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How to make a New Year’s fireplace fireplace

Falf fireplace with your own hands: 80 models (with a detailed description and photo)

Once you imagined that you were sitting by a cozy fireplace with a cup of coffee, Christmas is approaching, you plan how to decorate the fireplace shelf for winter holidays and realize that you do not have a fireplace. It is no good. Apartment in a high.rise building and lack of finances, this is not an excuse. To make a false fireplace with your own hands, you only need a desire. You won’t believe it, but in fact, artificial fireplaces are quite simple and often very inexpensive. See these 30 amazing ideas on how to make a false fireplace with your own hands with step.by.step photos, description and links to the instructions that you will want to install in your home today!Each fireplace has its own personality and unique charm. There are a lot of ideas of false fireplaces that can be done relatively quickly and inexpensive. And although this is a small selection, but we hope that these ideas will somehow inspire you. Right now the ideal time to make such a project will still have time to make a false fireplace for the New Year and Christmas! Here you will find the simplest examples of false fireplaces from boxes, usually these are interesting projects for children for winter holidays. There are also models of homemade fireplaces made of drywall, wood, plywood, wood-bruise, papier-masha and other materials.

To decorate your apartment for the New Year, make an artificial fireplace from a cardboard box with your own hands. First cut the cardboard box, glue the adhesive tape to the wall and draw the shape of the fireplace. Then cut rectangles from cardboard so that they correspond to the edges of the opening of the fireplace. Fix the seams, cutting the cardboard at right angles. Glue with hot glue to the corner and add cardboard triangles. Bend a thin piece of cardboard to get a bend, and glue it to the upper part of the shape of the fireplace. Glue the rectangles.

If necessary, strengthen the supports so that the fireplace retains the shape. Repeat these steps.It’s time to make a fireplace shelf. Draw a shelf on another large piece of cardboard. Cut and glue. Close open seams with a wide painting ribbon. Glue the back of the fireplace below with hot glue. Paint black.colored aerosol paint. After drying, add inside and glue black paper to the wall behind the fireplace. Cut bricks from white cardboard. Attach with double.sided tape. Decorate with light New Year’s decorations and fill the false fireplace with lights on batteries and artificial candles.

Of course, there are many ways to implement such a project, this simple false fireplace is similar to the previous one, but the design is fundamentally different. If you want to know what the author came up with in this case, read the instructions on the site, link under the gallery. But first prepare white and black thick paper, cardboard and jewelry. stockings, tinsel, garlands.

DIY Christmas fireplace

With such a fireplace and holidays are more fun and more exciting. Even though he is not real, and will take a place in your house only for a while, and adults and children will be delighted with such a decor.


In this case, a box of 695831 cm was used

To make a false stone for the New Year, let’s start by measuring the window. Let’s make it in size 4336 cm, placing it on a box at a distance of 11206 cm from the edges (from the sides, from top to bottom). Pass the line at first on the bend to fold carefully.

Cut the window from three sides (leaving not cut out from below).

From the edge we bend the window at a distance of 31 cm and once again 6 cm.

We fix the tape window on the bottom of the fireplace.

Now we need to make the walls of the fireplace, cutting out two parts of 4331 cm out of the box or cardboard.

Attach these details to the fireplaces with painting tape

Paint the box with acrylic paint, if necessary, then in two layers

make, year, fireplace

With a pencil we draw patterns or brick masonry on the mange.

Golden acrylic paint create a pattern

You can make a small slotted so that the outlines of the pattern are a little more mystical.

Create a drawing all over the fireplace and decorate it with jewelry.

As you can see, it is not difficult to make a New Year’s fireplace from a box with your own hands, but it will make up a beautiful company of a beautiful Christmas Christmas tree.

Tools and materials

You can make a false fireplace on your own from any improvised means, but it is easier to build it from cardboard. In this case, it is better to choose dense material. It can be an old large box of electronics or household appliances, shoes.

Cardboard is the main material for the manufacture of the structure. In addition, the master needs to prepare other tools. You can’t do in the process of creating a hearth without certain materials, so you need to prepare:

It is also necessary to think about how the fireplace will be decorated and choose certain decorative elements in the form of paint, wallpaper, paper napkins. To give the model of naturalness, you should take care of the internal filling of the structure in advance. The presence of real firewood or artificial logs made of corrugated cardboard, the choice of LED garlands or shimmering lamps will allow you to turn the usual model into a real New Year‘s “flaming” focus.

If high.quality and strong materials were used in the process, then such a design can become the subject of decor not only for New Year and Christmas holidays, but also to be used to decorate the room constantly.

Decorative fireplace from the boxes “under the brick

The design in the form of brick looks very impressive and allows you to forget for a while that this is a false hearth. In this step.by.step instructions for making a fireplace for the New Year with your own hands from the box, each brick is painted separately, receiving such an interesting element of decor as in the photo.

To make the New Year’s hearth, you need to prepare the following:

  • Boxes of suitable size-1-2 pcs.;
  • round.shaped template (a pan from a pan, pelvis, a glass plate from a microwave, etc.);
  • acrylic or oil paint;
  • scissors;
  • knife;
  • glue;
  • pencil or felt.tip pen;
  • a roller or a wide brush;
  • paint white, red or black;
  • Parchment paper if desired.
  • It is necessary to take a large box, but if it is not possible to find, you can combine two of the smallest size. Then cut off the lapels and glue them the upper part to each other with tape.
  • Take a high.size template and use it to draw the lower part of the hearth. Side elements can be drawn in a ruler or manually. This part must be cut out.
  • Next, the fireplace must be painted with white paint. If you wish, you can use the aerosol balloon, but then you need to paint on the street so as not to exacerbate the room.
  • Spraying the cylinder, you should not hold it next to the fireplace. Suitable distance-30-40 centimeters from the subject. Also, only in one place should not be painted, the cardboard can get wet and become a wave.like.
  • If you do not want to paint, then the hearth can be covered with white paint at the end, when the “bricks” will be glued, but more on that later. For credibility, you can add a little sand to the paint so that it is like a solution.

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas. Smooth Jazz Music & Relaxing Fireplace

  • From the box cut off at the beginning of the lapels, the “bricks” should be cut out of the various sizes. The corners can be made rounded, but this is already to your taste and imagination.

If desired, and the possibility can be made “coals” with parchment paper painted black. In the inside of the fireplace, you can place a garland and cover with parchment. As a final stroke, you can use coals and firewood.

Christmas hearth

For many Western people, the fireplace is associated with Christmas, because it is through its chimney that Santa Claus enters the house, which brought gifts. In our country, its own traditions, but the home of the New Year will only add heat, comfort and comfort, even if artificial. Next to it you can organize a recreation area in which the whole family will accommodate during the holiday.

In fact, it is very simple to build a New Year’s fireplace from boxes, even children can cope with this task, what can we say about adults. Having prepared building material, you can start work:

  • It is easier to build a fireplace from cardboard with your own hands when there are ready.made forms, so we use several suitable boxes. It is better not to take a lot of boxes, 3-4-5 pieces are enough. It will be easier to fit to the desired level and glue everything together.
  • Having created the form of a future product, you can start decorating. We stain the cardboard in the desired color, glue decorative corners and moldings to it, cut out the countertop and fix it on top of the structure. If you paint a fireboard fireplace in white, then you can stop there.
  • If you want your decorative fireplace fireplace to be similar to a real brick analogue, then cut small mules of bricks from cardboard, paper or foam and stick on the base. In this case, the foam version of the bricks is the most suitable, since the finishing material will have some volume. After gluing bricks, stain the building in the desired colors.
  • When the paints dry out, you can continue decorating the structure. You can put a suitable garland in the furnace, and place holiday accessories around a cardboard fireplace.

Cooking the frame decorating the frame, decorate the final result for a brick

The resulting dummy of the fireplace fireplace will certainly become the center of attention. Next to him you can have fun and amicably spending long winter evenings in the company of relatives.

make, year, fireplace

Cardboard is a supplying and simple material in the work, from it you can build different decorative objects, including a dummy of a real fireplace. Turn on your imagination and create stunning artificial foci with paper and ordinary cardboard.

Photo of a decorative fireplace from boxes

The New Year’s fireplace is decorated with garlands, candles, fingers of polyurethane foam stucco foam or foam ceiling plinths will give the fireplaces a rich look under the furnace and fill it with real logs inside the furnace of a large cabin, you can even hide a small cabinet decorated with stucco molding, looks not only in brighter but also dark design

You can make a fireplace from boxes with your own hands not only for the New Year holiday. If you try with the design, then the craft will become a daily interior decoration. You just need to remember that the design is still cardboard. It is impossible to subject it to loads or put in a raw room.

Foam fireplace 2022: Simple home options

Great material for creating a Christmas fireplace with your own hands is foam. It is light, quite strong, it costs inexpensively and very suppressed in work. To make a false fireplace for the holiday, you will need:

You can also choose other measurements for the details of your future product, it all depends on the free space. Watch the video how step by step to make a luxurious fireplace from the foam for the New Year 2022.

Master class “Fireplace from cardboard boxes

Dear colleagues I want to share my skill.

I always dreamed of making a fireplace in kindergarten, that year the guys and I made a fireplace for the group.

But today I want to present the fireplace I have done for my daughter at home. She really asked me about it.

The fireplace creates an atmosphere of comfort and body, cold winter evenings. In addition, creates a New Year‘s mood. The New Year has passed, and the fireplace remained with us, fit perfectly into the interior of the daughter’s room, which she is very pleased with.

It took me very little for my work. In the Ermolino store, I took 5 medium.sized boxes and I had a 32.inch diagonal box. I bought a panel of two shades in the form of tiles in the construction store, glue “Titan”, a large piece of polystyrene and patterned plinths and plastic corners of the smallest size. I also needed a stationery knife, tape and transparent, and of course, a garland, three birch logs.

And finally I started work, my daughter photographed my job.

Before, I connected all the boxes and glued them with glue and tape, and on top I cut off the size of the foam tabletop and glued.

When everything grasped well, I started the design of our fireplace with plastic panels. The previous two fireplace and the guys and I made from boxes and ceiling tiles, it also turned out very beautifully, but now we had to get a fireplace as a result, which would always stand. And therefore it should be more thorough.

And so I was distracted. We proceed to the gluing of the panels, those that I have a light shade. Plastic panels are very easily cut by ordinary scissors. And the drawing in the form of tiles helps us a lot in this.

Then I started glorification with panels of a gray shade of the niche of our fireplace. Before, I sealed the back of the niche with ceiling tiles, in the tile I made a small incision for a garland fork.

Then I sealed our countertop and began to glue corners, and after skirting boards.

There was no limit to happiness when we connected the lights for the sample.

Super Relaxing Fireplace Sounds �� Cozy Crackling Fire �� (NO MUSIC)

We have to add New Year’s decor. I also made a ceiling tile a flashlight and a deer.

And then our joy and fantasy knew no bounds.

Here we have such a beauty. Everyone had a New Year mood, even a cat.

Our idea has come true. The New Year has passed, and the fireplace remained with us to stand and delight us, in the evenings we turn on the lights.

I wish everyone warmth and believe in dreams! All in your hands! Health to everyone!

“For cute ladies”! Caskets made of cardboard boxes in the technique of decoupage to all good day! I bring to your attention the manufacture of caskets, which will be very useful for storing our ladies’ accessories.

Household appliances from cardboard boxes for the role-playing games of preschool children thanks to the gender education of preschool children depends on the successful formation of the child as a person. Gender education of children.

Decorative fireplace fireplace. Master class Hello, dear colleagues, Happy New Year 2018! Happiness, health and all worldly benefits to you in the new year! And I want to share.

The photo report “Decorations are needed, the scenery is important”. The use of cardboard boxes in the theatrical activity of children, the outstanding Russian scientist Lev Semenovich Vygotsky wrote: “It is necessary to expand the experience of the child if we want to create quite strong foundations.

Fireplace? Easily! Master class good evening, dear colleagues! On the eve of the New Year, ideas overwhelm teachers, we are sophisticated, invent, spy and embody.

Master class “Decorative fireplace” fireplace is a heat source and a symbol of the well-being of older preschool children and younger students [/ Purpose: Create conditions for development.

Other options

If you have several small boxes at your disposal, then you can turn on your imagination, and use them.

The first thing to do is collect a suitable shape for a fireplace. It is best to use classic proportions, it is much more convenient. How to make a New Year’s fireplace look like a natural, very simple, glue it with paper, on which bricks are drawn. You can draw bricks along the stencil by cutting out a rectangle suitable in size from strong material, lower it in the paint and apply to paper.

The countertop of a home.made fireplace from cardboard can not be glued, but left in kind. For greater realism, you should draw and cut the fire, and then decorate your creation with suitable accessories. If you don’t like the fire, you can independently make decorative firewood and place them in an impromptu furnace.

It is undesirable to use candles for the decoration of false carpets from cardboard, and even more so to light them nearby, since the materials from which our dummy is easily ignited.

If you need to create a certain flickering that is a real fire, then it is quite possible to use the suitable garlands suitable in color.

make, year, fireplace

The resulting fireplace is perfect for the celebration of the New Year and Christmas, and then you can simply make it out.

One of the most popular fireplaces is corner models that allow to significantly save space in the apartment. We can easily make a similar option from the same box from under the TV.

The main thing is to correlate the size of the box and the place where you want to install your home.made fireplace. Then cut cardboard to get a given form. Scotch will help us fix the form.

The decoration of the fireplace can be made with special plastic panels, which depict an imitation of brickwork. Plastic panels have a proper relief, they are easy to install and look very worthy.

In fact, it is very easy to make a fireplace from the boxes with your own hands for the New Year or Christmas. It is possible for many people, the main thing is to find suitable materials for construction. The New Year’s decorative fireplace, collected exclusively with your own hands, will give you joy, warmth and the feeling of the holiday, and after it gets bored, it can easily be disposed of.



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