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How to make sugar powder with a submersible blender

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Is it possible to make sugar powder with a submersible blender

Hi, my dear readers! How often do you buy a product in a store, thinking about how it is done? Here, for example, sugar powder. What is she from? That’s right, this is crushed sugar in powder. Why then it costs twice as expensive? Let’s save a little and make it at home. I will gladly share with you tips on how to make sugar in a blender out of sugar.

For the preparation of powdered sugar you need three things:

When choosing sugar, give preference to the smallest. This will be more convenient to grind. In no case do not buy refined for these purposes. Doll sugar is able to ruin the device instantly. If you want sugar powder to be stored for some time, buy corn starch. When adding it, it will not dine or turn into stone.

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Bleader can be chosen any: stationary or submersible. Personally, it is more convenient for me to work the second. But what to choose. you decide.

So this is not a blender, but just a miracle of technology! Often, the hand quickly gets tired and it is impossible to crush something or whip for a long time. But not with this treasure. He has such a convenient handle and does not slip at all at all. Plus there are all the necessary functions and it is convenient to wash it. I was delighted. And how many nozzles, what can be prepared in a blender many different goodies. Okay, I was noticed so far.

make, sugar, powder, submersible, blender

So, some say that to make sugar powder you can use a coffee grinder or a spice mill. I would not advise you. These devices are quite small and it is difficult to completely clean them completely. Want to get a mixture with sharp black pepper? It is exotic, but hardly tasty. And even if you manage to extract everything from them to the last grain, the smell will remain. After all, spices and coffee have a beautiful, but very strong aroma. He will break through the thin sweet smell of powder.

How to make sugar at home or is it possible to grind sugar in a coffee grinder

You can make desserts more attractive in the simplest way. decorate them with colored sugar. 4. Use powder immediately or put in a sealed container. She can perfectly decorate the cakes. Although, frankly, I would recommend using the powder to be bought to prepare mastic. But if you are absolutely confident in your prepared, you can try. After the mass, gradually add 450 grams of powdered sugar and begin to knead the mastic.

You can paint it with food dye in any color. For modeling, get such a mastic in small pieces. Remove the rest in the refrigerator. Here is such beauty from sugar mastic. Write it in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Yeah food dyes are actually a thing, although in Russia they are not common. I somehow decided to make colored dumplings in Thailand. Without it, you can’t make a classic charlotte with apples, do not decorate many other confectionery products, without sugar powder it will also not be possible to make a smooth and shiny glazor for cakes.

The use of a blender

The easiest way is to make sugar powder with a blender. Pay attention to the fact that the bowl of the device should be perfectly dry.

This is due to the fact that even small traces of moisture will completely spoil the product. The powder will turn into lumps, and will be unsuitable for use.

It is worth noting that often sugar sprinkle is used as a colored glaze. To do this, it is recommended to add a small amount of dye to the container.

The process of making sugar powder using a blender consists of the following stages:

  • The required amount of product is poured into the bowl of the device;
  • The blender is set at maximum speed;
  • After the processing is completed, you need to turn off the device.

It takes about 3 minutes to grind sugar for sugar. After the end of the process, do not immediately open the blender cover. the powder should settle on the bottom.

A mortar with a pestle

To grind sugar, you can use a special mortar and pestle. In a larger mortar, 2 tablespoons of sugar can be grind in a couple of minutes. And when using a small capacity (up to 150 ml), the process can be too laborious and prolonged.

To get a small fraction powder, it is necessary to rub sugar as carefully as possible. If he began to dust and stick on the walls of the mortar, then the powder is ready.

Tip: To get high.quality, small sugar powder, you can not fill the mortar with sugar more than 1.3 of its volume. It is better to rub in small portions.

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Types of powder

Culinary cooks use powder of different fractions. There are three groups of grinding:

  • Large. It is already difficult to call sugar sugar, but it has not yet become powder. Such a grind in a mortar.
  • Average. Add to fix the soft surfaces of sweets (for example, marmalade).
  • Small. Normal powder for the preparation of confectionery dishes.

A good mistress knows how to cook sugar at home.

There are types of powder that receive only production means. These include:

Заморозка КЛУБНИКИ на зиму проверенными способами

  • Colored, made of painted refinade, or with mixing when chopping culinary dye.
  • With flavors (for example, vanilla) to decorate and give a delicate aroma.
  • Bukaniev. medium.sized powder for decoration. Does not absorb moisture, and therefore does not melt.
  • With corn starch. Less sweet and suitable for adding to biscuit or for mastic recipes.

With starch, the product retains more frustration.


If you have no electrical appliances and mortars at home, you can take a rolling pin. You will also need a large cutting board (preferably wooden), a small sieve and a paper bag. It is very convenient to use rectangular paper bags from under Bukhankaa.

So, to make sugar with a rolling pin, you will need:

  • Pour 0.5-1 cup sugar into a package.
  • Evenly distribute sugar inside the package and place it on a cutting board.
  • Now vigorously and with force begin to roll out a rolling bag, periodically performing rubbing movements.
  • When the sugar grows to the state of the powder, serenne it through the smallest sieve to remove unchanged grains from the powder.

Tip: instead of a rolling pin, you can use an empty glass bottle or jar.

make, sugar, powder, submersible, blender

Ways to make sugar powder blender

Preparing sprinkling at home is very simple. It is enough to have a powerful blender at hand, a little sugar and corn starch. The whole procedure will not take much time. Crushing in the usual household device occurs within about 3 minutes.

Important! Corn starch added during the preparation helps to maintain a crumbly powder, prevents its dumping in com. It is this ingredient that is added to the production.

Prepared sugar-sand is poured into a clean and dry blender bowl, a little corn starch (up to 10% of the total volume) is added, the lid is installed and the nozzle is turned on.

make, sugar, powder, submersible, blender

After the set time, you need to turn off the device and wait a bit while fine dust settles along the walls and at the bottom of the bowl. Then carefully open the lid and pour the prepared sprinkle into the dishes.

Before cooking, you should read the instructions for household appliances. If it does not indicate that sugar is allowed, you should not do this. Chalice or knives can seriously suffer. Apparently, they are not designed to grind solid products. In other cases, sugar is easily crushed.

Real sugar at home in a blender: some tips

Sugar processing at home is simple and will even save you a little money. Consider several additional techniques that will help to successfully complete the operation:

  • In the presence of a large blender, there is a temptation to load it in full to quickly achieve the result. So, you should not do this, the best results will be in small batches. One, maximum two cups at a time. the best option.
  • Mistresses who already know how to cook sugar at home add a little corn starch. The industrial product also contains it. this prevents curtaining and increases the thickening ability of sugar, which is important for making glaze or cream. At home you add tablespoons of starch for every 200 g of sugar, and get a good result. For dietary reasons, you can abandon it.
  • Keep in mind that sugar scratches the bowl, especially if it is made of plastic. This leads to scratches and spots in which the ingredients will be stuck in the future. If you plan to regularly make powder, then think about using a special bowl for this operation. Fortunately, now ordering a separate spare part for a blender is not a problem.

How much will you save money?

If we take the average cost of powdered sugar, then, having made it on its own, the price will drop almost twice. The benefit is even more tangible when you use a sugar substitute. In any case, the advantages of the home method are obvious.


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