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How to make the fan cool the air

How to make the fan cool?

Using a floor fan, you can effectively cool the rooms in the evening or at night. To do this, you need to deploy the fan in the window. Thus, hot air will come out of the rooms. In other rooms, it will be necessary to open all the windows completely.

To turn the usual fan into air conditioning, just attach the heat exchanger to the fan grill, through which cold water will circulate, and the fan, in turn, will transmit cold from the heat exchanger to the room with a flow of air.

Cross the light

The easiest and logical way to cool the room is to block light access. Not only direct sunlight, but light in general. It should be done even in cloudy weather. The fact is that thermal (infrared) radiation enters the room not only directly from the sun, but also in a scattered form through the clouds.

To do this, it is best to install white blinds, iron or fabric. Ordinary curtains are less effective. The lighter the barrier, the better it reflects thermal radiation. You can also paste the glass with food foil. But there is a minus. it reflects IK radiation inside the room, worsens the cooler of the room at night.

errors when choosing a floor fan and apartment.

When the time comes the heat, not everyone has enough funds and the opportunity to install air conditioning in the apartment or in the house.

over, even if you mounted it, as a rule, it cools only one room. What to do with the rest? Buy and put two, three pieces?

Therefore, most of us begin to look towards a cheaper and familiar solution. floor fans. Such devices should be in every apartment, even for those who already have a full.fledged split system.

Although it is worth recalling for those who are not in the know-the fans actually do not cool the air, but simply drive him around the room back and forth.

So due to what is the cold? Everything is quite simple. Your body reacts to the heat of plentiful sweating. Drops of moisture appear on the surface of the skin.

With their evaporation, excess heat is taken. And an extraneous breath, just the same helps to accelerate this process.

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Especially if the air is dry and is not moisturized by any special devices.

By the way, do not be surprised, but sometimes it happens that the fan does not cool at all, but even performs the reverse function.

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For example, if you place two ice creams on a stick, one of which will melt in a natural way, and direct the fan to the other, then, oddly enough, the second will melt faster.

This is explained by the fact that a layer of cold is formed around the sweet treat, which in some way slows down its melting. And when you direct the fan here, this layer is completely blown away. And the ice cream melts more intense.

Which of this can be drawn a practical conclusion? Since fans are not cold sources, it is difficult to get cold from them than from traditional split systems.

What floor fans to choose for an apartment and at home, and how to avoid the most common mistakes when buying, so that the device worked for you for a long time and safely?

Let’s start with the most important thing. fire and electrical safety. Do not forget that any fan is an electric device.

One careless movement or accidental circuit, and instead of cooling the apartment, you can burn it. And not all of you have special spark.shaped devices that easily prevent such accidents at the initial stage.

make, cool

In case of closing the wiring on the case from the inside, it may well hit you with the current. Therefore, do not transfer the windfall from place to place in the on state.

Pay attention to the case material. On the one hand, whole metal is a great fire safety, but in terms of electrical safety, plastic looks more advantageous.

True, it is desirable that he be non.combustible. Check this in the product passport.

Also, in the documentation, be sure to look for an indication that the engine has protection against overheating. It can be a miniature thermallane that breaks the chain when the temperature of the windings is over 145 degrees.

At this moment, the impeller stops and the engine will not start again until the temperature falls. Without such protection, it is really a fire hazardous unit.

If you think that by buying the most expensive model you will get the best cooling, then you are deeply mistaken. To do this, it is not at all necessary to choose a fan with the highest price tag.

Often, even inexpensive models do very well with their tasks. Let’s clearly compare the effectiveness of the three winds in different price categories:

Cheap models are usually the most flimsy and unstable. Their noise level at maximum speed reaches 70db.

The average version knows how to do the same, but the only thing that is added in it. This is a timer and distance management.

True, his design is more stable, and the material of manufacture is moreatical. This affects the weight of the device.

How to refresh the apartment in the heat?

But why are they cool? Of course, the fan does not cool the air. it simply arranges forced convection, in which the heat from the human body is transmitted to the surrounding air. The fact is that the human body reacts in the heat with increased sweating.

Dense curtains

Dense curtains not only give the room comfort and beauty, but also helps to adjust the air temperature.

make, cool
  • Starting with 8.00 or even earlier, tightly push the curtains so that the sun’s rays do not penetrate inside.
  • Buy dense heavy curtains, and hang the windows overlooking the south.

Interesting! Curtains are considered impassable if no ray fell through the straightened fabric.

Where to put the fan?

The proper installation of fans in the PC. the upper rear must blow out air, and the lower front. blow. Then its circulation will be natural and correct, and the cooling system will work as efficiently as possible.

Bath to help the fan

Open windows are not able to independently solve the problem of hot rooms. Therefore, the bathtub filled with cold water will be an additional step. Naturally, the door should remain open.

To improve heat transfer by circulating air in the bathroom, you can also install a floor fan and adjust the intensity of the blown air flow.

Gaining cold water into the bath, an important moment is the lowering of the part that remained in the pipes. After some time, the “warm water” drains and the really cold will go, which must be assembled.

Homemade air conditioning for home. 5 options. 220V/12V/without electricity.

On hot summer days, many of us go to the country or in a country house. At the same time, not everyone has a full.fledged split system there.

You can of course get out of the situation by installing a mobile option. But here there are problems with the connection and removal of warm air.

What to do? Be tormented? There are no at all, there are at least five ways how to assemble homemade devices that can partially replace a professional air conditioner.

You can make them at home, without special knowledge of thermophysics and special skills of artisan. Let’s look at all these methods in more detail, from ineffective and ending with those that will significantly reduce the temperature by several degrees and comfortably spend the weekend in the country.

Let’s start with an option where no electricity, ice and all kinds of fans are required. Some even try to bring under this method of cooling, the law of preserving perfect gas.

For this homemade miracle you will need a lot of plastic bottles. It is best to take two.liter with large diameter.

Cut the upper part from them along with the neck by about 1/3.

Do not throw off the covers from them, they will also be needed. They only need to be finalized a little. To do this, cut the upper part with a clerical knife.

Next, you will need to get a pantry from the bins or buy a plywood sheet according to the window size. The whole structure is going on it just and gathers.

As a basis, you can use cardboard, such as they do in India or Bangladesh.

It was from there that this method of cooling came.

However, as they say. the rain went, the cardboard left. Therefore, plywood is more stable and reliable material.

On this sheet every 15cm, drill holes along the diameter of the neck of the bottle.

Drill is best to use feathers. But you can use a tree crown.

After the harvesting of all holes, insert bottles into them and fasten it from the back side with cut lids.

The plywood itself is mounted in the bedroom window or the room where the cold is required. If you approach the neck of the bottles and bring your palm to them, you can really feel a cold breath of a cool breeze.

How does it all work? After all, there is no fan or ice that would give such a cool cool? Where does cooling come from?

Inventors explain very simply. A wide part of the bottle that looks at the street works like an air intake. Under the force of the breeze, the air compresses and enters the room with a fan effect.

However, the fulfillment of one condition is required here. the street should be cooler than in the room.

A similar design can work well at night. And there will be no noise from the fan blades.

However, if you think carefully and recall the laws of physics, then not everything is so simple here. Doesn’t the open window look like a narrowed neck of a bottle?

In theory, a large volume of warm air from the street, passing through a narrow window, eventually should give the same cool draft. However, this does not happen.

The same can be said about this “air conditioner”.

make, cool

You simply exclude the penetration of direct rays of the sun with this design. Therefore, the floor and walls are less heat. Hence all the effectiveness.

Where the coolness comes from, because if you bring your hand to the bottles, it really feels?

In fact, you feel this cold not because the air has cooled, but because at a greater speed, the stream takes away from the surface of your body, a larger number of moisture or sweat molecules or sweat.

Hence all the sensations. To really cool the air, it would not require plastic bottles, but a brass of brass, three meters long! The law of energy conservation has not yet been canceled.

Hang foil on the windows in the apartment without air conditioning

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You probably noticed that in some apartments the windows are sealed with foil. This is one of the old and simple ways to protect the room from bright sunlight and thereby escape from the heat without air conditioning. Foil reflects the sun and helps reduce the temperature in the apartment. You can buy foil at any hardware store and just fix it on the glass with a masking tape or soap solution. In the second case, you, however, will have to rip it off with a knife and wash the windows, so you are more convenient to use tape.

This method is saved from heat without air conditioning is effective only if the windows of your apartment overlook the south, and the sun shines in the room from morning to evening. The downside is that with foil on the windows the sunlight almost does not enter the room, and it does not look very aesthetically pleasing.



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