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How to make a fan colder washing engine

How to make a fan with your own hands

The question is trivial. First, we recommend determining the installation location of a homemade fan. Two types of engines dominate the technique: collector (historically the first), asynchronous (invented by Nicola Tesla). The former is very noisy, switching sections causes a spark, the brushes rub, causing noise. Asynchronous engine with a short.closed rotor quieter, interference generates less. You will find a start.up relay in the refrigerator. Adding a couple of phrases of joking phrases, we will return seriousness to the site. How to make a fan with your own hands, do not scare your relatives. Let’s try to answer.

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The fan device is so simple, the meaning of telling, to paint the insides disappears. What to consider when designing? Remember the growl of the cyclone vacuum cleaner, the volume above 70 dB. Inside the collector engine. often deprived of the possibility of speed control. Decide that at the place of installation of a home.made fan, we will accept a similar level of sound pressure? Having chosen the second, we will concentrate on asynchronous engines, simple models do not require a starting winding. Power is small, secondary EMF is blocked by the stator field.

The asynchronous engine drum with a short.closed rotor is cut out with copper veins along the forming, genus angle to the axis. The direction of the slope determines the direction of rotation of the engine rotor. Copper cores are not isolated from the material of the drum, the conductivity of Olympic metal exceeds the surrounding material (silumin), the potential difference between neighboring veins is small. Current flows on copper. Between the stator, the rotor is missing, there is nowhere to get a spark (the wire is covered with lacquer insulation).

The noise of the asynchronous engine is determined by two factors:

When you adjust the adjustment, maintenance of an asynchronous engine, you can achieve almost complete noiselessness. We recommend that you think whether the level of sound pressure is important. The case concerns the canal fan- it is allowed to use the collector engine, the requirements will set the location of the section.

The channel fan is placed inside the duct section, mount, tearing the tract. To service the section is seized.

Noise loses the dominant role. Sound wave, passing through the duct, fades. Particularly quickly part of the Spectra, which has inconsistent dimensions relative to the width/length of the cross.section of the tract. Read more textbooks on acoustic lines. A collector engine can be used in a basement, garage, deprived of people. The neighbors of the cooperative will hear, rather are suffered to pay attention.

What is good collector engine, that we are fighting for the right to use. Three deficiencies in asynchronous:

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  • The engine consumes a significant starting current (3-7 nominal), negatively affects the requirements for the supply network, protective machines. The wiring should keep, albeit short.term, large load. Good news: the vast majority of generators during the start of the start are able to issue an endless current. Bad-the home network looks at the question differently, it will burn out from exorbitant power growth (earlier, later fuses).
  • The asynchronous engine is capricene, the voltage frequency changes. the revolutions will not remain unchanged. Reducing the amplitude of the nutrition will cause a similar effect. Not always good. As for the collector engines, they look indifferently at the first factor, voltage surges cause a short.term increase in speed. Both due to the inductance of windings, sharp changes in voltage fronts extinguish.
  • The efficiency of the asynchronous engine does not differ in large value, single.phase models are not much inferior to three.phase. If you just need to blow in the heat, the efficiency is sufficient, you will not need more. The device will work on the hood around the clock in the room with volume for a cubic kilometer. the problem will become significant.

At the initial moment, the asynchronous engine does not develop a large torque, a number of special structural measures are taken. It is not important for the fan. Most household models are equipped with asynchronous engines. In production the number of phases is increased to three.

make, washing, engine

errors when choosing a floor fan and apartment.

When the time comes the heat, not everyone has enough funds and the opportunity to install air conditioning in the apartment or in the house.

over, even if you mounted it, as a rule, it cools only one room. What to do with the rest? Buy and put two, three pieces?

Therefore, most of us begin to look towards a cheaper and familiar solution. floor fans. Such devices should be in every apartment, even for those who already have a full.fledged split system.

Although it is worth recalling for those who are not in the know-the fans actually do not cool the air, but simply drive him around the room back and forth.

So due to what is the cold? Everything is quite simple. Your body reacts to the heat of plentiful sweating. Drops of moisture appear on the surface of the skin.

With their evaporation, excess heat is taken. And an extraneous breath, just the same helps to accelerate this process.

Especially if the air is dry and is not moisturized by any special devices.

By the way, do not be surprised, but sometimes it happens that the fan does not cool at all, but even performs the reverse function.

For example, if you place two ice creams on a stick, one of which will melt in a natural way, and direct the fan to the other, then, oddly enough, the second will melt faster.

This is explained by the fact that a layer of cold is formed around the sweet treat, which in some way slows down its melting. And when you direct the fan here, this layer is completely blown away. And the ice cream melts more intense.

Which of this can be drawn a practical conclusion? Since fans are not cold sources, it is difficult to get cold from them than from traditional split systems.

What floor fans to choose for an apartment and at home, and how to avoid the most common mistakes when buying, so that the device worked for you for a long time and safely?

Let’s start with the most important thing. fire and electrical safety. Do not forget that any fan is an electric device.

One careless movement or accidental circuit, and instead of cooling the apartment, you can burn it. And not all of you have special spark.shaped devices that easily prevent such accidents at the initial stage.

In case of closing the wiring on the case from the inside, it may well hit you with the current. Therefore, do not transfer the windfall from place to place in the on state.

Pay attention to the case material. On the one hand, whole metal is a great fire safety, but in terms of electrical safety, plastic looks more advantageous.

True, it is desirable that he be non.combustible. Check this in the product passport.

Also, in the documentation, be sure to look for an indication that the engine has protection against overheating. It can be a miniature thermallane that breaks the chain when the temperature of the windings is over 145 degrees.

At this moment, the impeller stops and the engine will not start again until the temperature falls. Without such protection, it is really a fire hazardous unit.

If you think that by buying the most expensive model you will get the best cooling, then you are deeply mistaken. To do this, it is not at all necessary to choose a fan with the highest price tag.

Often, even inexpensive models do very well with their tasks. Let’s clearly compare the effectiveness of the three winds in different price categories:

Cheap models are usually the most flimsy and unstable. Their noise level at maximum speed reaches 70db.

The average version knows how to do the same, but the only thing that is added in it. This is a timer and distance management.

True, his design is more stable, and the material of manufacture is moreatical. This affects the weight of the device.

The fan is very noisy

If the fan is initially very buzzing, you need to find a sound source. The rumble can create a support that knocks on the floor. Rubber or cork laying will help here. Another common reason is too high the speed of rotation of the blades. We can attribute the device to the master and ask to install a non.polar capacitor by 400 volts with a capacity of 1 to 10 microfarads, which will reduce the operating voltage.


The question of the team is very important, since the success of any project depends on it. Outsors and attracting developers on freelance is quite dangerous for startup, as it burns a lot of financial resources, temporary ones (you have to redo everything several times, in addition you always need a clear TK). But make a good TK at an early stage. This is also a separate task, since if you develop the product yourself, and not copy, then this is an iterative path. And you have to pay for every step. Therefore, many errors were made.

The most correct point about the team will be the idea that you need to look for like-minded people, it is difficult to do something worthwhile without them.

Who knows how to look for like.minded people. write. We are looking for!

As a result: for such a project, skills were needed: a schematic technician, a programmer, a software developer for smartphones, a designer and leader.

We have planned a series of devices: an automatic fan, a supply device, climate control station, control of heating thermostats from the climate control station.

This is a lot of work and who is interested in the theme of climate and management of them write to the group, are always happy with new ideas.

An example of a floor fan repair

I had to repair an electric floor fan of the Scarlett SC-175 model. When turned on, the fan engine was buzzing, but the blades did not rotate. Checking the freedom of rotation of the impeller confirmed the suspicion, it rotated tight. The lubricant is most likely thickened.

In order to grease the engine, the fan needs to be disassembled. First you need to remove the impeller, for which it is enough to unscrew the round nut that fixes it, rotating it clockwise. So that the nut during rotation of the blades does not unscrew, the left thread is cut in it.

After removing the impeller, the second plastic nut that holds the protective screen will open. It with standard right carving and is unscrewed against the course of the time.

Next, two screws holding the front cover of the case are unscrewed. At the same time, you can remove with the help of a small flat screwdriver a folding washer, on which the impeller rests during fixation.

To remove the back cover of the fan, you must first remove the horizontal movement of the fan. It can be screwed with a self.tapping screw or tightly inserted.

make, washing, engine

Before disassembling the engine, you need to carefully examine it, since rotation of the rotor can be difficult due to its clinging to the stator. In addition, if the fan rotation occurs due to the main, rather than an additional engine, then the malfunction can be hidden in the worm gearbox.

Dismantling the worm reducer of the rotation device of the fan head on the horizon did not reveal a malfunction. There was enough lubrication, gear in good condition. When disassembling the gearbox, it is necessary to pay attention to the spring.loaded two balls, which, unknowingly, had scattered, I had to look for a long time.

Before disassembling the engine, the gearbox was assembled. For disassembling the engine, it is enough to unscrew four long screws. At the same time, care should be observed so as not to damage the stator windings made of a thin copper wire. The windings in Chinese fans are not saturated with varnish and therefore vulnerable to mechanical influences.

The photo shows the fan engine with the front lid removed. The bearing during disassembly got out of the cover with the shaft.

The bearing sat so tightly due to thickened lubrication on the shaft of the engine rotor that it was necessary to remove it with pliers with pliers.

The lubricant thickened with dirt is best removed using the White alcohol solvent, which is purified gasoline. If this is not at hand, then alcohol, acetone, gasoline and even washing powder or laundry soap are suitable.

The inner cavity of the sliding bearing is best cleaned with the help of a ramp of a tweezer or screwdriver moistened in the solvent, making returned movements with simultaneous rotation.

After removing the old lubricant, you need to put on the sleeve of the bearing on the shaft. She should easily hope and rotate almost without backlash. If the bearing has passed the check, then you can proceed to grease.

Graphite lubricant is suitable for lubricating the sliding bearings from my experience, which is solidol mixed with graphite powder. After the lubrication of the noise coolers of computers with graphite grease, they did not have to lubricate them again even after many years of operation.

Now I lubricate all the mechanisms and sling bearings only with graphite lubricant. If this is not at hand, then any other, even machine oil for the car engine is suitable.

Both bearings need to be lubricated, even if one of them works well. The lubricant is applied with a thin layer both on the inner surface of the sleeve and in the place of its installation on the shaft.

Darming the glasses

This method is suitable for residents of southern apartments.

  • A special shading film is glued over the entire area of ​​the window to protect. It is most often greenish and bluish, and its action is aimed at the obstacle to the penetration of sunlight.
  • Minus of this method- natural colors outside the windows are lost.

Do.it.yourself floor fan repair. All reasons why not spin and how to disassemble.

In the hottest summer days, the only salvation from the exhausting heat, is the usual floor fan.

Not everyone can afford a full.fledged split system or at least a mobile air conditioner.

But unfortunately, this inexpensive and affordable windmill, from time to time breaks. Especially fly like seeds Chinese models.

And there are vast majority in our market. What to do if the fan has stopped rotating and working? What are his main sores and because of which he breaks?

In total, 5 main reasons for the failure of floor fans can be distinguished:

The main problem of cheap models, which for some reason few people pay attention to. Incorrect casting blades. Because of this, an imbalance occurs, bearings are broken, gaps increase.

You can’t influence this in any way, as you already bought a fan with such an initial defect. Sometimes it seems to work, the impeller rotates normally, but does not blow.

That is, there is no cooling air flow from it. Why is it happening?

Due to the wrong corner of the attack of the blades. Its petals are deformed and drive an air flow in a circle, and do not throw it out.

This effect can appear over time, after the fan stood for a long time under the straight rays of the sun and its impeller heated, began to gradually change its shape.

It is treated only by replacing the impeller with a new.

The most common problem is the dried lubrication or its lack. The fan begins to wedge, lose speed and, as a result, the load on the engine increases. Vetrodui no longer works in full force.

The engine wound up with a thin wire of 0.2mm begins to heat up and the windings gradually burn out.

How a similar defect is detected? In this case, the fan ceases to rotate. He is buzzing, but the impeller does not spin.

It also happens that it starts only at 3 speed, and does not react to the first two at all. He just does not have enough power to turn the shaft.

In order to start it, you have to sprout like on old aircraft in an impudent.

make, washing, engine

By the way, the same symptom may be with damage to the start.up capacitor. How to find out without devices what reason is to blame for the breakdown?

To do this, at least get to the engine shaft, removing the protective casing and blades. If the shaft by hand will rotate with great difficulty, then blame dirt and dried grease.

And if he spins easily and he has inertia, then most likely a conder was covered. Symptom. turned on the fan in the outlet, but it does not spin. At the same time, scroll into a impudent motor and it starts.

If you hold the fan blades when working with your hand, it can stop again. The capacitor is checked by a multimeter if it has an appropriate capacity measurement scale.

To replace, select a new conder according to the same parameters as indicated on the body of the old.

By the way, a dried.up capacitor has not yet been fully affected, also affects the moment. If you notice that they fell from you and the fan began to spin slower, this is a bell to check it.

The problem of tight rotation is solved by a new lubricant of bearings. Here are used, the so.called sliding bearings. Someone calls them bushings.

Apply balls in such designs is expensive, and they thunder over time, they be healthy. For repair it is not at all necessary to disassemble the entire engine entirely. It is enough to unscrew a few cogs and spray to the right places with the universal aerosol WD40.

How to get to the bushings without removing the engine? To get started, unscrew the central screw on the back wall of the protective casing.

Another self-tapping screw is hidden in the adjustment button for turning or stopping at the fan head.

After that, the back cover is easily removed from its place. What is under it? Here you can see the gearbox of the rotary mechanism that gives rotation to the whole head.

Typical floor fan device

On the agenda, the repair of the floor fan with your own hands! You should start small: the simplest fans do not have a ground terminal. The device does not have the degree of electrical safety. The device of the floor fan includes a housing made of plastic. Water will get inside. expect a good shake. The floor fan of the specified variety cannot be used near the water. Starting with an aquarium with fish, ending with a flower vase. Particularly dangerous where young children live. The contraption will fall, the child will guess to pour into the milk Draw the conclusions yourself:

When the floor fan falls with a high degree of probability, nothing will happen. We plunge into the design. So far, we will leave the features of the control of the engine speed and button to the side. Let’s talk about the gearbox. Krasnodar floor fan carries one asynchronous condenser engine. The front side of the shaft through the pin, the nut with the left thread is connected to the blades, the back goes to the gearbox formed by two gears, one double.

The shaft is equipped with a thread, clinging, rotating, large wheel teeth. The moment is transmitted to the small wheel that drives the flywheel. The gear of a crooked-shaped mechanism with a diameter in the hand, so rotation is inferior to the speed of the initial shaft of an asynchronous engine.

Through the cardan gear, the crank is hooked by the leg, the engine housing is planted on the axis. When the shaft of the asynchronous engine rotates, the blades move smoothly in one or two. However, you can stop the process. In the double gear, the rolls are attached to the larger gear with two balls with a spring inserted into a through hole. If you pull the regulator handle directly connected to the axis, the latch slides up. The connection between the gear, the shaft, the rotation is stopped. The mechanism implements protection against the fall: six grooves are cut along the internal landing hole of the drive gear. Balls fit. The provisions are six, the mutual transition is accompanied by a click, the axis is turning relative to the gear, the balls beat along the walls, slipping into the grooves.

Clicks are heard, there is a high probability. the floor fan has fallen. The drive jammed, working, clicking, protective mechanism, protecting the motor from combustion.

We believe that the regime is unprofitable to the floor fan, not to turn off the device, the engineer.guard of the motor will certainly break. The gearbox is attached with three bolts to the engine, cut through a pair of lubricants through which you can flavor plastic gears. Concerns the drive, rotating with the speed of the asynchronous engine.

Headache, how to fix the floor fan and collect. We see the alignment: the mutual position of the gearbox, the legs through the transmission, the head of the floor fan will move incorrectly relative to the frontal plane. It can be annoyed. Connection the gearbox, check the product by connecting power. Caution, so as not to hit the current, try to visually determine the correctness of the assembly.

Centrifugal fan engine adjustment

In 85% of cases, the engine in the washing machine is collector. Such, by the way, work from direct current. The direction of rotation is determined by the polarity of the voltage.

About the revolutionary adjustment scheme. The principle of operation of the centrifugal fan requires the use of spin modes. Find a thyristor scheme that controls the cutting angle and configure in the necessary way. For maximum revolutions, connect the engine to the 220 V network. We consider the questions that a centrifugal fan is, and how to make it.



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