations. Their overabundance is harmful to a person, and therefore double air filtration will help you take care of the health and comfort of your loved ones.

In order to determine which filter is suitable for your Hansa hood and purchase the right model:

Go to the product page on our site. For convenience, you can find a model according to the article.

Open the “All characteristics” tab. In the “Complete” section you will see the name of the coal filter that is suitable for your hood.

Go to Company store Hansa and open the “hoods” section. There you can find and purchase the coal filter model you need. FWP 03. FWP 05. FWP 18. FWP 19 and KF 17154.

Coal filters are disposable. over time they are polluted and require replacement. It is easy to do this. you need to turn off the hood from the network, remove the fat filter, and then the old coal, and insert a new filter to a characteristic click.

To verify the correct installation, turn on the hood and pay attention to extraneous sounds and vibrations. If they are absent, the installation was performed correctly.

Fat filters must be regularly cleaned as it is contaminated. With manual cleaning, we recommend using the brush and the usual detergent.

If you wash the aluminum filter in the dishwasher, then load it vertically and do not choose a high water temperature. Aluminum can darken and ruin the appearance of your hood.

As for coal filters, they should be replaced about once every 3 months, and then the air in your kitchen will always be clean.

Types of hoods for the kitchen

Extension is an important element of providing normal ventilation in the kitchen. The speed of elimination of aromas from the room depends on its effectiveness.

Coal filters are a mandatory component not for all types of hoods, but only for recirculation, so we recall for a start, what are the air purification devices in the kitchen.

By the method of movement of the air flow, all hoods can be divided into three categories:

The flow hoods are connected to the ventilation duct through a hard or flexible duct.

Air containing kitchen vapors enters the hood, and then in ventilation. Various types of running devices are also equipped with filters, but their function is slightly different. to protect the engine from an aggressive environment.

Recirculation devices do not need air ducts.

The flow of air in the circulation model comes from the stove into the housing, passes through 2 cleaning steps (2 types of filter. anti.fat and coal), and then returns to the kitchen space again.

Combined models have an additional recirculation function. That is, you can insert coal filters and run the recirculation mode, or you can connect the duct and use the running function.

What is activated carbon?

Activated carbon is extracted from ordinary charcoal. This is a form of carbon, having a small charge of positively charged electrons attached to it. The value added makes it more attractive to impurities and chemicals that are negatively charged. In the production of coal filters, coal obtained by burning coconut or nutshells, solid wood or other carbon.based materials is used.

To make coal accessible to chemical reactions and adsorption, carbon undergoes special processing to give the surface of the porous structure and large area. An interesting fact is that 1 grams of activated coal has an area of ​​about 500 m2 or 1/10 of the area of ​​the football field.

Such an activated sorbent is placed in special cassettes, covered on the outside, which serves to delay mechanical pollution. Coal filters for purification of air from odors and harmful impurities were widely used in everyday life. On an industrial scale, they are less effective, therefore they are replaced mainly with magnetic and electromagnetic filters.

How to clean a fat metal mesh

Wash fat and soot from mesh filters made of stainless steel or aluminum is recommended at least 1 time per month. The ideal option is a weekly flushing, then the lattice does not have time to overgrown with a plaque and is easily cleaned.

The simplest way to remove the deposits recommended by manufacturers is to remove and place the captive mesh in the dishwasher. The option is not suitable in the case of severe pollution, and the dishwasher is not in every house.

To wash the grilles, use any household products on an alkaline basis that dissolve fats:

  • soda ordinary food;
  • laundry soap;
  • gel designed for washing dishes and plumbing;
  • cleaning liquids for oven, gas and electric plates (some are sold in a packaging with a spray).

Advice. In particularly neglected cases, when the hood has not been laundered for years, the listed chemicals will not help. Buy a powder or gel for punching clogging pipe sewer pipes or a caustic fluid that cleanses soot from the pan (for example, “Milam”). In the process, be sure to put on rubber gloves!

With slight contamination, it makes no sense to acquire household chemistry. it is enough to wash the grid with soda. How to clean the metal filter in this way:

  • Remove the dirty bars of the hood and place in a wide iron container (bowl).
  • Prepare a washing solution consisting of 3-5 liters of water and 1-2 packs of soda. Pour the liquid into a bowl with a lattice.

Eliminate the Stink of 3D Printing the Easy Way with Carbon Air Filtration Pt.1. Resin & FDM Filter

An important point. Before installing the cleaned mesh, carefully examine the inner cavity of the hood and the fan housing. drops of fat will probably be found on the surfaces. We mentioned the reason above. mesh elements do not delay 100% vapor. It is better to remove the plaque immediately. after accumulation it is much more difficult to clean it.

Gels and special detergents are used according to the instructions on the packaging. Typically, the product is applied to the filter lattice and withstand for the specified time. It does not hurt to additionally rub the mesh cells with a hard plastic brush or brush, then wash with running water and dry out. The technology of using various tools is shown in the next

Pros and cons of coal cartridges, differences from fat.down filters for hoods

There is a big difference between different types of filters. This is due to the fact that anti.fat aluminum filters for hoods are considered constructions that provide gross air purification, while after using coal cartridges, the flow is freed from both large and small, polluting air of particles.

Aluminum fatter for hoods provide only gross air purification

Important! The main goal of anti.fat filters is to protect fans located inside the hood, and the result of the use of coal cartridges is a full.fledged air purification.

The main advantages of coal filters (relatively ordinary aluminum) are a good result of work and high.quality air purification of odors, as well as the simplicity of replacing polluted elements. To change the coal filter, there is no need to contact a specialist or do not use the device for a long time. It is not necessary to choose the most expensive varieties of filters. There is always the possibility of acquiring more affordable options that are not inferior in quality to the original cartridges.

The undoubted advantage of the use of coal systems, compared with ordinary fat.downing, is the fact that the smells that go through the ventilation shaft will not irritate the neighbors, since the air does not go beyond the kitchen.

Among the minuses of the installation of coal systems, one can distinguish that for the most part they are disposable, unlike aluminum filters for extract, which can be washed and cleaned with simple methods as it is contaminated. In the case of severe contamination of a coal cartridge, air purification is practically not performed.

Coal adsorbent of the filter absorbs harmful impurities, and the internal filling of the cartridge absorbs even light ions

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Care and replacement

The fat filter accumulates all pollution on the cells, preventing them from penetrating the internal parts of the device. How best to clear it in practice? The following simple technology must be observed:

  • Filters are taken out of the hood. This may require dismantling the decorative panel (if it is in the design). The castle is eliminated for removal and the cassette is advanced.
  • The metal filter is immersed in an aqueous solution of a standard detergent. It can be washed in a dishwasher, setting it vertically.
  • This will allow pollution to be easily washed off. If you wash manually, it is better to use the brushes and constantly rinse the grid under the pressure of hot water. But it is better to refuse such a product like soda, since brown spots can remain on the metal after it. It is also not worth it, to choose a high.temperature regime in a dishwasher. from elevated temperatures, aluminum can oxidize and darken.
  • Washed filters must dry at room temperature.

At the final stage, filters are installed in place. For this, the cassette is placed in a cell, after which the lock is snapped.

The fat filter should be washed once every 2-3 months in a dishwasher-if this technique is not, then once a month you need to wash the net by hand. This is not difficult, especially if you consider that the installation of it is elementary.



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