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How to paint a gas pipe in the apartment

How to paint a gas line pipe quickly. Rules for painting outside and inside the apartment

GOST 14202-69 precisely defines what color and exactly what identification marks must be painted on the pipeline for any purpose. Thus, both the team that arrived for repair and people living nearby can immediately determine what communications are damaged and what kind of danger they pose.

Gas pipes are designed to carry different gases and are labeled accordingly:

  • natural gas piping is painted yellow without additional rings;
  • Acetylene transmission pipes are painted white;
  • oxygen products are colored blue;
  • compressed air is designated deep blue;
  • Carbon dioxide transmission is marked in orange.

Painting a gas pipe that runs along the façade of a building and outdoors is rarely done along its entire length. Firstly, the trunk lines are too long, and secondly, the colored sections spoil the appearance of the facade. Paint, as a rule, individual sections in order to mark the system.

Identification painting is used in certain areas: at the joints in the case of branching. The painting of gas pipes on the facade of the house, passing through the wall, must necessarily include an appropriate color marker. Painting a pipe that goes through a wall.

Inside the building or dwelling, gas pipes are painted to suit the interior. As a rule, the basic coloring of linear meters of the pipeline is white. A gas pipe that passes through a wall is not specially labeled. Painting services are provided by the builders themselves.

Types of paints

How should the paint be??

In brief, any paint substances that have anti-corrosive properties and are intended for outdoor use are quite appropriate for painting external gas pipes, such as

Alkyd enamel. This is a familiar substance. It is applied in a thin, but solid layer, which is in addition, resistant to atmospheric precipitation. Can last up to five years, and

Polyurethane paint. It can be distinguished from other paints by its adhesion, and it has a good elastic structure. Durability is determined within 12 years.

Epoxy paint, which consists of two components. Such substances are not quite elastic uniformity, but they wear out quite a long time.

Electrically conductive substance. It has dispersions of aluminum and zinc (see “The paint film”). Aluminum pipe). This coating is considered the most reliable protection against corrosion formations. This type of paint, after drying, forms a unique film on the pipe, which provides the black steel structure in the long term.

Gas pipes indoors

In this case, in addition to special exterior paints, it is allowed to use interior paints. But it is worth to take into account one of the main rules one should not use a vapor-permeable coating, because the purpose of painting pipes is the maximum isolation of steel pipes from vapors and oxygen compounds.

paints with high level of fire resistance

These are coatings that, when heated, begin to bubble and turn into a carbon foam state. This foam has good thermal insulation properties and is able to be fireproof for a long period of time. For example, fire retardant paints for metal products are able to protect the metal structure for at least one hour.

Painting gas pipes according to gost. Hand painting of gas pipelines: coating requirements, paint selection and working procedure

With the painting of the gas pipeline solves the problem of protection and identification of gas supply systems. Paint color choice and procedure of its application are regulated by Safety Regulations PB 12-529-03.

It is mainly in industrial environments that color coding is required.

Why it’s needed?

Gas pipelines constitute a potential hazard due to possible gas leakage, and therefore require color marking.

It is used at industrial companies and for aboveground installations.

For small lengths of utilities and for outdoor networks, continuous identification painting is carried out. Marking areas are located at connections, branches, inputs and outputs of production facilities. Appropriate marker is present in the painting of gas pipes running through the floor and walls of buildings.

In addition to the signal function such finish provides corrosion protection of metal surfaces. For this purpose, heat-resistant oil and nitro enamel paints are used, which are resistant to temperature changes and precipitation.

What color to paint gas lines?

According to GOST (State Standard Specification) gas pipes are coated with 2 layers of yellow paint, but valves may be painted in blue.

Gasline Safety- rust and exposed pipes

Gas systems installed on the facade are masked with the color scheme of the building. Inside the room, the appearance of utilities are brought in line with the stylistics of the interior. Standard painting provides for the use of white mortar.

Paint types

To paint utilities on the street apply anti-corrosive means, designed for metal products. Into the same category could be attributed primer-enamels “3 in 1”, which as a result of contact with iron oxides form a protective film, strongly adherent to the metal surface.

This treatment can be applied when the thickness of corrosion is not more than 0,1 mm. The compositions are available as a solution, suspension and emulsion.

All kinds of paints for metal except for vapor-permeable ones are used for internal works.

External gas pipelines

Popular exterior gas line painting products include:

  • Alkyd enamel that can be applied to hot pipes. The compound forms a thin coating that is resistant to all weather conditions. Its service life is at least 5 years. Work with alkyd mixtures should be careful, because they are flammable and have a specific smell.
  • Polyurethane paint. It is distinguished by its elasticity and good adhesion to the surface. The substance does not lose its qualities for 10-12 years.
  • 2-component epoxy composition. wear resistant, but not elastic material.
  • Electrically conductive paint, represented by dispersions of aluminum or zinc powder in organic varnish, provides 2-level protection against corrosion.

Internal gas pipes

Painted gas pipe in the interior of the kitchen.

When painting gas pipes in the apartment, both exterior and interior compositions are used. The main thing is that they do not create a vapor permeable coating, because the purpose of painting in this case is to protect the metal pipe from the effects of steam and oxygen.

Fire retardant paints provide the necessary safety for internal networks. When heated, these coatings turn into a carbohydrate foam with high thermal insulation properties that can withstand fire. As an example, the paint for painting gas pipes is Polysteel, which protects the surface within one hour.

Painting technology

Gas lines are painted according to the rules of finishing metal products. The exception is the preliminary stage of stripping the old coating, during which it is forbidden to use heat.

The tube is wrapped in a rag soaked in flushing agent and after 10-20 minutes, remove the paint with a spatula. When cleaning the surface of dirt and rust, use a metal brush. After degreasing with acetone or gasoline, the pipe is primed with an agent designed for application on rust.

In the production of such compositions use dyes, so the primer can be different colors. from black to green.

To increase durability the varnish is added. It prevents the penetration of moisture into the porous structure of the substance and gives luster to the entire structure. The materials are purchased based on the formula: 1 liter of varnish per 2 liters of primer.

Wipe the surface with a burlap sack and prime it directly on the rust before applying the paint. The mortar is applied in 2 layers with a brush.

After 48 hours proceed to painting, during which the paint is applied perpendicular to the pipe, without allowing runoffs. The coating must be thick, so do not dilute the dye. Painting is performed in 2 stages with intermediate drying.

Looking for a landlord

Who must paint the gas pipe? This issue constantly arises in different regions of the country, from quiet yards on the outskirts of the capital to small settlements in the wilderness. Unfortunately the person responsible for the condition of the gas pipeline has to be found separately every time: Everything is determined by the terms of the Contract for gas pipeline maintenance.

In general, the areas of responsibility are divided as follows.

Apartment buildings

The internal gas pipelines in apartments are painted by residents. Pipes in the facade, entrance or street by the gas supplier or the utility (again depending on the terms of the service contract). The border of the area of responsibility is the wall of the apartment.

Attention: It is only a question of painting. Valves can only and exclusively be serviced by the gas company.

Private sector

The gas pipeline in the public areas is serviced by the gas company, on the territory of private properties by their owner. Gas pipelines that pass through the property can be serviced by the gas supplying organization as well; but in this case they will quite reasonably charge for their periodic painting (see also:. Gas and Water Supply Company).also article Painting heating pipes: painting, taking into account the nuances).

Private territory area the responsibility of the owner of the site.

What paint to paint a gas pipe: how to paint correctly

Before you begin to paint the gas system, it is necessary to perform its grinding from the old layer of coating or rusty inclusions. Further, it is necessary to free the pipes from dust accumulation and contamination. After that, the gas pipes must be covered with a primer designed specifically for metal products. And after all the work is done, begin to paint the communications.

According to the requirements of the state standard, gas mowing lines must be highlighted with yellow paint. This is done in order not to confuse the gas network from other existing pipes on the premises. It is allowed to paint any kind of paint that is suitable for metal products and is suitable for both exterior and interior work.

Outdoor pipes used to be painted red. Pipes in the room, in most cases, acquired the color that suited the interior or liked the tenants. Pipes indoors can be painted with an inexpensive paint, thus saving money. It will last a long time. But, if the gas system is in the street, then you need to choose a paint that can provide a long term coating. And it’s better if you first clean the pipes from rust formations, prime them, and only then paint, so the coating will last longer.

What paint to paint a gas pipe?

Before you start painting a gas pipe, you need to remove old paint or rust. Then clean it from dust and dirt residue. After that, the gas pipe should be primed with a compound for metal pipes. Now you can get down to painting. According to GOST, it’s yellow paint. You can’t confuse a gas pipe with anything else. And you can paint it with any paint suitable for painting on metal for interior and exterior work.

You did not write where the pipe in the house or on the street, so I’ll write there and there! Nowadays, gas pipes are painted yellow, and previously they used to paint red, inside the house, of course, people painted whatever color they liked in the room. So at home usual any (any color) paint such as inexpensive PF, will hold for a long time, as inside. Outdoors, of course, need another approach, first cleaned of rust, primed and painted. so it lasts longer, but our people are clever and will certainly think of something! So nothing long and exhausting we will not do, just go to stroymagazin and buy primer (attention! You have to buy a good primer, which is applied directly to the rust!) So that’s not all, primers come in different black, gray, white, red, yellow, blue, green. Choose a color and buy at a ratio of 1 to 2 (liter of varnish on 2 liters of primer) a good varnish for exterior metal work! I explain why. Primer porous, if you just primer, the moisture will get on the metal and rust will appear, and if you add a quality primer varnish, then first of all pores will not pipe will not rust and will have a long gloss! Now mix it all and before painting just wipe with a rough rag like a burlap and all directly on the rust smeared. See how easy it is and how well it turns out, and from afar it is even chic!

To begin with the surface of the pipes should be prepared for painting. To do this, you need to clean the gas pipe of dirt, maybe rust, excess old paint, if any, and other foreign substances and objects.

Next, you should pay attention to the type of paint you are going to use to paint the gas pipe. It is recommended to use the paint coating, which includes two layers of primer and two to three layers of paint protective coating.

We would also like to draw your attention to the color gas pipes are usually painted with. It is regulated by p. 2.3.9 PB 12-529-03 “Rules of safety of gas distribution and gas consumption system”! It is customary to paint outdoor gas pipes with 2 coats of yellow enamel, suitable for outdoor work.

Prevent Your Outside Natural Gas Pipe From Rusting With Paint & Protect Your Siding From Overspray

Metal surfaces are best painted with alkyd paint. I painted my gas pipe with this paint. The paint is viscous and thick enough to paint a pipe well in a thick coat. But there are some problems, first of all, this paint has a terrible smell, and it takes a long time to get rid of.Not suitable for those who are allergic to paint. And secondly, this paint is flammable, so you need to be generally careful in the home. Well, you should always be careful with gas pipes.

Gas pipes are usually painted yellow, but you can also paint in the color of the facade of the building, there are no restrictions in this regard.

What does the regulatory documents say?

The standard documents only regulate the color in which gas pipes must be painted. According to the card of color standards gas pipeline should be painted yellow N 205-206 (GOST 14202-69).

On the facades of houses and on routes passing through the street gas pipes are painted in a single yellow color. In the color of the facade gas pipes can be painted in exceptional cases after obtaining the permission of the operating organization. The color of communications inside private houses and apartments is not regulated.

The color requirement is not just a whim of the gas supply company. It is a signal color, which indicates the substance inside the transported pipe. Thanks to the paint in the case of a gas leak, emergency workers will be able to quickly detect the problem and fix it.

If the pipes will be painted in a different color, in an emergency situation in the absence of the owner of the house the repair team may not navigate and do not shut off the gas in time, which could have serious consequences.

Also, in the regulations “Safety Rules for Gas Distribution and Consumption Systems” of the paragraph “Provisions on Gas Distribution and Consumption” of the Technical Regulations of Gas Distribution and Consumption System of the Russian Federation, there is a risk of serious consequences. 2.3.9 PB 12-529-03 states that the paint must be applied in two coats. It is obligatory to perform priming and preparatory work in advance.

Painting gas pipes

In our homes, communication pipes are a common occurrence. And if some of them can be closed, for example, in a box from GKL, this number does not pass with the gas pipes. Gas services require their utilities to be open so that you can detect gas leaks and take action.

There are, of course, ways around this rule, such as hiding tubes behind a removable grid. But mostly gas pipes are open. Rusty pipe in the middle of the renovated room does not look very impressive, so you need to do something, and more specifically. to paint the gas pipe.

Paint gas pipes, as well as any other metal surfaces, alkyd paint. It differs from any other paint in appearance because alkyd paint is more viscous and thick. This is because such paint is made of resin. You have to work with it very carefully:

Firstly, it is flammable; Secondly, if such paint gets on the skin, it will not be cleaned with soap and water; Thirdly, alkyd paint has a very specific smell, so the room where the painting is done, should be well ventilated.

But there are also many advantages of alkyd paint, it is very durable, and in addition it can be applied to hot pipes. In the cold season such a paint can be used, but there is a chance that it will freeze faster than dry. Therefore, if you intend to carry out outdoor work, it is better to do it not in the fierce cold.

How to Paint Rusted Natural Gas Pipes

We are all used to seeing yellow gas pipes in the street, it is also the requirement of gas workers. But there is a reservation, if the pipe goes along the facade of the building, they can be painted in the color of the facade. In the apartment, you can paint the pipes in any color you want. Due to the fact that the gas pipe is open, it can be painted in the color of the interior, so it is not conspicuous. Although the more traditional color is white.

There are paints that can be applied directly to the rust. But still before you paint the gas pipes, you need to make the necessary preparations. The pipe must first be sanded, remove part or all of the old paint, and then degrease. Do not be lazy to do this, and then the pipe will get flat, smooth and look quite nice.

It is necessary to paint with a small brush, and to avoid leaks, it is better to apply it in small doses and perpendicular to the pipe. If the pipe goes along the wall, the brush can be bent so as to paint the back. But in any case it is better to paint before the walls will be made with further finishing, because to remove alkyd paint, for example, from wallpaper is very difficult. If one time you do not paint the pipe well, you can repeat the procedure, after waiting a certain amount of time, sometimes 4-6 hours, and sometimes a day, depending on the manufacturer.

Such paint is also called radiator paint, that is suitable for heating radiators. You can also often find a paint with the name PF-115, this name according to GOST. Many manufacturers produce such paint.


It is recommended to protect the floor under the pipes with foil or newspapers before painting. Start with the top of the pipe and work your way down. This way the layer will be even. Apply the first coat of paint over the entire surface without skipping anything. Only after the first layer has been applied to the entire surface, you can apply the second. Applying two coats allows you to get a perfectly painted, even surface.

How to paint pipes quickly? To save time you can use a canister or spray gun. In addition to saving time, it will give us a quality painted flat surface. When working with a spray gun to hold it at a distance of 30 cm from the surface and make zigzagging motions in a downward direction. When using the spray gun to paint the battery, it is recommended to remove it in order to qualitatively treat all hard-to-reach places.

After painting, you need to wait a certain amount of time for the paint to dry and thoroughly ventilate the room.



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