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How to make a decorative fireplace fireplace

DIY cardboard fireplace for New Year: step.by.step instructions for creating a magical attribute of the holiday (34 photos)

Nothing makes Christmas twilight and New Year’s Eve such cozy as a fireplace with bright fire or smoldering coals. He warms with his warm breath the bumber, cold and such short winter days. If earlier the fireplace was used only for its intended purpose, that is, for heating, now it is one of the most spectacular and expensive decorative elements.

Unfortunately, not every house can install a real hearth, but there is an excellent way out. a fake fireplace from the boxes for the New Year. This is a wonderful decoration for an apartment or a private house, which can be created very simply, making a little effort and imagination. In addition, such a structure helps to get rid of garbage in the form of cardboard boxes of electronics, shoes and even from fine cardboard packaging, from which it will be possible to cut out “bricks”. All New Year holidays, an artificial hearth will complement the mysterious atmosphere of magical days.

make, decorative, fireplace

The Expanse Rocinante paper model is part 2⁠ ⁠

I continue to mess with the casing. Now the motor module is half of thin conjure rings, which are not always immediately clear how to insert into each other.

Cargo-module is cunning, part of the parts are glued even before the placement of the skin. He tinned with semi.cylinders a little, and the rest is easy. he glued the niches, stuck connectors and wrapped around the frame. The model is calculated with some kind of phenomenal accuracy, the sheathing stood without cracks.

And finally, I collect the ship entirely on glue, then everything can be safely hanged on the resulting monolith of the case.

I start with PDC containers (Point Defense Cannons, in the Ru-transmission-instrumental defense tools. A set of cheerful 40 mm six-barrels equipped with armor-piercing. PDC can bring down a torn in another ship in another ship incompatible with the life of holes with a short distance). Well, at the same time, hatches and other trifles will hook.

Similarly installed nasal and prepared a bunch of parts of the case.

Collected the lateral parts entirely and applied. how it will sit down?

He cut and prepared hefty corpsial elements for the top and a bottom of the head, inconsistent hesitated, collecting and gluing (I had to rummage and press the edges with a toothpick) Small protrusions.

Having completed all large pieces, I finally put them on glue. Installation was easier and faster than I was afraid, large elements of a rather complex shape sat in their places perfectly.

Rosi takes on the outline.

Continuation should be (and there the game is ahead, Stay tuned).

P. S. Michael Grosberg authorship model and you can take it for free on Papermodelers.com

The stage of decoration of the fireplace, which can be useful

First of all, this is a creative process. In which, you cannot distinguish any mandatory rules or conditions, but there are options for ready-made fireplaces, based on which you can have an approximate idea of ​​how it can be designed. Now we will try to talk about the most elementary and accessible to each ways to decorate the fireplace. To give your building a presentable look, you can use:

Ceiling moldings, with their help your fireplace will turn out to be embossed and even a little bohemian; 2. Wallpapers of a suitable color; 3. Textured plaster, on which in the future you can apply light spray of paint of any color, such as gold; 4. Paint, close to the shade to burned brick, as well as white paint for drawing seams between bricks. Designing a decorative fireplace already ready.made. You can pay special attention to the firebox, which, subject to the volumetric design, is well supplemented by a pattern of imitation of flame or beautiful birch wood. The top of your fireplace can be thickened and become a strong shelf on which you can place the frames for photos or a beautiful spruce branch decorated with New Year’s balls, a small aquarium and an interesting shape can also take its ocious place in the head of the fireplace.

The false model is trapezoidal

It looks unusual! And the whole point is that the side part is not a rectangle, but a trapezoid. How to do it?

It remains only to give a New Year’s look with garlands, Christmas trees and toys.


If you made a fireplace fireplace with your own hands whose step.by.step instructions you had, but there are irregularities and other shortcomings, then they need to be corrected. A putty will come to help us. But here you need to work carefully. After all, the cardboard absorbs moisture, so that it must be applied in parts and to small areas, the second layer only after the previous. There is a little trick that will help out if the shortcomings are minimal. Stick on irregularities an ordinary rough shepherd. it sticks well to the cardboard, and the finish putty falls on it just fine.

We use putty for fireplace trim

How to make Christmas holidays in Honor

To make a Christmas hearth, you need only 3 cardboard boxes, one of them should be large and 2 others smaller, but the same. The first is installed according to the Central Center, while others are at the edges. Further, objects are glued with tape or reliable glue.

If the house did not find the boxes of the same height, they are cut. At the same time, the upper part should not have failures.

The room where the fireplace will be installed, it is advisable to use the same thing where the spruce will be located, this will create more comfort and the festive atmosphere.

The first thing to do is remove the front of the wall of the large box, which is in the middle, there will be a furnace hole. The fireplace can be put on a pre.prepared border, so oh will look much more spectacular.

If there is a desire to make artificial bricks, you can use thin foam. It needs to be marked and cut out rectangular figures, a little smaller than standard brick (if the value permits, you can use the original size of the stone).

make, decorative, fireplace

Now you can start gluing polystyrene. Bricks must be placed in a checkerboard pattern so that the masonry is as close as possible in appearance to this. After the work done, the glue should freeze, only after that the work can be continued.

Now you can start painting. It is advisable to primer in several layers so that all parts have the same color. The border is usually painted yellow, and bricks in red or golden. If the owner wants to make a hearth not only for New Year’s holidays, you can buy brown paint.

How to decorate New Year’s fireplace?

To decorate the Christmas hearth, various toys and natural materials are used, for example:

  • Branches ate.
  • Cones.
  • Balls.
  • Rain.
  • Christmas socks for gifts.
  • Fruits.
  • Candies.
  • Bells.
  • Figures of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden.
  • Paper snowflakes.
  • Girlands with backlight.

Toys and jewelry for Christmas hearth

You need to use suitable colors. It is recommended to use jewelry of green, red, golden, blue or white, as well as their shades. There is another option to make a polyurethane fireplace

The choice of materials

Before making a fireplace, we need to choose the right materials for the manufacture of such a decorative design. In order to assemble a false stone with our own hands, we will need to get:

  • Boxes. There can be either many different shapes and sizes, or only one or more large. Boxes can be not only different sizes, but also forms;
  • Wallpaper or simple paper. If you are going to use wallpaper to decorate the portal, one tube will have enough for you;
  • For gluing boxes, wallpaper, paper, you will need to buy an adhesive base. It can be silicate or PVA glue;
  • Tape (ordinary, painting and bilateral);
  • Masking brushes, lips and rags;
  • For the main work, we will need a stationery knife a simple pencil. Additionally, you can get a ruler and scissors, roulette and building level;
  • If you are going to equip a fireplace portal with a shelf or countertop, you will need a sheet of drywall or plywood.

It is also worth purchasing the necessary materials for decorating a fireplace portal in advance. It can be wallpaper that prints, imitating the classic brick surface of the fireplace. A cardboard fireplace can be decorated with a self.adhesive film, the surface of which imitates natural minerals, such as marble, sandstone or granite. Classic voluminous patterns represented by various columns, gypsum elements, skirting boards, and foam decor look beautiful and stylish. Also, the surface can be painted with a simple paint from a spray can or a leash.

If you want to get a more rough and heterogeneous surface at the exit, it is recommended to use liquid wallpaper that have a corrugated structure and a rather heterogeneous surface. All kinds of acrylic compositions are very popular. Such paint has practically no smell, quickly dries and has interesting shades and tones (gold, silver, bronze, sparkles, mother of pearl).

Kamin for the New Year 2022 from cardboard boxes

Get ready to celebrate the New Year 2022? Create an unusual photo zone at home and try to make a luxurious holiday props from improvised materials. It is quite affordable and not at all difficult. Boxes that we usually throw away or, at best, hand over for processing can serve as excellent material for creating a New Year’s fireplace with our own hands.

Such a decorative object harmoniously fits into the interior of any home or apartment and does not occupy a lot of space. If there is very little space in the apartment, you can make the corner option. In order to make a fireplace with your own hands for the New Year 2022, prepare the following materials:

  • cardboard boxes from household appliances or other goods;
  • 2 plates of polystyrene foam;
  • glue “Titan” and thermocles;
  • Materials for decor: paint, colored paper, foam;
  • Work tools: (scissors, knife for wallpaper, brush).

Advice. Before you start making a false stone, we propose to consider the drawing and calculate the dimensions. Ideal for such a Christmas decor is a large box from the TV and several small. Also, when working with cardboard and paper, including with your own hands to create a Christmas fireplace, it is best to use Titan glue.

Master class “Fireplace from cardboard boxes

Dear colleagues I want to share my skill.

I always dreamed of making a fireplace in kindergarten, that year the guys and I made a fireplace for the group.

But today I want to present the fireplace I have done for my daughter at home. She really asked me about it.

make, decorative, fireplace

How To Build a DIY Fireplace Surround With an Electric Insert

The fireplace creates an atmosphere of comfort and body, cold winter evenings. In addition, creates a New Year’s mood. The New Year has passed, and the fireplace remained with us, fit perfectly into the interior of the daughter’s room, which she is very pleased with.

It took me very little for my work. In the Ermolino store, I took 5 medium.sized boxes and I had a 32.inch diagonal box. I bought a panel of two shades in the form of tiles in the construction store, glue “Titan”, a large piece of polystyrene and patterned plinths and plastic corners of the smallest size. I also needed a stationery knife, tape and transparent, and of course, a garland, three birch logs.

And finally I started work, my daughter photographed my job.

Before, I connected all the boxes and glued them with glue and tape, and on top I cut off the size of the foam tabletop and glued.

When everything grasped well, I started the design of our fireplace with plastic panels. The previous two fireplace and the guys and I made from boxes and ceiling tiles, it also turned out very beautifully, but now we had to get a fireplace as a result, which would always stand. And therefore it should be more thorough.

And so I was distracted. We proceed to the gluing of the panels, those that I have a light shade. Plastic panels are very easily cut by ordinary scissors. And the drawing in the form of tiles helps us a lot in this.

Then I started glorification with panels of a gray shade of the niche of our fireplace. Before, I sealed the back of the niche with ceiling tiles, in the tile I made a small incision for a garland fork.

Then I sealed our countertop and began to glue corners, and after skirting boards.

There was no limit to happiness when we connected the lights for the sample.

make, decorative, fireplace

We have to add New Year’s decor. I also made a ceiling tile a flashlight and a deer.

How to Build a Faux Fireplace that Looks TOTALLY REAL!

And then our joy and fantasy knew no bounds.

Here we have such a beauty. Everyone had a New Year mood, even a cat.

Our idea has come true. The New Year has passed, and the fireplace remained with us to stand and delight us, in the evenings we turn on the lights.

I wish everyone warmth and believe in dreams! All in your hands! Health to everyone!

“For cute ladies”! Caskets made of cardboard boxes in the technique of decoupage to all good day! I bring to your attention the manufacture of caskets, which will be very useful for storing our ladies’ accessories.

Household appliances from cardboard boxes for the role-playing games of preschool children thanks to the gender education of preschool children depends on the successful formation of the child as a person. Gender education of children.

Decorative fireplace fireplace. Master class Hello, dear colleagues, Happy New Year 2018! Happiness, health and all worldly benefits to you in the new year! And I want to share.

The photo report “Decorations are needed, the scenery is important”. The use of cardboard boxes in the theatrical activity of children, the outstanding Russian scientist Lev Semenovich Vygotsky wrote: “It is necessary to expand the experience of the child if we want to create quite strong foundations.

Fireplace? Easily! Master class good evening, dear colleagues! On the eve of the New Year, ideas overwhelm teachers, we are sophisticated, invent, spy and embody.

Master class “Decorative fireplace” fireplace is a heat source and a symbol of the well-being of older preschool children and younger students [/ Purpose: Create conditions for development.



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