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How to make Americano in an rye coffee maker

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Recipes for making Americano at home

Americano is a coffee drink, the basis of which is espresso. Actually preparation of Americano consists in combining water with espresso. This can be done in different sequence and apply different proportions. Subsequently, you will receive completely different tastes.

For cooking America, you will need:

  • filtered water. 60 ml;
  • ground arabica. 2 hours.l.;
  • sugar. at will;
  • The amount of hot water can also be adjusted independently.

To prepare a coffee drink, you need to take a Turk, warm and pour ground arabica into a preheated Turk. Next, it is necessary to pour water and start mixing.

Please note that fire on the stove should be medium. Now leave the liquid. After some time, there will be a foam on the surface. You need to stir it and continue cooking. This procedure with foam needs to be done three times.

Remember that your coffee should not boil. You need to wait for a dense foam and turn off the fire.

Now take the Turku along with the drink to another place. Take a cup that you prepared and warmed up in advance. You need to pour hot water there so that there is still a place for your espresso. Now start pour in the prepared espresso and add the right amount of sugar.

The story of coffee is American

American soldiers brought fashion for this coffee in Europe

Thanks to the American military, this drink has become popular. The soldiers who at that time in Italy, after the end of the Second World War, first tried the taste of Americano. The espresso drink seemed very saturated for them. Based on the wishes of customers, the barista began to dilute it with water. After such a procedure, the taste of Americano became soft, while not losing its taste.

Since then, Americano has been securely entrenched in the list of the most popular coffee drink. Despite the fact that everything American in Europe is disgusted, Americano drink everywhere. Prepare it the same, except that they change the varieties of coffee. But the principle is left alone: ​​more water is added, and there is less coffee than in espresso.

One can safely say, it was this drink that won the world. It is served in any city, in any corner of the world, and it will not differ from what you tried before. The highest and most accessible to it will cost in Lagos. 0.62 USD or 39.9 rubles.

The principle of operation of a coffee maker of an rye type

In such a coffee machine, hot water or steam passes through compressed coffee under pressure. This processing allows you to get a maximum of aroma and taste. Further in a special chamber, the steam condenses, turning into a drink.

On the principle of action, 2 types of devices are distinguished:

  • Pompom. Water heats up to 95 ºC and passes through the holder. The pressure reaches 15 bar. To prepare 1 cup of espresso, you will need 1.5 minutes.
  • Steam. The liquid is heated in a separate tank where it turns into steam. After reaching the pressure capacity of the 4 bar, the valve opens and the steam passes through the horn. The drink welded by this method contains more caffeine, but has a less pronounced taste.

Rozhek apparatuses allow you to prepare coffee without a ground. The cooking process takes a minimum amount of time.

Features of preparation and communication with espresso

Modern Americano in or without a coffee machine is prepared in several ways. They are not too dramatically different from each other, but the taste is still different:

  • In Italian. This option is to add boiling water to a cup of espresso. The finished drink is deprived of any foam.
  • In Swiss. A portion of espresso is added to a cup with boiling water. This option guarantees the presence of persistent foam.
  • In Swedish. This option appeared relatively recently, but became quite popular. In some coffee houses they began to offer America to cook on their own. A portion of espresso, a glass of boiling water and a large mixing cup is brought to the client. Therefore, everyone can prepare the drink to their liking.

In addition, in the modern version, Americano is allowed to use all kinds of additives. milk, fruit syrups, spices and even alcohol. It all depends on the individual preferences of each client. Americano, like espresso, is prepared only from ground coffee beans.

The difference between these drinks lies in the fortress and preparation. Americano has a soft taste and is very easily drunk, and the invigorating effect in these drinks is almost the same.

Making Americano Coffee |Easy Simple Homemade Coffee Recipe|

Classic American Coofemachine Recipe

Prepare your machine for work. Pour the grains, pour clean water. Previously, you should have grinding and laying (see. What are the degree of grinding coffee).

Substitute the cup under the crane (see. Espresso cups), and select the Preparation of the Espresso Preparation in the settings. When you finish, you need to add hot water to it. For this purpose, use a steam tap. I recommend that you start with the addition of 100 ml of water. Then you need to try the finished drink, and depending on the taste, increase or reduce this indicator.

Please note that in some models there is a built.in cooking mode of Americano. water passes through the coffee tablet. As a result, you get almost the same drink. Depending on the factory settings, the volume may vary (see. The volume of the coffee cup).

The photo below is Delongi coffee machine. And two modes are noted. preparation of Americano and espresso.

It remains only to add cinnamon and sugar to taste. Keep in mind that this will affect the calorie finished drink (see. How many calories are in coffee). It should be noted that the Americano cooked in a coffee machine has the best creams (foam).

All other recipes will vary by preparing a portion of espresso, and final ingredients.

Types of Americano and ways to prepare it

The taste of the drink depends on the time spent on the preparation of its base (espresso). The longer the cooking process, the more pronounced the bitterness becomes. Distinguish several stages of grain extraction. The first 9 seconds from raw materials are released substances that give source. The next 10-20 seconds are saturated with fragrant fluid with chocolate shades. The last 20-30 seconds of cooking make notes of bitterness. Guided by this, you can adjust the taste of the finished product.

Many cooking options are known. It is cooked on the basis of a classic recipe or modified the composition according to the situation.

  • ice. is made on the basis of chilled water;
  • “Ed Ai”. cooked according to a similar scheme (however, a fluid from a coffee filter is added to a strong basis).

Italian recipe

It is necessary to cook espresso for 20-25 seconds according to the recipe described above, then pour into the cup the same volume of water heated to 90 ° C. The foam during mixing disappears.

The Swedish version

The difference between the preparation technique is that espresso is added to hot water, and not vice versa. According to experts, the drink is more tender.

Doubled portion

The technology and time of cooking in a coffee machine or Turk does not change. To get a double American, it is necessary to 2 times increase the amount of grains and the volume of the added fluid.

Cream or milk

For preparation, dilute the espresso with hot water in a proportion of 1 to 3. Beat 50 ml of warm milk (cream) separately and introduce foam fluid into coffee.

Do not add fermented milk products (yogurts, kefir).

Add marmallow

In the espresso welded in 25 seconds, water should be added (temperature 88-92 ° C, volume 100-150 ml) and add sugar. You need to lay out pieces of marshmallows on top and serve to the table.

With refreshing mint notes

In the taste of mint American there are spicy fresh notes. To obtain it, add several young mint sheets to the product welded according to the classic, Swedish or Italian recipe. You can serve in 5 minutes.

Sweet and honey

20 g of honey (buckwheat, linden, chestnut) should be melt and pour nectar into a heated cup, add cooled to 45-55 ° C coffee. For decoration, you can use cream or milk foam. Honey product of beekeeping will replace sugar or caramel syrup. It will help strengthen the immune system and prevent the development of viral diseases. Additionally, you can introduce spices, add lemon, cinnamon.

With hot chocolate

  • Cool a classic drink complemented by sugar and spices.
  • Melt 3 cubes of black chocolate in parallel and introduce a little hot water.
  • Pour in chocolate mass, mix and cool again.
  • Place the cup in the refrigerator for 15 minutes.

The difference from the filter coffee

In addition to Americano, there are also American coffee, or filter coffee. This option is prepared in a drip coffee maker. The volume of the portion is 200-300 ml, and caffeine is quite high, because coffee powder heats up longer and gives it completely. Despite similar names, drinks are very different. The filter coffee has a more pronounced bitterness.

Not any coffee grain is suitable. The taste of diluted coffee is softer, but notes that were invisible in a concentrated form appear in it. All weaknesses. excessive bitterness or acidity. will be felt more clearly.

Americano is better to cook arabica with mild taste and medium acidity from washed. The mixture can include Kenyan and Indian arabica. These grains give the drink saturation, density, which will not be affected even when the water is added. Robusta in Americano shows weaknesses: bitterness appears. It is permissible to add 10 % of Robusta grains, which forms a denser foam.

The roasting is preferable to the average (Viennese or complete city). The dark fry (French or Italian) has a more pronounced bitterness, which, when diluted with boiling water, will be too strong. Milk or sugar will help to balance the taste in this case.

Prepared by Americano using the “thin espresso” grinding. With a large grinding powder, the coffee will turn out to be completely watery. Small particles will make a drink bitter.

Ice coffee with cream

Cream is added to Americano for taste and to soften its effect on the body. A fat milk product suppresses sourness well and makes the drink a little sweetish. This method is suitable for those who limit carbohydrates in the diet or fights with excessive acidity of the stomach.

make, americano, coffee, maker

The composition of the ingredients

Cream is chosen at their discretion. The most delicious American will turn out with the addition of a product more than 20 %. But if necessary, strictly monitor the calorie content, you can use any other option.

The calorie content of the portion of the drink using 10 % cream will be about 48 kcal. Based on this, you can change the quantity or completely remove sugar, choose a suitable dairy product.

A step.by.step cooking process

Coffee American is a drink that is drunk both hot and chilled. You can also make a cream Americano in several ways. On the example of the recipe, the version of a cold tonic drink is considered-an Ice Coffee.

  • The Americao pre.mixed according to the classic recipe is defended in the refrigerator for several hours.
  • Cream of low fat content stick to the cooled drink.
  • It is better to stir sugar in a hot Americano.
  • The drink is ready to feed.

Another mixing option does not require long.term preparation and expectation. Cold Americano from boiling espresso is obtained with ice.

The same can be done with the finished portion of the Americano, a rush of it in a glass of ice, and then adding cream. You will not have to wait for a complete cooling of the drink for several hours. With such cocktails, various syrups, liquors, strong alcohol are often combined. The addition of rum or brandy is well suited.


Among the proposed options and a solution, which coffee machine should be better to take a closer look at successful models according to customer reviews.

De’longhi ECP 33.21

A native coffee maker with a cappuccino capable of preparing a delicious espresso and cappuccino. It provides for a removable water tank designed for 1 liter, also a special pallet on which you can install cups up to 13 cm high.

  • the possibility of using ground coffee and chalda;
  • stylish design;
  • It works quietly;
  • convenient management;
  • The function of heating of the cups;
  • Removable pallet.

There are several disadvantages in the form of the impossibility of using ground coffee and a small tank for storing accessories, but the affordable cost and quality of the drink compensates for this.

Saeco Poemia HD8425/21

A coffee machine for the preparation of two cups at once, it contains energy savings, if the unit is not used for half an hour, then it automatically turns off.

How to Make an Americano | Perfect Coffee

  • compactness;
  • the presence of a cappuccinator made in the form of a panarello nozzle, which allows you to get a delicious foam;
  • high.speed heating of the boiler;
  • Heating of the cups.

One drawback of this one.rod coffee machine is the inability to use high cups.

Polaris PCM 1516E

The ADOBE Crema series provides electron-mechanical control, some manual functions. On it you can cook espresso and cappuccino even in the dark, since there is a backlight. Coffee for her needs to choose only ground.

Studying which coffee makers are suitable for home, and which for the office, you need to clearly know their functions, study the advantages. Rozhek coffee machines deserve attention and have long been in demand, but before buying one model, you should choose the best option, taking into account all the wishes.

It is desirable that they are endowed with additional functions, then it will be possible to create besides espresso, also cappuccino quickly and tasty.

A well.known high.qualified barista with nine.year.old coffee shops in Russia. Author of dozens of coffee recipes. The owner of multiple awards at the Barista foreign competitions.



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