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How to install gas equipment on the car

How HBO affects the life of the engine?

At the same time in our publishing house there was a long test of Nissan Almera with gas fuel system. We made a complete disassembly of the engine for an in-depth diagnosis at the mileage of 120,000 km. The specialists of the Moscow company “Inomotor” who consulted us, noted that in a very good condition of the engine as a whole, the exhaust valves and seats under the influence of combustion products of gaseous fuel have characteristic damage.

It is a normal phenomenon for any engine, the cylinders of which are working with non-native fuel. gas. The remaining life of these parts is not more than several tens of thousands of kilometers. There is a solution. reassembly of the cylinder head and replacement of valves, seats and guide bushings for more heat-resistant (adapted for work on gas). Everything is possible, everything can be repaired. But it will take time and extra money. To replace a set of seats and valves is quite a complicated job, involving the removal of the cylinder head, its complete disassembly and machining. The parts and consumables will cost 10,000-12,000, and the work itself is a bit more expensive. up to 15,000.

What do they charge at the service station and why is it cheaper “in garages?

Let’s start from the beginning. In order to build a service station, you need to invest a lot of money, solve a lot of paperwork, get the necessary permits and so on. While you do not need a large investment to build a small workshop, build a garage and use, during the day. as a workshop, and at night your car stands there. To cover their costs, the owner, of course, take them into account during the pricing.

The second nuance is taxes. One way or another the service pays taxes, and not small, so just take a few hundred for the work will not work, this business will not bring income, and one way or another, lead to bankruptcy. Garage masters, as a rule, do not pay taxes, so they set at their discretion, based on personal considerations.

Equipment. To provide a full range of services to the service station is necessary to buy a lot of equipment, which is very expensive and pays off not one month or even a year. As for home maintenance, the handyman doesn’t need much. Dug a hole, equipped it as an inspection room, or bought an elevator, a simple set of tools and garage service is ready. Such masters, as a rule, have a narrow specialization and provide a minimal range of services. It is logical when you consider that the vast majority of such masters are self-taught or just good practitioners, they just can’t do everything, so they provide 5-10 basic types of services.

Personnel. To ensure the functioning of the service and a full range of services, you need qualified personnel. Specialists in turn have a decent experience, so valued highly and, as a rule, do not need to work, the owners of the service stations themselves hold on to them. A good specialist, in his turn, understands his own importance, so he knows the price of himself both literally and figuratively. Masters require high salaries, and if it is a big city, we can even talk about a salary in dollars. In addition, for each employee of the off. the service pays a not insignificant tax. Garage technician asks only for the price of his work, which he defines based on his own concepts and guided by moral principles and market prices. over, in addition to wages and taxes the staff should be clothed and supported, and their level should be raised. That is if a master has received education it does not mean that this knowledge will be enough for the rest of his life. Everything is changing and some new technologies are being replaced by even newer ones. Therefore, in order to keep staff in a “fighting” state, it has to constantly train, improving his skills, but this, as they say, is not cheap.

So, what does that have to do with me?? Why should I overpay for someone else to incur any financial costs?? Many people probably have this question in their minds? I agree, on the one hand you have nothing to do, but it is only at first glance. If you get service from unofficial masters, you put yourself and your car in danger. Why ?? Here’s why!

You entrust your car, which costs a lot of money to a man you do not know, as well as the level of his knowledge. Masters are different, this does not mean that there are no craftsmen in the nation, in fact, there are, and even what they are, but to get to such a very difficult. The person works in a garage environment and does not have certificates confirming their level and competence. This craftsman, roughly speaking, can spoil you something or install this or that part, part not as it should. This, in turn, can lead to various consequences: from small to very serious and expensive from a financial point of view. Of course, service men can also screw up, there are many examples, but in the case of the workshop, the law will be on your side, and you can claim compensation in court. And what about Uncle Vasya from the 10th garage, who ruined your car engine?? How can you prove that he was fixing something and that you paid for it?? No way! Everything will end with the fact that the uncle will close his garage-workshop for a couple of days, until you do not get off with the claims and turn off his cell phone. All! You will be alone with your problem. While the owner of the service station is unlikely to do so, and he is unlikely to spoil the reputation of his firm such a case. As a rule, the director or owner will take the side of the client, look into the matter and give compensation, or just fix the “bug”. If not, it can be demanded through the court.

So, how do you like this argument?? In my opinion, this is the only reason why it makes sense to go to an authorized dealer and let them do the heavy lifting. And there are other arguments, too.

The second argument in favor of the service station. When you install HBO at the service station or perform its maintenance, you always have a guarantee of quality. You get receipts, receipts and other documents, which in case of problems will help you in solving the issue. You can also be sure that the level of knowledge and experience of the master at the service station will be high. First, it is unlikely that you, being the owner of the service station, would take to your responsible work an impostor. Secondly, dozens of cars pass through the service every day, which increases the experience of craftsmen, as they bring their skills to automatism. Third, regular seminars and refresher courses allow service people to improve their knowledge and work with the latest technologies.

Guarantee. As you know, most service stations provide a warranty on their work and the equipment that installs. Here everything is clear, in a garage about it can not talk, all you can count on is the decency of the master. He will promise you that if something is wrong, he will fix it. But it’s not as simple as that. You come to a mechanic, but he is absent, he is sick. What will you do?? Also he can go on vacation, change activities, go on a binge, or die in the end. What then?? Who will fix what he did?? In serious workshops this question is solved very simply, you are transferred to another craftsman, and he fixes all the “faults”, if it is written in the warranty. As you can see, it’s much more convenient, you do not need to listen to excuses, look for or wait for the person and ruin your nerves.

Equipment. Road equipment is not profitable for the garage technician, so most of them avoid such work. Buying equipment is an investment that will not pay off soon, and in general, not the fact that it will pay off. While at the service station other concepts and the owner is interested in a wide range of services that can provide service. It is profitable both from a financial point of view, and from the point of view of competitiveness. Here is an example. One service station changes the filter, the second is engaged in a computer configuration of HBO, and the third repairs and maintenance of injectors. And there is a fourth, which does it all, quickly and qualitatively. I think the answer to the question of where you go. is obvious!

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How HBO installers trick us. How and on what they save installers of gas equipment

Installing gas equipment. a profitable business, but this does not prevent some installers cash in on inexperienced motorists. In this article I will expose the secrets of trickery, which are used by many service stations that specialize in the installation of gas equipment.

How to install LPG on your car

The first stage of “scamming for money” starts when the price for components is set. In this regard, most of the adequate installers are guided by the market or set the price based on certain conditions. For example, they buy components at more favorable prices, because they have a discount, and as a result the final cost to the buyer is more attractive. However, not all installers “break the price” because of the banal thirst for profit.

The second stage. substitution of notions. All are more or less oriented in the companies producing GTBs, but to distinguish one model of a gearbox or “brain” from another is possible only for a few. For example you may be offered a quality part from a famous producer, but not from a top line, but from a budget segment. The budget equipment can work without malfunctions, but in the case of loads it may not provide the required capacity. In addition, the cheaper parts will have an adequate service life. If we talk about the ECU, the power of its processor directly depends on what software will be installed, as well as how accurate and fine-tuning of the GTB will be. In addition, it should be taken into account that on old cars, there are no such requirements for ECU capacity as on the new ones, the difference is in economonorms (EURO 2, 3, 4).

As for the reducers, here you can cheat or at least earn money by only installing a reducer, which suits your engine, but has a small power reserve. Let’s say for an engine with 90 hp. A gas pressure regulator with a power reserve of up to 140 liters can be installed. с., Which is preferable or the reducer with max. up to 100 L. с. As a result, the performance of such a gearbox at peak loads will be highly unsatisfactory. The engine will be “choking” on the lack of gearbox capacity and the driver will curse the day he installed gas injectors.

Gas injectors. Most installers put nozzles based on their own considerations, and in most cases, the factor of profit affects what nozzles you cram in. If the installer cooperates with some company, and it allows him to earn good money, then you, like everyone else, will be put exactly what you can make money on. Many installers don’t even know the parameters of injectors they put and they have no idea that these injectors do not meet the requirements of the engine at all. They can put you universal injectors “like everyone else” without taking into account the peculiarities of your power unit and the technology by which it is made.

For example, your engine is running in mode 1.8-2 ms, and you were supplied with Valtek Type 30 gas injectors, popular among installers, which work in mode 3.5 ms. As a result, in this mode, they will always be in the open position, the quality of the mixture will be terrible, the engine will be whatever, but not as it should be, in addition the fuel consumption will be enormous. Add to this the unstable operation of the engine, and all kinds of errors such as “Check Engine”.

Among other things “simple” nozzles in contrast to the expensive high-speed, such as BRC, there is a scatter on the amount of fuel supply, for some this parameter can reach

30%. Not everyone knows how to adjust the injectors, most believe that everything is set up and will work without any problems. I am not talking about a diagnostic test bench that allows you to check and adjust the gas supply, meet such a great fortune. As a result, the engine runs like hell, the setting is not accurate, the consumption is incomprehensible, the same with the dynamics.

And, most interestingly, the difference in price between the standard “forks” and the high-speed ones will be enormous. You will get regular injectors and they will bill you for expensive high-speed injectors. It’s like buying a VAZ for the price of a Mercedes, they both will go, the question is how?

Gas cylinders. Few people pay attention to this device, so they can sell you anything you want. In principle, most of the options on the market are acceptable quality and reliability, the difference is different. up to several thousand. Also some manufacturers have a slightly thinner thickness of metal, and there may be minor defects in the form of uneven seams, poor quality threads, etc. д.

The same applies to multivalves, which can be attributed to one of the most important nodes of the whole system of gas on cars. Multi-valve is responsible for safety and the quality of its work depends on a lot, including your life. But few people think about this, installers put what they get or what is cheaper. Let me give you an example, a Tomasetto “multic” may cost around 1500-2000 and a more reliable one, made by BRC. around 3000

Gas lines. To save money on SBS installation, many choose copper pipes instead of plastic ones. Some people just do not know about the existence of the latter, or they believe in the myths that plastic pipes are unreliable. I have already written about gas pipelines and covered this topic, comparing copper and plastic, so I will not repeat. The entire civilized world has long moved away from copper due to a large number of objective reasons (reliability, ease of installation, does not interact with the fuel).

Gas hoses. is a separate topic. Some bad installers are so illiterate or just greedy, that they put everything that comes to hand, it can be a hose for household chores, oil hoses, as well as any other, which simply fit the diameter and length. Let me remind you, only special rubber hoses designed for gas fuel are used for HBO in cars. There can be many manufacturers, preferably it should be either Fagumit or Faro.

To summarize. During the installation of HBO contractor can perform the work poorly, can save money on components, or install a budget set for the price of a premium. With this in mind, I recommend contacting certified installers, as well as professionals who have many years of experience and boast a lot of positive reviews. Do not hurry to install what you are offered, check the prices, make your own analysis of the components to understand what you are offered. Also, be sure to request a warranty on the equipment, the more. the better! Do not pursue the cheapness, but do not hurry to overpay, is the opposite, when your mediocre Lanos offer a premium set of HBO, which, in fact, will be used at 30%.

And perhaps the most important thing is the adjustment. Even if you put an expensive Italian gas equipment, but the setting will not be correct, the effect of it do not wait. Only an adequate selection of equipment, as well as the subsequent adjustment and adjustment of gas turbines, will get the most out of it and will not give you any inconvenience in the process of operation.

How to remove HBO from the car with your own hands

The benefits of HBO has long been appreciated by millions of our compatriots, the popularity of such a solution to overcome the economic crisis continues to grow. The installation of gas equipment in cars are engaged both by manufacturers and specialized workshops, and sometimes car owners are even making their own attempts in their own garage. Among motorists, the attitude towards the gas equipment is ambiguous, with its use is justified by the durability and benefit of its work, but, due to various circumstances, sometimes it is necessary to carry out the dismantling of gas equipment on the car.

Determine the generation of GTB and the manufacturer

Depending on what modification of the engine is installed on your car, the Gazelle will fit the second or fourth generation HBO. Let’s find out what they are and what gas equipment is better to put on a GAZelle:

    . The second generation of GTB allows you to select the type of fuel to be used for driving without leaving the car by pressing a single button. This option appeared after upgrading the shut-off valve in the reducer. Vacuum valve was replaced by electromagnetic valve. One more advantage of such modernization became more confident cold start of the engine. Installation of electromagnetic valve made it possible to inject a small amount of gas mixture just before the engine start. This action greatly facilitates the “cold start” of the engine The main feature of this system is the implementation of the distribution of the gas mixture into the engine cylinders. The pressure regulator in this version is under constant pressure and each cylinder has an injector that takes the pressure from the regulator.

The second generation is best installed on the following engines:

The fourth generation can be installed on the following car models:

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This distribution is the most acceptable and has been tested by a large number of drivers.

SSS installation with your own hands: step-by-step instructions

If the owner of the car decided to take this step, then each step should be done thoughtfully, use several sources to compare instructions and consult with qualified professionals. This is what takes the most time. At the same time, the installation of HBO on the carburetor with their own hands is an opportunity to increase the level of knowledge and skills.

You should start with the purchase of all spare parts of the equipment. The standard set of gas equipment 4 generation includes:

  • HBO kit. It may include different elements, depending on the brand of the car. It is better to specify this information from experts. Owners purchase harnesses, “brains”, valve, hoses, nozzles, sensors, button and reducer.
  • Ballon. Choose this element should be based on the design of the car. There are various executions: in the form of a torus, direct, etc. д.
  • Multi-valve. It is desirable that it is completed with a remote system for filling.
  • Gas level sensor.
  • A programmer necessary for adjustment of a control unit.
  • CD with instructions, diagrams and firmware.
  • Nozzle harness.
  • Copper hoses 1.5 and 8 meters, diameter 8 and 6 respectively.

As practice shows, the cost of all parts is in the region of 20 thousand.

Most of the time this equipment is enough. The size of the cost can be different. Here, much depends on the set and the cost of the cylinder. On average, the total cost is about 25 thousand.

  • cylinder installation;
  • the installation of the multi-valve;
  • installation of the level sensor;
  • installation of the electromagnetic shutoff valve;
  • installation of the lines and the filling device;
  • to check the system for leaks;
  • Installation of the reducer;
  • cutting in and installing the injectors in the manifold;
  • assembly of the low pressure line;
  • filling the tank and pressure test;
  • installation of “brains”;
  • Setting the system and check the performance.

When installing the tank, note that the hole for the multivalve must be located on the same side as the fuel filler hole. Multivalve is installed on the cylinder with the help of bolts. The process of installing the level sensor on the multi-valve can vary depending on the model chosen.

It may take the longest time to install the lines and the filling device. In the Gen 4 gas equipment, there are two lines. One is used as the main line and the other as the filling line. Copper bolts and barrels are used to connect the copper tubes.

WARNING! After performing the above operations, a leak test should be performed!

To determine the tightness of the mounted system, it is necessary to use a compressor. It will be enough to let 5-6 atmospheres through the lines to see if they let air in.

The reducer is mounted in the under-hood. As a rule, it is best to locate it close to the radiator. This is not as important as the location of the outlet. It must be at the top and face the direction of travel of the vehicle. Another condition is to locate it below the coolant level.

When fixing and installing the injectors, it is important that the tubes from them do not differ in length. Better if they are short. Once the entire system is complete, it is necessary to make adjustments.

Cost comparison for gasoline, propane, methane

Let’s take the average and fuel consumption of the Hyundai Solaris.

Gasoline Propane Methane
Cost 46 22 16
Consumption per 100 km 8 9.5 8
Mileage per 1.000 270 480 780
Payback, km 18.000 6.000

Conversion costs: 30.000 (propane), 80.000 (methane). The payback on methane gas equipment is calculated including compensation for the cost of equipment to methane under the EcoCity program (Gazprom): 65.000.

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Tuning HBO

Having received in the operation of the car with gas, or installing the appropriate equipment, many motorists ask the question “How to configure HBO?”. It is actually very easy to adjust or just tune your existing gas system. A proper GBO adjustment goes as follows:

  • To begin with, make sure that your installation has a special connector for the diagnostic cable (usually located on the control unit hardware). If it is missing. install and find a cable for it;
  • Then prepare the equipment for the tuning of HBO with your own hands. This goal is also not difficult to achieve, because it is enough to find a laptop, install the diagnostic program for your model of gas equipment and, again, to find the previously noted cable (it is often included with the gas equipment, but if you want you can make it your own hands or purchase);
  • After that begins direct diagnostics HBO. This is done by connecting the diagnostic equipment to the control unit of the gas equipment through the appropriate connector. In general, the adjustment of HBO 4 generation and above is carried out according to the manufacturer’s recommended indicators. In the same diagnostic mode, any motorist will be able to identify violations of the various elements of the equipment.

In fact, it is the above described way of controlling any formation of SSS, as this approach allows:

  • Adjustment of all kinds of hardware components, if there is such a need (for example, when changing the configuration of the car);
  • Identify breakdowns of gas equipment;
  • Monitor the presence of improper operation of certain nodes of the gas installation.

Often there are no special difficulties in the diagnosis of HBO in motorists, because the procedure is carried out in an uncomplicated manner. We hope that your case will be no exception.

Selection of the necessary set of equipment

The market has a lot of manufacturers competing with each other. As a rule, there are no problems with the well-known brands. You should select according to recommendations of both manufacturers and car owners of cars like yours.

Choose a place for mounting of a gearbox and its installation

If you have to make holes, they must be treated with anticorrosion. The gearbox has to be rigidly fixed and located in an accessible place, which makes it easier to service in the future.

Choice of place and installation of control unit (CU) of gas equipment, if it is provided

About rigid fixing we already spoke. Besides you should take into account that there will be wires from and to the CU, including petrol injectors, to the revolution sensor, to the button of switching modes in the cabin.

Fixing the gas injectors (frame)

Important: pipes from injectors to connectors tie in manifold must be of equal length. The shorter the better.

Drilling the manifold for the nozzle (the carburettor body is drilled in carburettor cars)

Tip: It is better to remove the manifold before drilling, despite the existing methods to prevent chips from entering the manifold. Holes should be as close as possible to the petrol injectors.

Wiring from the CU to the sensors, injectors and the button in the cabin

You should try not to let the wires hang down and sag. Let it take more wires, but they will be inconspicuous. All connections must be soldered and insulated with heat shrink. Do not confuse power leads with pulse leads. The power supply ones show 12 V when tested. Control unit is powered from one place to be chosen, and all other connections with pulse wires: at petrol injectors, at the crankshaft revolution sensor. If it is necessary to drill hole for wire to button, it is necessary to use rubber stoppers in addition to antikor.

Mounting the cylinder, multivalve and refueling device

The choice of places is small. instead of the spare or under the backrest. Sometimes the cylinder is mounted on the outside, under the base of the vehicle. Sometimes the space in the fuel filler hatch is used as a place for charging. Often make a hole in the bumper of the car. the choice is yours.

Laying the gas line

Both copper and polyurethane lines are used for the gas line. With the latter it is more comfortable to work. The tube is laid along the bottom in a recess. usually where the brake system line runs. That is all, the installation of HBO with your own hands is finished.

Tuning of the equipment

To do this, you need to fill up the tank. Under pressure you must immediately make a test of all connections with a soapy solution. In the systems of the first generations carry out manual tuning. If you have a CU, setup is done via a computer with software loaded for your model.

If all of the above is not sounding to you, then, as you see, the installation of HBO by your own forces is quite possible. But it is only necessary to do this if it is absolutely necessary. Still, the masters in the specialized service and have a hand, and experience is necessary. This will avoid “childish” mistakes, and identify blunders at an early stage of installation. After all there are mistakes with a long term nature, when the wrong work of the HBO leads to disastrous results.



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