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How to make homemade wax for waxing

Peculiarities of the procedure

Hair removal with waxing is also often called “waxing. Basically, it is the application of a wax base on the surface of the skin and hair. In the case of the classic hot version of the product gradually cools and “grabs” the hair, after which they can simply be torn from the skin in one movement.

At first it may seem like a rather peculiar method of removing unwanted vegetation from the body, which is suitable only for the lazy. But it has a few advantages that make waxing a smarter option than regular shaving.

  • The effectiveness of the method is much higher. Even the thinnest and sharpest blade only cuts some of the hairs that are above the surface of the skin. That’s why after shaving in just a few days the most real stubble begins to appear on the arms, legs and armpits. The wax removes the hairs along with the root, leaving the skin perfectly smooth.
  • Due to the fact that waxing removes hair roots, the effect of the procedure lasts not a couple of days, but several weeks.
  • Despite the painfulness, hair removal with waxing. Not as traumatic for the skin compared to the same blades, because there are no scratches, cuts and other deep lesions of thin dermis, which can provoke infectious diseases.
  • Using a razor causes a lot of redness and irritation that can last for days. Similar skin irritation after waxing goes away literally the day after procedures.
  • The hair that sprouts after waxing is lighter and thinner. They are not as noticeable and dense as stubble after shaving.
  • Beeswax is a fairly well-known element in cosmetology, which has a lot of useful qualities. Its application during epilation has a gentle effect on the skin, comparable to professional peeling. Again, the simple soapy substance and blades, on the contrary, dry out the skin;
  • Since waxing removes the hair follicle, if the procedure is repeated regularly, hair in unwanted areas can stop growing altogether. Removing a hair partially, as with shaving, only produces more hair growth.
  • Hair is more thinning and brittle, so it won’t itch as much after waxing.
  • Despite common myths that waxing is the best way to remove unwanted hair. It’s very painful, so compared to shaving, it’s a winner. To carry out such procedures once a month is much more pleasant than to wield a blade on the skin, which has not yet had time to properly recover from the previous time.
  • Performing waxing is easier, especially if you use a salon service. But even at home, waxing doesn’t require the same dodginess as shaving to remove hair in the hardest to reach places. That’s why these treatments can guarantee complete smoothness.

Wax for shugaring at home: 3 best recipes

Sugaring is probably the most budget-friendly way of waxing, as you can use it not only in the salon, but also at home with products that are always on hand. During the procedure, shugaring unnecessary hairs are removed by means of a soft sugary caramel, which is rolled into balls. Balls in turn are applied to the skin against the growth of hair, flattened and torn off in the direction of growth. However, in order for the procedure to be painless and effective, you must know how to properly prepare the same sugar wax. Choose one of our 3 recipes, and go for it!

Recipe for Sugar Sugar Shugaring Paste

  • Mix all the ingredients in a saucepan and cook over low heat, stirring constantly until a delicate caramel color is obtained. Constantly make sure not to overcook the paste, because otherwise it will just solidify and turn into caramel. The color of properly cooked pasta should be slightly darker than light beer.
  • Take the pan off the heat and let the cooked sugar paste cool down a bit.
  • The mixture should roll up into a ball easily. If it is too runny or sticky on your hands, put it on the stove for a few minutes more.

Recipe for Honey Paste for Shugaring

  • Mix all the ingredients in a saucepan, and simmer over low heat.
  • Once the mixture has boiled, let it simmer for 5 minutes, then cover and continue to simmer, stirring occasionally, for about 20 minutes.
  • Once the paste has the right hue, remove the pan from the stove and let the wax cool.

Recipe for paste with citric acid

  • Mix all the ingredients and cook over low heat, stirring constantly, until honey-colored. As with the first recipe, don’t let the paste burn.
  • The consistency is the same: the resulting wax for shugaring should roll into a ball. However, the mixture can be a liquid, but then you will have to epilate with special strips.

To see clearly how to cook wax for shugaring, and how to perform the procedure itself, watch this video.


Wax for epilation at home: the recipe of the expert

There is no painless hair removal, although every commercial shouts about this magical property. over, salespeople often lie about the perfect result. Expert “Everything will be good” beautician Tatiana Kushnirenko knows how to make waxing for hair removal at home, which from the first use will surprise you with its final result. So, how to cook wax for hair removal at home, read in our article.

  • Melt the wax granules in a water bath, mix thoroughly to a thick consistency.
  • Use special wooden spatulas to apply the wax. You can buy them in cosmetic stores or order them online. 100 pieces of such spatulas cost about 45 hryvnias.

The properties of each ingredient that makes up the wax:

Sugar. we can say that it is the main ingredient of the wax, the main fixer of the hairs.

Lemon juice. a natural acid that cleanses the skin, dissolves keratinized particles and makes the skin smooth.

Beeswax. disinfects, reduces inflammation, promotes tissue regeneration, has an analgesic effect, moisturizes.

Honey. in this procedure creates a detox effect for the skin: cleanses pores, cleanses the skin of toxins, promotes the restoration of skin health.

All components are absolutely safe to use. The only contraindication is individual intolerance to honey and beeswax.

You can do a little test beforehand to see if you are allergic to something: Place a small piece of the product on your skin around your wrist and hold for a few minutes. If you do not experience redness, rashes, itching or other signs of allergies during this time you can safely use the product.

Another contraindication is skin lesions. If you have open wounds, cuts, scratches, burns, rashes or warts on the area with unwanted hair, you should not apply hot wax on these places. It is better to wait until the complete healing. If you wax your bikini zone, make sure you do not have any dermatologic diseases. And in the area of warts is easier to remove hair with ordinary tweezers.

As for painlessness, it is believed that the pain threshold of women and men is different. It’s true. In addition, everyone is different. This is why you can never guarantee that by buying some miracle wax, you will not feel pain at all.

After waxing use creams containing B vitamins or a soothing ingredient such as panthenol. If we talk about folk methods of pain relief, you can try ice before epilation. It works on the principle of lidocaine, freezing a certain area of skin for a while.

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Peculiarities of waxing at home for some areas

Every part of the body has its own particularities that need to be taken into consideration when waxing at home.


The intimate area is considered the most delicate, so depilation at home should be performed with extreme caution. To begin with, be sure to steam your skin under the shower with a mild scrub, which will help remove dead cells. Since the skin in the bikini is too sensitive, before you wax it must be anesthetized.

To remove hairs it is better to use a film or hot wax. Strips should be short and narrow enough (no more than 7 cm), and removal should be performed along the hair growth. Be sure to pull the skin taut when tearing the strip. After the procedure at home it is worth to treat the skin with soothing cream.

It’s a good idea to remove deep bikini hair with an epilator instead of waxing. The electric device will get rid of vegetation more gently and eliminate pain. For information on how to use an epilator, see this link. If you don’t already own one, why not check out the Braun models in our catalog! Epilators from the German brand are equipped with a floating head, which adapts to the contours of the body and can easily get rid of unwanted hair, even in such difficult areas as the intimate area.


The armpit area is no less sensitive than the bikini, so it also requires the use of a local anesthetic. Increased sweating, which can prevent the wax from sticking, adds to the soreness. To simplify depilation, before the procedure, the armpits should be treated with talcum powder or baby powder.

Since the skin of the legs is less sensitive, it is possible to wax large areas at once. The skin above the knee must be always stretched before tearing the strip, below you can do without stretching. When waxing your knees, it is advisable to bend your leg. This will raise the hairs, allowing the wax to stick better.

Eyebrow correction

When correcting the eyebrows use hot or foil wax. The first apply only along the hair growth, the second in any direction. Soak the skin in a steam bath before the treatment. It is important that your face is free of pimples, blackheads and other blemishes. Removing the wax is done in the opposite direction to the application of the wax. After depilation on the treated area is necessary to apply a special agent designed for such a procedure.

make, homemade, waxing

Depilation with wax and sugar at home

Everyone knows that such a delicate and sensitive process as depilation should be entrusted to professionals. Despite this, there are always women who want to independently carry out the procedure of shugaring or wax depilation at home. It is extremely difficult, as the skill of depilation. It is a whole art. Depilation requires a certain skill, not without reason a lot of waxing and sugar removal techniques have been invented.


Even masters with many years of experience and great practice very rarely do depilation by themselves.

Areas available for depilation at home

Arm and leg areas are quite available for self-depilation at home, while the issue of hair removal underarms and deep bikini zone can cause difficulties, because these areas are more difficult to access. Incorrect depilation procedure is fraught with bruises for you and can provoke mass ingrowth of hair, which threatens more serious problems with the skin.

What method of depilation to choose?

In order to determine which method of depilation to choose, wax or sugar, consider our recommendations:

  • People who have no experience in the field of depilation, it will be easier to use wax, as it is more convenient to use. As a rule, depilation with wax at home comes out cheaper than shugaring, because the wax for depilation requires less than sugar paste.
  • The conduct of depilation requires the same possession of special techniques, hand movements in the process is strictly regulated. Conducting shugaring requires a certain skill, which is taught at special courses. Also, if you do the procedure of sugar depilation at home, probably inexperience you will use up a large amount of sugar paste.

At the same time, the wax must be heated, bringing it to a strictly defined temperature. If the temperature is higher than normal, you risk getting a burn, if lower. you will traumatize your skin.

In any case, we recommend that you start experimenting with depilation at home with wax, if the result will please you, continue to use wax. If not. you can try to get rid of unwanted vegetation with sugar paste.

It is important!

For any type of depilation, whether it is wax or sugar, you need to remember that during the removal of the composition you need to pull the skin. If you do not stretch the skin, you will get bruises. Also remember that the tear composition, wax or sugar, must be strictly parallel to the skin.

Before and after depilation at home

It is very important to carry out a set of mandatory procedures before and after depilation. This applies to both shugaring and waxing.

1 In order to wax your hair, it needs to be at an optimal length. 5-7 mm. This will greatly facilitate the procedure;

2 Before the procedure, it is necessary to prepare the depilated area. For cleansing and disinfection Aravia gel with chamomile before depilation is excellent. We advise you to buy this product, it is not expensive, and it lasts for a long time. If you still do not have the ability or do not want to buy a special product, you can use chlorhexidine. In any case, you must treat the skin to clean it from sweat, deodorant, dirt;

3 Then dry your skin. For this purpose it is necessary to put a thin layer of talcum powder on the depilated area. The product of the above-mentioned brand Aravia is suitable for this purpose. And even better. We recommend buying Johnson’s Baby Powder, which you can find at any drugstore or baby store. It has almost the same composition as the professional Aravia, the effect will be the same, and it costs much cheaper;

4 Carry out the depilation procedure at home;

5 After the procedure, you need to treat the area with a soothing cream that restores the natural acid-alkaline balance of the skin. Bepanten or Panthenol ointments are also good for this.

6 In addition to all of the above, be sure to follow our recommendations about what you can and what not to do after the depilation procedure.

Depilation with wax at home

As we said earlier, the greatest difficulty for the novice waxer will achieve the desired temperature of the wax. To do this, it is best to buy a wax melter. a device that heats the wax to a special temperature. Of course, you can melt the wax in the microwave oven, but then you will not be sure that you could achieve the desired temperature. Recall, if the wax is hotter than necessary, you can burn yourself. If it will be colder, it is fraught with skin injuries. If you still want to neglect the purchase of a wax maker, try to find a special wax that can be heated in the microwave oven. It is less risky that way.

Waxing with cassettes

For all areas except bikini and underarms, we recommend our warm cassette wax (also often referred to as cold wax). The cassettes have a roller at the end and work like a ballpoint pen.

1 You apply the wax cartridge to the skin along the hair growth. It is very important! It is necessary to apply the wax exactly along the hairline! If the directions are wrong, you run the risk of breaking the hair, causing it to grow back, with serious consequences for the skin;

2 Put a special bandage on the depilated area. A cloth strip, sold in the same specialized stores as the wax;

3 Do not wait, immediately rip the strip parallel to the skin strictly against the growth of hair.

Waxing with hot wax

For bikini and underarms we recommend hot wax. The hairs in these areas are thick and strong, warm and wax them simply “will not take. The BEAUTY IMAGE low-temperature wax, “Sweet Dreams” scaffolding is the best one to use. For non-professionals, this particular mowing line’s waxes are ideal for the job. Sweet Dreams braids waxes are packaged in plastic jars and can be heated in the microwave. They are ideal for waxing at home such areas as bikini and underarms.You will also need wooden spatulas, similar to popsicle sticks. Spatulas are sold where the waxes are, and are inexpensive.

1 First, you heat the wax in a wax maker, or in the microwave oven. The instructions for the wax should detail how to heat it. For example, a full jar of wax needs to be heated in the microwave, usually for two minutes on medium power;

2 Then you need to take the heated wax with a spatula and apply it to depiliruemuyu area a kind of “pancake” about the size of two matchboxes and a thickness of 1-2 mm. On the side that you will pull, you need to leave a flat “tongue”. A small offshoot that does not stick to the skin;

3 Next, you need to wait a few seconds. You check with your finger, if your finger doesn’t stick, you can tear off the wax;

4 Sharp movement, parallel to the skin, by the tongue remove the wax;


5 Repeat the steps until you get the result;

6 After you finish the procedure, the remains of wax can be washed off with mineralized oil. Already familiar to us, the brand Aravia has introduced a diverse selection of quality wax-cleansing oils. Anything else will make it very difficult to remove the stuck wax.


If you put your second hand to the depilated area immediately after you removed the wax or sugar, that is, pulled the hair, and hold for a few seconds, the pain will decrease.

Sugar depilation (shugaring) at home

How to choose a paste for sugar depilation at home

For non-professionals who wish to independently learn the skill of sugar depilation at home, the best are medium-density sugar pastes, such as “Aravia tropical”.

On the Internet you can often find articles about that sugar paste for shugaring can be cooked at home by yourself. Do not believe the tales from the Internet, buy a quality sugar paste of a proven brand, such as Cannaan or Aravia. It is important that the materials are good. In that case, if during shugaring you something will not work, then at least it will be clear that the reason for this is your action, and not the paste.

make, homemade, waxing

Understand, brewing the right and suitable sugar paste is extremely difficult. It only seems that guided by a recipe from a women’s online forum, you can mix sugar with citric acid, and you get ready to shugaring paste. In fact, there are a huge number of nuances in this matter, such as temperature, pressure, cooking time and more. Reason yourself, even the major manufacturers spend years working out recipes good paste for shugaring. And at the same time, not everyone manages to make a sugar paste suitable for work. Quality brands on the market. units. And to make a good sugar paste for depilation at home with the first, second or even tenth time at all is impossible.

Some sugar pastes need to be heated a little before use, some do not need to be heated. Carefully read the instructions. For example, the above mentioned paste “Aravia tropical” requires first heating in a microwave oven for 20-30 seconds. This is to make it easier to take with a spatula.

Among other things, note that when depilating with sugar at home is better to use a wooden spatula. In this case you will not need nitrile gloves, and your hands will not heat the paste. The procedure will be easier for you.

Sugar waxing technique at home

1 You need to scoop up a small amount of sugar paste with a spatula about the size of a small walnut;

2 Apply the paste strictly against the growth of hair (t.е. the same as with wax, only the other way around). The paste should be applied in a dabbing motion into the skin. This is to ensure that the paste can penetrate as deeply as possible to the base of the hair;

3 Press down, as if rubbing the paste into the skin. Repeat the movement several times;

4 Then, the last time, it is necessary to apply all the paste from the spatula and sharply remove the spatula with the hair, strictly along the hair growth and parallel to the skin.

The hands and feet, because of their large area, it is better to do manually, operating with a large volume of sugar paste. And even better. with a sugar cartridge and a cloth band. Aravia also has good sugar pastes in cartridges.

The essence of this procedure is the same as in the wax depilation at home cartridge.

  • You need to apply the sugar paste cartridge on the depilatory area. Do not forget to apply the sugar paste should be strictly against the growth of hair!
  • Next, you put a bandage, and then a sharp movement parallel to the skin and along the hair growth tear it off;
  • Do not wait between applying and removing the paste.

Zones for sugar depilation at home

We would like to pay special attention to depilation zones. If you do decide to try to make depilation with sugar at home, we suggest you start with at least a leg area above the knee. If you inexperience will put himself a bruise in this area, at least it will not be so noticeable. In addition the hair in this area is not very hard and thick. Carrying out the depilation procedure at home, make sure that the hairs do not break off. If the technique is followed correctly, it should be pulled out with the roots. If you see that the hairs break off without a root, that is break off, then you spend the procedure incorrectly. This is a direct road to ingrowth of hair into the skin with all that it implies.

If the above-knee area is successful, you can then try depilatory depilation below the knee.

Be prepared for the fact that to depilate the deep bikini zone on their own is extremely difficult. If the pubic part is still more or less accessible, then with those areas that are below, and even more so, behind, to work extremely difficult. Even professional experienced masters do not undertake, as a rule, to depilate the bikini zone on their own. In addition to the fact that this area is very difficult to access, the hair on it is very thick, strong, it is easy to break them, and they grow into the skin. And ingrown hairs and, consequently, abscesses in such a delicate area. It’s a serious challenge for any woman and her health.

This is important!

To depilate the face sugar is also quite dangerous. You can easily put a noticeable bruise on the face. But, nevertheless, it is easier to depilate than the same bikini zone. On the face, at least, the hairs are usually thin, easy to pull out, and much more convenient to access.

In any case, strictly follow our recommendations, and then there is a chance that you will achieve the desired result!

Any woman who has ever tried the procedure of depilation at home understands that depilation is a real art that requires skill and experience. We advise you to address this delicate issue to experienced skilled craftsmen, who will quickly and painlessly help you get rid of unwanted body hair. Exactly the kind of specialists will be happy to welcome you at Depilux Health and Beauty Studio! Taking care of your beauty and our reputation, we work only with high quality and professional materials, we have a state-approved medical license.

How to do waxing with pre-made wax strips

The obvious advantage of ready-made wax strips is that you will not have to heat the wax and clean the bathroom from its drips. However, using strips is a little more painful than hot wax.

Choose strips designed specifically for the area of the body that you are going to treat.

make, homemade, waxing

Warm the wax strip between your palms for a few seconds, then gently remove the protective layer.

DIY Sugaring Wax Recipe and Tutorial

Lay the strip waxed down on the epilation site and quickly smooth it out in the direction of the hair growth. Press the strip firmly against your body and let it sit on your skin for a few seconds.

Slightly pull and press the strip under the skin with the palm of your hand, and then quickly and sharply remove the wax against the hair growth.

Try to keep the strip as close to the skin as possible, i.e. do not pull it up, but quickly pull it towards the body.

You can use one strip 1-3 times. If it already does not grip the hairs well, replace it with the next one.

Waxing at home

For your first attempt at self-waxing at home, the hairs on your legs are fine. To perform the procedure properly and safely, they should be 5 to 10 mm long.

Clean the skin, degrease and dry it. After cooking, let the homemade “wax” cool down a little for 10 minutes a little earlier application may lead to burns. Apply the paste in the opposite direction to the hair growth. Use your hand to smooth it out to make sure the wax is perfectly flat on your skin. Wait a minute, then vigorously tear off the cured paste, moving it against the hair growth.

Remove the remnants of wax from the skin after depilation is very easy to do it will help lint-free cloth soaked in olive oil. If you do not have oil, ordinary warm water will also work. After waxing, be sure to use an oil-based soothing cream on the skin afterwards.

Of course, your first few attempts at epilation and depilation at home might not be entirely successful. To learn this method, you need practice.

If you are not sure that you can prepare high-quality homemade “wax” at home, go to a beauty supply store. Store wax has many advantages:

  • It does not sensitize or irritate the skin, moisturizing it;
  • It works effectively;
  • Inexpensive compared to professional hair removal treatments in beauty salons.

What it takes?

For the preparation of homemade wax used for depilation, it is necessary to use certain ingredients.

Natural beeswax

This product can be found in briquetted form, it has been cleared of foreign impurities and can be used for cosmetic procedures. The color of the wax in this case does not play a special role, it can be yellowish-white or dark brown. It depends on the variety of plants from which the bees collected honey. It is best to buy a wax that does not have any dyes added to improve its color. When choosing a wax, make sure the composition of the wax is even, and that it does not contain any impurities in the form of foreign substances or bee debris.

If the wax crumbles when you hit the briquette, it means you have a good and completely natural product, so you can safely buy it. A counterfeit just crumples when you hit it, you should know that. There is one more way to determine the good product: if you scratch the surface of the briquette with a knife blade, the natural wax will be rolled in long shavings, while the fake will just crumble without producing any curls.

When the beeswax is melted, its color does not change, only if the product includes propolis, the wax may take on a slightly greenish hue, but it does not affect the effectiveness of depilation.

Palm carnauba wax

It is a natural product and is obtained by a special process of palm leaf processing. The product looks like whitish-yellow flakes that have no odor, but to the touch they are quite dense. Carnauba wax can be purchased in specialized stores. It is used as an alternative to beeswax in cases of allergic intolerance to bee products. Palm product is hypoallergenic, and in addition, it has the property to soften the skin surface, and additionally nourish and moisturize it.


A product of petroleum refining, it is thick and a little oily to the touch. Sold in briquettes, paraffin is odorless and tasteless. To prepare the composition used for depilation purposes, it is recommended to choose only pure white paraffin, as yellow product indicates a weak level of purification of the product from oil components.

The use of paraffin is necessary, because this ingredient improves the plasticity of the mixture, as well as moisturizes and softens the skin.

  • Pine rosin. The product is made from the resin of conifers, and it has a corresponding smell. Add rosin to the mixture for depilation in order to give the wax a special plasticity and improve the adhesion of the material to the surface of the skin. The natural product has an amber-yellow color and is sold in solid pieces.

Homemade wax for depilation is a good alternative to a purchased product, but only if all the ingredients have a good degree of purification and high quality.

In addition to these components, a sugar ingredient may also be added to the mixture, and the composition is not only applied by applying it to the skin, but also made wax strips with it.

Pros and cons of waxing

The disadvantages of waxing are associated with noncompliance with technique and subjective sensations. Inexperienced hands can easily damage the skin with sticky warm waxes, and if the composition is overheated, you can get a burn.



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