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How to integrate a dishwasher in a finished kitchen

How to integrate a dishwasher in a finished kitchen. options for work performing work

Many housewives choose a dishwasher not only for saving time for daily homework, but also for economical water costs. If the repair is not planned in the near future, then you can install equipment directly in the headset. The built.in technique has a number of advantages: installation in the finished kitchen does not spoil the design idea, the device is hidden behind the part of the furniture, even a man who does not have sufficient experience can cope with the installation. To do this, you need to decide where to integrate the device, calculate the geometric parameters of the niche, select the device model. With the long.awaited acquisition, the question arises: how to integrate a dishwasher in a finished kitchen? This article will help to carry out the installation of the device so that the equipment works for a long time and without failures.

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Types of dishwashers

By the type of installation and dimensions, several main models are distinguished.

Partial or full-line (Electrolux ESL 4500 LO, Bosch SKE 52M55, Whirlpool Adg 658/1 IX). Can easily be placed in a kitchen set. For example:

  • Under the sink. The advantage is proximity to communications, the size of the technique often coincides with the place of accommodation. Minus. the probability of buying a new siphon.
  • In the closet. In this case, the device is completely hidden behind the facade. Plus. preserving the design of the room, you do not need to carefully select the color and the appropriate appearance of the PMM. When inserting into the finished kitchen, you may need to redo the furniture elements.
  • In place of the niche’s headset. One module is dismantled and the machine is installed. It is necessary to choose the ideal size of the technique, while the place for storing kitchen utensils will decrease.

Compact (Bosch Active Water Smart SKS41E11RU, Candy CDCF 6-07). Easily fit into any kitchen set. Their dimensions do not exceed the usual microwave oven. You can place the PMM model on any surface, given the convenience of connecting to communications.

Separate dishwashers (Bosch SRS 45T62 EU, Indesit DSG 051). Not intended for installation in furniture. To save space can be placed under the countertop if you redo or dismantle the cabinet.

The work of PMM requires connection to water and electricity. Therefore, when installing with your own hands, you need to follow the instructions.

Dimensions for embedding a dishwasher

You can decide on suitable dimensions through the website of the selected manufacturer or online store of household appliances. The model should correspond to measurements of the niche or the selected section, if you need to hide the device completely. Sometimes, instead of doors, a special damper is used, decorated in the same style with a kitchen set.

The depth of the standard niche is approximately 0.55 m. For typical kitchen sets, narrow models about 0.45 m wide are produced. The height usually ranges from 0.815 to 0.875 m, which is suitable for the dimensions of most countertops. In this case, there is enough space to ensure the work of cooling and conducting the eyeliner.

If you need to place the car in the upper sections, then you should pay attention to compact models.

Despite the narrowness of the department and its smaller depth, it will not be difficult to arrange a mini-pollutant in it. over, installation will be even easier than in relation to overall products. Ensuring the connection to the sewage system will be easy, even if the device is far from the siphon.

You only need to hide the drain pipe, carry out installation to the mains and water supply. Despite the lower power and modest volumes, compact models have significant advantages. Firstly, they are more economical, since they consume much less water and energy. Secondly, modest sizes allow them to arrange them in ready-made kitchens. Their installation does not require redevelopment or ordering additional cabinets.

Furniture manufacturers often make cabinets slightly wider than the declared size. This allows you to integrate equipment without any difficulties. And brands that make dishwashers make models slightly smaller in size than indicated. Such a measure allows the installation of equipment, even if there are bumps.

How to make a wardrobe for a dishwasher

You have already chosen the installation site, it remains to organize everything so that the equipment fit into the closet or under the countertop. If you decide to install a separate car, it’s easier to dismantle one cabinet from the headset, and put PMM in its place.

If you have chosen a built.in technique, you need to redo the niche:

  • With an electric screwdriver, unscrew the screws that attach the cabinet to the countertop.
  • Remove the fasteners connecting the dishwasher with neighboring.
  • Take the cabinet for free space.
  • Remove the inner shelves, dismantle the back and top panels. The side walls and the facade part should remain.
  • Do the same with front and rear base. Only lateral elements should remain.
  • Prepare holes in the side panel for the output of the hoses. Do this from the side where the sink is located to make the connection simple and comfortable.
  • It remains to install the walls and the base and fasten them with screeds.

Tip: so that the wooden countertop does not suffer from the steam from the dishwasher, attach the metal sheet to the inside. It usually comes with built.in machines.

Preparatory work is over. We go to the connection stage.

Neighborhood: dangerous and not very

The correct installation of any household appliance guarantees its long and uninterrupted operation. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the advice of manufacturers and specialists so that your mechanical assistants work efficiently and long. Consider a few of the recommendations.

Council 1. The built.in dishwasher is not advised to install from the very edge of the kitchen set as its continuation, otherwise you will have to reacize the parts of the corps and the countertop from furniture workers.

Tip 2. A dishwasher should be put away from any heat sources, whether it be a heating battery, an oven or a hob. The recommended distance from the oven should be at least 40 cm, some manufacturers even indicate this in the instructions for the installation. Failure to comply with this rule threatens the refusal of the service center in warranty repairs.

integrate, dishwasher, finished, kitchen

In addition, from excessive heat, the machine will overheat, which will affect the quality of seals that will dry very quickly and become unfit for use. If, nevertheless, the dimensions of your kitchen do not allow you to install the equipment at the required distance from each other, then lay a sheet of foil polyethylene between the devices.

Tip 3. It is undesirable to put the dishwasher close to the washing machine. During the washing and spinning cycle, the washing machine vibrates quite strongly and hits neighboring objects, which is quite detrimental to them.

Worse only if you turn on two devices at the same time. The vibration of one device, transmitted to another, is able to break the fragile dishes located inside the sink chamber.

Tip 4. A harmless microwave has not a good effect on household appliances and, it would seem, it would seem, it would seem. Electromagnetic waves that it radiates can have a negative effect on the electronic block of washing and dishwashers. Ideally, the oven is generally better to hang on special brackets that are attached to the wall or put at a distance of at least 50 cm from any household appliances, but this is not always possible.

Tip 5. The dishwasher will calmly transfer the neighborhood with the freezer and refrigerator. It does not heat up much and vibrates very weakly, which does not affect the work of a nearby technique.

How to choose a location and determine the size of the dishwasher

Before choosing a place for installation, you need to learn several rules:

  • The dishwasher should be in the kitchen;
  • The body of the dishwasher should be as close to the main communications. water supply, sewage and electrical wiring.

The easiest way is to plan the location of the openings for PMM and the washing machine at the stage when you are just going to order a kitchen set. Typically, the equipment is located next to the sink. there are communications near it, to which you will have to connect.

It is better to determine the place for the dishwasher at the stage of the manufacture of kitchen furniture

To integrate a dishwasher in a finished kitchen, you will have to build on the size of the niche, which was chosen under the dishes for washing dishes.

Varieties and dimensions of built.in dishwashers

PMM should be purchased taking into account how many people live in a house or apartment. If the family is large, opt for full.sized models, the width of which ranges from 54 to 60 cm. The height of the case in such a technique is from 80 to 86 cm, the depth is in the range of 54–63 cm.

A full.sized built.in dishwasher is capable of washing up to 17 sets of dishes in one cycle

For small families and kitchen rooms with limited sizes, narrow built.in PMM are suitable. The width of such products is not more than 45 cm. The height and depth of the housings is the same as that of full.sized dishwashers.

Narrow built.in PMM for one cycle will wash 8-10 dishes

For families of 2-3 people, a good option would be to buy a compact dishwasher. It can be hidden in a small kitchen cabinet or placed directly under the sink. this solution is suitable for small apartments. The width of such PMM is in the region of 45–55 cm, the height is approximately 45–50 cm, the depth is approximately 45-50 cm. Dimensions of different models may differ in the direction of reducing or increasing.

integrate, dishwasher, finished, kitchen

A compact dishwasher is placed under the sink and can simultaneously wash 5-7 sets of dishes

In addition to fully built.in PMM, which can be completely hidden behind the facade of furniture, there are partially built.in models on sale. They are also hidden under furniture countertops, but the doors and control panels of such equipment, as a rule, remain in sight. It happens that below the control unit is a decorative panel made of the same material as the facade.

Partially built.in washing machine located in a kitchen set

In addition to the above varieties, manufacturers of Bosch, Siemens, Electrolux, Zanussi, Gorenje, Candy and others supply separate dishwashers to the market. This option is suitable for those who do not have the opportunity to place equipment inside the furniture.

Standing separately PMM, which can be placed anywhere in the kitchen

The offered video will help readers choose the type of dishwasher they need:

Nuances of installation of PMM

If your kitchen is already in furniture, the optimal place for placing a dishwasher is under the countertop. For these purposes, it is better not to choose large individual cars. The width of their body is from 60 cm; Large enough to fit compactly in the allotted place.

The ideal option is built.in dishwashers. The width of the models does not exceed 45 cm. Most of the built-in PMM are equipped with wheel legs, which are adjusted in height and conveniently pushed into a niche.

Manufacturers “Bosch”, “Siemens”, “Electroilux” produce not only narrow models, but also compact. The equipment can be installed under the sink, countertop or on the table.

An important point! You must take into account the location of communications. It is recommended to place the dishwasher on the right or left of the sink.

You decided to choose a place. If there is a closet in the niche, then it just needs to be dismantled by freeing up a place for technology:

  • Remove the cabinet door from the loops and set aside;
  • Remove all shelves and back wall, leaving free space;
  • Remove the lower panel.

If you remove the rear wall, you can make holes in the side panels to remove the hoses. Many furniture manufacturers provide in advance niches for dishwashers, so they are slightly larger in size than the device itself.

Built.in machines are equipped with special mounts. Therefore, with how to fix the equipment in a niche, there will be no difficulties.


Communications for connection

The machine requires three external sources to work:

  • Electricity. should come from an electric network at home to the outlet closest to the car;
  • Pure cold water. there should be a water pipe that provides for a threaded connection;
  • Sewer system. for draining dirty water nearby, sewer pipes should be located with the ability to connect an additional drain point.

How to Install a Dishwasher Panel

Choose a place

When deciding how to integrate the dishwasher, it is necessary to observe the main condition for installation. ensuring free access to all communications. In this case, an electric outlet, a water pipe (preferably with a tap for connecting) and a drain sewer pipe should be as close as possible to the car. In almost every kitchen, this condition satisfies the place in the locker near the sink.

In advance, carry out the communication you need for the functioning

integrate, dishwasher, finished, kitchen

Alteration of the kitchen cabinet

Two options are possible here. the locker is a separate or mounted in a common kitchen countertop. Before you integrate the dishwasher, suppose that the dishwasher exactly is suitable for the size of the cabinet in width and height, so the alteration should be minimal.

An example of a cabinet with a dishwasher and a front panel

It is necessary to dismantle the lower shelf, front baseboard and then remove the doors. Only the back panel, the countertop above and the side walls of the cabinet remain, which makes such a design very unstable.

In all dishwashers, their fastening is provided to the countertop and the side walls, but this happens in different ways, depending on the manufacturer. If in the Electrolux brands the mount to the side walls occurs at two points (on both sides of the car in the upper corner under the countertop), then at the “bosch” fastening points four.

The type of fastening depends on the features of the cabinet for your car

The machine is attached to the side walls of the cabinet through four plastic liners on both sides at the top and at the bottom of its body, which makes the structure stable and durable.

When buying a machine for building in a separate kitchen cabinet, it is better to give preference to “Bosch” as a model that provides a more reliable and stable connection.

If the countertop is solid, the cabinet is usually dismantled completely, the dishwasher is placed between the walls of the neighboring ones, only the lower decorative panel can remain (often it closes the space between the machine and the floor, cutting in height).

integrate, dishwasher, finished, kitchen

An extra decorative panel can be used in the interior of the kitchen

Preparation of the tap and sewer system for connection

If there is one cold water supply source in the kitchen, transitional reinforcement is installed on the water pipe that provides water supply to the kitchen sink and dishwasher at the same time. If there was a tap at the connection site (it is installed in almost all houses), you can do without additional.

The sewer pipe from the sink is also replaced by a “tee” with a divert for connecting the drain hose of the machine (it has a small diameter and additionally bought and inserted a sealing rubber ring, ensuring tightness and fit).

Sometimes the drain hose is connected to the siphon: such a connection is not aesthetically pleasing and not practical (it occupies a useful space under the sink), leads to additional blockages in the drain system.

Avoid connection through a siphon when installing

Electric outlet

A dishwasher with certain intensive operating modes can consume a significant current (about 15 A), which can lead to insufficient sections of the wiring or simultaneously connecting energy.intensive devices to overloads in the network. Therefore, it is advisable to connect to a separate outlet with grounding and through its package that automatically shutdown in case of overload.

Control power modes when washing dishes, since at maximum power it is possible to overload the network

In order for the built.in machine to work for a long time, do not flood the neighbors, listen in advance to some tips:

Video instructions for installing Bosch Built-in Dishwashers

  • Check the presence of grounding. this will prevent a shock;
  • Make sure that the drain hose is not more than 2.5 m. the increased load negatively affects the work of the discharge pump;
  • It is not recommended to integrate the device under the hob;
  • To protect the countertop from the steam, think about protection, for these purposes a metal plate is perfect.

Now you have an idea of ​​how to integrate a dishwasher in the kitchen. To install equipment in a finished kitchen set, you will need not only ideas where to integrate the device, but also skills in working with plumbing and locksmithing tools.



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