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How to make coffee tastier without a coffee machine

How to brew coffee from capsules without a coffee machine. where to spill powder, where it is better to cook. How much tea is in 1 capsule

Manufacturers put a portion of ground coffee in an aluminum or polymer container. The packaging is sealed, sealed with filtering paper and a layer of foil. Coffee powder retains the intensity of extraction, taste and aroma.

Each container contains a portion of 6-9 g-a gold standard for the preparation of the right espresso and drinks based on it. Coffee capsules for coffee machines are carried out under the control of a unified package system, so errors are excluded. You can be sure of the quality of the finished drink.

To prepare the packaging, placed in a capsule coffee maker. She will boil a drink under a pressure of 19-20 bar. Manufacturers produce a standard set of preinstalled tastes. Usually these are 2-3 dozen branded types of black coffee and coffee-milk goodies.

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Coffee experts call the Puroener the fundamental method of brewing coffee. The technology is based on a special design: a funnel with a filter through which hot water spills. As a rule, a vessel is used where the coffee is poured, but many prepare such coffee immediately into a cup. Then the method is practically no different from the filter coffee described below.

The same preparation method is called a funnel or hard

make, coffee, tastier, machine

However, professionals use an additional vessel that allows you to saturate coffee with oxygen and preserve the fortress. A decisive role in the preparation of such coffee is played by the funnel itself. Hario V60 (V-due to V-shaped, and 60-the corner of the funnel itself) has already become a legend due to the fact that it accelerates extraction (the process of interaction of ground coffee with water).

With the help of a poolover, coffee is prepared no longer than 4 minutes

Coffee method in bags

You belong to the type of people who, by awakening, the brain begins to work actively, ready to survive this day? If so, you can cook ground coffee in bags by analogy with tea. The French did this back in the 18th century.

  • ground coffee;
  • hot water;
  • coffee filter;
  • thread (any, the main thing is that it is not covered with wax);
  • mug.

How to make coffee

  • Measure one portion of ground coffee, then pour it into the filter.
  • Close the filter tightly. You will get something like a bag with ground coffee.
  • Tie a thread to the filter. Its long end should be glued from a mug, like a bag of tea.
  • Heat the water in the way that is available to you. in a teapot, in a pot or in a pan, you can even just put a mug in the microwave.
  • Place your created bag of coffee in an empty cup.
  • Slowly add hot water to the mug, but act carefully. do not overflow it.
  • Coffee should be brewed about four minutes. Time can be both increased and reduced as necessary to regulate the fortress of the drink.
  • Remove the filter and empty it before starting drinking.

Norpro tank made of stainless steel with a cotton thread 6.7 m long


Fresh coffee is tastier, so it is better to buy coffee in grains and grind in a coffee grinder immediately before cooking. Some blending models have a special cup for grinding coffee, you can buy 2 in 1 and do not spend money on two gadgets.

Despite the fact that there are many life hacks about long.term storage of coffee, the best period is from two to four weeks. Then the aroma disappears.

How to cook espresso in a French press

If you are a seriously configured fan of coffee, then it is likely that you already have a French press in the kitchen. Why not use it to prepare your favorite espresso?

It may seem to you that this coffee maker is only suitable for large grinding coffee. If you cheat a little and use some thoughtful techniques, you can learn to cook espresso in a reliable jacket.

  • French press for 8 servings;
  • Fresh coffee beans;
  • millstone coffee grinder;
  • measured cup for measuring the volume of coffee (a teaspoon is suitable);
  • electric kettle or kettle for stove.

Armed with tools and ground coffee, start the process.

  • Make a very thin grinding grinder of a very dark frying or from an espresso grains. You will need two tablespoons (28.3 g) of grains per cup of water.
  • Fill the kettle and heat the water to a boil, then set aside it to cool for 30 seconds.
  • Add ground coffee to a jacket. You will need about twice as much coffee than usual. Thanks to this, the drink will be stronger, so it will resemble espresso.
  • Add a little hot water from a kettle to a jacket. Leave it for a few seconds. At this time, coffee degrading will occur, as a result of which oils and aromatic components are released.
  • Share the remaining water. Do not mix, otherwise some particles of coffee will cease to be part of the suspension. Because of this, the process of extraction of compounds responsible for the taste and its saturation may be spoiled.
  • Close the lid, but do not lower the press. Let the coffee infuse for four minutes. If you prefer a less strong espresso, then you can reduce this time to one or two minutes. The main thing is not to overexpose coffee, otherwise excessive extraction will occur. She is fraught with bitter, dry taste.
  • Slowly, calmly lower the press, applying uniform pressure. Get to half, then raise the press. After that, lower the press to the bottom.
  • Pour coffee into a jug. The extraction will stop, and the taste of coffee, for which you tried so hard, will be preserved.
  • Serve your coffee to the table and enjoy!

Since the French press was not specially designed for the preparation of espresso, this is the least effective of the presented options. But if you drink an espresso in the mood, and there is no other equipment at hand, then a jacket is also suitable. This is a very simple way to prepare a shit of strong coffee. The main thing is not to forget that the grinding should be thin, and extracting is carried out within the specified period. Coffee is served immediately after preparation.

French press Kitchen Supreme-a complete set for making coffee-1 liter

No need to sell a kidney or head up headlong to the nearest coffee shop to drink good Italian coffee. Whatever the budget and skills, you can learn how to cook espresso using everyday devices and high.quality coffee.

Just do not forget about three key factors. frying, paraple and pressure. Then you will definitely learn to prepare an impressive pseudo.expression soon!

Preparation of coffee in Turk

Choose a Turk

The Turk has been known since the Ottoman Empire, and, in fact, the name of this dishes speaks of its origin. In the historical homeland, it is called Jezva, and both names have taken root in the Russian language.

make, coffee, tastier, machine

Today, the Turks make from a variety of materials: copper, aluminum, stainless steel, brass and even ceramics. There are both small Turks for a cup of 100 ml, and large. on a solid mug.

Among coffee machines, preference is given to copper small Turks precisely.

Copper heats up evenly, and the small volume allows you to open the taste of grain as much as possible.

Aluminum dishes are heated quickly, but in principle it is undesirable to use it for cooking any food, since this material reacts with products when heated. The stainless steel warms up unevenly, due to which the focus of the highest temperature occurs in the center of the dishes, the coffee begins to boil, although the temperature has not yet reached the desired mark at the edges.

Ceramics and clay are also warming up, but these materials continue to give heat, even when you have already removed the dishes from the stove: the foam will continue to rise, and there is a risk that you will pour a table or stove. Due to the porous structure, clay jerses absorb smells well, so over time the taste of coffee will only become better, but you can use it only for the preparation of one variety.

If you have an induction stove, then it does not make sense to take a ceramic Turk: it will simply not heat up. In the case of buying copper, pay attention to the fact that there should be special inserts in its bottom, which will be induced on.

The most correct form of the Turks is a traditional conical with a funnel.shaped bell. The cone will not allow you to get up thicker, and the bell will not let Penca rise too quickly, which is especially important for those who had no experience using this dish before. The handle can be any length, but the longer it is, the more convenient you will be removed from the fire.

Bucket, which manufacturers by a misunderstanding called Turku / maxidom.ru

Cooking in Turk

We rinse the Turk, fall asleep 1 teaspoon of finely ground coffee and add 75 ml of cold water. Add sugar or several grains of salt before putting a Turk on a slow fire. These components slightly inhibit the process of boiling and make the foam more dense.

Put on fire, heat, but do not bring to a boil. Your main task is now not to be distracted and wait for the moment when the foam rises. Remember about a funnel.shaped bell? He will increase your chances of catching this moment and not allow coffee to fill the stove.

Remove the Turku from the fire, let the foam settle down and put it on the fire again. The foam should rise three times and you must lower it three times. The process is clearly shown in this video.

The use of Turkish is not easy, requires attention and certain skills. But it is precisely this method of brewing coffee that has many followers, since a minimum of equipment is required: only the correct dishes and the plate.


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Cappuccino from soluble coffee

I hasten to share a cappuccino recipe made of soluble coffee. I saw this recipe on the internet and was very surprised. I immediately wanted to check everything in the case. I really liked to whip coffee foam, it’s even easier than whipping cream with sugar. And what is the result. mmm. There is no cream in this recipe, but only milk, which, of course, has its advantages in the sense of calorie content. Of course, you can replace milk with cream, who loves fatter.

3 TIPS for BETTER DRIP COFFEE! [Should I Drink This]

In general, if you decide to repeat this process, then pick up a comfortable measurement, such as a measured spoon or glass, like mine. I indicated all the measurements in milliliters, this is important. Since if you weigh something, you get the same in weight the amount of components, but different in volume, so we measure everything with one measure, in this case. glass.

To be guaranteed to whip the foam of soluble coffee, try to take a quality product, for example, the same Nescafe Barista or Gold. I have not tried to whip foam out of powder coffee, so I can’t vouch for the result.

So, we will prepare everything according to the list, measuring all the components with a glass. Take milk in the amount you need. There is a lot of foam, we have not used it all yet.

In a convenient, preferably high bowl, pour all the components. coffee, sugar and water. Start whipping everything with a submersible blender. Veen in the “turbo” mode. If there is no corolla, then you can try to beat with a mixer, but then you need to take the dishes wider or use only one blade. On the picture. My measured glass.

After a minute, the mixture will lightly light and increase in volume, but it will remain still liquid. And what smell will begin to spread in the kitchen.

In a couple of minutes, such a wonderful stable foam like cream will turn out. It can be transferred to a plastic container with a lid and used as needed. Keep refrigerated. How long the foam will be stored, we have not yet had time to check. For the whole day in the refrigerator, the remaining foam did not change its properties.

To make cappuccino, put a couple of full spoons of coffee foam in a cup. Pour the required amount of milk. If necessary, add more sugar and stir. Above. Another spoon or two of coffee foam and cappuccino made of soluble coffee at home and without a coffee machine is ready. Believe me, it’s very tasty!

Alternative ways of brewing coffee


Purover is a welding method in which hot water passes through ground coffee located in a special funnel with a paper filter. In this case, the strength of the drink can be adjusted by reducing or increasing the amount of ground coffee used. Also, this method is called Hario or V60 (Hario V60-a device for cooking coffee with a purpler-method).

French press

French press is the name of the device for making coffee, as well as the method of making coffee by insisting and spinning. It is believed that a French press allows you to reveal the real taste and aroma of exquisite varieties of coffee.

Clever and Bonavita

Breaking in such funnels is similar to the Purover method, only other devices are used instead of the habitual Hario V60 Puriover. After brewing the coffee, the lower valve of the funnel opens, the coffee merges through the filter into the cup and does not contact water anymore. The taste of the drink is cleaner, less dusty.


The flat bottom with three holes in such a funnel contributes to a more uniform extraction. Due to the holes, the water is slightly delayed in the funnel and additionally brews coffee, which contributes to the saturation of taste.


Aeropress was called “home espresso” for the principle of action, which is similar to the preparation of espresso in a coffee machine. A drink prepared in the airpress is a little cloudy, and the taste is saturated and dense.


Hot water in a siphon passes through coffee under pressure. The drink prepared in this way is visually clean and tea, but at the same time preserves all the shades of taste and aroma inherent in it.

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Preparation of a coffee drink in Kemex allows you to open with acidic varieties of coffee. In this case, sweetness is emphasized and excessive bitterness of the drink is smoothed out.



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