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How to make a cappuccino on a Delonghi coffee machine

Instructions for the use of Delungi coffee machine with cappuccino

Kitchen technique

Instructions for the Delongs coffee machine with a cappuccino will help to understand the features of the device. It is suitable for making coffee, cappuccino and warming other drinks at home.

Homemade cappuccino in the Delonghi coffee maker

You can delight yourself and households with excellent coffee in your own kitchen. To enjoy a high.quality drink, you will have to practice water, steam and with a foam text for some time.

Built.in Kapuchnikhnik is responsible for the function of foaming milk. This is a metal tube through which steam enters under pressure. It is thanks to her that the milk mass becomes airy and gives coffee that very tender texture. With such a function, first-class cappuccino will be able to weld any person without any special skills.

Cooking rules

It is impossible to make a real cappuccino without a coffee machine at least with a manual cappuccino. Dense foam can only be obtained by a special device. It is easier to use the production machines “Delungi”, “Bosch”, “Philips”, “Melitta”, “Saco”. They work quickly, without failures. But even in this case, the drink may not work.

Before you make cappuccino in a coffee machine, you need to know about several features of this drink and the rules for its preparation. To make it delicious, you need to choose the right ingredients, dishes and coffee machine. Since cappuccino is a mixture of espresso and milk, it is recommended to choose the best grain coffee varieties. arabica or robust.


Before cooking cappuccino in a coffee machine, you need to choose the right milk.

  • Do not take fat.fat, it is impossible to make the right foam out of it. Its fat content should be at least 3.5%.
  • It should be highly unfilled, then the foam will turn out to be dry and light.
  • The required temperature is 3-5 0. Then the prepared coffee will not have a taste of boiled milk.
  • You need to make cappuccino only from a fresh product in which there are no impurities of milk powder.


To prepare delicious coffee, it is recommended to pay attention even to the dishes. The main thing is that it should be heated up to 40 0. If there is no such function in the coffee maker, you need to pour a cup with boiling water. Also warm up and dry the foam tank.

What should be the drink

Not always with a good car, it turns out to make a cappuccino. Only if you learn to use it, you can cook delicious coffee. To do this, you need to know what the real Cappuccino should be:

  • It consists of three parts: espresso, milk and foam, each of them occupies a third of the cup;
  • coffee should be saturated taste, without bitterness;
  • The color is light brown;
  • The temperature of the drink is 60-70 0;
  • The foam is dense, light, thick.

You can check the quality of the foam if you pour a little sugar on top. Grains should remain on its surface.

Preparation of cappuccino in an automatic coffee machine

Such units do not require special participation of a person. Milk is usually whipped into them, and then it is given directly into the cup, as a rule, the container is connected to the device using a tube. Just select the desired program and substitute a cup for a nose. Pay attention to the cooking process in your coffee machine. For some reason, some models first pour foamed milk, and then coffee. So delicious, and the foam still rises up, but this is not entirely right. It turns out, as it were, Latte Makyato, but we are preparing a cappuccino.

It may be necessary to cook separately: first cook the espresso, and then substitute a separate cup, foam milk, and pour it over the espresso.

Without a cappuccinator

If the selected coffee machine does not have a cabbage, it can be purchased separately. It is better to buy devices of the same brand as the coffee apparatus. Some nozzles are suitable for use to several types of coffee machines.

Devices work on the principle of a mechanical corolla. During work, they do not create loud noise, easy to care. The price for them is much more pleasant than the cost of a new machine with a built.in cappuccino.

Milk beating instructions

The first milk falls will not work. To make the foam thick and dense, it is better to take quite fat. more than 3.5%. whole milk. Cool it before cooking, then the foam turns out thicker and more slowly disappears.

Learning to whip milk with manual cappuccino. In the absence of a pitcher, you can take any whipping container. Experienced barists are recommended by pithers made of stainless steel or other metal, which conducts heat well. So you can track the temperature of the drink to the touch.

  • Add milk to the pither. The amount should be a little more than the necessary per mug.
  • Turn on the steam supply and miss the first portion so that the steam line is cleaned.
  • Lower the nozzle into a container with milk, immersing it 1-2 cm. A funnel is formed in the liquid.
  • Adjust the bowl tilt so that large bubbles disappear from the surface.
  • When whipped milk increases in volume by 2 times due to foam, lower the nozzle deeper for heating.
  • After preparation, do not forget to clean the cappucchicer in the coffee machine.

At 80 ° C, milk begins to boil. For cappuccino, 60-70 ° C is considered optimal temperature. After preparing foam, it must be immediately added to a cup of coffee.

How to make a cappuccino in a coffee machine

In order for the preparation of cappuccino in the coffee machine of Delonga or other brand it is successful, you need to choose the right proportions. Coffee takes about one third of the cup. The rest of the volume is filled with whipped cream.

The perfect drink can be obtained subject to the following requirements:

  • Separately boiled espresso.
  • Beat milk in such a way that a large amount of foam is obtained. There should not be a milk in the cappuccino. Only foam is added.
  • Ideally, espresso needs to be prepared simultaneously with milk beaten. In this case, the components are connected when they are warmed up to the same temperature.

Correctly cooked cappuccino has the following characteristics:

  • If the foam is pushed by the tip of the spoon, it will return to its original position, will not lose integrity;
  • The foam covers the espresso with a dense layer, does not lie down with a slide;
  • lack of pronounced bitterness and sourness, which indicate the use of poor.quality coffee or incorrectly selected proportions.

What is cappuccino

At one time, the monastic genus Kapucinov gave the world a recipe for making aromatic coffee with thick milk foam. Italian drink, along with cooked coffee in Turk, Latte, Glass and other coffee drinks, to this day is in special demand from the population.

The main components of this drink were the following ingredients:

How to make a cappuccino in your De’Longhi EC 860 coffee maker

Those who do not know how to cook cappuccino will find a lot of useful information for themselves in this article.

After all, there is a huge variety of ways to prepare this variety of coffee, which we will talk about in more detail.

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The peculiarity of rye coffee makers

The design of the women’s devices is not much different from its counterparts. The process of making coffee is carried out at the time of the passage of water vapor supplied under pressure, through crushed coffee beans.

As a result of heat treatment of grains, oily substances, amino acids begin to be released, due to which the drink acquires its taste and aroma.

Among the accessories of rye coffee makers there is a tank-cutting tank, in fact, that’s why the device received this name. It is in this horn that freshly ground coffee falls asleep.

To choose a good online coffee machine, you must take into account several nuances:

  • Good coffee maker models are equipped with a metal track tank. This allows you to better warm the contents, providing a full extraction of crushed grains. the transition of their taste and aromatic properties into water.
  • The pressure in the coffee machine should be about 15 bar on the pump and in the area of ​​9 bar in the mug. Power indicators-1000-1700 watts.
  • The unit should heat water to a temperature of 87-95 ° C, without bringing it to a boil. This is very important, because when processing crushed grains with boiling water, all the aromatic properties of the product are quickly disappeared, and the drink loses its characteristic smell.

As for the dosage, you can pour the volume of coffee as necessary into the cup. The fortress of the finished drink depends on how much the crushed grains in the mug are compressed. The degree of beans grinding also plays no small value: the smaller the coffee fractions, the stronger the drink.

HOW TO make a CAPPUCINO like a Barista! | DeLonghi Espresso Machine

Most of the models of rye coffee machines are equipped with a pipe with a pararanello nozzle. With the help of such a tool, it is possible to whip cream, milk in dense foam. Sometimes the devices are equipped with coffee grinders and pitchens. containers for milk, cream.

To prepare delicious coffee with an open coffee maker, remember the following rules:



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