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How to make a juicer out of a washing machine

DIY juicer

The main thing in the press is a strong base and working mechanism.

  • Last layers through drainage grilles are laid prepared raw materials for spinning (crushed apples) in tissue bags;
  • With the help of the mechanism, oppression is lowered from above and presses the juice.

A good press squeezes 65-70% of the juice, leaving almost dry cake. It is quite possible to do this with your own hands.

The designs of a homemade press differ in terms of the principle of the main mechanism:

In the bulk of the structures, the pressure is on top, but in a combined version, compression goes in two directions: using a screw mechanism from above and a hydraulic jack from below.

The press for pushing juice consists of the following parts:

  • stable bed;
  • a quadrangular or cylindrical case, inside which bags with talked apples are folded;
  • wooden lattices, which are shifted by bags so that they do not spread;
  • the piston is naked, directly exerting pressure on the cake;
  • Subprack’s handle;
  • Working mechanism: a screw with a handle, a mechanical or hydraulic jack;
  • Chalice-Podon.

single.ash: juice through the holes will drain along the walls and through the bottom into the pallet;

Screw press for apples with a single oenceous case

  • Double: a continuous casing is dressed on the infantry metal cylinder a little more in diameter;
  • in the form of a continuous metal case with one drain hole from the bottom;
  • assembled from wooden racks connected by hoops. a barrel. The walls perform the functions of the drainage grill.

There may not be a screw press for apples with a body of wooden rack corps at all-just a pyramid of wooden strata frames in a tray with a mouth below, under which a container for juice is substituted.

Hydraulic frame press

This design is simply and quickly mounted. For the lower stove, you can take a piece of countertop, for example.

How to make a juicer from a washing machine: preparing materials and tools, assembly and testing

If you are a happy owner of a small garden, then in the case of a favorable year, you may face the question of how to cope with a large number of apples or other fruits that have matured and requiring cleaning and processing.

One of the reasonable outputs is juice blanks. But the usual juicer will not manage here. The approach described in this article is the manufacture of a high.performance juicer from the old washing machine.

Preparation of tools and materials for creating juicers

To build such a device, you first need an old washing machine, perhaps even failed. The main thing is that it has a motor and is in an efficient state.

In addition, wooden bars are useful for installing a device, metal nets, a set of bolts with nuts, rubber plugs, a segment of a clean hose for draining juice and a large container for finished products.

From the tools you will need: a set of screwdrivers, keys, welding, an angle grinding machine with a metal disk, a drill and a hammer. And also the metal scissors will come in handy.

Remodeling the tank of the washing machine

How to make a juicer from a washing machine? To get started, it is necessary to remove the tank from the machine.

First of all, disassemble the external walls of the case. Find the pulley that drives the drum. Carefully remove it.

After that, you need to squeeze the sealing gasket on the tank hatch and dismantle the clamp with the gasket. Next, unscrew and remove all the bolts fixing the tank, disconnect other details that interfere with its extraction. Carefully take out the tank.

To finalize it, you need to disconnect the drum located inside. Depending on the design, you need to either free the tank from all fasteners (bolts, latches, etc. P.) or carefully cut it with an angular grinder. After that, you can extract a rotating knot.

Start the modernization: lay out all the technological holes of the tank with rubber plugs or patches from metal plates (by welding), with the exception of the drain hole; attach a drain pipe.

Alteration of the drum

How a juicer is made from a washing machine with your own hands? The drum will also require improvements. First of all, it is necessary to get rid of the regular holes with the help of welding. they will not protect the juice from the penetration of fruit cake formed in the drum into it.

After that, do, using a drill with a small diameter, new holes for leaking through them a liquid fraction of the substance.

An alternative option is to install on the inner surface of the drum along its diameter between its ribs of a small metal mesh, which will play the role of a rough filter of cleaning. The net is cut out with scissors for metal and attached to screws.

Turn the drum so that the hand of the hatch looks up. This will be the working position of the future juicer. Now it is necessary to install a grater for grinding fruits on the bottom of the drum.

It can be made of a metal pan or bowl, in diameter passing into the hole of the hatch.

Having cut off the lower part and making the holes in it with a hammer and a nail, make a grater for grinding raw materials.

Pour the impromptu grinder with a convex upward up and screw it on the flat part of the inner surface of the drum.

Collect the drum and tank together. You will steadily fix the structure in the “up” position on a wooden base. Attach the motor, pull the belt to the drive. Connect the wires of the electric motor according to a simplified circuit (without connecting to the speed sensor). To do this, you need to connect two wires together: one of the motor skits, the second. to the stature.

For one remaining free wire from each pair, we connect the wire with the veins going to the contactors of the supply fork. The drum will operate at maximum rotation speed (in the regimen), which is required in this case. The juicer is ready for testing.

Testing the device

Two more auxiliary devices will be required for testing.

  • Guide dishes, a cylindrical shape without bases, slightly tapering to the bottom. It is installed above the grater with the support of the tank body so as not to touch the rotating parts of the drum. The fruits subject to grind and squeeze will be loaded into this cylinder.
  • Wooden stalk or cue ball to pushing raw materials into a grinder.

Now everything is ready to start tests. Turn on the unit in the network. Put the guide capacity, load the products, use a wooden pusher, seal it until completely grinded. Turn off the engine and remove the cylinder.

Raw materials are in a drum in the shape of a gruel. Run the drum again. Under the influence of centrifugal force, the juice will go through the walls of the drum into the drain of the tank and fall into the container for the finished product.

Juperer from activator washing machine

To make such a juicer, you will need a machine “Oka” or “Siberia”. You can use other options equipped with an annexing device and an activator on the bottom of the tank. Consider the step.by.step manufacturing of the device:

  • From the washing machine we take out the activator and shaft.
  • We mount another or the same shaft with chopped thread.
  • From stainless steel, we cut out three knives, which we fix on the shaft by means of nuts. Knives should be rotated 60 °.
  • Insert a plug into the water opening for draining.
  • In a centrifug, we place a grid of wire with a thickness of 0.25 mm with a cell size of 1.5 mm so that it goes 4-5 cm over the side sides of the drum.
  • Close the hole in the rubber cover with a plug, which is included, after which we place it at the bottom of the centrifuge.
  • Using a solution of baking soda, we wash out the inside of the machine and all the elements that will have direct contact with the juice.

[alert] So that the work of garden juicers made by yourself from the washing machine is not limited to relay time, the latter must simply be disconnected.[/alert]

How to squeeze the juice

The process of obtaining juice is quite simple. To do this, you need to wash apples or other fruits, and load in a small volume into the tank of the washing machine. The device turns on, and the product is grinded using knives. The duration of processing depends on a specific variety of apples and ripeness. After grinding, we get a mixture in the form of mashed potatoes and load it into a centrifuge for about 3 liters. Turn on the device and squeeze the juice. After a few minutes you can take out the grid and shake the cake.

Why such a juicer is good

The main advantages of the designed design are as follows:

  • performance. about 12 liters per hour;
  • Apples and other fruits do not need to be cleaned and cut;
  • not required to be constantly near the device.

The presence of the pulp in the juice will directly depend on the raw materials used and the duration of its grinding.

[alert] If you want to get pure juice, it is enough to pass it through the filter, for example, dense fabric. You can also give juice to stand for a while.[/alert]

make, juicer, washing, machine

The sequence of work on the manufacture of the simplest pressing device

The elementary design of the mechanical press, which is possible for any summer resident, is made in the following sequence:

  • The vessel of the desired volume for chopped mass is prepared. You can take an old drum from a broken washing machine. On the walls of this drum drill holes are drilled, trying to place in several lines like figures on a chessboard.
  • There are dishes, somewhat larger than the previous one, but without a bottom. In it, additional holes are made on the wall below.
  • The prepared dishes are inserted one into the other, and a wooden bar is placed between the walls, such a thickness that the necessary gap between the walls of the vessels is created.
  • A frame that looks like p is made from a durable tree. A thick cast.iron or steel circle is installed on the crossbar of this frame. It is fixed using an additional hole made inside the frame of the frame.
  • Both vessels are placed inside the large pelvis. Any pelvis take, if only it had a diameter more than the main case and is made of polymer materials, in which you can pour or put food products. At the bottom of the pelvis, a hole is made for a tube designed to run out of squeezed juice, and the tube itself is fixed.
  • The frame must be concreted, because it is the basis of the pressing mechanism. The structure assembled from the pelvis with a tube and blood vessels is then mounted on the frame of the frame.
  • The container is prepared where the liquid is collected when. The end of the tube is lowered into it, which was fixed in the bottom of the pelvis.

Home homemade press, the purpose of which is to squeeze the juice is ready.

A blank of stainless steel with drilled holes

Bent blank in the cylinder

Lower of the frame from the profile pipe

The upper part of the frame with a screw for the screw is almost ready, it remains only to paint the frame

How to make juicer and mixer machine at home

Necessary materials and tools

The assembly of the centrifugal juicer begins with the preparation of the tool in the form of a standard set of keys and screwdrivers, corner grinders, drills with drills, welding apparatus (not necessarily), a soldering iron with a flux and a recipes, a hammer, clamps and shells according to the gland.

In addition to tools, the master will need:

  • old washing machine with a stainless tank;
  • a small pot with thin walls of stainless steel;
  • profile steel corners or pipe for the bed;
  • thin rubber for gaskets;
  • plastic pipes for the removal of juice and guide;
  • Fasteners in the form of bolts and stainless rivets.

How to make a juicer from a washing machine with your own hands, tell drawings, drawings and videos, but each machine has its own size and features, they need to be taken into account when reading the scheme.

To push juice, not only a metal tank is used, but also a plastic one, although the durability of this design is in question. From the washing machine, you can make many things that are useful in the life of it, but a home-made juicer will save the time for processing vegetables and fruits.

How to make a bunker for downloading and a pusher

For the dosed load loading, you need to make a hopper. It can be made from a segment of a plastic pipe with a diameter of 100 mm. It is fixed inclined in such a way that the fruits roll to the edge of the grater. The bunker is attached to the body of the device with aluminum or steel corners on bolts

A pusher can be made from a birch cuttail cuttings. A circle of plywood with a diameter of 5 mm less than the diameter of the pipe is attached to the lower edge. A transverse limiter is installed on the upper.

Instructions on how to make a juicer at home

On your own, a juicer can be made from any washing machine-automatic machine-with frontal or vertical loading. The main thing is that there is a belt drive, since the direct drive model will not work.

If you have a washer with front loading, you will have to put it on your back, up.

Preparation for work

First, take out all the parts from the car body that is no longer needed: pump, press start, fence valve, drain filter and control panel.

Pre.prepared drawings and drawings will help to facilitate the work. So you can sequentially perform all actions, checking with the scheme.

  • two metal nets size 30×6 cm;
  • bolts with nuts for 3 mm;
  • juice dishes;
  • drain pipe;
  • rubber plugs.
  • screwdrivers and wrench;
  • corner grinder;
  • welding machine;
  • drill;
  • Passatigi;
  • a hammer;
  • Scissors for metal.

Before you put the car, prepare the bars of the stands on which it will be fixed.

Prepare the case for remaking

To create a juicer at home, it is advisable to take a stainless steel drum. However, the plastic drum is also suitable for.


  • All holes in the drum must be brewed with welding, because they are too large.
  • Drill a lot of small holes around the perimeter of the drum.
  • Now collect the tank back, screwing screws. If the tank was unlimited, you need to prepare holes for screws in advance.

Put the tank back in the housing, return the sealing tires and amortizers springs in place.

Maintain the drum

Since for the manufacture of juicers you yourself will need most of the parts from the washer, it will cost you almost free. But for the drum to become a full.fledged grinder for apples and other fruits, it needs to be finalized.

Make a grater. The fact is that the holes located on the surface of the drum are too large. They will turn the fruits in mashed potatoes, not juice. Therefore, take the prepared strips of the grids, install them in a circle, between the ribs of the drum. Fix the grid in place with small screws. If necessary, you can remove the grid and clean.

Grinding fruits and vegetables will help the teaser, which must be additionally sharpened. Do not forget to attach the pipe to the drainage opening. The design is ready, it remains to connect the motor.

Since the control panel is removed as unnecessary, you will have to connect an additional switch.

Estimated prices

For a manual press, in which 25 liters of raw materials are placed, you will have to pay at least 20,000.

The average pneumatic press for squeezing juice from apples can be bought for 34,000. For a hydraulic device of a membrane type, sellers ask for 94,000.



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