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How to open the washer dryer while washing

How to remove the lock from the washing machine Haier?

Usually it is not difficult to open the door of the washing machine Haier: just wait until the cycle is completed, hear the beep, wait a few minutes and, by pressing the handle, unscrew the machine.

Hotpoint-Ariston RST 602 ST K. A freestanding washing machine, front-loading up to 6kg., electronic control and 1000 rpm spin speed. To disable the “Console lock” press and hold the key “button lock” 3-5 sec.

How to open a Haier washing machine in an emergency?

To stop and open the drum hatch in these machines, set the machine in pause mode. Then disconnect the power supply and wait 1 to 3 minutes. After which a click is heard, indicating that the door is unlocked.

  • Press the “Start/Pause” or “Start/Pause” button and hold it for 3-5 seconds;
  • Wait for the washing machine to stop completely (some automatic washing machines make it compulsory to drain the water before stopping);
  • select the desired washing mode;
  • Refill the powder in the cuvette, if necessary;

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To start

Before proceeding, let’s study exactly what the problem is. a machine breakdown or program failure, and whether you can deal with it yourself.

When a blocked hatch is normal

Often washing machines do not open the doors immediately after you wash your clothes. It may take 1 to 5 minutes before the program is complete.

If you have gotten this machine, do not pull the knob forcefully when you finish the wash, even if you hear the end of the process. Allow five minutes. This time is enough for the drum to stop completely and cool the hot laundry (in some modes). This is done for the safety of the user.

If you do not hear the door click open, check to see if the water has drained from the machine. if not, it must be drained manually, about this below. The problem could also be a faulty door lock mechanism.


Every electronic device has a “glitch” from time to time. Disconnect the machine from the 220 V mains and switch it on again after two to five minutes. the “washing machine” will restart. The latch will unlock some time after you turn it on.

Drain the water

If there is water left in the drum, the safety system will not allow the door to be opened. This is done so that the water does not leak, and in the bathroom did not have a deluge.

If the water does not drain automatically, drain it manually: open the drain door on the underside of the machine, usually on the right-hand side of the front panel, and carefully empty the liquid into a basin or bucket. As soon as the drum is dry, the door will open.

Emergency opening methods

If neither resetting nor draining the water helped, the problem is more serious, and the door must be opened emergency. Despite the scary name, most of the ways are simple and will not lead to further breakdowns.

Restart the program

If the cycle has ended and there’s no water in the loader, try starting a new wash program. such as rinse or drain. Before starting a new program the door unlocks briefly and then locks again. It is important not to miss the characteristic click, open the door and cancel the program set.

Emergency opening cable

At the bottom of the washing machine, in the same place as the drain door, under the plastic cover inside there is an emergency opening cable. Most often it is a bright color, such as orange, lettuce or red. Just pull it and the hatch will open.

With a rope

If your model of machine does not have an emergency cable, you can open the door with an ordinary rope or string. It should be sturdy, but thin and flexible enough to fit through the lock hole. Place the cord so that it goes under half the length of the door, and the middle is in place of the lock. Pull toward the hinges, and the lanyard will open the lock.

How to do it in practice, see the video at the end of the article.

If the handle is broken

If you overdo it a bit and break the handle of the washer, the good old pair of pliers will help. Carefully pry under the locking device, and the hatch will open. If there is nothing to pick up, or it does not work, it is better to refer to a master.

To disassemble the assembly

If the LOS (Door Locking Device) is defective, it must be disassembled, completely remove the door, hook and hinges. and buy new parts. Repair is impossible. most often these mechanisms break down due to overheating or jamming and have to be replaced completely. Replacing the fastener, hook and lock is simple. you will need an ordinary Phillips screwdriver and straight hands.

“Superfluous” adjustment

When confronted with a locked hatch, you must immediately check to see if the “Childproofing” feature is activated. When activated, the option locks both the dashboard and the door lock. It does not turn off automatically at the end of the cycle. the adult himself must abandon it by pressing certain buttons. The name and number of keys depends on the model Haier, it is better to look at the factory manual.

The Haier door remains locked when the childproof lock function is activated.

It is worth understanding that attempts to unlock the door through resetting or removing the safety function are permissible only when the tank is empty. If there is a lot of water in the drum, it is better not to rush, and first to deal with the problematic drain.

If the tank is empty, the program ended long ago and without fail, child protection is disabled, and the door still can not succumb, then the lock is faulty. The locking mechanism on the Haier is quite flimsy and often breaks under excessive pressure. In this case, you will have to proceed to the emergency opening. “open” the machine with improvised means. There are several ways to open the machine in an emergency, and the easiest one is to use rope or fishing line. The pattern is this:

You can also try to move the locking hook with a flat object. an old bank card or the back of a tablespoon. You need to slip the plastic into the gap between the hatch and the body, trying to deactivate the lock. It is not easy, you will have to act blindly and bypass the protrusions and other obstacles. The most reliable and difficult way is to forcibly unlock the UBL. You will have to act through the top cover of the Haier:

Opening a locked door is no problem. The main thing is to drain the water and follow the instructions.

Why the washing machine does not open immediately after the end of the wash?

The most likely cause is a malfunction of the device responsible for locking the hatch door (UBL) or breakage of the door handle. Either way, you need to replace.

If the washing machine suddenly froze during the wash, most owners know what to do. You just need to turn off the machine, preferably de-energize it for 10 seconds, then turn it on again and restart the washing program. After that, in about half the cases the problem will be solved.

How to unlock the lock while washing?

In some cases, it is necessary to open the doors of the machine in an emergency before the end of washing. However, in this case, the water remains in the tank, and the system will not unlock the hatch lock. However, as you know, there are no hopeless situations. there are ways not only to stop the washing process, but also to gain access to the contents of the drum SM. Similar actions should be taken if the electricity supply is cut off for a long period of time. To unlock the lock mechanism during the washing you will need to perform certain steps. In this case, you should take into account the design features of models of washing machines of different brands.

In different cases, the algorithm of actions will be as follows.

  • In situations with Samsung products, the determining factor will be the device that controls the level of water in the tank (pressostat). On this basis, in the event of an emergency stop the machine is recommended to first completely drain the liquid, and only then open the hatch.
  • AEG and Electrolux washing machines have a “Pause” option that is designed to stop the washing cycle. The door in this situation can be opened if the water temperature is below 50 degrees, and its level does not exceed a certain point.
  • Atlant engineers have provided an electronic system to unlock the door lock. These “washing machines” are equipped with an emergency cable, located near the drainage filter.
  • Beko and LG machines can be opened with the “Pause” function while the washing is in progress. The second step is to disconnect the equipment from the mains. A “click” is heard 3 minutes after unplugging the cord, and the door is unlocked.
  • Bosch automatic washing machines with the reloading function can be stopped and opened at almost any moment of the washing cycle. To do this, you should press the “Start” button, after the message “Yes” appears on the screen, the hatch will open.

Forced opening of the machine doors is recommended after the machine has been switched off. In most cases, you need to pre-drain the water from the tank. You should also remember that excessive efforts will only aggravate the situation.

In the following video you will learn what to do if the washing machine door does not open after washing.

Mode “Pause

If the machine has not yet had time to get a lot of water, you can easily stop the process. It is enough to put it on pause. All models have such an option.

In order to temporarily stop the appliance, you need to press the start button or “Pause”, if available. But you should not hold it for long, otherwise you can cancel the operation completely. After a short time, the door will unlock and you can use it.

Experts on maintenance of automatic washing machines warn: frequent use of this method provokes the breakdown of the unit. Over time, the programs will start to malfunction, and the machine will have to be sent for repair.

Why won’t the door open: the reasons for blocking

The first thing the user tries to do when the hatch locks is to pull the door harder. This should not be done. It is necessary to find out why the automatic machine has set the lock. There are several reasons. There are those that can be solved by yourself, in other cases you will have to call a specialist.

Auto-lock at the end of the wash

All automatic machines have a door that cannot be opened immediately after operation. Water heats to a high temperature during the wash cycle. So, during “Boiling” mode, it reaches 90°. The thermal lock on the hatch lock will be locked until the temperature inside the drum drops to the lowest values. No need to pull the handle, otherwise the lock will break. As soon as the appliance is triggered, the door opens at the touch of a button. Usually it takes 2 to 3 minutes, 5 at the most, to unlock the door. A “click” is an indication that the lock has been released. There are models that do not have a wash end signal. Make sure the cycle is complete.

Software failure

The automation doesn’t receive a signal to open the door because the control board fails. System must be reset. Unplug the appliance, wait 30 minutes, then plug it back in. The washing machine unlocks after a restart. This option is used only once, if it did not help, the cause must be sought elsewhere.

open, washer, washing

You can try to restart the program, re-enable any. Before you start, check that the door is closed. At first it will unlock, then it will lock again. The main thing is to open the door before it locks a second time. Be guided by the distinctive click produced by the unlocking mechanism. This method is considered an emergency, because an abrupt interruption of the program sometimes leads to a breakdown of the equipment.

Turning off the power

If there is a sudden power outage, the hatch locking device will not be able to send a signal to open the door. If this is not the cause, it is worth making sure the outlet is in good working order.

No water in the tank

Make sure there is no water in the drum. There are times when the user has accidentally turned on “Stop with water in the tank” and the unit has accurately executed the command. To open a locked door, select the program “Drainage of water”, after its execution the automatic unlocking will take place. If the appliance has stopped the cycle, but there is water in the tank, it is likely that a malfunction has occurred. The most serious is considered a failure of automation, which is responsible for managing the programs. You need to call a professional.

Another breakdown is a faulty drain pump or water control sensor. Only a master who can open the technique and fix the breakage will help. It so happens that the sewage drain is clogged. You can clean it yourself. In all these situations, the locking of the hatch is needed for safety, so that no flood will happen. As soon as all the water is drained, the opening sensor is triggered.

Breakage of the lock catch

There are models of washing machines, in which there is no cable emergency unlocking the hatch. In these cases, the door must be opened manually. Lift the appliance, tilt it backwards, the drum will move to the back wall. Use your hand to reach for the lock. Open it gently.

The failed locking control can be replaced by yourself. Remove the old block. Remove the cuff on the door, unscrew the bolts that hold the lock. Pull the mechanism out of the housing. Be sure to remember how it is connected to the other sensors. Replace the new appliance in the same way as the old one. After changing the contacts you should test the device operation. If everything is connected correctly, the door will open after the wash is finished.

The filter or drain hose is clogged

The dirty water drain hose must be cleaned periodically. If this is not done, it will become clogged. Water will slowly drain at first, but will eventually stop coming out at all. The level sensor will prevent the door from unlocking.

Problem solution depending on the brand

To fix the problems that have arisen in the washing machine, you need to read the instructions carefully. There are some differences in the design of appliances from different manufacturers.

In the washing machine brand LG Direct Drive (LG) unlocking is possible by removing the “Child Lock”. To reset and set at the same time activate the “Prewash” and “Super Rinse” modes. Pressing the “Start/Pause” button, the cycle continues.

Bosch washing machine models unlock by pressing the “Minus” button, when there is one on the panel. If the key is lit on the monitor of the Bosch appliance and it is impossible to change the mode, hold down the “Start” button for 5-10 seconds. The door should open.


Drain” mode must be activated if water is present inside the machine. When nothing works, the water is removed through the drain hose. The washing machine unlocks automatically. If it is necessary to quickly open the door of an Indesit washing machine, it is necessary to gently pull the emergency cable at the bottom of the appliance.

Ariston hotpoint

In models Hotpoint-Ariston (Hotpoint-Ariston) lock the door occurs after a power outage or due to a power surge. Also, there may be a malfunction in the electronics, then it is necessary to perform a reset.


If the door does not open 3-5 minutes after the wash cycle is complete, restart the spin or flush program to drain the water. If this does not help, the Samsung appliance is unplugged, the water is drained in the emergency mode. The reason could also be a faulty lock block or jammed lock.

How to open the door with the software settings

The algorithm may vary slightly depending on the model and configuration of the washing machine, but experts recommend the following:

  • First of all it is necessary to interrupt the washing program. In most models, there is a button “Pause”, which allows you to temporarily stop the process. Sometimes it is separate, sometimes this function is performed by briefly pressing the “Start” button during operation. If this function is not provided by the manufacturer, it is allowed to de-energize the car by unplugging it from the mains. But this should only be done in extreme cases, as this can cause damage to the electronic boards. Also to stop the program in some models, you can return the knob for selecting the washing modes.

If not much time has passed since the beginning of the wash, and the water has not had time to fill the tank, perhaps this will be enough. after a few minutes the door will unlock and you can open it.

  • If there is already a lot of water in the drum, it must be drained before the door can be opened, otherwise the factory settings will not allow the lock mechanism to be unlocked. At what quantity of water the door will open after the machine stop depends on the parameters set by the manufacturer, and not only the quantity of water, but also its temperature can be taken into account. Sometimes it is enough that the water level does not reach the bottom edge of the door. Sometimes the lock is released, no matter how much water is inside, you just need to de-energize the machine. Therefore, after the machine has been stopped, you should wait a few minutes and make sure that the lock is unlocked. If the water in the tank still prevents you from opening the door or if there is too much water, you must get rid of it. The easiest way is to use a special function, which is usually called “Drain”.

Once the water is out of the drum, it is no problem to open the door. If there is no “drain” button, you can use the “spin” function.

How to drain water manually

Sometimes there are situations when you can not drain the water with the help of program buttons for any reason, and it is not reasonable to start the spin. for example, if you got a cell phone in the machine, the operation of the machine in the spin mode with this device inside can ruin both devices.

It also happens that the programs do not function due to a breakdown of automation or power outage. For these cases, all models have the possibility of emergency drainage, which can be done manually.

Drain tube

On the front of any washing machine, in the bottom right-hand corner, there is a removable panel that conceals the drain tube. This tube is normally equipped with a plug.

In order to drain water manually, you must remove the stopper and dip the tube into a pre-prepared container where the water will drain. Sometimes there is no tube, but there will be a plug anyway.

Since there is no way to direct the water into a separate container when removing the stopper, you must take measures to ensure that the poured liquid causes as little damage as possible. After the water is drained off, and the cause of panic is removed from the drum, the washing settings will have to be reset.

Drain hose

Any washing machine is equipped with a drain hose. Find it most often on the back of the machine, but sometimes manufacturers place it on the bottom.

Disconnect the hose from the machine and lower it into a container to be drained. For the water to start coming out, the end of the hose must be below the level of the water in the tank; otherwise, by the law of communicating vessels, the water will not be able to leave the machine.


This method is the most difficult for non-professionals. Sometimes the water doesn’t leave the machine because the nozzle is clogged. To solve this problem, you have to de-energize the machine, take out the hose nozzle, which is located at the bottom of the machine, and clean it of debris.

After this operation it is probable that the function of the drain will start again and the tank of the machine can be drained in order to unlock the lock and open the door. In addition to the technical difficulty, this process can take quite a long time.

open, washer, washing

Possible causes of automatic blockage

  • The door is blocked if the washing process is not yet finished. This is done for safety reasons, so as not to accidentally open the hatch when the washing drum is rotating at high speed or at high temperatures.
  • Modern models of washing machines are equipped with a special program that locks the drum door automatically after 3-5 minutes after the end of the washing cycle. This, for example, should not be surprised if the machine stopped washing and stopped, things are washed, but the hatch does not open. It is necessary to wait for 5 minutes until the drum cools down.
  • If the power or water is disconnected during the wash cycle. The hatch also will not open to prevent water from spilling out. This applies primarily to machines with a horizontal load of laundry. In case of power surges, the electronics may malfunction and the hatch will be blocked;

If the power supply has been cut for half an hour or so, wait until the power supply is restored and the door is opened, provided there is no water in the tank. If there is no electricity for a long time, and the machine needs to be unloaded, you will have to manually drain the water through the drainage system, where the emergency hose is located. When there is no water left in the tank. the machine must unlock the door.

If this does not happen, then you can try to open the hatch forcibly manually, which will need a rope and screwdriver. Rope should be put around the circumference of the door into the gap, and then pull hard. the hook of the lock should move and release the hatch. This method is not suitable for all machines, such as a brand Kandy Aquamatic. The lock works differently.

If the water supply was cut off while washing, to stop the machine, you must press the “Drain”, “Drain without spinning”, “Spin” or “SpinDrain” button, depending on the model of the washer. When all the processes are finished, the machine should open.

In Samsung Diamond machines, the door is blocked most often due to the fact that the program is not fully executed:

  • The drain filter is clogged;
  • There is an imbalance of the laundry in the drum;
  • During the washing, the electricity was cut off.

The door can also be jammed because of residual water in the tank or a broken lock. In Indesit and Zanussi machines, the hatch lock is blocked mainly due to a malfunction in the control system or when the UBL receives no signal to open the hatch.

In this situation, you can try to restart the wash. The Indesit system detects if the load door is closed and opens it first, then closes it again before starting the wash cycle. The machine must be stopped immediately after opening and the door opened. The moment when the door can be opened can also be determined by a distinctive click.

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Possible malfunctions and solutions

The instructions that come with the washing machine usually have a diagram for unlocking the hatch door. If the manual is lost, you can open it yourself.

  • Unplug the machine;
  • Check that there is no water in the drum. If present, the water should be drained through the emergency drain system;
  • Open the lid of the drain filter and look for the emergency door opening cable in the hole. It is most often yellow. If there is a cable, you need to pull it towards you and the hatch should open;
  • If there is no rope, in order to open the hatch, you will have to remove the top panel and tilt the machine backwards so that the tank is slightly out of the way. Then push back the safety catch that locks the door.

If the washing machine handle is broken, you can try to open it without resorting to the help of a specialist:

LG F1450DPRE washing machine and dryer combo cleaning steps

  • Use an emergency rope ;
  • Grab the rest of the broken handle with pliers and pull toward you until you hear a click;
  • Open the lock through the top cover ;
  • Open the hatch with a wire or rope. By sliding it around the perimeter of the loading hatch.

Important: when unlocking the washing machine hatch on your own, you can not:

  • Work with appliance plugged in;
  • Trying with great force to open the door, in the presence of water in the drum;
  • The error code displayed on the display should only be deciphered using the manufacturer’s instructions or recommendations;
  • Repair the electronic board or dismantle the wiring if you do not have the necessary experience in repairing washing machines.

Many manufacturers equip their machines with special protection against children’s actions, such as the model Hotpoint-Ariston Aqualti and “Samsung Eco Bubble”. If having bought such a washing machine, the user has not read the manual carefully and accidentally pressed a combination of buttons, then this function can turn on.

In this case, the hatch will not open, and the display will flash a smile and a lock. To unlock the door, you need to press a couple of buttons on the edges of the figure of the drawn man. In machines Ariston Hotpoint (Hotpoint), after power outage the door is also blocked, and to remove the lock will have to look for an emergency cable, from the bottom of the device near the filter.

Open the hatch of most washing machines can be done with an emergency cable, as well as with the manufacturer’s specified method in the manual. If you select “Baby” or “Easy Ironing” mode (as in DAEWOO Direct Drive model), drum rotates slowly. Selecting the “Silk” mode, the washing will be without draining water from the drum. To drain the water you need to press the Pause or Start button, or turn on the “Easy Ironing” mode.

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We suggest watching a video on how to open the door of the washing machine:



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