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How to install a hob in a countertop

Installation of a countertop with a built.in hob and sink

As a rule, modern kitchen furniture is a set of hinged shelves and desktop, to which a countertop is separately bought. The countertop supplies a ready-made panel made of laminated woody stove, artificial stone or other material.

The countertop is a semi.finished product, that is, not quite ready for installation. Before installing the countertop in place in it, you need to cut off the length, as well as cut holes for the hob and washing. We will analyze how to do this, on the example of a countertop made of wood-bruise plastic PHL.

Norms and distances

The distance between the pipe and the hob can vary due to the use of flexible wiring. According to the standards, on the side of the heating source to the location of the disconnecting crane, a distance of at least 20 cm should be saved. If standard wiring is completed, then the connecting fitting is located at the same level with the place of insertion into the pipe. With the upper connection, the height of the crane overlapping the gas should be at least 1 from the floor.5 m.

When the gas hob is put in the countertop so that the distance to the edges of the surface on each side should be at least 5 cm. Experts advise paying attention to the thickness of the countertop, which should be more than 38 mm. Thin have weak supporting abilities.

The hob is installed using special fasteners

The stage of preparation

Installing the hob in the countertop is quite simple. With your own hands, many of us can do. And the first thing you need to prepare all the tools and materials that may be needed.

Depending on what type of device, installation will have its own characteristics. However, there are general requirements for the process:

IMPORTANT! In the event that there is no possibility that the hood is possible, you need to put a large power fan on the windowsill.

How To Install An Induction Hob Into Worktop

In order to integrate the hob, the following tools are needed:

Occasionally there is a need for a drill.

Cut holes

With the help of a drill in the center of the working surface, a hole is drilled. Take a drill with a diameter of 8-10 mm, it is held perpendicular. Through this hole, then a hob is put in the countertop. The tools that will be needed to carry out metal work. a saw with small cloves or an electric jigsaw. They should easily enter the material. The edges of the sections will turn out to be even if the teeth of the saw are sharp.

The work is carried out in the following order:

  • Several holes are made in the corners of the drill or electric screwdriver.
  • Maslar tape is glued to the working surface, then there will be no traces of an electrician.
  • The saw or the jigsaw is inserted into one of the holes.
  • A cut is made according to a predetermined markup.

During operation, the bottom of the countertop should be maintained, fixed with adhesive tape or put up under it stool. So the faces will be even and the furniture will remain intact. The sawdust is removed at the end, check how the cut is made, compare it with the size.

How to install the hob in the countertop stages of work

Mark the countertop, paying attention to the depth of the panel so that when installation it does not rest on the furniture element.

On the border of the niche, stick the masking tape, it will save the countertop from chips. Mark the niche again.

install, countertop

In the corner of the marked niche, drill a hole for the passage of the blade blade (D = 12 mm).

From the drilled opening with an electric jigsaw, drink the hole of the niche, holding the sawed area from below.

Try the panel in place. If everything is fine, treat the edges of the cut of the niche with refractory paint or glue aluminum foil along the edge. This is not necessary if the panel has a special protective casing (as in the photo).

Put the panel next to the beggar on a soft rag.

Check the connection terminals. Unster Check the screwdriver Chew. Look at the connection diagram, if you need to remove the jumper.

Skip the connection cable into the niche and install the panel at the place.

Fasten the panel on the countertop provided for mounts.

Note: If there is no sealing laying on the hob that will provide a tight fit of the panel to the countertop, before installing the panel in a niche, smear the edges of the countertop with a sealant.

As a result, the hob should firmly lie on the countertop and should be tightly attached to it.

How to install a hob

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The idea of ​​independent installation of the hob can be somewhat frightened. After all, you will have to deal either with electricity, or with gas and at the same time work with a fairly expensive kitchen equipment. Nevertheless, none of the steps to install the hob is particularly difficult. You just need to do everything carefully and in the correct sequence from moonshine to the end.

  • You must know for sure that the power panel power is disabled. For verification, you can use the tester by probing all the wires. If a light bulb lights up on the tester, then there is still electricity.
  • Be sure to remember how the wires of the old hob, since the new hob will be connected similarly. You can sign the wires and take a picture before turning them off, so that later it is easier for you to remember.
  • Seek for help to someone to remove the hob from its nest, as it will be quite heavy. [1] X Source of Information
  • If there is no camshaft, then you need to contact a professional to install it.
  • You should also check that the old hob that has the same current requirements as the new one, otherwise the work of a professional may be required to connect it. Many old hobs have only a 30-ampere electric circuit, while new often go 40-50 amperes. [1] X Source of Information
  • Measure the length and width of the hob and subtract 1.5-2.5 cm on each side to determine the opening parameters for installing the hob panel. [2] X Source of Information
  • You may need to remove the tile from the countertop (if it is covered with tiles) around the place of work before starting to cut the hole.
  • To cut a granite countertop, you need a circular saw with water supply. As an alternative, you can hire a professional for this work, as granite is difficult to saw carefully. Also, after cutting the holes, the stone should be treated with sealant before placed the hob in the hole. [2] X Source of Information
install, countertop

Remove all removable elements from the hob so that it is easier for you to put it in place. The hob can have removable burners, protective screens and other details, which should be temporarily postponed to the side. You also need to not forget to remove all packaging materials from the hob.

  • If you had to remove the tile, then you will first need to re.lay the tile to the end in the surface of the hob, before installing the latter in place. You will have to wait until 24 hours until the solution freezes, before laying the hob in place. [1] X Source of Information
  • Red and black wires (colors can vary) the hob should nourish it with electricity. Attach these wires to the corresponding wires with the phase in the camshaft.
  • The white wire is neutral and serves to close the chain. The neutral wire of the hob should be connected to a neutral wire in a camshaft.
  • Usually a green wire is designed for grounding. Attach the grounding wire of the hob to grounding in a camshaft.
  • Connect the wires with each other using insulating caps for twisting wires. Comers the connected pair of wires and twist the cleaned ends. Wrap the cap on the twisted wires. The insulating cap will protect them from contact with other wires and potentially protect you from the occurrence of a fire. [2] X Source of Information

Install the previously removed removable parts on the hob. Return the burners, protective screens and other removable details to the place.


Before purchasing the panel, you need to know the width of the countertop. The dimensions of most panels are standard and do not go beyond 55-57 cm. In the documentation for the panel, not only the dimensions of the panel should be indicated, but also the size of the hole in the countertop to install the panel.

To get started, the work must be purchased:

  • Countertop;
  • Gas hob;
  • Silicone sanitary sealant;
  • Maslar adhesive tape;
  • Gas connection hose;
  • Gas winding (linen or fum tape);
  • Multipak gas paste (for linen winding).

How to install a larger gas hob the hard part, leave the gas pipe to the gas registered person

Features of placement

The kitchen slab subject to embedding can inextricably bind to the oven (the latter takes place strictly under the panel) or arrange a mansion, regardless of the furnace (control elements belong to it personally, and not unite with the ovens). The capabilities of the location directly depend on what type of type. devices of combined models, with rare exceptions, have a single power source, plus to everything, they are connected by a network of wires. First of all, the oven is installed as the main carrier of the control bodies (the unit is aligned using the construction level).

Autonomous hobs that actively crowd built.in sets are usually entered in or crashed into the tabletop of the headset.

The minimum thickness of the countertop under the building of the plate is 38 millimeters. The material should be well removed moisture and withstand temperature growth to at least 100 degrees.

If the device supports automatic ignition, there should be a socket next to it. The installation rules prohibit the placement of any plate nearby with the sink so that the drops of water do not find themselves on the hot surface. The close neighborhood with the refrigerator is also an unspoken taboo: the walls of the unit will every now and then be subject to thermal attacks.

How to cut a hole

For the creation of a landing hole for the hob, three tools can be used:

To create an accurate and correct cut, it is better to use a hand cutter, but it is unlikely to be found in the tools of an ordinary person who is not related to the assembly of furniture. The second option is a jigsaw, even if it is not available, then the acquisition of this tool will not be difficult, its cost is not high.

The drill is always found in the house, but its use for pulling out the hole makes it difficult to install the hob. The cutting edge turns out to be uneven. this requires additional work on sealing the hole. Takes this process enough time.

In order to cut the hole with a drill, you need a drill in 8 mm, you can 10 mm. The principle of operation is to drill holes at a short distance. Inhalement is carried out until they become a single slot.

It is important to understand that the work is carried out only from the inside of the marking. It is required to substitute a stool inside the countertop under a cut piece, this will keep the furniture intact when the cut rectangle falls into the fall.

Making a hole using a jigsaw is much easier, but you need the presence of a drill. With it, it is required to make one hole that will be the basis of work. It is also possible to make a slot manually, but there is a danger of inaccuracy of creating slots. The first section can also be made with a jigsaw, but this requires a certain experience with this tool.

The main thing is to remember about precautions. For the cut part of the countertop, it is required to ensure a safe fall. this will eliminate the possibility of damage to furniture.

After carrying out the cuts of the holes under the panel, the edges of the slots are treated with silicone. If moisture gets in, the countertop for the hob can be deformed. this will lead to corruption of the appearance of the kitchen. It is more difficult to process the hole cut by the drill, since the torn edges interfere with the correct application of the composition, you will need to take a sufficient amount of time for this process.



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