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How to properly dry long hair with a hair dryer

How to dry your hair correctly with a hair dryer

Excessive heat causes structural changes in the hair shaft. Evaporates the inner water, which allows you to get your curls in the right shape for a while. But it depends on how long you blow-dry it and the temperature you want it to reach.

Drying too quickly causes cuticle damage, as described above. So be gentle with your hair.

  • Once the head is washed, do not proceed to dry immediately. Blot gently with a towel, leave it on your head for 5 minutes to absorb excess moisture.
  • Comb your locks with a special comb for wet hair or with a comb with rare teeth (at least with your fingers).
  • Allow to dry naturally or blow-dry in cold air with a hair dryer until moist.
  • Wear heat protection.
  • Dry again, alternating between cold and warm air until semi-dry.
  • You can blow dry tumble dry or use a braiding iron to finish the style.

Important: We advise against styling wet hair! Blow dry first, then style with a brushing iron or straighten with a blow dryer.

Drying technique

Do not blow dry in the bathroom after a shower.

Do not hold the hair dryer too close to the roots (no closer than 10-15 cm) and do not hold it too still, it can burn the skin, overheat the curls. The motions should be chaotic throughout the head.

You can help yourself with your fingers or use a skeleton comb. When the strands are almost dry, you can style them with a brushing brush. Pick out a strand that is not too thick and pull it out if you want smooth straight hair, or twist it. You can find out what combs you need and which ones are best here

If your hair is very thick, it might be helpful to divide it into zones. Separate the top of the hair, fix it with a hairpin. Blow-dry and blow-dry the bottom strands first, then move on to the crown area.

The airflow should follow the growth of the hair (from the roots to the tips). Do not hold the nozzle at a right angle, or move it up and down. The upward flow opens the cuticle scales, damaging them.

Hair needs to be well dried to maintain volume. Finally, blow dry hair in a jet of cool air. It will help hold in place, smooth out any imperfections.

BLOW DRYING TUTORIAL For Men | How To Use a Hair Dryer

Curls need to be completely dry to be able to be styled with a curling iron/iron.

Hair dryer temperature

Chemical destruction of the hair shaft occurs when the hair temperature exceeds 150°C. Protein degradation begins at temperatures above 190°C. You should always use hair dryer heat protection for your hair. Styling with a curling iron requires a more powerful, dense product than for a simple drying. What heat protectants do we recommend when drying/stuffing

The daily blow drying is safe as long as you choose the right temperature setting:

  • Natural hair (not colored/bleached) can be dried by alternating warm and hot air. Do not get carried away with hot air.⠀
  • Dyed, dry, porous, alternate warm and cold.⠀
  • blow-dry bleached hair with a colder setting and style with a warmer setting.

How to style hair with a hair dryer at home

  • Dry your hair with your head down.
  • When the strands are almost dry, apply a volume spray to the roots, use a brushing brush to lift the roots when drying.
  • To consolidate the result, at the end, blow the curls with a stream of cold air to cool them into position.

You can put a styling powder on the roots, but this is not an everyday option.

How to straighten hair with a hair dryer:

  • To avoid frizz, use a spray conditioner with silicones.
  • When drying, pull the strands from the roots to the tips, using warm air.
properly, long, hair, dryer

How to curl voluminous curls:

  • Take a round brush and a fixing spray.
  • Divide the hair into small strands.
  • With tension, curl each strand on a brady, directing a stream of warm air from top to bottom.
  • Fix the style with cold air.

Ways to style long hair:

How to dry and style short hair with a hair dryer, perfectly shown in this

Hair dryer helps to quickly restore to normal washed head, to create volume, give curls to shape, make the desired style. This is an indispensable device in a trip, before work or school, when you need to look good in a short period of time.

Despite its many advantages, the device can have both positive and negative effects on the hair, making it brittle, dry, with overheated skin cause the appearance of dandruff, split ends.

There are a few golden rules of thumb to keep things from getting messy:

  • After washing the hair it is necessary to collect excessive liquid from the strands, wrap the head with a towel, blot the moisture at the roots, after 5 minutes remove the towel.
  • The hair dryer should be switched to a gentle mode, preferably with cold air, and during drying you can add the temperature, doing it gradually to dry the strands as well as possible.
  • It is important to use a variety of products for thermal protection in the form of a spray, lotion, balm. They should be distributed through the hair from the root to the tips.
  • The nozzles are an integral part of the hair dryer. To make the volume you need a diffuser, if you use a round comb you need a concentrator to direct the air in a certain place.
  • Before blow drying, hair should be separated into small strands and pinned with a clamp to prevent the hair from tangling or fluttering to the sides.
  • The root section should be the first part to be dried. Dry in the direction of hair growth, to avoid splitting of the hair strands.
  • Use a hair dryer at a distance of at least 20 cm from your hair in order to avoid drying out your strands.
  • To keep the appliance in the leading hand, prepare in advance all nozzles and combs, so that not to be distracted by searching for the necessary product.
  • To give your hair volume you need to lift the hair at the roots and gently stretch it with a brush to the tips.
  • After using a hair dryer, comb your hair with a brush with coarse teeth.

The entire process will take no more than 10-15 minutes. your hair will be in excellent condition.

How to dry your hair properly with a hair dryer step by step guide

How to dry your hair correctly with a hair dryer? You must have asked yourself the same question after you tried salon drying.

Perfectly soft, supple, shiny and healthy-looking hair after blow-drying is an exhilarating, inspiring feeling that boosts your self-confidence and beauty a hundredfold.

But attempts to repeat all the same manipulations on your own at home never yield the same result.

When drying hair with a hair dryer, it is important to follow a certain procedure to avoid damage. Lack of precise information on the proper technique can lead to dull, dry, frizzy, and frizzy hair, which in turn makes it prone to breakage and split ends.

Rules of hair dryer use

One of the first rules for using a hair dryer is not to activate the maximum temperature immediately after turning it on. Such an action can ruin not only the machine itself, but also cause damage to the hair.

over, the frequent use of hot air also causes dandruff and scalp irritation.

Use the medium setting for the first 5 minutes, then turn to the maximum setting, ending with either the medium or minimum setting. The device itself should be held so that between 15 to 20 centimeters between it and the hair. A smaller distance will lead to over-drying the curls, and more will simply prevent a quality drying of the head.

If the hair is long and thick, then during a long drying is recommended to take five minute breaks, during which the hair dryer is turned off and the hair is covered with a towel.

You should not use styling products until the curls have cooled down. In the case where immediately after washing your hair used a nourishing mask, before drying it is worth waiting about 15 minutes.

Getting ready to use a hair dryer, it makes sense to divide the entire bunches of hair into several small zones and treat them one by one. This preparation not only allows you to dry your head quickly and thoroughly, but also improves ventilation and even slightly straightens the strands. Start from the forehead toward the temples and the midline.

Treating one area, the rest can be fixed with a hairpin for convenience.

To protect the hair thermal protection it is necessarily worth to apply a special product.

If it is a spray, the liquid is sprayed on the already combed locks in the direction from the crown to the ends of the strands, and the serum and lotion need to be pre-mashed in the palms and distributed with your bare hands.

It is very important to dry your head so that the airflow would correspond to the direction of hair growth.

properly, long, hair, dryer

If you use the opposite direction, the scales will begin to split and the tips will shred. The device should be held in the “main” hand, i.e. if a person is right-handed, he dries with the right hand. To create extra volume, you can lift strands at the roots and pull them slightly toward the tips.

How to dry naturally?

Natural drying can damage the strands of hair. This claim by trichologists is not groundless. The fact that the contact with water from the first seconds at the level of the molecular structure of hair interferes with their structure, which is not the easiest thing to think of the inexperienced owner of long hair. The structure of hair is such that the outer protective sheath is made up of several layers of keratinized cells in a stretched form of scales. If you wash your hair too often, it will lose all of its natural properties.

The keratin structure is the main ingredient in hair. It gives hair volume at a genetic level. The color of the hair changes chemically in the keratin component. The central “vein”, in turn, includes the so-called brain substance, thanks to which the hair is good at dissipating heat. Without this ingredient, hair would easily become parched in the sun. and burn out at a catastrophic rate. This, in turn, is not found in the downy hair shaft.

When hair gets too wet, the scaly surface layer opens up. It’s best to wash your hair as soon as possible, because continued moisturizing continues to damage it by destroying the keratin layer. Showering every day and then letting hair dry slowly causes the keratin layer to crack: Air rushes in, continues to break down the keratin, and reaches the brain’s medulla. As soon as your hair cracks, it will fall right off. It is a reason to dry your hair as soon as possible.

Nor should you go to bed without drying your hair. Unintentionally the person turns their head, which causes the hair to wrinkle and tangle. The more often this happens, the more hairs, roughly speaking, will be left on the pillow after a night’s sleep.

The hair structure-destroying effect is the same as walking out of the house in cold weather with a hat on wet hair.

To neutralize the effect of high humidity on the hair, heat-protecting spray or gel is used before blow-drying or using a cosmetic iron. Research by trichologists indicates that hair looks best at temperatures below freezing in clear winter weather. Don’t try to tuck them under a scarf, or a terry cloth hat or hood. According to the same experts, before drying your hair with a hair dryer you must collect the main amount of moisture with a towel.

Getting your hair ready for drying involves light brushing, but avoid using a brushing machine (a ‘thermal comb’, or a hair dryer with a nozzle that has rubber bristles). Scrunch the strands in the opposite direction of the brush, not as usual. If you find your hair significantly tangled, turn off the heat on the dryer and blow dry it with cool air, loosening it with your fingers.

Do not use water heaters, which produce steam from water, on the hair as well. Water that has penetrated hair tears the underlying structure of the hair, causing it to split and fall apart. Before styling, hair should be thoroughly dried at a low temperature. the air should be warm, but not hot. Before thermal laying, which is accompanied by heating of hair structure up to 200 degrees Celsius, it is obligatory to apply thermal protection composition. Overheating above 210 degrees in any case is detrimental to the structure of hair. they crumble and burn out.

Some women with naturally gorgeous hair refuse to blow-dry it, believing that the natural drying process will not harm their hair.

Try to understand the consequences of such mistakes: you may not get any volume or your hair may look like a crow’s nest.

The natural drying process has a strict algorithm which should not be violated. Do the following.

  • Towel-dry your hair for the first 10 minutes. Do not rub your hair with a towel to wrinkle it.
  • Wait about 10 minutes and comb through the locks with a coarse, pointed comb.
  • Do not use hairpins, rubber bands, or other accessories that can help you hold the strands together when blow drying, as in a full bodied hairstyle.

To keep hair smooth and shiny, you can use an leave-in conditioner. The industry produces cosmetics for curly hair from nature. this composition will not allow to spoil their structure. The best effect will give a natural, prepared on the basis of herbs and, for example, egg yolk: choose a composition that does not need to be washed off. Non-washable balm, however, can easily be replaced by any unrefined (unpasteurized) oils, whose purpose. to process the hair as effectively as possible, preserving the “greasy” shine, which does not spoil their structure.

To avoid wasting money on a dubious tool (expensive. not the best), use essential oil that you are not allergic to: it will not allow the strands to excessively frizz.

How to blow-dry?

One of the best methods is to blow-dry hair upside down. This allows the hair not to become flat at the crown of the head. Before it is completely dry, the strands are combed and styled with a round brush. The drying process of wet hair could be speeded up with a hair dryer. If you have had your hair straightened with keratin, you can no longer do without a hair dryer.

Do not hold the device too close to the head: the hot air will burn the curls, ruining the color and the result just achieved from their treatment. Maintain a distance of at least 20cm. Don’t blow-dry freshly washed hair. They should be allowed to dry slightly: the temperature drop and the steam build-up are not good for them. You won’t get big, voluminous hair. No need to blow dry the entire length of the hair: the ends must remain somewhat damp, otherwise they will become split.

Do not ignore the hair dryer’s heat concentrator: the air should not be blown haphazardly all over your hair. The concentrator is a finger-like rubber band that acts as a coarse brush. Its second purpose is to curl strands. Since in this case drying is carried out close, reduce the temperature of the air flow heating to a medium value. Blow-drying the ends of your hair with a different nozzle than the one used to blow-dry hair at the roots.

It is advisable to use a heat protectant before blow drying to prevent strands from burning through inadvertent blow drying errors. Start drying at the roots: if you start with the rest of the hair, the top half has time to dry on its own.

Have you ever noticed that blow drying hair in the salon leaves strands shiny and silky? It’s not always possible to get good results at home. There are a few hairdressing secrets on how to dry your hair correctly and avoid common mistakes.

Blow-drying and brushing: Hints to keep in mind

Drying your hair can dry it out and make it brittle if you don’t use it correctly every day. A few simple rules can help protect your locks during drying and styling.

Don’t forget to be prepared

Few people mention it, but the styling results may depend on how you prep your hair. For example, you want to dry your strands quickly and make them smooth?

Editor’s tip: Prepare hair with TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner. Its formula with keratin and marula oil helps smooth and protect strands from external influences.

TRESemmé Keratin Smooth hair conditioner

To enhance the effect, several times a week you can use a mask from the same TRESemmé Keratin Smooth series.

Don’t blow-dry hair immediately after washing it

You want to wait 15 minutes between washing your hair and drying it, and then eat your breakfast. Wet hair is too vulnerable. And drying them takes too long, which, again, is damaging to the strands.

Hair drying with a hair dryer should not be at its highest temperature setting

A hair dryer with multiple heat settings is a good idea. And ideally a hair dryer with a cold air supply to complete the drying process and close the scales of the hair cuticle.

Stylists are advised to use a medium heat setting. You don’t want to blow-dry your hair with very hot air every time in a hurry.

Drying hair without heat protection is bad for your hair

It is a good idea to use a heat protectant as a rule of thumb prior to blow drying. Like this YouTube video of blow drying with a brushing brush from All Things Hair:

Always blow-dry hair in the proper direction

It is important to dry hair in batches, going from the roots to the tips. This helps to seal the cuticle scales. This means that the hair will be shiny after drying. Plus, less susceptible to damage.

It’s a good idea to work from the roots toward the ends when blow drying hair. Credit: All Things Hair

It’s important to dry your hair evenly

To avoid over drying individual hair sections, it’s important to keep moving the hair dryer from one section to the next. The diffuser nozzle also helps to even the airflow.

Finally, hair should be allowed to cool down

Before using hairspray to fix the style, it is important to let the strands cool down after styling with a hair dryer.

Let your hair cool before spraying it with hairspray.

Editor’s tip: Apply TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Hairspray from a distance of about 20 cm, for example. It’s a great way to keep things moving, without weighing them down. In addition, to keep the hair smooth.

Drying hair naturally: basic rules

If you have enough time to air dry your hair, it might be a good idea. Curls are less traumatized by natural drying. That is, of course, as long as you follow a few simple rules.

Don’t brush hair when it’s wet

No need to brush wet hair after washing. It’s best to do it before you wash your hair or after a while, when your hair is dry. Wet brushing with a regular comb leaves strands severely traumatized. But on wet hair you can use special gentle brushes with silicone teeth.

Don’t rub hair with a towel to help dry it properly

Don’t rub towel drying into hair, a common mistake. You can just wrap your head for about 15 minutes, and the excess moisture will absorb itself.

Don’t get your hair wet

Air-dry hair only when it’s parted. No need to use rubber bands and hairpins. It damages the strands and also prevents them from drying evenly.

How to Dry Your Hair Properly

The entire drying process can be divided into several steps, which, if done correctly, can reduce damage to the strands to a minimum.

Includes washing the head and pre-drying the hair.

It is important during the preparation process to fill the curls with useful components, making a moisturizing or nourishing mask, so that the hair will be easier to handle the stress. Rinse off the rest of the composition with plenty of warm water.

After washing, soak up any remaining moisture with a terry towel and leave the curls to dry naturally for 20-30 minutes.

Just before hairstyling it is applied thermal protectant, and the whole lock of hair combed with a comb with rare teeth.

Try drying your locks with a moderate airspeed and minimal heat to avoid damaging them.

If the shortest drying time is important, a higher airspeed is better than increasing the temperature. The effect will be the same, but it will be less harmful to the strands. If the ends are prone to split, it is better to leave them slightly undried.

The sequence of steps depends on the desired result.

This video shows how to make a voluminous hairstyle with a hair dryer.

At the end of drying be sure to pass through the hair with cold air, observing the direction from the roots to the tips. This will allow you to cool the heated strands and slightly lower the open scales.

Hair spray can be used to keep your style in place for a long time and to protect it from bad weather. The main thing is not to apply it to hot hair so that the strands do not stick together.

You probably noticed that the devices for drying hair offered in stores differ from each other in quality characteristics and price. To buy the best possible hair dryer, follow the recommendations in the memo:

  • Pick a hair dryer with a power rating of 1600 to 1800 watts. Less powerful. it takes longer to dry the hair, and a hair dryer with high power is able to over-dry the hair and scalp. The power that your hair dryer will give out in reality will differ from the packing information by 8-13% in a smaller way. The reason is that European brands are designed for 230v, but in Russia the voltage is only 220v. That 10 volt difference eats up a percentage of the power.
  • Use the cool air function more often. It is especially good for holding a strand in place after styling with hot air.
  • Ionizing air function helps to dry hair faster and reduce the harmful effects of hot temperatures.
  • A quality hair dryer is heavier in weight: reliability depends on the thickness of the metal winding of the motor. Too thin a winding will quickly melt.
  • If the hair dryer is too loud or hoarse, it’s probably a faulty motor. A good hair dryer runs smoothly.
  • The body of the hair dryer should be made of heat-resistant, impact-resistant plastic.

Pay attention to the wire. It is necessary that its length is 1.5-2 meters, and the wire had a movable or swivel-shaped attachment to the body.

It is necessary to choose a hair dryer depending on the type and purpose of the device. Let’s consider the main of the varieties:

  • concentrator. a small hair dryer gun, equipped with a removable slit-shaped nozzle. Has a medium or high power output (1600-2200 watts). It is the most compact and cheapest, but the most harmful to the hair dryer for, because it concentrates the hot air in one point;
  • The styler comes with a brush attachment. The kit can go and other attachments: for straightening hair, giving volume, curling curls. This hair dryer has low power so it will not burn your hair while styling. It should be handled skillfully and carefully;
  • The diffuser is a model that promises an increase in volume, but it is only an advertising ploy. This hair dryer is suitable only for drying, but it does it more carefully than all other models. Hair styling with a diffuser. the best option for fine, straight hair.



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