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How to properly dry your hair without a hair dryer

The best way to dry your hair for men

Men’s hair is different from women’s. It’s tighter, less flexible, so it dries and coats differently. Here’s the easiest, tried-and-tested way to dry your hair at home.

  • Towel-dry hair when it’s wet.
  • Detach the side parting.
  • Apply a small amount of gel to the palms of your hands and distribute it through the hair, on opposite sides of the parting.
  • Use your fingers to comb through the hair until it is slightly damp.
  • Either leave hair sleek or fluff it with your fingers and apply polish to hold it in place.

The best way to dry your hair fast without or with a hair dryer

Drying your hair isn’t the most exciting thing to do, really? You want to spend as little time on it as possible. Sometimes, however, the process is delayed. Also, if you blow dry your hair the wrong way, you can injure the strands. Usually it is fully automatic: strands are wrung out and then dried with a hair dryer or wrapped in a towel. This is why it’s important to dry your hair not only quickly but also with minimum damage to your hair’s health and beauty. In this article you will learn how to dry your hair quickly without a hair dryer and with a hair dryer. Not only that, but you should also do it carefully so as not to damage your locks.

The right start for each method of drying hair without a hair dryer

Any drying, either with or without a blow dryer, involves the removal of excess moisture from the hair. But before you start drying, it is important to properly approach the procedure and perform preliminary preparation of the curls. To do this, take a towel and blot wet hair. The cloth will absorb excess moisture and allow you to dry your hair faster.

Considering how to dry hair without a hair dryer, so that they were straight, we note that wet strands are more easily damaged, so when drying with a towel, you should treat them with the utmost care and gently. Try not to ruffle the wrung out hair, do not squeeze them when wringing, because if you squeeze too much water from the towel can squeeze back.

How to dry your head without a hair dryer

Squeeze your hair gently once you step out of the shower. Don’t use a twist or spiral to avoid damaging your hair.

Then towel dry, but don’t rub. Wet hair loses its elasticity due to the infiltration of water, so it becomes brittle, tangled, its ends split.

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Here’s a tip: Get a waffle towel or a microfiber towel-they absorb moisture better. The main thing is to change the wet cloths more often and not to “turban” them (this will create a “sauna effect”, which generates more sebum, and will make your locks look fresher).

Let your hair down frequently when blow-drying it naturally, as this will provide you with more volume. You can separate them into strands, which improves airflow and helps them dry more quickly.

Periodically shake your head by lifting it up by hand at the roots, or shake individual hair strands by holding the tips of the hair. Another option is to blot each strand separately with paper towels-it will dry even faster.

Use a ponytail comb, such as the Hercules hairbrush, to ease hair down into strands. It’s made of silicone and has a metal ponytail. The comb is flexible and firm, so it glides through your hair like a glove. Length. 21 cm.

Other models are also suitable for drying hair without a hair dryer.

How to dry hair without a hair dryer for men

That’s not much of a problem, it’s men and girls with short haircuts. Many of them do not even ask the question “How to dry your hair without a hair dryer?”.

Easy styling

Simply towel-dry hair after showering and comb it as usual. Have short hair dry in minutes. And if it’s summertime, you can even head outside to enjoy the sun and heat.

“Sloppy styling

After removing the towel, apply some cream, pomade and clay to the hair. Give your hair an artistic mess and voila la.

This question becomes especially acute during a hot water outage. But if you look globally, any styling, with or without a hair dryer, begins with the washing of the head. And in many respects the effect of the result depends on how and what you wash your hair. So let’s start with the basics.

Adjust shampoo to your scalp and then shampoo to your hair type. It must be done in this order, otherwise on the length of the hair you rinse well, but the skin your head. No, and then problems can start, such as peeling, redness, dandruff. Plus the head will seem greasy, dirty. Ideal option is sulfate free shampoo. It does not cause any damage to hair and scalp, and even the opposite, takes care of them.

Before you apply shampoo On your head and hair, wet it with. Then pour a sufficient amount of shampoo into the palm of your hand (this is about a spot the size of a five-ruble coin), add a little water and lather it between your palms. Only after that, apply it to your scalp and massage it well with your fingers, making circular motions. Long hair does not need to be rubbed between the palms of your hands or squeezed, it will be enough shampoo that will pass over it during the rinse. The head should be shampooed twice to remove all the dirt and plaque that has had time to settle.

properly, your, hair, dryer

Wash your hair with lukewarm water. Hot and cold water stimulates the sebum of the scalp, and the hair gets dirty faster. If you like to rinse your hair with cool water at the end of the wash, do it without getting it on your roots or scalp. A similar technique is good for the hair cuticles. they close and your style is shiny.

Rinse shampoo twice as long as you soaped your hair. On average this should take about 3-5 minutes. The water should be clean with no soapy streaks, it means that you have done everything correctly, and shampoo or conditioner not left on the hair.

Try to wash your hair once every three days. If you do it more often, like every day, your sebaceous glands will get used to working actively, and on the second day your hair will look dirty. But the transition to a new shampooing schedule should also be gradual, increasing the gap. Otherwise it will be stressful for your hair, and they may not only start to get more and faster dirty, but also fall out.

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Fine and wavy hair

Your haircare routine should start as early as the shower, when you first wet your hair: it’s important that your rinse-off conditioner is not heavy and has a gentle effect on the hair (pick a specific product for curly hair for a reason that it’s written on the tubes). Don’t apply it to the roots, only on the tips and just above, or else you risk a lifeless, floppy locks and a greasy effect.

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Want to straighten your hair use cream-styling (smoothie to straighten hair) in the amount poured into the palm of a two-inch drop, rub it and apply to the hair from the roots to the tips. Need even bigger waves then a specialized mousse.

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The right start for each method of drying hair without a blow dryer

By the way, this correct start for drying without a hair dryer is no different from the correct start for drying with a hair dryer. Of course, it is necessary to collect the main moisture from the hair. It’s done with a towel. terry towel or, better, a microfiber towel. The latter material. relatively new, it absorbs moisture more effectively and is devoid of many of the disadvantages of its predecessors.

An important consideration when first drying your hair with a towel. Remember that wet hair is very prone to damage, so it must be handled with care and gently.

Don’t yank it harshly or wring it harshly. This is, firstly, harmful, secondly, ineffective. After all, you compress not only the hair, but also the towel, right? So, the water successfully collected by the towel is squeezed. where? That’s right, back into the hair.

No, squeezing movements are okay, but only light ones. Let all your movements be gentle and relaxed. That way you won’t do any harm, and you’ll collect moisture better.

Mistake 1: Lack of Moisture

Electrifying, unruly hair is hair that has a damaged outer layer, the scales are open and moisture is lost. You can avoid this by:

  • Use mild shampoos;
  • Use conditioners (if you have oily skin and hair gets dirty quickly, then apply conditioner to the bottom half of the hair, avoiding contact with the roots);
  • Finish washing your head with a cold water rinse (this rinse closes the scales);
  • Gently towel dry your hair without friction (you just need to gently blot the hair).



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