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How to keep fresh greens without a refrigerator

Preparation of greens for storage

Before storage, greens must be prepared. The main preparatory stages:

  • Sorting and removing marriage. After you came home, sort the greens:
  • untie the bundles with plants;
  • Review each leaf carefully for the presence of yellowness, dry branches, insects. They need to be removed from greens.
  • The stage of purity from dust and microbes involves washing greens. Rinse the spice under running water, or soaking it in a container. If you wash in a bowl, then change the water several times to remove all the pollution.
  • Drying. Shake water from greens. Put paper or waffle towels on the table. Lay out wet leaves, leave them until the liquid is completely dragging. To fix the effect, get a blossom with a towel from above.
  • Package room. Complete the preparation of fresh spice to sort and laying out in the package.

It is not recommended to wash under running water: parsley, onions, garlic and dill. Wet your sponge slightly and wipe each leaflet.

Salad gas station

There is another way to keep fresh herbs using an ordinary jar and salt. First you should prepare the green itself: disassemble the bundle, cut the roots, sort, wash, dry with a paper towel. Next, the dried greens must be arbitrarily chopped and mixed with salt (20 g of salt per 100 g of greens). The product is ready, you can proceed to the preparation of packaging.

An ordinary glass jar of up to 700 ml is well washed and sterilized in the microwave. Sterilization time. 2 minutes, power. maximum. Please note that during sterilization in the bank there should be a small amount of water, literally 0.5 cm at the bottom.

How to store greens? The prepared refueling should be transferred to the jar and tightly closed with a lid to prevent air from entering. Put the product in the refrigerator. The greens packed in this way will retain its freshness for a month. It is very convenient to add a dressing to salads.


The next method of harvesting herbs is drying. It is considered the easiest and allows you to preserve not only taste and aroma, but also a large number of vitamins that are so needed in winter. It is better to dry spicy herbs with the presence of essential oils, so they can give more aroma and taste.

Do not forget that it is possible to speed up the drying of washed greens with a special dryer. this is a round plastic container with a twisting colander inside and a lid with a handle. Works on the principle of centrifuge: when promoting, centrifugal force pushes excess moisture on the walls of the container.

When drying, the greens also undergoes a preparatory cleaning stage. In summer, for example, in a summer cottage can be dried outdoors in a horizontal position for several days, be sure to hide from sunlight. To do this, spread the grass with a thin layer on a baking sheet covered with paper. You can dry in an upright position, hanging the bundles up.

At home, greens should be dried on the windowsill, again avoiding direct sunlight. You can consider drying in the oven at a temperature of 40 ℃, having previously cleaned the grass and decomposed on a baking sheet until all the moisture evaporates. The smaller the temperature, the better the beneficial substances will remain.

Dry grass with a hard stem (rosemary, thyme, thyme) directly on the branch, spreading on paper in a dry warm place.

Storage of dairy products

The most difficult thing is to save fresh and suitable dairy products. This is especially true for cottage cheese. But still there are effective methods.

Cottage cheese

And perhaps it is worth starting from the most difficult and “capricious” product, which can deteriorate in just a couple of hours. So, in order to keep the cottage cheese fresh, you need to take a well.washed jar, perform it sterilized, and then pour a thin layer of salt to the bottom.

keep, fresh, greens, refrigerator

After that, you can transfer cottage cheese into a prepared jar. At the same time, it is important to try to tamp it better, leaving no space to penetrate the air.

After filling the jar with cottage cheese to the top, you need to cover it with gauze cloth, previously moistened in a weak solution of salt. A bnight is put on gauze on top.

Parchment paper will contribute to the long.term storage of cheese. Previously, this material must be moistened in a salt solution. And only then they can wrap the product.

If the cheese begins to smell unpleasantly, then it must be wiped with gauze fabric, having previously soaked in salty water.

Fresh greens perfectly complements and decorates many different dishes. Without this product, any dish would lose a beautiful view. In order for the greens to remain fresh for a long time, you need to know all the rules for storing this product.

Wash thoroughly

Fresh greens must be stored in the refrigerator. This contributes to a long process of damage to the product, as well as the preservation of beneficial trace elements and vitamins.

Before you remove the greens for storage in the refrigerator, you need to thoroughly rinse it with clean and warm water. After washing, greens begins to breathe and becomes better in appearance.

Soak the greens in clean water

In order for greens to be stored longer and not losing its attractive appearance, you need to leave it for an hour in water. The field of soaking in water is best dried on paper. Paper will help to absorb all the unnecessary remnants of water.

Container with a lid

For convenient storage of greens, containers with a lid are well suited. Packages in this case are not considered the most effective way. They pass the air enough. A few days later, the grass will lose its beneficial properties and begins to fade and deteriorate.

Vacuum container

Vacuum container is perfect for storing greens. In this container, fresh grass is able to be stored in good condition a little more than a week.

Glass jar

The most effective way to store fresh greens is a glass jar. Be sure to have a tight and dense cover on the bank.

Wrap the roots with a paper towel

If the hostess in rare cases does not have a container or a can at hand, then you can use another way of storing greens. Wrap the roots of grass with a paper towel and spray them with water.

Non.proven storage methods of greens

You need to pour water into a glass and lower the roots of greenery into it. The plant will feed on water, thereby will not fade and disappear; You can dry the greens in the oven over low heat. Then grind it and put it in a jar with a closed lid; Cut fresh greens or break into pieces, then put in a bag and freeze; This type of storage helps the hostess quickly cook any dish when everything is at hand.

Dry and frozen grass can be stored for more than one season, but several years. At room temperature, a fresh plant begins to quickly fade. To have time to prevent it, it is urgent to remove the plant in a cooled place.

Do not forget to check the greens in the refrigerator. Each plant has the ability to deteriorate, and not all plants have the same shelf life.

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I recently read on one of the sites: rinse the greens, get wet with a paper towel. Put the greens between 2 sheets of paper towel and in the refrigerator. In this way, greens are stored for up to 3 weeks

And I put the greens like a bouquet in a vase. in a cup of water. I cover a package with a ventilation hole. And in the refrigerator. Depending on the type of greens, it costs 2. 3 weeks. Parsley and dill. up to 3 weeks. Cins. 2 weeks. Green onion. 3. 4 weeks.

keep, fresh, greens, refrigerator

Okay, I will share my way, which suits me very much and works unconditionally. I take a plastic tark with a hermetically closing lid. At the bottom I put a piece of paper towel, twice. For him, for example parsley. Then another layer of towels and dill. I cover it again with a paper towel and tightly cover it with a lid. I have such a tark, with a fastening lid. Everything! Greens are remarkably preserved for one to two weeks. I periodically dry the paper towel or replace it with a dry.

A few years ago, the seller of greenery shared the way how to save it in the refrigerator longer, lay a bunch of dill or parsley in a liter jar “upside down”, cover with a lid and in the refrigerator. The method works, verified.

I recently learned to store greens differently, it lasts much longer- for three weeks it lies very fresh and green. My greens are good, you can not dry and wrap it in a wet m/a towel. Put in the refrigerator on the shelf. Five days later we wet the towel in cold water again. All! Test and see!

I always send spoiled greens with a feeling of deep sorrow to the garbage bucket, but I don’t see the panacea from this yet. Greens of greenery! Cins, salad leaves. tender greens, spoils quickly. Regan is stored a little longer. Parsley, celery more “hardy”. Dill somewhere in the middle. Definitely summer greens are stored longer than the one that is sold in other seasons. Well this is, general information. As for the proposed storage method, it is definitely not for me. Breathe in the bag, and then use this greens, sorry, just disdain, especially if someone “breathed”. It is better without greens at all than with this way of storage! Greens washed before storage (albeit dried), will deteriorate faster. If a place allows in the refrigerator, then parsley, dill, regag in a glass of water will be stored in the refrigerator longer. For 5-6 days they will stand for sure! Although the regag will be bought faster (it is said above why). I read the other day that the greens will last longer if it is wrapped in foil. I run up this method while this method. A couple of days ago I “packed” the spinach until he died, and then “we will see”. In general, my advice: shred more in salad, a storehouse of vitamins still! And if you still deteriorate and have to throw away. Well, for a lifetime you can’t give a thing!

There is also another great way, but without a package, but with a towel. Wash the greens, dry and wrap well in a towel. After you can put in the refrigerator. In this form, greens retains freshness much longer than usual.

That’s great! There is almost no greens in the garden, but we keep the unfortunate bush of salad incorrect. To eat fresh a few more days. Now we’ll collect it in a bag)) thanks!

Secrets of sellers whose greens do not wither

The easiest way to preserve the greens of fresh is to periodically place it in a container with water. It is important to do everything right.

The roots should be in the liquid, and the green mass should be covered with a plastic bag. Place the finished “design” in the refrigerator. So it will be possible to maintain the freshness of any greens longer.

It is more difficult to do such manipulations in the market. Therefore, sellers simply spray greens from time to time.

According to the information portal RSUTE.ru, if parsley and salad begin to lose the presentation, that is, a way to return their former freshness. The procedure is as follows:

The method is effective for plants such as cilantro, dill, parsley and onions. If you need to refresh salad leaves, then warm water is more suitable for this purpose. After 15 minutes, the leaves will not look so letharged as before.

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How to preserve the greens of fresh for several days, especially during transportation!

My girlfriend lives in a duttled Chisinau. We, if possible, are playing ourselves with transfers to each other. I wrote- she handed over herb (lovie), spared her hand. In connection with the situation in the world-machines to Moscow from Chisinau, they go long roads, through Europe and on the way sometimes, because of all border checkpoints, there are up to 4-5 days on the way. When she told me that she handed over her greenery, I was surprised and thought.Will not reach. But today it is already 10 days since she cut off sorrel from her garden and stored today perfectly. I have already baked pies with him, today I cooked sorrel wire. Sorrel.Fresh yet today!(these days he was so wrapped and lay, but in the refrigerator I have. I, sometimes.from a summer house with his own, wise.how to bring greens so as not to wake. Country house.Nearby, and because of Moscow traffic jams, sometimes we’ll get a very long time! I wrapped a sorrel and greens in wet paper, in towels. I also have a “smart refrigerator” container with a ventilation system from Tupperware (a beautiful container was presented by a girlfriend from Severodvinsk Anechka from our site when I came to visit me, thanks to her!).the greens are perfectly preserved. But there is not always the opportunity to carry it back and forth, and not everyone has it, and not out of cheap pleasure is a pleasure! But here.I didn’t know about this method and did not think. Perhaps to someone and this method of transportation and storage will come in handy. Just cut greens, fold it evenly and pack well in the food film. Nothing additional, pusions of the food film, try so that air does not get! Stored perfectly! Everything arrived perfectly!

Here is a leaflet, 10 days from the moment of cutting, long-road-bezs of the refrigerator and several days of storage in the refrigerator. Fresh.

How to preserve fresh greens

Fresh greens. This is a great addition and decoration of any dish. Many grow greens in their country areas, and some, such as I, grow greens on the windowsill. And all of us is often concerned about the question: how to preserve the greens of fragrant and fresh for a long time?

There are many ways to store greens. I’ll tell you about some rules and methods that I have verified:

Many housewives wash herbs before storage, this cannot be done in any case! When washing, greens are badly damaged and stored in this form is useless. You need to wash immediately before use.

Most of the greens are well stored in the refrigerator. Vacuum containers or glass jars with plastic lids are perfect for storage. Also, greens can be stored in a bag, but first it must be wrapped in a wet paper towel and cut off the roots.

keep, fresh, greens, refrigerator

If you use greens as a jewelry and it is important for you that it looks attractive, then for this you need to put a bunch of greenery in a container with water, so that the tips would be in water and could be saturated with moisture. If several days are left before an important event, then do not forget to change the water every day and cut the stems 1-2 cm.

Parsley, dill and salad are well stored in the refrigerator, and the basil and mint at room temperature. Put them in a jar of cold water and in a cool place. If the greens began to fade, then you can easily revive it. Just cut the stems and lower it for 15 minutes into cold water. And Voila is fresh and beautiful again!

All of the above methods will help you preserve the greens of fresh and beautiful for a week, a maximum of 2.

If you want to save it for a longer period, then you can dry it or freeze it.

These are my modest, but practical advice! I will be glad if you ever use them

Cilantro Saving Tip. How to keep Coriander Fresh for long in Fridge by Chawla’s Kitchen



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