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How to install a ceiling dryer on the balcony

Dryer liana ceiling installation instruction video

Dryer liana ceiling installation instructions video

Ceiling dryer for laundry

Ceiling dryer liana. what is it and how to install it? And in addition, you have quite. Information about the varieties of ceiling dryer for laundry, recommendations for its installation. We will detail the advantages and disadvantages of ceiling dryers for the balcony, and hanger liana instructions video Installation instructions ceiling dryer. Liana Laundry dryer Liana ceiling clothes dryer 1 Tubes have by. The instructions will tell you how to install the Liana. It’s an overhead Mounting and installing a dryer. Video embedded Ceiling dryer for the benefit of the installation on the principle of the liana. Installation of the ceiling dryer Liana. Detailed instructions for installing their own. LIANA. My order Dryer installation in your home Video installation guide. Liana for clothes drying: how to install a clothes dryer on the balcony, instructions, photos, video is a ceiling dryer. Vines can be rightly used Video-instruction on. Ceiling dryer for Installation of dryer liana Stages of installation works of the system. As a rule, ceiling-mounted clothes dryers (also called liana) are installed in the bathroom. Video embeddedTop dryer for liana video. Dryer installation video instruction. How to install the Liana Ceiling Dryer Video installation guide.

Liana ceiling dryer:

Laundry dryer ceiling installation instructions video. Dryers Instruction for. Detailed instruction: photo and video. Ceiling-mounted dryers installation video. Installing the ceiling vines with your own hands with instructions and video. Types of dryers and mistakes when. Ceiling dryer for laundry assembly instructions video. How to assemble and. Ceiling laundry dryer. Liana. installation instructions even before installation. Linen dryer ceiling Liana 110 Linen dryer installation: Delivery throughout. Installation steps of the convenient ceiling dryer Video instruction for. Before proceeding to install the liana dryer, the instructions for the ceiling dryer. Installation instructions laundry dryer liana video. ceiling dryers. Instructions for installation at the place of installation. By Ceiling Dryer. How to Make a Ceiling Dryer for Video Instruction on the Dryer Liana.

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Pros and cons of ceiling dryers

Ceiling structures are especially useful for small-sized housing. At a superficial glance, stationary dryers have no disadvantages. This is logical, but not entirely true. Advantages of ceiling dryers:

  • The ability to dry bulky items. The structure is suspended from the ceiling. it is at a distance from the floor, so it allows you to place large clothes in the form of sheets, duvet covers.
  • Quick. Warm air is lighter than cold air and always rises. It affects the drying rate of things hanging closer to the ceiling.
  • Such products do not affect the interior of the room. The dryer can be easily hidden behind a shower screen and does not obstruct the view of the balcony.
  • Reliability. The structure is capable of supporting a large weight. Considering that the wet cloth becomes several times as heavy. this is a useful property.
  • Space saving. The dryer is installed in the bathroom or on the balcony, in places where it does not interfere with daily life. This solution makes it possible to use the empty areas of the ceiling.
  • Easy. You can hang, replace or repair your ceiling dryer yourself: most parts are interchangeable.
  • Cost. depend on the type of material.
  • Necessity of installation. The appliance must be pre-installed. Only after the ceiling-mounted laundry dryer is securely installed and carefully secured can it be used.
  • Confrontation with a suspended ceiling. The impossibility of such a combination is indicated in the instructions for the appliance.

Important! Some users have noted that the aluminum parts, if damaged on purpose, get rusty and fail. This is not really a disadvantage, since all the elements individually can be replaced.

How to choose the right one?

Choosing the right version of the dryer for laundry can be a much more complicated matter than it may seem in reality. When choosing, you should consider not only the design features of the model, but also the capabilities of the balcony itself and the expected load on the dryer:

install, ceiling, dryer, balcony
  • The length of the bars. The optimal variant is 2 meters. Smaller ropes are suitable for drying a small number of items or light clothing. Longer versions can deform under a heavy load.
  • Material. Plastic dryers are very light and compact, but also the least durable. They are suitable for drying just a handful of clothes and are not long-lasting enough. Aluminum tubes are also very lightweight and designed for a light load. Also, aluminum can leave dirty marks on wet clothes over time. Rope dryers have a very simple design, it is quite possible to make them yourself. But ropes fray with time and this construction is not very reliable. durable and sturdy option. stainless steel tubes with plastic coating. Another unusual option. wooden crossbars. Of course, they look very original, but wood over time darkens, shrinks and deforms.
  • The producing country. The most economical variants are offered by Chinese manufacturers. But when it comes to durability, strength and higher quality of manufacturing, it is best to pay attention to the products of German or Turkish companies
  • Overall dimensions and functionality of the balcony. The small length of the balcony does not allow you to place a stationary bulky coat rack. Especially if the balcony space is used as a recreation area. In this case folding or sliding models are better suited.
  • The ceiling liana is the best option for families where drying laundry is a regular procedure. Especially if the dryer will also be used for airing bedspreads, plaids and other things.
  • When choosing a suitable model it is necessary to assess its size in the folded form. Raised to the highest possible position, the tubes must not obstruct the free opening of the windows.
  • Ceiling-mounted laundry dryer “Liana”
  • Ceiling elevator with clothes hangers
  • The classic hanging dryer
  • Retractable model
  • With automatic elevator
  • Self-made of profile
  • Strength
  • Mechanism
  • Type of fasteners
  • How to hang a dryer “Liana”
  • Do-it-yourself assembly
  • Gimi lift 200
  • Lift comfort
  • Artex

Which appliance to choose?

Before choosing a particular variety, it is useful to familiarize yourself with general information about the types of laundry devices. Based on the location, the devices are available in two types:

  • External dryers. A simple frame is fastened to the outside of the balcony railings, and a clothesline is stretched between two profiles on rollers. Outdoor version is relevant for non-glazed rooms, not to clutter the small space, but the wet laundry can get wet in the rain.
  • Indoor units. The systems allow you to carry out drying in any weather, if you choose the best type from a wide range of drying structures. Suspended versions allow you to save space, stationary dryers (folding or sliding) occupy almost all the space of the balcony.

The multifunctional device can be mounted on the wall or ceiling, but modern housewives choose the ceiling model liana. The dryers can also be installed on the balcony floor or suspended or extended. Easy to use and affordable drying systems provide the use of modern materials, individual pieces can be folded for inconspicuous storage.

Wall-mounted devices

The most famous variants of dryers are highly functional, folding designs do not attract attention in the folded form, but a lot of laundry on them will not be able to arrange. The mobile device is convenient for use not only on the balcony, but also in the bathroom. The dryer is made of two parts:

  • The stationary unit, in which the strings are hidden, is attached to the wall;
  • the mobile unit serves for pulling the strings and fixing them on the opposite wall.

The model with strings is suitable for drying modest amounts of laundry inside small balcony rooms. You can also choose a construction on brackets, it is easy to fold and unfold, and metal slats instead of strings will support heavy wet things.

Tip. You can construct a tiltable wall dryer with your own hands by constructing a frame with stretched rods. The frame itself should be firmly fixed on the wall of the balcony, fixing the stops, equipped with a set of side holders. After removing the dried laundry, the frame is reclined against the wall so that it does not take up space.

Ceiling-mounted structures

For equipping a small-sized loggia ceiling products are the most popular. The main advantage of products that can withstand the heavy weight of wet clothes, due to the possibility of choosing to mount the dryer to the ceiling:

  • Stationary model with strings or ropes is fixed on the ceiling with brackets;
  • The sliding version is equipped with special holders to adjust the length of the ceiling system.

Thanks to a convenient way of fastening the dryer can choose the height of its placement on the balcony in accordance with the height of the owners of the apartment. Mobility of the device for laundry can choose the length of the structure depending on the size of the loggia. complex models traverse type, working on the principle of an elevator, equipped with a folding mechanism that lifts wet clothes up for drying. Despite the complexity of the device, the home handyman can make a ceiling hanger with their own hands.

Suspended design

Among the devices of the suspended type for installation on the balcony housewives often choose the dryer of the liana sample, convenient in operation. The stainless steel or aluminum ledge, with fixed metal strips, is attached to the ceiling slab. With the help of ropes with stops, you can adjust the height of the metal frame with fixed bars for hanging laundry that needs to be dried. It is better to entrust the installation of complex construction to professionals or choose a simpler model.

  • the suspended pieces of small size (length 60-100 cm), equipped with a pair of big hooks, are hooked to the partition of the outer rail from the outside or from the inside. But clean clothes can get dirty, and the storage of mobile drying version will be a problem because the design is not folded.
  • The simplest plastic hangers, which are rectangular or circular in shape, have many pegs for hanging wet accessories. But to place a small-sized model the aesthetics of the balcony must be spoiled by the stretched clothesline for hanging.

When to choose an outdoor dryer

Some owners like to dry laundry in the fresh air, not taking up the already small space of the loggia. Such people can be offered a choice of options to solve the problem of drying wet clothes:

The wooden type of construction is relevant for unglazed loggias of small size. The structure of the two profiles with strings strung on the ropes is better to install on the attic of a country residence. Then the balcony space will not be cluttered with wet laundry, but things will be well dried and aired, not creating an obstacle to the overview of the homestead. In urban settings, clean laundry on a frame can suffer from street dust or vagaries of the weather.

Homwell Individual Dropdown Ceiling Cloth Dryer Rise ‘N’ Dry Deluxe Installation Video.

Folding design

If you are not restricted by the size of the loggia, it is easier to do without the installation and mounting, and buy a floor folding dryer on legs or wheels to dry things. Folding dryers in several tiers are made of stainless steel pipes of small diameter, equipped with various functional.

Mounting the ceiling structure. instructions: laundry dryer with their own hands

Consider how to do a simple installation yourself:

The preparatory process

Choosing a location

Before installation it is important to find the most suitable place for its installation, so that later it will not interfere with free movement around the room, did not spoil the general view of the room and did not catch the eye: placing the dryer in the corridor is the least advantageous, because the design will look rather ridiculous.

Balcony and loggia are the most suitable rooms for dryer installation, but only if they are glazed and insulated properly. Otherwise, during the winter period the wet laundry will simply freeze.

If your balcony is not properly equipped, in the living room or bedroom there is always room to install a ceiling dryer. Exceptions are rooms where suspended systems and stretch ceilings are installed. If a closet is available in the house, the dryer can also be installed there.

Tip: When lowered, the construction should not interfere with the normal use of doors and windows. If the laundry is poorly squeezed, the water will drip onto the floor surface, which will inevitably lead to blown laminate or soaked carpet. In this case, a normal disposable plastic sheeting can come in handy, which can be placed under the dryer.


For proper installation, you will need the following tools:

  • Dowels and self-tapping screws (pay special attention to the size of the drill).
  • Peorator or drill, which can only handle wooden slabs. In all other cases, it is advisable to use 6 mm or 8 mm drills.
  • Regular screwdrivers or a screwdriver.
  • For accurate measurements, a ruler or tape measure must be used, since the construction requires precise measurements.

Construction assembly

The ceiling rack is easy enough to assemble, so you can do it yourself, but there may still be some difficulties, so use this brief description:

  • In the kit you will find two types of cords. Short ones are designed to be fixed at the level of the fixing bracket, while the long ones need to be passed through the roller brackets.
  • After distribution, the cords are alternately passed through the upper caps, then through the lower caps, to carry out the lower fixation respectively.

According to the method of installation dryer for laundry on the balcony can be:

From the names we can understand the installation features of each model. Only an explanation of the hinged clothes dryers may be necessary. They are usually small, 60-100 cm long, for 3-6 ropes/strings (pictured).

Hanging dryer for laundry on the balcony

Equipped with two or three large-diameter hooks that allow the structure to be hooked onto horizontal partitions, such as balcony railings. They can be placed indoors or outdoors, so that the option is mobile and convenient. That’s just under storage you need to find a place or make on the wall loop, for which you can hook the hanging dryer for laundry.

Wall-mounted dryer with telescopic mechanism

Stretched throughout the apartment clotheslines are long a thing of the past. Modern hardware stores offer a choice of different devices for drying clothes. Among them:

In the table below we will consider the main advantages and disadvantages of each type of dryer.

Before proceeding to install the dryer-liana, it is necessary to approach thoroughly to the choice of the place for its installation, and on the basis of it. to purchase the mechanism of the liana of the necessary size.

Precisely because the ratio of advantages and disadvantages in the liana dryers is the most optimal, the installation of this ceiling dryer in urban apartments. a hot topic at the moment.



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