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How to manage a boiler boiler by phone

Remote control. Era Buderus

Buying home heating devices from Buderus, you always know that the management of this or that device will be simple and convenient, and its reliability and quality of execution will always be at a height. The company produces both simple and multifunctional control devices that are designed to simplify the interaction of the user with technology. First of all, it is:

Further, a more complex technique is on the list:

It will be important to know that the control of all the downy boilers of Buderus takes place using: Opentherm and EMS. These are the protocols of the first and second generation, which are used in each model of Buderus heating boilers.

Since 2016, the company mainly uses the second generation protocol. EMS Plus. The reason for this choice was the possibility of managing energy, which as a result allows you to reduce expenses for fuel and consumption of electricity boilers.

Buderus Logamatic KM200: Management of a household boiler via the Internet

One of the interesting directions for improving heating equipment is its automation and remote control using Internet technologies. Modern “smart home” is hardly possible without the implementation of the principles of the concept of the “Internet of things”. Unlike management through GSM networks, the Internet allows you to achieve a qualitatively new level of convenience and flexibility.

To date, various Internet modules from leading world manufacturers have already appeared on the heating equipment market. Today we will talk about the capabilities of the latest Logamatic Web KM200 module by Buderus. In the Russian market, it was represented in February 2016.

The KM200 Internet module is designed to control heating and hot water supply systems based on buderus tinted boilers. To create a remote control system with its use, a boiler is required, compatible with EMS or EMS-Plus data transfer (Energy Management System), RC300 or RC35 models regulator, as well as a Wi-Fi-Roter to ensure Internet access. All equipment is completely compatible, quickly mounted and introduced into the work. We also note that the module is compatible with Bosch.mounted Bosch boilers, equipped with FW200 and CW400 regulators, as well as the heat pumps of the Buderus Logatherm line with HMC control system.

The management uses a free branded Buderus Control app, available in Russian in Google Play and AppStore. It can be easily installed on a wide range of Android mobile devices (version from 2.2) or iOS. Thus, management can be carried out from anywhere in the world in which there is an Internet connection.

The KM200 Internet module is designed to control heating and hot water supply systems based on buderus tinted boilers. To create a remote control system with its use, a boiler is required, compatible with EMS or EMS-Plus data transfer (Energy Management System), RC300 or RC35 models regulator, as well as a Wi-Fi-Roter to ensure Internet access

The application demonstrates high reliability of the work, has a visually attractive and intuitive intensity. Thanks to the demo.regime of the boiler and the heat pump, you can try it in action without having connected equipment.

The application provides a wide range of capabilities, including the regulation of the target temperature in the room and the temperature of the hot water, as well as the setting and choice of automatic programs. With its help, you can receive official error messages, as well as receive and analyze daytime, weekly or monthly statistics on gas consumption in graphic mode. Information exchange occurs according to an encrypted connection.

Statistics sent to the Buderus server are protected from unauthorized access.

In terms of its functionality, Logamatic Web KM200 is largely similar to the innovative room thermostat of the Buderus Logamatic TC100, bred to the Russian market by Bosch thermotechnics some time ago. In fact, TC100 combines the functions of thermostat and Internet module. Up to eight mobile devices at the same time, which is quite convenient for a large family, can participate in the management of the heating system. The function of weather dependent control implies the absence of an external temperature sensor due to the production of flatulents via the Internet in real time.

Thanks to this, the time and cost of the installation of heating equipment is significantly reduced. In this case, the TC100 controller can serve only one heating circuit. KM200 makes it possible to control four contours, for example, heating, hot water supply, warm floor and pool. In our opinion, both the owners of cottages and managers and owners of small hotels can appreciate this.

KM200 works in conjunction with RC300 and RC35 regulators, which themselves have rich functionality. RC300 belongs to the new generation of EMS-Plus automation. Currently, Buderus offers five devices in this line: from the simplest Logamatic RC100 remote control to the SM200 solar module. RC300 makes it possible to combine up to four heating contours and two hot water supply systems into a single control system. The module also allows you to control the heliosystem to heat hot water and maintain heating.

The RC35 remote control is designed to control the Buderus boilers with the EMS protocol. They have a recovered watch counter, integrated into software, a six.channel digital timer with a graphic display of switching cycles, a programmable digital timer for installing a mode and week with eight standard programs, as well as two own programs for each heating contour.

It is also important that in the case of using the KM200 Internet module, control means not only comfort, but also energy conservation due to the possibility of choosing the optimal program and obtaining visual statistics on the work of the heating system.

Buderus Logamax U072-24 Operating Instruction Institution Online. Page 5

Instructions Buderus Logamax U072-24 for the device, a wall gas boiler contains pages in Russian.

File size: 476.84 KB. Consists of 8 pages.

You can download PDF file of this instruction: download pdf

Turn on ▶ Turn on the boiler with the “Stand-By” button.

The display will appear on the display of the feeding heating line.

Turning off/stand-by) ▶ Turn off the boiler button “Stand-by.

The display remains the only warning sign.

▶ when turning off the device for a long time: provide

Installation of the maximum temperature of the feed line

The maximum temperature of the feed line can be set from 40 ° C to 82 ° C. The display shows the current temperature of the feed line.

▶ Click the “.” button so many times until it appears on the display

The display will show a given maximum temperature of the feed line.

▶ button “or”. “set the required maximum

▶ Click the OK button to save the set value.

The actual temperature of the feed line will appear on the display.

Typical maximum temperatures of the feed line are given in Tab. 2.

When a burner works in heating mode, a sign appears on the display

Hot water temperature settings

The temperature of hot water can be set from 35 ° C to 60 ° C.

▶ Click the “.” button so many times until it appears on the display

The display will show a given hot water temperature.

manage, boiler, phone

▶ button “or”. “set the desired temperature hot

▶ Click the OK button to save the set value.

manage, boiler, phone

The actual temperature of the feed line will appear on the display.

When a burner works in the mode of preparing hot water, a sign appears on the display

The pumping circuit pump and the heating with it are turned off. Hot water supply and power supply for heating and timer continue to operate.

To set the summer mode: ▶ Click the “.” button so many times until it appears on the display

The display will show a given maximum temperature of the feed line.

▶ Click the “.” button so many times until it appears on the display

▶ Click the OK button to save the set value.

manage, boiler, phone

Additional instructions are given in the instructions for the operation of a room thermostat.

The boiler has protection against blocking the pumping circuit pump and a 3-track valve, which does not allow their jamming after prolonged downtime.In standby mode, the defense continues to operate.

If installed, then the heating mode will be blocked (the display will appear

The temperature of the supply line application (a sign appears

Tab. 2 maximum temperature of the feed line

Follow the requirements given in the instruction manual for the heating regulator. It shows there, ▶ How can you adjust the temperature in

▶ How to quickly and economically warm up the room.

Notification: The danger of freezing the heating system. In summer mode, only protection against freezing of the boiler works.▶ For the danger of frost, use protection from

How it works

For a complete assessment of difficulties, when setting up and installing, it is better to consider the work of the most common remote control systems individually.


Provided that the house has the opportunity to connect to the Internet network, the prospect of organizing remote coordination of the heating boiler using Wi-Fi connection is opened.

Such a model will successfully interact with electronic automation that functions on the basis of controllers through a boiler control panel. For mechanical sensors, there are systems of a different profile, Russian “Xal” is popular with popularity.

In order to get the ability to remove the gas boiler, the installation of additional segments should be installed:

  • control specialist;
  • A multi.channel thermostat with a programmer that allows not only adjustments, but also set various temperature conditions.

At home, the presented system is programmed using the remote control. In cases of remote control, a PC or smartphone is used, in which a special application is pre.installed. Thus, distance control over heating can be carried out using any improvised technology, it can be a computer or laptop, as well as a smartphone or tablet. The coordination procedure looks quite simple, because the system requirements are not particularly difficult.

Communications of the control unit with regulators and locking mechanisms occur in wireless mode. The wiring is only necessary for connecting temperature sensors, such wireless devices are quite difficult to find. In the case of control of an electric boiler through the Internet, there is no need to highlight the IP address.

Cellular management

A multi.purpose device, such as a mobile phone, can additionally serve as a remote control of the boiler, as part of the Smart House program.

This mission needs to install the necessary mobile application that can interact with devices on the basis:

The installation process is not difficult due to its simplicity. During the settings, a notification mode is selected, which can transmit information in the form of SMS, or in the form of voice messages. The easiest way to configure remote coordination of heating is carried out using a cloud service. A detailed instructions for settings are attached to models from different manufacturers individually, it does not have a common basis.

How to manage a boiler boiler by phone

Logamatic 4324. We reserve the right to change!

Setting up the address of the control system

Address setting (rice. 8, [1]) is located in the Logamatic 4324 control system on the CM431 module (behind the MEC2H remote control).

B set the address of the control system with a screwdriver

Autonomous control system: Install the address 0 (factory installation), if only one control system works, that is, there are no other devices on the ECOCAN tire.If several control systems work together, then each of them should get its own address, different from others. If two identical addresses are set, then a message about the malfunction appears on the screen.

Master (leading control system): for address 1, a special status is determined, t.to. In conjunction with several control systems under this address, the leading control system is set (Master). The leading control system regulates the operation of the boiler. The outer temperature sensor always connect to the leading control system. The leading control system controls the Ecocan bus, which connects all control systems, as well as the distance of distance communication and other devices (if available).The leading control system recognizes the same addresses. In this case, an error message will appear on the screen of the MEC2H remote control. All associated control systems convey their specified parameters to the leading system, which as a result forms a common set parameter.In each connection of several control systems, there can be only one leading system (Master).

Max. 15 General Control System (SLAVE):

All management systems with these addresses are designated as driven (SLAVE). The driven control system should never have address 1. Each address can be set only once.

Retrofitting boiler control in 5 simple steps

German wall gas boilers Buderus (Buderus)

Economic wall.mounted gas boilers Buderus (Buderus) is another evidence of traditional German quality. All Buderus boilers are fully adapted to domestic operating conditions. In the production of heating equipment, the latest scientific and technical achievements are used. Modern Buderus boilers are more economical than analogues of other manufacturers by 10-15%.

Traditional hinged boilers Logamax Buderus

Buderus offers one and dual.circuit boilers using the traditional principle of heating the coolant. This equipment is presented in the Logamax series. When choosing a suitable model, you should focus on the technical characteristics of the equipment and the need for additional functions.

Pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Performance. regardless of the number of circuits, the wall gas boiler Buderus Logamax is produced with a capacity of 7.8 to 35 kW. For every 10 m², kilowatts of energy will be required.
  • Type of furnace chamber. boilers are available with a closed and open combustion chamber.
  • The presence of additional functions. at the request of the customer, the boilers are supplied with the function of automatic electronic or piezo ignition. If necessary, a boiler of indirect heating can be attached to a single.circuit boiler Buderus. Some models have built.in storage tanks.
  • Type of heat exchanger. models are equipped with a plate or bitter node that differ in the degree of efficiency and heat transfer.
  • The number of water circuits. in each series of wall.mounted boilers from the company Buderus, there are models that have one circuit and designed exclusively for heating the heating system (except for the connection of indirect heating boiler), or two, which makes it possible to additional hydraulic engine heating for household chores for household heating needs.

The Logamax series is the optimal solution for people who primarily value reliability and efficiency.

Single.circuit boilers

German hinged gas heating boilers with one contour, Buderus brand, are offered to the consumer in the series Logamax U052, U054, U072. Each model has its own differences and advantageous advantages:

  • Logamax U052. the main advantage of the series, high efficiency of work in heating mode. A membrane tank for 8 liters is built into the design. Model performance 24 and 28 kW.
  • Logamax U054. The difference between the series is the presence of a built.in modulated burner operating on the principle of preliminary mixing of gas. This model, like the equipment of the previous series, is equipped with a membrane tank with a volume of 8 liters.
  • Logamax U072. has small dimensions and modest weight, which allows the installation of the boiler on almost any wall. Queen power of the series 18 and 24 kW. The design provides a modulated burner operating within 9-24 kW.

The modulated gas burner of the boiler works both in ordinary and, if necessary, in an economical mode, supporting the minimum heating of the coolant to prevent it from freezing. Using automation, a smooth transition from one temperature regime to another is carried out. As a result, the modulated burner provides the most economical gas consumption.

In all single.circuit models, there is the possibility of pre.comprehensive water heater. Connection is carried out quite simply and possibly already, after a certain time of operation of heating equipment.

Double.circuit boilers

Double.circuit wall.mounted gas boilers of a traditional type with an open or closed combustion chamber. The main advantage of models is the possibility of simultaneous heating of the coolant and water, in a flow water heater mode. In the summer of the year, the boiler is able to work as an ordinary gas column. The line presents the Logamax U032K/U034K, U042K/U044K, U052K/U054K, U072K:

Boris Brejcha at Arènes de Nîmes, in France for Cercle

  • LOGAMAX U032K/U034K. a wall.circuit gas boiler Bauderus with a closed combustion chamber U032K has small dimensions and performance sufficient for heating rooms up to 240 m². To increase productivity, the design contains a built.in circulation pump and fan. smoke.OS (absent in the U034K series). In both models, an expansion tank is installed for 6 liters.
  • Logamax U042K/U044K. the U042K model has parameters similar to the previous series U032K/U034K. The difference is a large equipment productivity, from 9 to 24 kW, as well as an increased volume of the expansion tank 8 liters. U044K is a wall.circuit atmospheric gas boiler with an open combustion chamber with identical power parameters, but characterized by some structural features.
  • LOGAMAX U052K/U054K. in the series, boilers with a closed and open combustion chamber are presented in the series. The design contains a built.in plate heat exchanger, a simulated burner and a fan of forced smoke removal. Management is carried out using a convenient LCD display.
  • Logamax U072K. models are offered in the series exclusively with a closed combustion chamber. Power range from 5.4 to 28 kW. Double.circuit wall.mounted gas boiler Buderus Logamax with a closed combustion chamber, connected to a coaxial chimney, is equipped with a protection device against overheating and freezing of the coolant. Hot water heats up in the range from 40 to 60 ° C.

The basic configuration does not include: recovery sets for working on liquefied gas, thermostat, with the possibility of weekly programming and remote GSM control. If necessary, you can additionally purchase all these and other nodes that increase the convenience of operation and expand the functionality of equipment.

Automation of Buderus boilers controls the operation of several safety sensors, a compulsory smoke removal system, automatic ignition and coolant circulation. During operation, autonomously selected the most economical mode of operation.

Condensation boilers Buderus Logamax Plus

Wall condensation gas boilers Buderus Logamax Plus are an innovative solution to the issue of heating a house. The peculiarity of the equipment is a unique design that includes two heat exchangers, which allows you to simultaneously receive heat from burning gas and outgoing smoke.

Buderus GSM OpenTherm. a new special series of gas boilers

The new GSM OpenTherm line was developed when taking into account all possible needs of the heating system during construction, as well as buyers, equipment from this series is intended for use in the construction of private and residential buildings. The series included the best products that have a high level of quality.

The GSM OpenTherm version, in addition to standard equipment, includes:

  • The configured GSM-Climate module
  • Buderus Logamax U072 24K boiler
  • OpenTherm Interah for GSM Zont module

Management of the gas boiler through the Opentherm integration allows:

  • Save energy due to the work of the boiler according to the schedule;
  • Save energy due to the effective use of the properties of a modulation burner;
  • Remotely control the work of the boiler;
  • Remotely control the technical condition of the boiler.

Buderus Logamax U072 24K. a double.circuit wall gas boiler, this is a modern, compact unit developed specifically for Russian operating conditions. With the help of a built.in plate heat exchanger with a wide range of modulation, it will effectively prepare hot water in a volume sufficient for a family of three to four people. Logamax U072 24K boiler will easily heat a room with an area of ​​110-240M2.

Thanks to the new automation (Open Thermal Protocol), you can easily create a heating system and DHW, oriented to your personal needs. Simple, intuitive understanding management provides a quick installation of the necessary work parameters. Updated user integration with an informative LCD display allow you to track all changes in real time.

Logamax U072 24K will continue to work in extreme conditions. The devices are not terrible for the voltage drops, since the working range ranges from 165 to 240V. Units can be operated in systems with water stiffness up to 16 ° DGH.

Catalogs and brochures

All technical characteristics of Buderus heating systems are presented in the product catalog and in information brochures.

Buderus applications

Buderus systems are able to control over the Internet. Using applications, you can control the system on the smartphone screen. Applications are intuitive to use and help to save energy.

Where can I buy?

Find the closest dealer or installation organization of Buderus heating systems. Our certified partners will provide you with a professional advice on the selection of a suitable heating system for your home.

Library for downloading

Welcome to the Buderus Library: Find all the videos, applications and documents on the Buderus heating systems, their installation, maintenance and much more.

Service and repair

There was a malfunction in the work of the Buderus system? Contact us to get advice or order service. Professional service will make your system reliable and effective.

Buderus heating systems are strong and reliable. We provide a full guarantee. If you do not have a malfunction, contact your heating system installer directly.

No matter how complex and convenient the electronic system that allows me to carry out remote control of the boiler, it should be safe in case of turning off the electricity or Internet loss.

Therefore, trying to reach the level of creation of a smart home, you should take care of the reliable automation of all its vital elements. to introduce autonomous power systems and duplicate communication channels with the object.



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