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How to make an artificial fireplace in an apartment

DIY Falshkamammammamm (75 photos): Beautiful ideas

The fireplace in the interior is able to create a unique home coziness, fill the surrounding environment with heat and respectability. But what to do if there are not enough funds for the purchase of such the desired interior item? Falshkamammam, which can be built with your own hands, will come to the rescue. Of course, it will not work to create additional heating with it, but you can adorn the interior of any dwelling with dignity. In our article, we will consider various options on how to imitate the fireplace with your own hands, and the photo gallery will demonstrate the best work of home craftsmen.

You will not need to buy expensive materials for the manufacture of falsomes with your own hands. this is another significant advantage.

Most often, unnecessary cardboard boxes, plywood, drywall are used for the base. Also, in the process you will need working tools: roulette or centimeter, tape, island, pencil or marker, glue (superclles or carpentry), paints, brushes. If you want to simulate the fireplace more plausible, you can purchase a finishing material that imitates brickwork (for example, voluminous wallpaper), or cut out separately “bricks” from foam, staining them in the desired color.

In specialized construction stores, you can purchase polyurethane foam details imitating stucco molding, columns, and supplement them with the design of the fireplace. In any case, before starting work, it is necessary to draw a preliminary sketch of the desired interior item, make the necessary measurements and calculations.

Varieties of artificial fireplaces

Oddly enough, but the false stone can be made of different types and with your own hands. Before starting your own production of the fireplace, you must decide which option is preferable and, most importantly, is suitable for your monastery.

Structure design

The fireplace of any kind is based on one design and consists of four departments:

Another important part is the decorative decoration of the facade part of the structure, including the portal around the furnace. The design does not affect the functionality of the structure, but a well.working, but inaccurate and ugly fireplace will spoil the appearance of the entire interior. Therefore, you need to pay special attention and the external decoration of the structure.

In addition, the fireplace may include a system of air or water heating in its design. That is, heat exchangers are built into the fireplace, and they are connected to the heating contour. Such models may well heat one or two rooms. So that the heat transfer is higher, it is best to arrange a closed furnace in this case so that heat is not spent in vain.

On the presented schemes, you can clearly consider the internal structure of the fireplaces in order to focus on them when masonry.

Traditional wood fireplace, masonry features in the apartment

If you still managed to get permits, read the rules that you must comply with!

Conservative adherents of the old style, of course, will prefer a fireplace working on firewood, pellets or other fuel. The smell of smoke, zola and soot do not scare them at all, as well as the need to monitor the delivery and loading of fuel. At the same time, a wood fireplace in an apartment is a pleasure that is not available to everyone. According to fire standards, the installation of fireplaces is allowed only on the upper floors of apartment buildings or in old houses with a built.in and serviceable chimney. Using ventilation shafts as a chimney is strictly prohibited!

If you decide to install a wood fireplace in the apartment, you need to perform mandatory preparatory work:

  • The first step will be the installation project, which indicates the material, dimensions, the weight of the fireplace, as well as the place of its connection to the chimney. If you are not constrained in funds, it is better to entrust this step to professionals who calculate all the necessary parameters, including the weight of the fireplace, which should not be more than 800 kg/m 2. And if this value exceeds this value, the area of ​​the podium for the fireplace, redistributing the load.
  • After completing the project, you will need to agree with the supervisory authorities the redevelopment of the apartment and the reconstruction of ceilings, taking into account the installation of the chimney and fire passages.
  • If approval is received, it is necessary to decide on the decoration of the fireplace fitting into the overall design of your apartment.
  • It is also necessary to provide a place for storing firewood or other fuel, fire.fire flooring near the fireplace, as well as consider the need for protective refractory glass that closes the firebox.

After all these issues have been resolved, you can start the construction of the fireplace. Below is a technology for laying a brick fireplace, as a more complex. The installation of a fireplace in a metal case is much simpler and does not require brickwork skills.

Wood fireplace laying technology in the apartment

  • Prepare the necessary material: 400 pieces of refractory complete brick, clay and sand for the pantry, valves for a fireplace pipe 26×13 cm. The weight of such a fireplace will be about 1.5 tons, and the area, taking into account the layout, is about 0.7 m 2. Therefore, you can install a brick fireplace in the apartment only on a pre.executed podium. Its role can be played by a reinforced screed with an area of ​​at least 2.5 m 2. fireplace. To perform the screed on the floor, the formwork of boards is installed on the floor, fastening them on screws, laid reinforcing rods with a diameter of 8-10 cm in the form of a mesh with a step of 10-15 cm and poured with concrete of the brand M200. After grasping the concrete after about 10-14 days, you can start laying the fireplace.
  • The masonry begins with the preparation of the solution. For laying furnaces and fireplaces, a clay-sand mixture diluted with water to a state of dense dough is used. Experienced stoves advise adding a handful of table salt to the solution to increase its strength, but no scientific evidence of this is presented to this day.
  • The ratio of components can vary greatly depending on the composition of the clay, so it is necessary to install it experimentally. The clay is cleaned of pollution, the sand is sifted, after which they are mixed in a small amount in a ratio of 1: 1, add a little water and mix the solution. Roll a small tourniquet in their hands and try to turn it into a ring. With excess sand, the ring is torn. If you managed to blind the ring, it is left for several hours to dry. Cracks that then appear on its surface indicate an excess of clay. If the ring retains the shape, then the ratio of the components is chosen correctly, and you can proceed to the knead of a large amount of solution and masonry.

Preparation and determination of sizes

At the preparatory stage, a sketch is drawn or a photo of the finished option from the Internet is printed. On this basis, a drawing is performed with the arrangement of sizes, then. the calculation of materials.

Dimensions are selected based on the size of the room. They should be proportionate to the room in which installation will be made. A small fireplace will be lost in a spacious living room, and a large clutter up a small bedroom. The optimal size is 1/3 of the wall length along which the structure will be located.

Polyurethane for the portal

Ready portals are sold with finishing and without it. A wide range allows you to choose the size and style direction. from minimalism to luxurious Victorian, from classic straight lines to simulating wood threads and gypsum stucco molding. The selected copy is mounted to the wall on glue.

Cornices, moldings and polyurethane sockets are suitable for compiling the desired composition. They are sold for painting.

As a result, you can get a fireplace under wood, metallic, bronze with a patina, gold.

Plywood or old furniture

Plywood and laminated wood-bruise from old furniture are simple in sawing materials. Preferences are determined based on the appearance of the finished design. If the plans are a wooden version, it is better to use a plywood with a finished pattern, which is made brighter and more expressive using the impregnation. If the first layer consists of a veneer made of soft wood, then the relief can be made with a metal brush.

First of all, a sketch is drawn indicating the size. Then, on the scale, the drawing and the calculation of the material are performed. This will help when acquiring a large sheet: having sizes in hand, you can immediately saw it on the blanks. It is more convenient to transport, but only to assemble at home.

When using the old cabinet, only a few cuts will be needed. Doors or shelves can be used for assembly for old screeds or screws in its original form. this is significantly reduced by the finished product.

  • plywood or old furniture;
  • cornices, moldings or sockets;
  • putty to fill the seams and create a relief surface;
  • primers, paints, varnishes and powder;
  • shine, rhinestones at will.
  • simple pencil or marker for marking;
  • a square for setting a right angle, ruler or roulette;
  • electrician or hacksaw;
  • screws or screeds;
  • electric screwdriver and screwdrivers;
  • grinding skins;
  • Brushes and rollers.
  • Mark the blanks and cut them out.
  • The ends and the lacquered surface, if necessary, fabble (depending on the planned finish).
  • Collect and twist the structure in the selected place.
  • Add decorating elements.
  • Paint and varnish.

The finish can be performed by putty and decorative cornices with subsequent painting. If desired, sparkles or aging effects are added.

Drywall. a new life of residues after repair

Even if you purchase a whole sheet, it is no more expensive than the finished product. Details of various configurations are easily cut out using a conventional stationery knife, but for this you need to apply a drawing on both sides with a complete coincidence. Electrician or angular grinding machine (“corner grinder”) will facilitate the work, but there will be a smell of burning and a lot of dust.

To reduce the amount of dust, the fishing line for the trimmer is impregnated with water. But under the influence of water, GCL becomes fragile, and the edge can be broken. If there is an assistant, then you can put it with a vacuum cleaner for a time of cutting and do without moisturizing.

  • cutting sheet or remaining scraps;
  • metal guides or wooden bars;
  • oeinated corners;
  • finish putty;
  • primer;
  • painting mesh;
  • Paints, varnishes and jewelry.
  • simple pencil;
  • a square, ruler or roulette;
  • Chancellery knife, jigsaw or corner grinder;
  • Smalling and textured spatulas;
  • level;
  • screws;
  • electric screwdriver or screwdrivers;
  • sandpaper;
  • brushes, rollers and lips.

The dimensions of the portal are transferred to the wall in the selected place. After that, a visual assessment of location and size is made: the view from the window, door and from the opposite wall. If necessary, you can make amendments by noting them on the drawing and sketch.

  • Assembly of the frame. Cut metal guides or wooden bars are twisted according to the markings. Holes are drilled in the concrete surface, dowels are inserted into them. The resulting base is attached to the wall. All formed angles are checked by the square, and the vertical. the construction level.
  • Prepared GCL blanks are screwed to the frame to their places. Self.Cabbage Hat should flide a little. The step between the screws is 10-15 cm.
  • All surfaces are primed.
  • The joints are glued with a painting ribbon and put down. If the corners cannot be made even, then the oenic corners can be used.
  • The dried surface is cleaned with sandpaper and re.treated with a primer.

Portal frame is ready for decorative decoration.


Very heavy constructions are obtained from this material, and when they are built, it is necessary to make sure that the sexes can withstand such a load. If everything is in order, then facing brick is used for work.

Making a frame for framing a fireplace

Making a frame for framing a fireplace manufacturing a frame for framing a fireplace

Electric fireplace is the easiest way to make drywall sheets. This material is easy to install, resistant to temperature differences. In addition, it is most suitable in terms of environmental friendliness.

First, the portal frame is built. The following materials will be required to work:

  • metal profile 5×5 cm for racks;
  • metal profile 5×4 cm for guides;
  • Self-cuts-“bugs” of a small length (about 1-1.3 cm).

note! The term “bugs” means short white screws that have a large hat and used for fastening of a metal profile.

You will also need such equipment as:

Now you can start installing. A wall fireplace is more common, so the technology of its manufacture is considered.

At first, the entire area of ​​the wall that will be in contact with the structure is covered with refractory material. As such a material, you can use asbestos sheet.

Further on the wall, marking for the frame is carried out. The installation level and marker are used.

note! The level check is mandatory, since it is unlikely that the electric fireplace curve can be considered a good result.

The guides from the 5×4 cm profile are attached according to the marking compiled at the previous stage. The result should be a symmetrical parallelepiped. Self.tapping and dowels are used for fastening.

make, artificial, fireplace, apartment

All elements of the future frame are connected using “bugs”, after which the design is enhanced, t. to. She has to withstand a considerable load. In particular, this applies to the lower part where an electric firebox will be installed. To enhance, a 5×5 cm profile is used. it is inserted across the design with a step of 30 cm.

Turn An Old Frame Into A Faux Fireplace

The inner part is formed, intended for the furnace. To determine the dimensions of this part, the dimensions of the device itself are measured, the width of the fire tile (or any other heat.resistant material) is added to the resulting number.


It is very important that the fireplace harmoniously fit into the interior of the room. You should carefully choose the style, color. But besides, decorative decoration should delight the eye and create comfort.

How to achieve imitation of fire in the fireplace? Above, we offered options with LED ribbon, which provides backlight with the effect of combustion. But progress does not stand still, and an electronic photo frame can serve you a good service. It is a liquid crystal display that is adapted for showing pictures. You need a model that can play animated files, for example, in GIF format. Download the image of burning fire on the photo frame and enjoy!

An electronic photo frame with the image of burning fire will help you revive a false stone

  • Many owners of false kamin are very fond of decorating niches with placed candles of different heights. It looks beautiful, stylish, and gives a real living fire.
  • An excellent choice would be the installation of a mirror in the depths of the furnace niche, on the wall. The mirror will multiply the reflections from the candles or electric backlight and give the fireplace mystery.
  • Artificial stone will help you to ensure the effect of expensive finishes. It is presented in many options for color and texture. Tiles, bas.reliefs and decorative tiles will give an expressive personality to build. But do not overdo it: excessive pomp may be out of place in your interior.
  • The doors for false stone, perhaps, will be superfluous, but if you decide to install them, make them out of plexiglass. They can be transparent or tinted, but the light and glare of “fire” are simply required to pass.
  • It is better to arrange a firebox of the fireplace forged metal grate. You can buy or order it in the workshop.

What can you make a decorative fireplace from?

People’s craftsmen came up with many options for decorating false stone. Your attention is offered an overview of the most popular of them.


This material allows you to closely close the design of the decorative design to the appearance of a real fire. The false stone is laid out from decorative or facing bricks for embroidery.

Everyone who has encountered the masonry work at least once faced with the implementation of this event. However, you must first make sure that the existing ceiling will be able to withstand the weight of the finished structure, especially if it has large dimensions.

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A beautifully lined brick decorative portal does not need any additional decoration. To decorate it, it is best to use a massive wooden shelf. the combination is very successful and attractive.

We draw sketches we prepare a laminated wood-based slab for the work of the false fireplane we collect a fireplace, fastening the details with self-tapping fireplace is almost ready the fireplace is almost ready to facing the fireplace with foam bricks and cover with a lid

Laminated coating slabs and other similar materials are perfect for decorating false stone.

In order for the design to have a neat and attractive appearance, it is necessary to thoroughly prepare for the upcoming work. The preparation is reduced to the creation of the drawing indicating all the size of the future false stone. According to this drawing, it will be possible to order cuts of slabs in a specialized company or do it yourself if you have the required skills.

If you want to save laminated slabs, you can replace with a more budget analogue-a wood-based stove. After assembling the design, you can decorate it at your discretion.


Polyurethane products are used mainly to decorate ready.made designs. However, if desired, all kinds of moldings, platbands and half.columns can be glued directly to the wall. Such a design will not look like a full.fledged fireplace, but special decorators will allow you to profitably beat the portal, making it similar to a real fire.

Category editor “Construction” on the StroyDay portal.ru. Specialist in engineering systems and sanitation.

For example, you can attach to the back wall of the “firebox” such a fireplace mirror. Thanks to this technique, the depth of the “furnace” will increase. For a boring effect above the portal, you can fix a wooden shelf stylized under the fireplace.

make, artificial, fireplace, apartment


DIY gypsum cardboard

This material is most often used to design false stone. Drywall is characterized by maximum simplicity of assembly and goes well with the most diverse finish. From sheet material, you can decorate the spatial forms of almost any complexity. At the same time, the cost of drywall makes it affordable for a wide circle of buyers.

The design of sheets requires mandatory finishing. But this is rather the advantage of the material, and not by its disadvantage. over time, the cladding can be changed without analyzing, while the decorative portal itself.

Built-In Electric Fireplace in Our Bedroom

Beautiful gypsum cardboard fireplace with unusual gypsum trim

Old furniture

The most budget option that allows you to make a false fireplane with an old unnecessary sideboard or cabinet. For work, you will need:

  • electrician;
  • Wood grinding machine;
  • electric screwdriver;
  • plywood sheets;
  • putty;
  • acrylic paint;
  • finishing materials: stucco molding and gypsum finishing stone, decorative elements.

The technology for performing a false stone from an old sideboard:

    The doors are removed from the old.style sideboard and the lower cabinet is removed, leaving only the upper section. She is placed on the side.

make, artificial, fireplace, apartment

Falter-Kamina from the old sideboard

Decorative fireplace will fit perfectly into the interior of a city apartment. You can make a false stone on almost any material, and their shape and design depends only on your imagination, because, unlike a wood or gas fireplace, decorative foci are absolutely safe, do not require the mandatory use of fire-resistant materials and compliance with fire safety measures. You will not need to buy firewood and flame flame. just light the candles or lighting, and the room will be filled with soft light and comfort.



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