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How to make a glass door for a fireplace

Making the doors

These works are not very difficult, therefore, they can be performed by a layman. You do not need any specific skills and knowledge. Production takes place in this order:

  • According to the required parameters, a corner is cut out, which is spread out on a completely flat surface. Then it is inserted into a mold.
  • The uniformity and correctness of the joints is checked with an angle.
  • The joints of the elements are fixed to each other by welding.
  • Cleaning the welding remainders.
  • A frame is placed on the metal sheet, and the contour marks of the door are made on the sheet.
  • If the thickness of the metal is about 2 mm, you do not need to weld a separate frame. Now draws its size. slightly larger than the inner. The sheet will lie overlapping, so it can shield the room from smoke.
  • The metal element is cut with a cutting wheel and an angle grinder.
  • The curtains are welded to the frame, and then the previously prepared element is exposed. Then the accuracy of placement of the curtains is checked, as well as their further tacking to the metal.
  • Remove the weld overlap, and then attach the handle.

Now it is clear that with their own hands to make the door is quite possible. This product can be made by anyone. And it can be used for a very long time.

To summarize, any type of door is good in its own way. For fireplaces, the materials are chosen according to the conditions of use. Consequently, this task is solved by the manufacturer of the fireplace.

Types of doors for the fireplace

Classification of products depends on what material the doors are made of. There are several types with their own positive and negative qualities, peculiarities of operation and installation.

Glass doors for a fireplace

A fireplace door with glass is an excellent solution for different interior styles. Fireplace heat-resistant glass is resistant to high temperature and has high strength. Temperature expansion of the material is negligible. the coefficient is 30 times less if compared with conventional glass. Thanks to their high heat output, they can withstand heat up to 1,000 degrees Celsius without cracking.

After 30 minutes of operation of the fireplace, the heating of the glass will be in the range of 50-250 degrees Celsius. Temperatures of up to 500 degrees Celsius for hardened products.

Heat-resistant glasses are made of special raw materials on special equipment, practically without use of extraneous impurities. Material is resistant to fire thanks to special hardening technology, in addition, it is chemically treated and thermally polished.

Due to the above nuances manufactured products are not inferior to metal counterparts. Such glass doors for a fireplace is difficult to break or scratch.

Heat-resistant glass fireplace doors are differentiated by:

Modern technology allows you to decorate such products with colorful drawings and patterns. Original and effective solution. doors that open like a guillotine, they will fit perfectly into any interior. This makes it possible to use the heating unit both open and closed.

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Steel doors for the fireplace

This category of doors are made entirely of metal. Installation of such structures is simple, they are able to retain heat energy and at the same time have high fire safety. Many stove and fireplace owners choose iron doors because they are not only reliable, but also functional. If desired, the metal doors can be made on their own, and the cost of the work is minimal. However, and factory samples of doors are offered at an affordable price.

Metal doors for the fireplace have their own merits:

  • Affordability. Compared to fireplace doors made of heat-resistant glass, their metal counterparts are cheaper, which is why they are so widespread. often such a design can be found in bathhouses and cottages, where practicality is more important than aesthetics.
  • Durability and strength with proper care. From time to time, metal doors for the fireplace need to be treated with heat-resistant paints that will protect them from corrosion. Do not forget about cleaning the surface from soot and dust. Metal doors can be used for several dozens of years.

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Forged doors for the fireplace

This variety is made of steel. As a rule, we are talking about an ordinary openwork grid, which originally decorates the fireplace. The key advantage. the decorative characteristics. If you need to provide reliable protection from fire, then a forged door will not be the best helper. To extend the life of wrought iron doors manufacturers cover products with fireproof enamel.

Most wrought iron doors are made in the form of a lattice decorated with various patterns and ornaments. Demand for them is small, because they can not fully perform their function: smoke or sparks can fall through the holes.

Most often they are installed in rooms decorated in the classic or baroque style. It all depends on how they are decorated. there are many beautiful photos of wrought iron fireplace doors online.

Cast iron doors for the fireplace

Products made of cast iron are less popular than modern fireplace doors with fireproof glass. As stated by most manufacturers. this option is intermediate between glass and metal structures.

However, a cast-iron door is much better able to withstand the effects of temperature than a glass door. The negative trait. less attractive appearance. The weight of such a door can reach several tens of kilograms.

Nevertheless, quite a few customers choose cast-iron doors for their fireplaces.

The door for the fireplace. install with their own hands

When you decide to install the firebox door immediately at the stage of construction of the fireplace, the process will go completely unnoticed for you. the brickwork will be immediately adapted for the door. However, when the fireplace was built several years ago, and you decided to do this simple, at first glance, task, there will be much more trouble. To the door for the fireplace with their own hands was installed without unnecessary monotonous work, you will need tools such as an angle grinder, equipped with a cutting wheel on ceramics, a building level, heat-resistant oven mix, dowels for ceramics and screws, asbestos thread.

Doors with glass for a fireplace: requirements, choice, design

Fireplace doors made of glass are advantageously combined and harmonize with any interior. Fireplace with an open firebox, of course, allows the flames to look more mesmerizing, but this variation is not safe, especially if there are animals or small children in the house. Sparks that can fly out of the firebox, which can lead to fire or burns!

Also, an open hearth can be a consequence of smoke in the room, improper combustion of oxygen.

Design features

Glass doors for the fireplace consists of the following elements and on this basis have certain design features:

Glass doors for the fireplace are usually inserted into a specially prepared frame or framing. This element serves as the glass fixer and its main support.

This component is mostly made of stainless steel or cast iron.

Glass door for the fireplace is made of high-strength, durable and heat-resistant material.

Two components are based on heat-resistant quartz and a ceramic crystal base. The weight of the glass together with the frame can be rather substantial and reach 10-20 kilograms.

Glass door for the fireplace is equipped with special handles. They are installed and screwed separately.

Also the surface of each element is covered with special heat insulating materials. This prevents the handles from getting too hot when the main part of the structure heats up.

Tip: The most convenient to use and maintain are fireplace doors with glass Doors with two leaves. It is not difficult to remove any dirt from such surfaces.

Interesting to know: also glass fireplace door Can be decorated with different patterns and prints. The handles themselves are made of metal, heat-resistant plastic or natural wood. And various effects are applied by toning or laminating.

Fireplace door with glass can be additionally coated and other fireproof materials, such as ceramic tiles, tiles, mosaics, natural and artificial stone. And the main swing mechanism can be both vertical and horizontal, hinged.

Choice of shape and type

Fireplace door with glass can have not only a different type of swing mechanism and the number of leaves, but also be made of glass of different quality, texture and color. Glass, can be:

Important: Depending on the style and design of the model, the surface can be either completely or partially transparent, slightly cloudy or colored. Quality heat-resistant glass is made in such a way that the surface remains perfectly smooth, and the allowable heat can reach about 900 degrees.

Based on your wishes, as well as the given style of hearth and room design, you can choose the door of one of the following forms:

Protective screen or doors can have either one or more flaps

Assembly and installation is done while the hearth itself is still being assembled

Fireproof glass can have a self-cleaning function.

The door for a fireplace with glass can have an improved appearance. This consists of the manufacturer’s use of a special innovative system that allows the product to periodically clean itself of soot, grime and other formations. Due to the air masses constantly acting on the coating, the glass does not get dirty (more about: means for cleaning glass in the fireplace), and dust does not settle.

Interesting to know: A door with glass for the fireplace Can be both completely blind and hermetically sealed from all sides and have partial open areas.

Heat-resistant glass for this element can fall into one of the following categories:

  • Tempered. Such glass is preheated to the maximum allowable temperature, after which a sharp cooling. This product is characterized by high strength, heat resistance and does not succumb to various damages, formed in domestic conditions;
  • Borosilicate. The composition includes two main components. boron oxides and silica. Such glasses are characterized not only by high strength and fire resistance, but also have a good plasticity, allowing the easy production of various combinations and make decorative elements of any shape;
  • Quartz. Based on quartz and sand. For the manufacture of such a coating is necessary to observe exactly the specified temperature conditions and the sequence of operations. Masters will help with special equipment and detailed instructions. The price of quartz glass is quite high due to its durability, strength, good fire resistance and resistance to domestic conditions.

Decor and other functions of the fireplace door

On the background of the disadvantages of an open fireplace door for the fireplace is just a wonderful salvation from all these disadvantages. Even though the flames are hidden behind the glass door of the firebox, you can still admire it through the clear glass. Everyone knows about the decorative functions of closed fireboxes, so let’s go straight to the technical issues.

A closed firebox allows you to install the water circuit in the fireplace, and this is a prerequisite for the full use of the fireplace as a heat generating device, and the main one.

Slow burning technology thanks to the special design of the door. By adjusting the air flow, you achieve a better combustion of fuel, thus increasing the efficiency. By installing protection, you can be calm about safety, even if there are children playing in the room.

How you can make a sturdy and reliable door for the fireplace with your own hands

Doors for the fireplace at first glance represent a small and insignificant detail in the design, but this is absolutely not true. Fireplace doors must have the following characteristics:

  • First and foremost, they should allow air to flow unobstructed into the firebox, as well as regulate that supply. On this procedure will directly depend on the quality of combustion.
  • Doors for fireplaces are a barrier to fire entering the room. They themselves for this purpose must be fireproof and provide reliable protection.
  • The material that is used to make these elements must have high heat resistance.

In order for the doors to have these quality properties, manufacturing firms are constantly looking for new, better materials and introduce technologies that will help make their products better. Many make an opening that allows air to enter the furnace compartment. There are several of the highest quality materials that fireplace doors are made of.

How to make a door for a fireplace with your own hands

The design of the fireplace must first meet the requirements of fire safety. A fireplace with an open source of flame poses a risk of fire from a spark. In a house with children, in order to avoid getting burned, it is necessary to make the design safe. In this article, consider how to make a door for the fireplace with their own hands, the characteristics of the materials used.

Advantages of a hearth with a closed firebox

Fireplace owners are divided into lovers of enjoying an open fire and connoisseurs of safe use of devices. Installing a door to the fireplace has many advantages:

  • Compliance with fire safety standards, protection from sparks, smoke and soot in the room.
  • Economical use of combustion materials, in closed fireboxes coals burn better. At the same consumption of firewood, a fireplace with a closed firebox produces more heat.

In closed models, carbon monoxide burns completely, and the room is protected from smoke and soot.

A fireplace with a door can be used as a heating source. It is able to adequately heat a small room.

Requirements for hearth doors

Combinations of forging, glass, steel make it possible to choose the product on http://svt-ukraine.com.ua/dvercy-dlya-kamina, which will fit harmoniously into any interior of the room, and will satisfy the most demanding requests.

There are strict requirements for the doors of the heat source:

  • The material for the manufacture must be fireproof, to withstand prolonged exposure to high temperatures;
  • The door must not obstruct the air flow inside the hearth.

There is a wide choice of materials for the manufacture of the enclosed fireboxes, the materials are constantly being improved and are certified.

Choosing the material

The most popular materials for the manufacture of fireplace doors are: glass, forging, metal. Made of a single material or a combination of materials.

Construction of glass

The most popular for making a fireplace enclosure is fire-resistant glass. It’s attractive because it allows you to enjoy the view of the fire and at the same time protects you from sparks.

Glass is tinted, decorated with mosaics, combined with forged elements. The door can be either winged, sliding or lifted like a roller shutter.

The disadvantage is the formation of soot on the glass, but it is easily wiped off with a damp cloth. In models with a built-in soot-burning system, it burns off as the hearth burns.

In the manufacture, the glass is inserted into a metal frame with a gap of several millimeters, the gap is laid with fiberglass.

Forged and cast elements

Cast iron is used for the whole cast structure, forged elements are made of steel. Fire protection can be ensured by applying flame retardant paint or enamel.

Forging performs a decorative function, for security purposes it is combined with glass. It fits perfectly in rooms decorated in the classic style.

Metal doors

The metal door will provide security when using the fireplace, but will prevent viewing the fire. Its advantages include long life and low cost.

When making a door for the hearth, you need to follow some rules. Consider how to make a door for the fireplace with your own hands. Given that the width should not exceed 500. 700 mm, the construction of a larger size will have a significant weight and create additional load on the walls of the masonry.

The door for the fireplace with their own hands

Of course, you can choose the door you are interested in profile sites, such as http://svt-ukraine.com.ua/pechnye-dvercy for example. But for those who are determined to cope with the task on their own, we propose to get acquainted with the sequence of its manufacture:

  • Before we make a drawing of the whole construction.
  • Cut 4 pieces each of metal angle for the frame and door. Give them the necessary form, check the corner joints to be 90 degrees with the square. Nail it to each other by welding.
  • When the rectangle is ready, be sure to measure the correspondence of the diagonals. When they match, fasten the construction thoroughly by welding.
  • If you notice any spots, grind them away with an angle grinder.
  • Frame against the sheet of glass or metal, mark the location of the inner contour.
  • Place the overhangs, check the frame against the fireplace and make sure it is properly seated and level.
  • Cut the metal to size, weld it to the frame with an overlap. Cut the glass so that a few millimeters are left between it and the frame. We weld mounts to the frame, put fiberglass in the gap, install the glass.
  • Firmly weld the overhangs, attach the latch and handle.

Insert the construction into the groove. Asbestos cord soaked in furnace mixture is used as a gasket. Fasten with screws.

Tips from

Secrets on the choice of material and installation technology:

  • When choosing glass, you need to pay attention to its hardening, it will ensure the longevity of the product.
  • When installing the door with glass, first install the frame, check the reliability of fasteners, and only then install the glass.
  • To make the surface of the sash less heated, it is necessary to make a small hole in it. Thanks to it will increase the draft, and the flame will turn in the opposite direction.
  • Glasses are produced, the surface of which is not heated more than 28 degrees, it is impossible to get burnt on them when the furnace is working.

Whether to install a door on the fireplace, everyone decides for himself. But if there are children in the house, it is necessary to protect them from sparks. The recommendations described in the article will help determine the choice of material and make the door on the fireplace with their own hands.

Types of fireplace screens

Distinguish between open and closed designs:

  • Closed stove is equipped with a cast-iron door, which provides the greatest safety. The main advantage of closed stoves is that they provide the highest efficiency.
  • Open stoves look more aesthetically pleasing. They have a glass screen that allows you to watch the wood burning. Heat-resistant glass copes well with high temperatures, provides fire safety and prevents the penetration of combustion products into the room.

Important! For a fireplace screen, you must choose quartz glass with low linear expansion when heated.

Despite the dark shade, the transparency of such a product is good. The glass product can be made in such variants:

  • The simplest flat screen with one glass.
  • Segmental screen with three glasses.
  • Circular design. Suitable for freestanding fireplace.

Important! Cases where the fireplace is seen as a self-contained heating device is rare. But in terms of aesthetics, the fireplace is beyond competition. That’s why the door made of transparent fireproof material is so topical.

Cast iron doors are used primarily in stoves, such as bath stoves, and not in fireplaces. One of their undeniable advantages is that they are highly resistant to fire, impervious to changes in temperature.

But such sashes will not please those who like to watch the dance of sparks and burning wood. Cast iron does not look aesthetically pleasing, uncomfortable to work with, heavy, and lasts less than metal designs.

The perfect fireplace door with glass, where to get it?

Below I will tell you where to get a great, the world’s best fireplace door. No, I don’t make them But I know where to get them, contact me. write on social media and email info@domspechkoy.ru

In a great fireplace door with glass creates the effect of solemn combustion. How it’s achieved? To such a door is made expanded frame, in the frame at the factory are made perfectly flat holes. Aesthetically looks great. From these holes air flows all the way up the door frame and blows around the flames, so that the effect of an open fireplace is created. In addition, the door leaves are blown around, yes, how blown around! About that further on.

This stove’s blades are blown in. Air flows in all directions to keep the door cold. Air comes out of the top of the leaf, cooling it and also creates the effect of an open fireplace! This flap will never fail, it does not overheat, the manufacturer gives it a lifetime warranty.

The glass of the flaps blown with air from above is almost impossible to burn. The air flow eliminates the possibility of smoky glass. Added to the effect of an open fireplace is another important detail and not just one.

First of all, this door has no central damper and the flames are completely visible even in the case of a double-leaf fireplace door with glass!

Double-leaf door. it’s very practical. When the flaps are open, they obstruct the view considerably less, if at all. Accordingly the likelihood of using the fireplace in the open increases many times, believe me. Accordingly, the room will be heated better than behind the glass. this has already been tested. And at any time. you can close the doors and go, for example, to sleep in the evening.

Or as in the case of the video. to heat the fireplace during the day, so that on a particularly cold day to get warm at the fire. Then close the fireplace, to heat the stove after the. Instead of waiting for the stove to heat the room. And so on and so forth.

The best fireplace door with glass

According to experts, the right to be considered the best fireplace door with glass has a door that provides several conditions:

  • The frame of the door should provide a maximum view of the fireplace firebox;
  • The glass should be as transparent as possible, without specks, and condensation should not form on it;
  • The door should provide a tight fit to the frame of the fireplace, this is necessary so that after the embers go out, the smell of burning does not penetrate back into the room;
  • The thickness of the wall must provide sufficient noise insulation;
  • The glass of the door should be solid and safe.

Experts believe that the door should have a reliable locking device, but as for additional decorations and accessories, there is no unambiguous opinion. Some people believe that the elements of forging give a more interesting look, others, on the contrary, believe that for the present time it is unacceptable.

And as for the disadvantages, there is almost no disagreement here:

  • Do not consider installing a glass door without a metal frame;
  • It is not recommended to choose an accessory without a lock;
  • You can not use any other glass than heat-resistant.

Glass doors for the fireplace: 4 popular shapes

The most popular material is glass doors made of heat-resistant glass, they are made by special technology and can withstand temperatures up to 800 ᵒC. They can also be opened in different ways. unary, be with the presence of 2 hinged doors, or lift vertically.

Glass doors come in many shapes:

The glass door that opens the fireplace or stove has a metal frame and a seal that allows it to close tightly. Most fireplaces are heated with regular firewood, and sometimes with softwood, which can emit not only soot but also resin.

To avoid rather troublesome cleaning, many fireplaces have a self-cleaning system.

Cleaning works so that the air flow does not allow soot and tar to settle on the doors, so they do not get dirty.



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