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How to hide a boiler in a kitchen corner

How to hide?

In the hinged cabinet

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Boiler positioned above a sink. The mezzanine floor is open.

In this case, it is necessary to take care about the free flow of air to the unit.

  • You can’t make a close connection between the walls of the boiler and the walls of the cabinet,
  • You can not put the heater in a blind cabinet. The top and bottom should be left completely open.

This placement option is not the most suitable, because.к. The lower and upper part is not completely open. But depending on the type of equipment, such a location may be acceptable and comply with safety rules. Refer to the instructions for the device or consult with a gas engineer.

It’s a good idea to hide the speaker behind lattice fronts. Then there will be a free flow of air.

In a cabinet

Installing the equipment in a cabinet in the kitchen solves two problems at the same time. masking the device itself and its communications.

In the niche of the headset

So that the boiler does not stand out in the kitchen interior, it is worth to buy a garnish in the tone of the unit or buy a speaker with a beautiful panel.

In some cases, even in contrast, it does not violate the design.

In the corner

The niche near the sink can be advantageously used to install the boiler. A hinged row of corner cabinetry, as in the photo below, can also hide the unit.

Match the color of the kitchen walls

If the boiler is already there, and you are not going to change or paint it, you can blend into the interior, painting the walls to match it.

To match the color of the furniture

This idea is relevant if you order a set with a ready-made niche for the equipment.

In the loft style or others, with industrial motifs, the speaker with an open vent will meet the rules of design.

In the pantry

You can build a garage for the gas equipment by yourself, taking into account all safety requirements.

Under the sink

This space is usually used for storing all sorts of stuff. But you can correct this so-so tradition and close the boiler exactly there.

How to make a boiler cover cupboard from Ikea cabinet

This method is especially relevant if you have a small kitchen. and you quite reasonably want to use every inch of usable space sensibly.

Decor with painting

This method can be relevant for all styles:

Т.к. aesthetics is a secondary matter, but safety is above all, it is important to briefly highlight the requirements of SNiP 31-02-2001, 31-01-2003.

Features of kitchen design with a boiler, photo examples

The specificity of the boiler is that its appearance can hardly be called aesthetic. Therefore, it requires a certain amount of playfulness and design.

The decision on the design should be taken before installing the boiler

When planning the design of the kitchen with a gas boiler, you need to consider the following aspects:

  • The opportunity to spend a certain amount of money to purchase the chosen brand of boiler. The more expensive the technique, the more compact in its dimensions and has a more attractive appearance.
  • Installation in a particular area must comply with all the rules required by the gas service, as well as ease of operation by the residents of the apartment.
  • You should not neglect the style of the room that is planned to be implemented. This determines how the design of the boiler or gas boiler.

Gas boiler can emphasize the style direction of the kitchen interior

In the interior of this kitchen wall boiler plays the role of accent

Norms and rules that should be taken into account

Installing a gas boiler requires permission from the gas service of the city or region. If there is no such document, it is better not to install it. The consequences of non-compliance with the law. a large fine.

There are a large number of requirements for the installation of equipment. Some relate to the rules of installation, others. the exact location in relation to the structure of the house, others. determine the size of the room.

  • installation of gas boilers can only be carried out in non-residential areas, which include both bathroom and kitchen;
  • This room must be fenced off from the others with a door;
  • there must be at least one window in the installation room;
  • The finish of the walls, floor and ceiling must be carried out with non-combustible materials;
  • If the gas boiler is installed in the kitchen between the cupboards, then there must be a free space between it and the latter.

There are standards for the location of the heater relative to the kitchen furniture and other items:

  • To the floor. 80-160 cm;
  • up to the ceiling. 80 cm;
  • to the hob and electric household appliances. 30 cm;
  • to the electric meter. more than 160 cm;
  • to the electrical outlets. 1 m.

The easiest way is to hide the gas boiler in the cabinet. But inside it, between the walls of the latter and the surfaces of the appliance must also remain free space. Between the sides. 5 cm, between the door and the front plane of the boiler. 10 cm. The closet door must have a grid.

Room in the kitchen or bathroom itself must meet the requirements when installing a gas boiler in it:

There are requirements for the front door to the room:

Upper cabinets of the kitchen set

Wall-mounted gas boiler can be placed in the upper cabinet of the kitchen. The advantage of this option is that the device is hidden behind the front panels.

It is important to remember that the lid and bottom of such a cabinet should not be, only narrow strips for structural rigidity. As the lower level of the boiler must be positioned at 120 cm above the floor, the piping and taps remain visible above the worktop.

Completely hide the communications can be either behind the facade or a removable decorative panel in the color of the wall “apron”, or a ready-made casing. In any case, it is better to decorate these elements in the colors of the kitchen.

Another, not very popular variant: to move the furniture away from the wall, and in the wall panel under the boiler to install revision hatch. In this case, no removable boxes and casings on the countertop will not be, and the pipes will be hidden behind the kitchen furniture. This solution requires care: in the rear walls of cabinets and cabinets need to provide holes or niches for direct access to meters, taps and pipes.

Close the exhaust pipe in this case can be a rectangular finished casing, a decorative cornice or a removable vertical bar.

Ways of inconspicuous placement

We have already, as owners of the apartment, purchased a wall-mounted gas boiler. Started the installation and installation of it, the photo of the boiler in the kitchen shows us the whole detailed process, in detail.

Kitchens with a boiler on the wall is not uncommon these days, photos of gas boilers in the kitchen reveal to us this, in part, this creative, magical process.

Let’s look at several ways to close the boiler from prying eyes and work through, in a new way, the design of the kitchen with a boiler on the wall?

The best way is to install our boiler, in a specially made for it cabinet, which we will disguise as an ordinary kitchen set.

Or, you can use plasterboard to cover the metal frame and put the boiler inside. For more discreet, you can also hide it all with a kitchen door, made to match the color and facade of your kitchen.

Also, you could paint the front of the boiler in your kitchen colors.

Place a heat generator next to the boiler it will also help your boiler to become more discreet and blend in with your kitchen interior with great ease.

It is important to remember that any decision should be made before the installation and installation work begins! Also, you should think carefully about electrical wiring and gas piping, this is also very important! We’ll talk about that a little later.

Let’s now take a closer look at each of the ways to hide your boiler in the kitchen?

Can you put and cover a gas boiler in the kitchen

The planned kitchen repair can be a real challenge for the owners, especially if the apartment or house has independent gas heating. SNIP strictly stipulates not only the installation of new, but also replacement of the old boiler, its location relative to plumbing fixtures, windows, hood.

Existing regulations permit the installation of a hinged or floor standing gas boiler in the kitchen in the event that the room is not used as a living space. In this regard, there are two popular methods of installing heating equipment:

    Installation in a special box for the boiler. this option allows you to hide the housing, fitting it into the kitchen furniture. Disguise the hinged heating boiler placed in the kitchen by hiding it in a box, according to safety rules, it is not possible in every case.

Although the design of a kitchen with a gas boiler on the wall or floor is important, requirements and building codes cannot be sacrificed for aesthetic value. According to SP 55.13330, SP 54.13330, there are some restrictions that limit the free placement and decor of natural gas-fired heating equipment.

Can you put the boiler in the kitchen combined with the living room

The installation is subject to the requirements described in SP 55.13330, SP 54.13330. In particular, the regulations note:

    Gas boilers, columns and stoves, it is strictly prohibited to install in residential premises. Prohibition is connected with the existing sanitary norms and safety rules.

Builders go to certain tricks to try to make the installation legal. In the technical documentation, the term “kitchen-living room” is changed to “kitchen-dining room”. In this case, the requirements are met. Restrictions on the placement of the boiler only apply to living quarters, and the kitchen and dining room are classified as non-residential.

Recommended types of boilers

Boiler installation in the kitchen has its own limitations not only on the placement, but also on the choice of heating equipment that must be taken into account during the preparatory work. There are three basic types of household heater, which differ in the principle of operation, and each has its own distinctive characteristics:

    Atmospheric convection boilers with an open burner are not the best option for installation in the kitchen. In the process of operation of atmospheric appliances, the air taken in the room is burned. This model is not suitable for a small kitchen. The minimum area of the room used for the boiler, at least 9 m².According to safety regulations, it is strictly forbidden to cover the atmospheric boiler. Therefore, if the decision is made to install convection equipment, it is worth choosing a model with a beautiful decorative panel and appearance.

Turbo and condensing heat generators, controlled by microprocessor automation, are dependent on the presence of electricity in the network. Connection to the power grid is made through an uninterruptible power supply.

Deciding exactly how to place the boiler in a niche or in a furniture closet, take into account the need for additional space for related equipment.

Gas boiler camouflage options

Depending on the type of gas device, you choose ways for its harmonious masking. As is known, there are 2 types of equipment: boilers with closed and open combustion chamber.

The first option is common and safe, and there are different ways to hide it: in a hinged cabinet or a cabinet, you can install it in a niche in the wall or in a garnish.

Also, the option of location can be found in the instructions for the unit, where the requirements are painted what should be the distance between the parts of the interior. Consider the most common ways to mask the gas equipment

Hinged cabinet

Hide the boiler in a hinged cabinet. the most common way. Very often it is located above the sink, with the bottom of the kitchen cabinet. open in order to have a free flow of air.

But here it is necessary to comply with a number of rules:

Given the type of equipment, this method of disguise is possible with the observance of safety rules.

The hiding place

This option of masking is very convenient, because not only the equipment is hidden, but all of its communications.

The niche of the headset

To ensure that the gas equipment does not stand out from the interior of the kitchen, you need to choose the kitchen furniture to match the tone of the unit or choose it with a beautiful panel design. Even in contrast with the garnish, the design of the kitchen with a gas boiler looks good.

There are hinged units that can easily be hung in the corner above the sink, this option is possible for a good camouflage of the boiler.

Paint the walls to match the boiler (or vice versa)

This idea of disguise is suitable if the user has not decided to replace the boiler. Therefore it is safely possible to paint the equipment under the color of the interior.

Hidden under the tone of the kitchen furniture

This option is good if the owner decided to order a special kitchen unit with a niche for a gas device. For loft, and many other styles with industrial motifs, the unit will fit harmoniously, if it has an open vent pipe.


You can equip a place for a gas unit yourself, taking into account the safety requirements.

Make a decor with the help of painting

This option masking suits almost any facade and style. It can be used for rustic motifs and for a loft style kitchen, cafe, bar. There are the following options for masking the floor gas appliances: in a cabinet in the kitchen or in a room, thereby covering not only the device for heating but also its pipes, behind a decorative panel, flip-down countertop or under the window sill. Owners of private homes face the problem of how to hide the floor unit. So they are advised to install it in a separate boiler room.

If the kitchen area is 9 sq.м.

In many Russian apartments this is quite a standard value. And if there is a gas boiler, it is important to think very carefully about the space of the room. Everything must be organized safely and stylistically attractive.

The following options for layout and photo design of the kitchen 9 m2 with a gas boiler will help:

First. Classic. It involves masking the appliances. It is the creation of a cabinet or a cabinet. Example:

The second. Country. It is characterized by simplicity. For its implementation can be:

  • Hide the boiler with cotton or linen curtains. They are matched to the tone of furniture and curtains.
  • Creating a cabinet with a lattice door. It can be decorated with wallpaper to match the style of the walls. Can be covered with paint.
  • Decoupage. This is painting the unit in the desired color.

Third Loft. This style implies the placement of all communications in plain sight. No need to disguise the boiler. On the contrary, here the focus is on its aesthetic specificity.

Fourth High-Tech. This is a high-tech styling. It uses innovative kitchen appliances. The interior is created using the latest boiler. It has a unique backlit, shiny chrome-plated surface. It looks something like a space apparatus.

No need to mask or paint it. No need for decoupage, either.

To achieve greater design efficiency, the appliance is placed ergonomically near other appliances similar in design. And thanks to its neon light, a special atmosphere and comfort is created in the room.

Standards for the premises when installing a boiler

Installation of a gas boiler in the kitchen is carried out in accordance with the regulations for safe operation of boilers. State regulations prescribe such mandatory conditions for homeowners:

  • Carry out the installation of door construction with a canvas, separating the kitchen and other rooms.
  • Observe the minimum allowable dimensions of window openings.
  • Perform ventilation installation.
  • According to the design perform installation of the boiler power supply with the location of the socket.
  • Follow the recommendations of the heating equipment manufacturer to install the boiler piping.
  • Carry out the installation and adjustment of automation systems of the unit. Before hiding a gas boiler, you can invite professionals to not create a fire hazard situation.
  • Design of the kitchen with a gas boiler must meet SNiP, fire and health requirements. If serious violations of the above standards are detected, a representative of the regulatory agency can cut off the gas supply to the subscriber and impose a fine.

Requirements for gas supply arrangement

The project of placing the boiler in a private home is performed by a certified design organization and approved by the state gas. Based on the complexity of the documentation, the approval usually takes from 10 days to half a year.

To the inspection, in addition to the design and estimate documentation is required:

  • technical documentation on the boiler unit;
  • Production instructions for repair and operation of the equipment;
  • compliance of the heating equipment with the state quality certificates;
  • Conclusion of the expert organization, on the compliance of the purchased boiler unit with all necessary state requirements;
  • Scheme of the option layout of a two-circuit floor standing boiler or other heating equipment.

This list of documents is issued by the manufacturer when purchasing the boiler unit. If the project will receive a positive review of regulatory agencies, the state gas inspection will issue a permit to connect the boiler to the main gas pipeline, in the opposite case, the applicant must be given reasons for refusal and given time to eliminate the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Boiler units, as well as all other gas equipment, must not be placed:

  • on surfaces with increased combustibility;
  • in corridor rooms;
  • in bathrooms, including in the corner of the toilet;
  • in rooms that do not have intake ventilation, including the absence of vents;
  • in living rooms and near the refrigerator;
  • in basement rooms;
  • on balconies and loggias.

Rules of installation of a boiler in the kitchen

In the case where it is necessary to close the boiler by installing it into the kitchen setting, it is very important for the owner to carefully consider its location, so that it is coordinated with the direction of air circulation.

For this purpose, in the front part of the furniture, make special holes that provide convection process of air exchange. In order to perform a professional placement of the wall-mounted gas appliance, which would be combined with the kitchen unit, you need to consider the place of the passage of the flue. It is placed close to the place where the pipe goes out into the street.

Regulatory requirements for the location of devices in kitchens:

  • The smallest kitchen area for installing the unit. 4 м2.
  • Minimum width of the front door. 0.8 м.
  • the minimum lighting area, determined by the ratio of 0.3 m2 window per 10 m2 kitchen area.
  • Minimum kitchen ceiling height 2.5 м.
  • Mandatory equipping of the boiler with an earthing circuit.
  • Cold water inlet to unit.
  • The cross-sectional area of the boiler exhaust pipe must correspond to the capacity of the boiler and the size specified by the boiler manufacturer.
  • The walls to place the hinged boiler must be insulated.

Peculiarities of boiler selection

Before examining the conditions for installation, select the brand of boiler and the protective place where it must be hidden. Main characteristics when selecting:

  • Heat output of the heating unit in kW;
  • Pure heating circuits. for heating and DHW;
  • The design version of the combustion chamber;
  • the option of placing the unit: wall or floor standing gas boiler;
  • The type of heat exchanger used floor standing gas boiler;
  • The working volume of the heat exchanger capacity.

In addition, when purchasing heating boilers, take into account such characteristics as gas and electricity consumption for own needs of the boiler unit, as well as the amount of water that it can heat per unit time.

Fire Prevention Regulations

In order for the installed unit to meet the requirements of fire regulations, it is necessary to comply with the following rules:

  • Atmospheric type boilers are allowed to be placed in attic rooms and on any floor of the building, except the basement.
  • Turbine gas boiler units are allowed to be placed in any non-residential premises, in attics and even in basements.
  • Door leafs in the rooms where the boiler is installed, must open outward.
  • Furnace room must be protected with fireproof building materials with fire protection class of at least ЕI45.
  • Turbine wall-mounted units are protected from the adjoining wall by a heat-resistant shield.
  • Floor standing boiler models are installed on a fireproof base.
  • It is allowed to place flammable parts of the kitchen interior with a gas boiler not closer than 300 mm to the outer surface of the unit.



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