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How to make home waxing for waxing

How to properly wax at home step by step

There are 2 types of removal of excess body hair waxing and depilation. During the depilation procedure, the hairs are removed only from the top, but during waxing they are removed together with the root part, i.e. е. hair follicle. If you have already depilation, waxing at home should be done after the hairs will grow back a little. It is necessary to consider how to do the procedure at home.

Hot wax

Such a procedure is performed by a specialist in a clinic or beauty salon, t. к. If done incorrectly, there is a high risk of burns. The consistency of hot wax is similar to melted plastic. Due to the high temperature the skin is well steamed and the removal is as painless as possible. Additional anesthesia is not required even when hair removal in the bikini zone, armpits, or on the face.

If you decide to use hot wax, prepare vegetable oil or moisturizing cream, a clean towel, powder that does not contain talcum powder. Warm the wax to a temperature of about 40 ° C. This is done in a water bath or in a special machine. The consistency should be similar to that of liquid honey. Wash the surface to be treated and dry it with a towel. It is desirable to degrease the skin with the prepared powder. The wax is applied to the skin and spread with a spatula, and a strip of special paper or cloth is placed on top.

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After that it is necessary to choose a moment so that the wax hardens, but has not had time to become hard. Then pull the strip with a sharp movement against the natural hair growth. The skin should be held with a free hand. After the procedure is finished, soothe the irritation with oil or moisturizing cream. As part of the wax masses for the hot method of hair removal are essential and plant extracts that moisturize and nourish the skin. Do not reapply the composition and do additional waxing. Remaining hairs should be removed with tweezers.

Warm wax

This method is inexpensive and simple. The composition is more viscous and soft and can be used to remove hair over a large area, such as the back, arms, legs. Available in warm wax cartridges that are heated in a water bath or in a wax melter. The temperature of the wax must be constantly checked. The duration of heating depends on the manufacturer and the density of the substance. The easiest way to heat the composition in the wax melter, where it melts within 20-30 minutes.

Before the procedure, the skin should be cleaned and degreased. If the content is heated with a wax melter, you should not take it out of the machine, because there is a special applicator for application. When heated in a water bath is used spatula, which the wax is applied in the direction of hair growth, and is removed in the opposite direction. Layer to be smoothed out with a strip of cloth.

In order to grasp the applied composition when removing it, it is necessary to trim the wax, leaving a small tail. After it cools, grip it and move it briskly against the hair. Excessive pieces of composition are removed with a napkin moistened with oil. On the skin is applied antiseptic for disinfection and soothing gel. The product range is wide, it includes a variety of nourishing, hypoallergenic flavored and vitamin additives.

Cold wax

Cold waxing is widespread for use at home. It is enough to take a ready-made strip, warm it a little in the palms of your hands and you can start the procedure. It does not take long to remove and the result lasts about 2-3 weeks. Cold waxing is usually practiced for the leg area and is popular among consumers. There are smaller strips, designed specifically for hair removal on the face or in delicate areas.

The surface must be dry before epilating. You can take a warm shower 2 hours before the procedure. Removal strips come in paper or cloth based. The kit includes wipes to remove any residue. The strip is separated into two halves and both are glued to the skin, smoothing along the hair growth in several movements, then sharply removed in the opposite direction. This method is the easiest and easiest to use.

The cartridges

For vaksynga at home convenient to use wax in a cartridges containers that contain the product, which heats up before using in a specially designed for this machine. After heating, a special nozzle is put on the cartridge, through which the content is applied in a thin layer to the area to be treated, and as it cools, it is removed. The only disadvantage of using the cartridges is the difficulty in removing tougher hair.

How to prepare wax for depilation at home

An important role in the rite of beauty for every woman is the removal of excess vegetation on the body. There are many ways to achieve this goal, but each of them has its own disadvantages and advantages. Weighing all the advantages and disadvantages, we can conclude that all the same in the first place for women is such a method of hair removal as wax depilation. How to prepare a wax for hair removal at home, as well as what is the proper care of the skin, let’s find out in detail.

Waxing. hair removal with a mixture based on paraffin, glycerin and two types of wax. This method of hair removal can be done at home even with no experience and minimal skill. Before boiling the mixture, prepare the necessary materials and work space.

Waxing (from English “wax”. wax). the most ancient way of depilation with wax, it has been used for thousands of years by Egyptian queens. Russian annals tell that Princess Olga introduced hair removal with hot resin and wax. Such procedures were not only a tribute to beauty and tradition: skin cleansed of hair was no longer a breeding ground for vermin. Today, mastering vaxing at home, every girl can remove hair from the desired area and save time and money.

How the wax works

The special mixture, based on the wax, is brought to the desired temperature and applied thinly to the skin. The heated composition has a viscous consistency and envelopes each hair. A tissue strip is placed on the waxed area. Then it comes off together with the vegetation. Hair growth is restored only after 1-1,5 months.

Important: the wax composition is applied to the skin along the hair growth, and tear off. against the growth.

Types of waxing

The temperature of the waxing mixture depends on the area to be treated:

  • Hard wax heated to 45-48 ° C, is used for sensitive areas under the arms and bikini, on the face. Hot wax opens pores well, which dulls the pain of tearing off. This method is used to remove stiff and thick hair. The technology requires certain skills and strict temperature control to avoid burns.
  • The soft wax is heated to 38-40°C. It’s easier to wax large areas like your hands and feet. Warm wax is perfect for your first waxing skills. It is more painful than the previous one, but excludes the possibility of skin burns.
  • Wax for cold vaxing not prepared at home. Buy paper tissues with a sticky layer is heated in the hands, glued to the skin and pulled away. The procedure is painful and ineffective, t. к. The remaining hairs have to be removed with tweezers.

What you need to make your own wax

Waxing mixture is a combination of different components: beeswax, resins, waxes. Cheaper to make it at home. Self-made waxing mixtures are safe and hypoallergenic.

Essential ingredients

For each of the following recipes you will need the following ingredients:

  • Natural beeswax is an essential ingredient for waxing mixtures; it softens the skin and doesn’t clog pores.
  • Carnauba wax. the hardest of all known waxes; contains resins, fatty alcohols, esters, acids, gives the product plasticity, viscosity.
  • Glycerin; prevents the skin from drying out during waxing.
  • Paraffin; used to soften the skin.
  • Rosin. a substance extracted from pine or spruce resin; enhances adhesion of wax mixture to the skin surface.

The necessary ingredients for waxing waxes are available in some drugstores and natural cosmetics stores.

Handmade remedies

In addition to the components of the composition, additional materials will be needed for the preparation and use of waxing:

  • To heat the wax and mix the ingredients it is best to use a wax melter. a container with a temperature indicator and thermostat. For home use, the jar version with a working volume of 400 ml is suitable. You can also melt warm wax in a water bath.
  • Stir heated mixture is recommended with a wooden or plastic spatula, with which the wax is then applied to the skin.
  • To work with warm wax, you need strips of paper or cloth. You can buy them in a store or make your own. Material: thick tracing paper, baking paper, cotton, linen, but in no case synthetic, which sticks to the wax, it is difficult to tear off and provokes skin irritation. The optimal width is 5 cm and the length 7-8 cm. Too short strips will be difficult to grip and tear off, and too long increases the painfulness of the procedure.

Photo gallery: equipment for home vaksin

To work with the hot wax you will need a wax-melter to control the temperature of the mixture Wax strips can be made yourself from cotton, thick tracing paper or baking paper Spatulas are used to stir the wax and apply it to the skin areas

Using wax for waxing

Before the procedure of hair removal with prepared wax, it is necessary to prepare the skin. First of all, the skin should be cleaned in the most thorough way. This is done in order to improve the interaction of the wax with the skin.

It is also highly recommended to put almond essential oil on the hands before the start, that way the wax mass will not get sticky. The area to be treated must be disinfected and degreased.

The application of liquid wax on the desired area

Then proceed directly to the procedure itself. To do this, the wax mixture is applied with a spatula to the desired area, this should be done in the direction in which the hair grows.

With a sharp movement of the hand, again in the direction of growth, remove the mass. What is left of the wax is removed with a designated oil.

Preparation Recipes

How can you make a wax for hair removal at home, if you do not want to buy immediately ready-made in specialized stores? The minus of these is the presence of secondary additives in the composition. It will be much more effective to make wax at home to be sure of all the ingredients.

Classic variant

The base for the creation of bee-based wax is honey in the honeycomb. Step by step instructions:

  • Get honey from the honeycomb;
  • Empty honeycomb is placed in a metal dish, melted in a water bath;
  • After the mass is liquefied, it is poured over cold water;
  • Wax hardens quickly. You can take it out and use it for its intended purpose.

Please note! In some stores you can buy granules of dry wax. However, it is necessary to strictly adhere to the recipe (the portion is designed for a certain cooking time), indicated on the package. Otherwise the wax will not adhere well to the hair.

Prepared wax pellets and preparation aids for the substance

With glycerin

This recipe is very popular, as glycerin has a positive effect on the skin, further softening it during the procedure.

The wax is placed in a metal dish and melted in a water bath. At the very end, when the composition has been liquefied, glycerin is added. To further enrich the composition, you can add 2 drops of essential oils.

Liquid wax

Usually the mixture hardens instantly and becomes solid after it has cooled down completely. To apply it, you need to warm it up before the procedure.

However, there is a composition that even after complete cooling does not change the texture, and when warmed in the hands acquires additional elasticity. For this reason it is called liquid wax and is often used for correcting eyebrows. It is very similar to the paste for shugaring, but it does not contain water.

Honey with sugar must be heated in a water bath, you get a homogeneous mass in terms of consistency. Then paraffin is added, and the substance is thoroughly mixed until all particles have thoroughly dissolved. After removing from the fire, lavender oil (2-3 drops) is added to the mixture.

Additional information. Liquid wax can not be stored, so immediately after preparation it must be used.

Lovers of pleasant smells at the time of depilation can prepare a caramel paste, which includes lemon juice, water and sugar.

Working Principle

The principle of vaxing is based on pulling hairs with the root through an adhesive mixture, which includes oils and resins. The latter components provide hair grip, while the former provide care and moisturizing. The product is applied to the skin, then a strip is applied and pulled sharply off the area.

There are several types of this product on the market, but not everyone is suitable for home use. For some you need a special device for heating. a wax melter.

The choice of product depends on what area of the body will be treated. Use hot, warm and cold wax. The higher the temperature of the remedy, the less unpleasant it is. This is due to the ability of heat to reduce pain.

The waxing kit includes the following items:

  • Cartridges or jars with the product. used in different densities depending on the depilatory zone.
  • Wax melter. the device heats the desired amount of product to a certain temperature.
  • Spatula. you’ll need one when working with preparations which are sold in jars.
  • Strips. For waxing designed cloth and paper strips. They are applied after the mixture is applied along the hair growth and torn off with it. For bikini zone and legs fit strips up to 20 cm.
  • Cosmetic wipes. remove product residue and take care of the skin, nourishing, moisturizing and relieving irritation. They include various extracts, vitamins and essential oils.

What you need for waxing at home

Before you start waxing procedure at home to purchase materials, tools, decide on the technique of depilation. For sensitive areas of the body is good hot wax. To remove vegetation in other areas can use any composition. The mixture for the session can be prepared by yourself or use ready-made can brands. In addition, you should prepare for manipulation in advance, which allows you to avoid unpleasant consequences.

The first time waxing is recommended in the salon. An experienced beautician will prompt the most successful versions of compositions, you can observe the technique of execution.

What you need instruments for vaksin

Despite the simplicity of the method, waxing requires special skills and special equipment. To conduct a session you will need:

  • lotion;
  • talcum powder for drying;
  • finished wax, depending on the method it can be a cartridge, plates or pellets;
  • Wax melter with thermostat and removable container;
  • cloth strips, wooden spatula, spatula;
  • restoration gel.

It is recommended to buy a special product for cleaning the work surface. It will simplify cleaning up after waxing, as the wax mixture does not come off well by simple means.

Advantages of ready-made kits

Ready-made kits are available on the market to do waxing. They can have different complete sets depending on the technology of the procedure. Contains products for working with the skin before and after waxing. They are a plus. you do not need to independently select the tools, composition and texture of the mixture. Popular brands of kits:

Starter kit usually contains a wax mixture, wax melter, strips and spatula, as well as lotion to prepare the skin for the session. All components are fully compatible with each other.

How to choose a good ready-made wax

Depending on the sensitivity of the skin and the area of the body use different means. They differ in texture, melting point and application. Waxing is carried out with hot or warm composition, which require preheating, cold wax for rapid removal of vegetation.


Recommended for work on coarse hair in sensitive areas. No paper strips are needed, the product is applied with a spatula. This greatly reduces the risk of injury and side effects. Can be applied in any direction of hair growth.

When choosing, take into account the form of release. It can be in the form of discs, bars or pellets, briquettes. The material is malleable and pleasant to work with. The procedure with heating is more often carried out in beauty salons, since it is required to observe the temperature regime precisely.

The main components of hot and warm formulations are beeswax, natural resins and paraffin. Some manufacturers additionally add vitamin supplements, essential oils.


Convenient and popular type. Has a low melting point, quickly removes hairs without leaving irritation on the skin. Suitable for larger body areas, like legs or arms. Usually sold in the form of a cartridge with a roller. they allow you to distribute the composition evenly, but this will require a cartridge wax melter.

Heating requires a special heater that maintains a constant operating temperature. You can apply the mixture in any way, for removal it is recommended to use strips. When choosing a particular brand, you need to consider the texture of the wax, its density and adhesive properties, which are always indicated on the packaging.


This type is optimal for the procedure at home. The product is applied to special strips, already ready for use. Consists of beeswax, pine resin and fragrance. The use of cold compositions allows you to work with medium-sized areas of the body, but because of the low temperature you have to treat one place several times. This can lead to irritation, ingrown hairs and other unpleasant consequences. When choosing, it is worth considering the level of the manufacturer, the number of wax strips in the pack, the composition and the specifics of the model.

Conducting depilation at home

Depilation with wax at home is not a difficult cosmetic procedure, but the first time due to lack of experience may require a lot of time. The conventional technique will look as follows:

  • The wax mixture is applied to the treated area of the skin along the hair growth.
  • A sturdy paper or cloth strip is placed on top of the wax.
  • The strip is pressed firmly to the skin, and then a sharp movement is pulled off. Pulls the strip in this case against the growth of hair, it must be forcefully pulled parallel to the surface of the skin.

If a wax epilator and cassette wax are used for depilation, it must be applied to the treated areas directly from the machine, and when using canned wax, a spatula will be needed for application. Depending on the planned area of depilation, there are several recommendations for the use of certain types of wax mixtures:

  • Depilation of the armpit area at home is less painful if it is carried out with hot wax, which is applied to the skin with a spatula.
  • To depilate the hands and feet is recommended to use hot or warm wax.
  • Depilation of deep bikini at home, which is carried out with the use of warm wax, is very painful, so it is not recommended to do it with hot wax.
  • It is not recommended to use at home heated to a high temperature composition to remove facial hair, it is better to do it with ready-made strips for cold depilation.

Hot composition

Wax depilation at home refers to the unsafe procedure if you use a hot compound. Any slightest carelessness can provoke a burn. This type of depilation is the most painless, does not require the use of strips and does not leave a strong irritation on the skin. The procedure is carried out as follows:

  • The wax is heated to a temperature of 45 ° C, but no higher than 48 ° C, after which the composition is applied to the skin along the hair growth.
  • When the mass on the skin hardens and becomes similar to hard plasticine, it is removed with a sharp movement, grasping with fingers and pulling force against the growth of hair.

Warm mixture

The use of liquid warm wax is the safest method of depilation at home. This procedure eliminates the possibility of burns on the body. But if you compare it with the hot depilation, the procedure is considered more painful. Hot wax is able to expand pores on the body, making it easier to remove hairs, and when using a warm material, there is no such positive effect. If your skin is highly sensitive or has a low pain threshold, it is recommended to take a painkiller 1 hour before the procedure.

Depilized skin with a warm composition as follows:

  • Wax should be heated and applied to the desired area of the body, smearing the skin in the direction of hair growth.
  • With the help of stripping strips the composition should be well pressed to the body and let it cool down.
  • After that, the strip is removed from the body with a sharp movement against the growth of hair.

Cold wax

This depilation method involves the use of ready-made wax strips. The procedure is much easier and faster compared to the others, but it is already effective. Cold composition allows you to get rid of soft hairs on the face, such as near the eyebrows or the lip, for other areas is almost useless. Cold depilation is useless for removing tougher hair underarms or on legs.

The strip is kept in the palms of his hands for about 30 seconds to warm the wax, and then it is attached to the desired area of the skin and firmly pressed. After 20 seconds, the strip is pulled off sharply. For more details on the use of wax strips, you can learn from the instructions that come with them.

The waxing mixture must be melted to the desired temperature. It is important to follow the safety rules to avoid the risk of burns. Cooked in any recipe wax should not boil, because it will worsen the effectiveness of depilation, will lose the useful properties of the composition. Before heating, all the ingredients should be crushed and mixed. During the process. watch the mixture, achieving a homogeneous consistency. It is more convenient to use a special thermometer and a wooden spatula for stirring.

The first time the mixture may not have the necessary consistency, with time you can determine the necessary algorithm of preparation and the best way to melt.

How to do it properly in a water bath

At first, the best option is to use a water bath, a method which has worked well for many years. Its essence. heating the container on steam, rather than on a direct heating source. For this, it is better to use two vessels of equal diameter, which are set on top of each other. Pour enough water into the lower one, and pour the necessary ingredients for the wax mixture into the upper one. After heating and boiling water in the lower pot, the bottom of the upper pot begins to heat. Melting is done gradually, the process should be constantly monitored, avoiding the boiling of the mixture. Usually it takes 5 to 10 minutes to prepare the composition with constant stirring. And about Skins depilatory can be found at the link.

Care must be taken to keep the wax so that no liquids or impurities enter the mixture during its boiling.

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In the microwave oven cooking process will take less time, but its use has some disadvantages. In particular it is the lack of control, so in the process it is better to stop the device periodically and monitor the consistency of the mixture. It is believed that when the device power is set to 650 W, the wax will be ready in 1 minute. If the power is around 800-850 watts, the time should be reduced to 40 seconds.

Wax melter

Having reached a certain skill in the preparation and use of home waxing compositions for depilation, you can think about buying special equipment. Wax melts now can be bought for a very reasonable price, and the “cooking” and heating will be much more convenient and faster.

The principle of operation of the device. heating the material placed inside to a certain temperature. The process takes up to 30 seconds, with no risk of overheating the mixture. Wax melts can be can and cartridge type, but for waxing at home is better to choose the first variety. They allow you to heat to the desired temperature placed inside the compartment-can composition.

Many models wax melts allow you to hold the desired temperature after heating. This will greatly facilitate the depilation process, because the composition does not have to be periodically heated and wait for it to cool.



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