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How to lubricate the fan in the system unit

How to lubricate the cooler on the processor and what is suitable for lubrication of the fan

Almost all modern stationary computers or laptops have a cooling system in the form of the so.called cooler. Since most processor cooler models have an open design, dust accumulates inside their nodes. If the user began to notice that his computer began to work slowly, makes additional sounds, creak, then often this indicates the contamination of the processor cooler.

Когда функционирование системы охлаждения на полную мощность невозможно, компьютер подвергается перегреву, что приводит к самопроизвольному выключению, и, как следствие, частичной или полной утрате ценных файлов. To prevent this from happening, it is important to regularly lubricate the cooler and clean it of dust.

How can you lubricate the cooler at home

If you “score” this issue in the search engine of any browser, he will give a huge number of results. Most of them do not cause confidence, because the answers are not confirmed by facts, but are based on personal experience. However, experiments with lubricants can lead not only to fan breakdown, but also to a malfunction of other elements.

The main component of any cooler is the bearing. The latter is of two options: sliding, torsion. Each of them needs its own type of lubricant.

Most modern laptopes use sliding type bearings, so you should select the corresponding lubricant. In addition, it must meet certain requirements:

  • Viscosity should be suitable for work at high speeds. Liquids are better coped with this.
  • The composition should include various dispersion substances, for example, Teflon. They are necessary for a faster launch of the bearing.
  • Do not have a negative effect on other elements of the cooler.
  • The substance should be unhindered inside.
  • One of the main characteristics is a high adhesion level. Otherwise, the substance will simply flow out of the cooler.

Reference. These parameters are suitable for the second option of bearings. The main thing is that the chosen remedy should be more plastic.

The following funds are responsible for all parameters:

  • Automobile oil. It is necessary to take “synthetics”.
  • Special oil for sewing machines, trimmers, haircuts and other power tools. Usually it comes with the product.
  • Silicone Grease. It is necessary that designed to lubricate door locks, gearboxes.
  • Specialized lubricant intended for coolers care.

How to clean and grease the culer of power supply PC

Sometimes computers owners, when you turn on the device, can hear a small whistle or buzz. This is the sign of the fan that it was time to give them due attention. The main reason for such sounds is the contamination of the cooler. Especially often, such a problem is manifested in PC, when the cooler of the system unit was covered with a fair layer of dust and its lubrication was dry. In this article I will tell you how to clean and grease the culer of the PC system unit.

First you should completely turn off the computer from the network. We make a complete disconnection of the cables. It is important to remember that the disconnection of the power supply cord is not enough. Since individual elements of the system unit can still maintain a charge due to the monitor included in the network. Therefore, I repeat once again: we completely turn off everything.

Now we open the side cover of the system unit. As a rule, it opens with a lateral movement in one of the sides and is removed from the grooves. Disconnect all the wires that connect the power supply to the motherboard. Next, you need to unscrew the power supply itself from the body.

After that, you need to pull out the power supply. There are four bolts on its upper surface that close the cooler. Unscrew them and remove the lid.

A board is placed here, and next to it the cooler itself. Fee, and especially capacitors (barrels), it is recommended not to touch. We find four more bolts that attach the cooler itself to the walls of the power supply, and unscrew it.

Often the wires from the cooler are soldered to the board, but sometimes there are models with removable terminals. In the latter case, just disconnect the cooler from the board. If the wires are soldered, carefully remove the cooler to the side.

We see the sticker. A fan axis is hidden behind it. To achieve the maximum lubrication effect, we need to get to it. With the help of a knife, we cut the sticker. No need to be scared if the hole is closed by a rubber plug. We pull it out.

lubricate, system, unit

And so, if there is no desire to disassemble the cooler even further, just take machine oil and drip only a drop or two inside the hole and twist everything back. However, you should be prepared for the fact that you will have to disassemble again in a couple of months. Machine oil is too fluid, after time it will simply be squeezed out of there. If there is no machine oil, you can add olive, but not refined. It will be enough for a couple of weeks, during this time it will be possible to purchase a lubricant. If the desire to bring everything is still present. We continue. We take out a fan with an axis. With a careful examination, we notice the Stop Ring. It needs to be carefully removed. To do this, use tweezers. The problem is that this vile ring, in most cases, loves to jump out of tweezers with a “cosmic” speed and go to any part of the room. It is very difficult to replace this ring, so you need to be extremely careful. In the event that the ring “waved” and lost, you can try to cut out of plastic an identical. This lesson is very laborious, but there is no other way out if the ring is lost.

By the way, under a vile ring there may be a rubber puck. The procedure is the same as with a ring.

How to disassemble/clean/repair noisy/stuck laptop and desktop fans other methods in description

Now we clean the remnants of the past lubrication, wipe the axis. An ideal lubrication tool is lithol. This lubricant is thick and has resistance to pushing. In addition, when the cooler is set in motion, Litol will be evenly distributed along the axis. Again, there is no lithola. We drip oil. Enough for the first time. Install all parts in our places. First, the puck, the ring, install the cooler in place. The hole leading to the axis should be sealed with tape. Flow the cooler to the power supply body. Do not forget the top cover. We fasten the power supply to the system unit body. We connect it back to the motherboard. Close the cover of the system unit. Connect all wires and include PC to the network. We launch and enjoy the lack of whistle and buzzing.

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Recently fell into the hands of such a gembird fan with a diameter of 120mm. He attracted my attention with the inscription Ball on a protective sticker, which translates like a ball, ball, ball. After disassembling, it turned out that this fan was collected just on a ball bearing. But its disassembly is practically no different from disassembling a cheap fan, which I dismantled slightly higher in this topic.

lubricate, system, unit

Even the bearing itself in this fan, perfectly versed with a pin. You only need to carefully remove with a needle, a stop ring, then you can remove the side protective wall of the bearing (boot). Then you can safely engage in the prevention of the separator and bearing in general, clean, wash, change grease. In this case, the bearing is almost perfect, there is a lot of lubricants a lot of lubricants. If you have a bearing dry and dirty, and besides, there are wear (the clips dangle as if the balls have become smaller), then it is better to change such a bearing to a new. Although it’s easier or maybe cheaper, buy a new fan already.

How to grease the cooler

For lubrication you should disassemble the computer cooler. This is not particularly difficult. In order to remove the noise of the cooler with the help of lubrication, you need a screwdriver, cotton swabs or a microfiber napkin, alcohol (alcohol.containing substances), match, adhesive tape.

Advice! Before proceeding to grease, it will not be superfluous to install software for measuring temperature. This will make it clear, they brought actions a positive result, or the problem is that the replacement of the cooler is needed, since it is faulty.

In the laptop

It was mentioned above that the laptop is usually equipped with one fan, so we initially give the lubrication procedure for it. It is also suitable for PC, but below will be given Комментарии и мнения владельцев on the features of the lubricant on the computer.

You can get to the cooler by removing the lid at the bottom of the device by withdrawing RAM, a hard drive, disconnecting the Wi-Fi module and the discodel if they are in this assembly.

After that, you should turn the gadget with the keyboard up and remove it. This is done with a thin object (a scalpel is suitable). The keyboard is attached with latches, which should be carefully simulated and removed from the grooves. When they are all disconnected, you should not immediately try to pull it out, since it is attached from below using a train to transmit commands.

After removing the keyboard, you will need to remove the top cover with the display in order to access the motherboard and other nodes. To do this, all the necessary bolts are displayed, and the wires of power and the train of the matrix are separated from the motherboard.

Advice! To find out exactly how to do all this, it is recommended to find a disassembly scheme of a particular model, better video, since even inside one manufacturer the procedure may vary.

After performing all the listed actions, the user will have access to the fan. There can be two development options here: you can apply a lubricant without removing the cooler, or first separate it. The first option is good because it will require less action, but at the same time to check how things are with thermal on the chipset will not work, as well as clean it. Therefore, it is recommended to remove the cooler.

  • For this, food is separated and bolts are removed. The cooler is fixed with copper flat tubes that serve to remove heat from the video card and chipset. They are also fixed with bolts and numbered. It is extremely important to unscrew them in the order indicated by numbers.
  • When the fan is unimportant, it should be thoroughly cleaned of dust. for this a fan, a spray can of compressed air, a cotton wool. You need to clean both the case and the blades. If the last cleaning was carried out for a very long time, then on the blades there can be not only dust, but also hair or animal hair. All garbage must be removed.
  • When the case is cleaned, you need to find a sticker on it. A rubber round cork is hidden under it. It should be carefully removed. It is extremely important not to damage it, since it prevents the flow of oil out when it heats up and begins to expand.
  • Now you need to apply new oil. It is best to use a match for these purposes. Drip no more than 3 drops. You should not use the butter. it can leak too much oil. Then it will have to be deleted, which is not so simple.
  • After applying the oil, you need to slowly crank the blade along the axis to make sure that the oil was distributed on the surface.
  • Install the plug in place and glue it again. If it does not hold, then you can use the tape. The sticker should not be thrown away, it may be needed to change the cooler if necessary. it has information useful for buying a new.
  • At the end of lubrication, it is necessary to install the cooler in place with the cooling tubes. It is obvious that preliminarily the thermal grease should be changed and dust from the remaining nodes of the laptop should be removed.

Important! Twist the bolts in the reverse order, that is, from 8 to 1. In this case, they should first string them, and then tighten them completely. If you do not adhere to this rule, then you can encounter the fact that the device is very noisy. And the problem is not that the fan is lubricated incorrectly or incorrectly, namely in the wrong assembly.

Collect everything in the reverse order and check the performance. We measure the temperature through special applications.

In computer

From the point of view of the lubrication method for the system unit, there are no significant differences. The procedure is similar to the described above. At the same time, the processor fan is the easiest to clean the computer. it is directly available, you just need to remove the cover of the system unit. Unlike a laptop, the fan here stands directly on the processor, or rather, on the radiator.

In order to achieve the maximum effect of the procedure, it is worth removing the radiator and fan from the processor, disconnect them together (they are attached with bolts, so no problem should arise). All parts are carefully processed from dust, the location of the processor and radiator is processed with thermal, the fan axis is lubricated (the sticker is removed, butter is applied). After that, it remains only to put the cooler on the processor.

The next moment of grease is the fan processing on the power supply and the video card. There are no special differences here, but the fan can be hidden under the lid (in the case of power supply-inside the unit itself), which means that you have to get more bolts to get to it.

Important! The lubricant place can be both on top and below, then the fan will need to be additionally removed. Everything is attached with bolts without any tricks.

Cognitive material. Coiler’s lubrication and analysis.

Lubrication and cleaning of cooler lubricant and cooler cleaning

To begin with, it is necessary to completely clean the blades and the fan housing from pollution and dust accumulated in it.

Coler’s lubrication and cleaning

Lubrication of the fan. Next, peel off a round sticker on the fan housing.

Coler’s lubrication and cleaning

Coler’s lubrication and cleaning

Must be carefully, without damaging, extract it.

Coler’s lubrication and cleaning

Under the cork there is a sleeve and a fan axis, these parts we will be lubricated. This article does not describe the complete disassembly of the fan, with the extraction of a stop washer and removing the old lubricant, since this material is designed for any, not even prepared user.

lubricate, system, unit

Coler’s lubrication and cleaning

You can use spindle, machine oil or shus as a lubricant.

Gently apply the oil to the fan axis, so that it would cover it, but there was not too much it, since when installing a rubber cork in place, the oil can leak. It is necessary to trace that the grease does not fall into place where the sticker is glued.

Coler’s lubrication and cleaning

It is convenient to use a simple medical syringe for neat lubrication, but this is if the lubricant used is enough liquid.

After the lubricant is applied, we cover the hole with a rubber traffic jam, wipe the surface from possible contaminants,

Coler’s lubrication and cleaning

Coler’s lubrication and cleaning

If the sticker has lost its shape or adhesive properties, then as its replacement you can use a piece of adhesive tape, previously cut in size.

Now our fan can be installed in place and connect its connector.

Coler’s lubrication and cleaning

The fan will work almost as new. It should be noted that over time, the lubricant, from heating, will evaporate from the sleeve, and it will be necessary to repeat this operation again.

Recently, I often got into difficult, but similar situations quite often. Their similarity was that in my field of vision, the former things that partially work, partially faulty began to come across in the field of vision. In order to “create” something by means of their transformation and improvement, of course, first of all, it is necessary to bring them into proper appearance, since usually there are a lot of dust, well, but how without it without it! So you have to take a brush, brush and go: with the help of a cologne to wipe all kinds of hard.to.reach details and mechanisms. But everything would be fine, but only so simply in the world does not happen. Especially for a long time you have to mess with coolers. If not for these coolers! Neither crawl, nor blow properly with feeling, with the plain, so to speak, because the dust is “imprinted” in them. So how to be? The answer to this question is simple. Yandex and Google search engines. But, alas. I did not find exhaustive information on this subject. So, I decided to collect all kinds of coolers and write something like an artist about them. accessible and simple, illustrating the disassembly of the “winged” pictures. Maybe my article will close the theme of coolers!

Lubricating a Computer Case Fan after Cleaning

Computer fan

Rice 1. Some types of coolers are presented here

Computer fan

Rice 2. The stickers are eliminated, but the Chinese do not put cork on everyone, that is, hack

Computer fan

Rice 3. Traffic jams are removed using needles, and in general, all disassembly is done using two needles.

By the way, do not throw the stickers, since at one time they will come in handy. So the mechanism is less susceptible to dust.

Computer fan

Having removed the puck, we make sure that it inadvertently does not sink into oblivion, so made of plastic. Next, remove the rubber washer. Now calmly clean, wash and lubricate. I use for these purposes oil intended for sewing machines.

Computer fan

Pay attention to the fact that after everything done, not a single cooler is broken! We collect coolers in the reverse order. Wish you luck!

Any cooler can be removed from your base. If it does not work, or does not go, then it is better not to rush and study your cooler, its structure (the best in Google). It is not worth crushing and pressing on the edges of the blades, it is better to do it closer to the center, gradually changing the load on different blades. On some models there may be a small bolt that must be unscrewed before proceeding with the main analysis. After that, it is better not to do further RZBROK, carefully clean it from dust, remove excess, grease and put in place, more accurately with boards, do not overdo it with grease (oil from a sewing machine is best suited). Often this prevention is also not worth the abuse.

Lubrication of an underwear computer cooler

The cooler needs to be removed from the system unit. Only a screwdriver is required from the tool. In addition to lubrication, it is better to clean the chipset radiator in parallel, and it is advisable to change thermal maintenance on it.As for the cooler himself, on its back, where the diffuser captures air, there is a round sticker. If you remove it, then in most models you can see an audit hole for manual lubrication. In my case, he is not.The easiest way is to try to put forward the wings of the cooler and anoint the bearing on the back. Sometimes it is easily removed, but I didn’t succeed, everything holds it very hard. If you make excessive efforts, then the plastic will just break.

In this case, extreme measures are needed. I take an ordinary metal drill with a diameter of 1 mm. For convenience, I built the simplest clamp, since I do not have a miniature tsangi, which are used by models when assembling copies of ships and aircraft. I cut a miniature hole right in the center of the cover with a drill, where there was a sticker. You need to work carefully so that the chips do not get inside.

Next, I just pour a few drops of silicone lubricant into the hole and scroll through the impeller, for uniform lubrication of the bearing.

So that the oil does not spill the sticker, you need to glue it back, closing the hole. If it does not glue anymore, instead of it you can apply an isolet or tape.Having done everything correctly, if when drilling the hole inward did not hit the chips or grain of dust, then the noise will leave, as well as the heating of the cooler electric motor, since friction and resistance will decrease. After that, you can forget about the rattle for at least a few years.

What kind of oil can I grease the fan in the computer

In addition to special lubricants, it is permissible to use as lubricants and various oils.

Machine. It is a good option, it will optimally lubricate the moving elements and save the cooler from unpleasant noise. It is recommended to take medium viscosity oils, for example, SAE 10W30.

Oil for sewing machines or electric shoes. If there is no special lubricant or machine oil at hand, then this option is quite acceptable.

Vegetable. This is the worst that you can come up with the lubrication of the cooler. Because of their properties, such oils do not remain on the surface, like machine, but dry, cokes and become very sticky, this contributes to the increase in dust and, as a result, the failure of the cooler out of order.

How to grease the fan?

Now let’s move on to the practical part in which I will tell you how to lubricate the fan of the system unit and at the same time not harm the computer and yourself.

  • The first and most important rule when lubricating the computer fans is to de.energize the system unit. Disconnect power cord from the system unit. It will be much more convenient for you if you turn off all the wires from the system unit and put it on a flat surface on the right side, if you look at the systematic from the front side.
  • Unscrew 2 screws holding the side cover of the system unit. They are marked in the image below arrows. Remove the lid, pushing it from the front panel.
  • Disconnect all power wires from devices (hard drive, drive, motherboard, video card). On the motherboard, the power wires are disconnected only after pressing the latch. Pull the wires carefully so as not to damage the devices. All disconnected wires are indicated in the photo below arrows.
  • Now you can unscrew the bolts with which the power supply unit is screwed to the system unit body. Usually 4 of them and they are in the area of ​​accession of the power wire. The image below shows the location of these bolts.
  • Pushing the power supply inside the system unit, holding your hand, and then carefully remove it from the system of the system. Put the computer power supply on the table for further disassembly.
  • To get to the fan, which is the reason why the computer is noisy, you need to remove the lid of the power supply. It holds on four bolts where they are shown below. They need to be unscrewed.
  • Now remove the lid and put it aside. A sticker that can be broken can be stuck on one side.
  • Next, you need to unscrew the fan itself, which gives an extraneous noise. He holds on four screws. They are screwed directly into the fan. Unscrew them and remove the fan. It can be soldered to the board, or can be attached to it through a special connector. The latter can be disconnected for the convenience of performing further actions, most importantly, then do not forget to attach it again. Put the extracted fan sticker up.
  • Gently turn the sticker. Usually it is easy to peel off. It is enough to peel off. In my case, the fan was very old and the sticker on it was paper. Now fans are made with a polymer sticker, which is easily peel off and glued back. Its task is to hold the traffic jam.
  • Remove the cork-subside. It can be hung up with something sharp, for example, with an awl or a screwdriver, in extreme cases you can use a straightened paper clip. In most cases, this cork will be rubber, but sometimes it is plastic, and in some cases it may not be at all. In this case, a small hole is drilled or picking in the middle.
  • Now you can drop the lubricating liquid into the fan, silicone grease is best suited. I use WD-40, but when you spray it there, try to do it carefully. It is better to use a syringe or butter for this. So much more neatly and the lubrication is not sprayed onto the fan. If excess lubricating liquid appeared around the traffic jam, wipe them with a napkin or toilet paper.
  • Close the hole with a cork-submarine. Stick the sticker, if you ruined it, you can cut a piece of tape in size. Collect everything in the reverse order: the fan to the power supply, the lid, the power supply in the system unit.
  • Connect the power connectors to the motherboard and devices in the system unit.
  • Close the system unit with a lid and fasten it with bolts.

In addition to the fan in the power supply, you may have fans on the system of the system unit. They are lubricated in the same way. Unscrewed from their seats and lubricated. Now the noise in the system unit should be at the usual level.

I hope I clearly explained how to lubricate the fan and why the computer is noisy. If you have difficulties in lubricating the fan, write questions in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, I will be happy to answer them.



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