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How to heat the Furnace Fehringer correctly

Furnaces Introduction (Fired Heater, Reformer)


Fehringer sauna stoves are divided into 2 types: stone and metal. The metal ones are suitable for budget steam rooms. But if you want to feel all the effects of Russian baths, there is only one way out. choose a stone.

The cladding completely spares users of infrared radiation. From the body of the furnace can not get burned. The only disadvantage of furnaces is the price. The stove in stone cladding with the cheapest stone is three times more expensive on average.

Metal stoves are made of exactly the same metal and thickness. Everything is identical except for the lack of stone. Huge respect to the founder of the company for not skimping on budget stoves, but producing the same quality metal stoves as stone.

In terms of power, there are three variants of stoves, designed for different volume of steam rooms:

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In 2011, a new line of stoves. Lamel. appeared. It is distinguished by the presence of a natural stone facing. Some changes have been made in design that allow to heat log cabins from sub-zero temperatures with confidence.

The mounting system of the new models is interesting: the holder with hooks is installed on the stone cut into plates, which hold the lamellae in place in a special groove. The system is simple, but effective, and installation is very easy.

How to stoke?

For the first firing it is necessary to carefully study the user manual. First of all you need to open the slide gate and the air collector. Make sure it has a draft. Using the handle, lift the lid on the convector counterclockwise. Place firewood in the firebox: small pieces on the edges and large pieces in the middle. Pour sawdust or wood chips on top and light them, then close the door. With the upper air inlet you can regulate the degree of coil twisting, and therefore change the power and intensity of combustion. Smoke is white at first, then it will be clear.

After you have lit one load, you may add 5 more loads of firewood every hour, but no more. In an uninterrupted mode the stove can work for about 5 hours. To obtain steam pour hot clean water on the stones.

After finishing the sauna procedure you need to dry the sauna by opening the ventilation window.

See in this video how to heat your VOHRINGER sauna heater.

Rules for making firewood

After you have chosen the right kind of stones you need to choose the right time for burning. As practice shows, it is preferable to do it between February and March. This is because at this time of year the fibers are still frozen, so it is quite easy to split the trunk. To determine the right moment, you can hit the back of the axe on the tree: when you hear a ringing sound, everything is perfect, but if you hear a dull thud, the material has begun to rot from the inside.

Another important thing to pay attention to is the number of limbs. The more of them, the harder it is to dry the wood. Obviously, you will not find wood without knots at all in the forest, but you should try to find such options, where they are least.

If you have a good chainsaw, it is easier to buy whole logs and saw them yourself later. This approach will save you money.

If you buy firewood, you need to pay attention to the following features:

  • Humidity of purchased material. It should be no higher than 20%, then the wood will ignite quickly and burn evenly.
  • Uniformity. Make sure the quantity you supply contains only the wood of your choice with no other impurities.

If the material was prepared independently in winter, it is better to dry it for about half a year. Once it is completely dry, it can be used in business. On how to properly ignite the sauna let’s talk further.

How and what is better to heat the sauna: useful information

To make a steam bath without preheating is a senseless idea. We do not consider the options when using gas or electric models, here everything is very simple. It is quite another matter when a wood construction is used. To properly melt it, you need to know some tricks. It is not enough to simply light the wood, if you do it the easy way, you should not be surprised that the room cannot reach the right temperature. Today we will consider how to properly and what kind of wood is better to heat the stove in the bath.

To sum up

In this article we have discussed in details, how to heat the sauna, what kind of wood is better to use for heating it; we have considered all peculiarities of this process. Now you only need to prepare a sufficient amount of material and properly prepare the heating device for operation. If there are any additional questions, they can always be asked to specialists at the time of purchase.

You will be explained in detail about all the details of the device of a particular model and advise how to make the product last as long as possible. Modern metal constructions are made qualitatively, it is enough just to follow the basic rules such as timely cleaning of the furnace from ash, regular inspection of the chimney and compliance with operating techniques.

Please note that this article is for information purposes only and under no circumstances constitutes a public offer as defined by Article 437 (2) of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

How to heat the Fehringer heater correctly

This sauna heater for traditional Russian baths, with a closed sauna heater and a big stone capacity of 80-150 kg, is made of high-alloy AISI 439 stainless steel. The design of the furnace assumes top and side ignition and combustion, providing an efficiency of up to 85%.

According to the opinion of expert steamers and lovers of the real Russian bath, today Vöhringer stoves are one of the best sauna stoves. However, we simply call them “other” stoves. Why others? Let’s get into the picture!

In our company we have patented and used more than 50 inventions, aimed at improving the consumer properties of our products. Thanks to modern equipment, we draw conclusions not from our own sensations, but from real physical data! At Vohringer we regularly research, experiment and invent, achieve improvements in combustion, minimize heat loss, improve steam generation and make our stoves as easy to use as possible.

Instead of the system of elbows and adapters in the furnaces of standard design we structurally replaced all “unnecessary details” and created a furnace, radically different from all previously developed, with a system of vortex gas flows (we wrap the flame in a spiral shape in the furnace, VORTEX system) which allowed to maximize the efficiency of.

Instead of system of elbows and adapters in furnaces of standard design we replaced structurally all “unnecessary details” and created a furnace, cardinally differing from all previously developed, with a system of vortex gas flows (we wrap spiral flame in the furnace, VORTEX system) which allowed to maximize efficiency.

Furnace Fehringer. it is not just a sauna furnace, it is “THE OTHER” furnace, different from the standard. It is stoked from the top, it has no grate, it provides the regime of Russian bath from a single charge of wood, it tends to match the stone oven, but is deprived of all its disadvantages. Lamelle series stoves are very economical. The unique system of combustion “Upper ignition” allows you to heat the room with one load of wood. This is enough for a good rest in the bath, but if you want to prolong the pleasure, you can put one log in the furnace. So you can stay in the sauna as long as you want.


Most of the furnaces are equipped with doors with a large glass screen, which represents a fireplace, so you have a decent stove inside the steam room, providing various modes of steaming and a beautiful fireplace from the side of the room to relax, because the modern Russian bath. is a relaxation zone.

The air supply is arranged so that it blows around the glass and doesn’t let the soot shrink. You’ll have clean glass at all times. Furnace design without grates and, accordingly, is easy to care for. it is enough to clean the furnace from ash once every 5-10 uses.

The designers of our factory have solved several problems: saved the owners of the stoves from a long heating of the steam room, due to the adjustable blowing of the heater and simultaneously improved the starter chimney convector with a system of active heat extraction from the pipe by the exhaust gases.

There is a laboratory with a working steam room on the territory of our factory. Here we test all our new products from the company. The technical equipment of the laboratory enables us to measure the temperature and humidity of the stones in the different levels of the sauna heater, the furnace and the steam room. With the help of gas analyzers our specialists observe the technical processes that help to increase the efficiency of the furnace!



Russian bath mode. Temperature and humidity are the same on all levels. You can vary the temperature from 50 to 70C and humidity from 50 to 70% in any combination that is comfortable for the steamer (suitable for steam bathing with a whisk).

Hamam Mode. Approximately 45C and 50% humidity. In this mode one can gently warm up, relax and socialize. The combination of temperature and humidity allows you to spend a long time in the steam room (not suitable for steaming with a whisk).

Mode of Finnish sauna. when under the ceiling it is very high temperature and humidity, in this area your hand “burns”, but on the shelf at this moment you can breathe easily and freely (suitable for the steam bath with a whisk).

The Russian steam bathing culture counts more than one hundred years, and numerous historical evidences prove that from the ancient times the bath for the Russian people was a place of special, even ritual. Our company makes stoves for those to whom making firewood, kindling, witchcraft with steam and modes in the steam room. RITUAL. This process of physical and spiritual cleansing, restoring health, which has no alternative. Our stoves for the creation of a traditional Russian steam bath. There is no perfect product, that’s why we are constantly improving our products by examining combustion, heat transfer and vaporization processes in our factory laboratory. We live in the age of speed and technology, the importance of bathing as a ritual has only increased! Put the wood in the stove, ignite it, watching the flames burst into flames! Feeling the bath fill with warmth. This is how modern man imagines traditional relaxation. The Vohringer oven combines the principles of Russian bathhouse steaming with modern engineering.


  • no less than 90 kg of stones in a closed sauna heater
  • Heating the stones up to 500-600C
  • the temperature in the steam room from 45C to 60-70C
  • 40% to 80% humidity
  • One load of wood (10-15 kg) is enough for the process of burning of the furnace 2-4 hours

A moderately mild climate, comfortable low temperatures, and a dense, humid mist. you want to achieve a true Russian bathhouse effect in your steam room? It’s easy. just buy a Vöhringer sauna heater with a closed heater. Take a look at the “Lamella” series. These products in a natural stone facing not only perform their primary function (heating up the room), but are works of art that will favorably decorate the interior of your sauna.

Lamel furnaces have a closed heater, which causes the stones to get very hot, and only then the heat enters the steam room, heating it. Stones are heated to 400 ° C. giving them water, you can get a lot of fine steam. Lamelle series stoves are very economical. The unique “Top Light” combustion system allows you to heat the steam room with a single load of wood. This is enough for a good rest in the sauna, but if you want to prolong the pleasure, you can put into the furnace one log at a time. That way you can stay in the sauna as long as you want.

The devices are easy to care for. it is enough to clean the furnace from ash once in 5-10 uses. Unequivocal quality of Lamel furnaces. all products of the Vöhringer factory are certified and meet strict international quality standards and established fire safety standards. Buy a Lamel series stove with a closed heater and you get a double benefit: an efficient and economical device for heating up the sauna and a beautifully designed fireplace for herbal tea while you enjoy your sauna

The main “zest” of the furnaces, which the founder of the plant Fehringer Artur Pavlovich is justly proud of, is a patented system of mounting the lamellae with natural stone plates on the furnace body, aimed at increasing the efficiency.

Advantages and disadvantages

If we compare Fehringer Russian bath furnaces with heating equipment from other manufacturers, we will find a number of significant advantages:

  • stylish exterior casing;
  • high energy efficiency of the device;
  • fire safety guarantee of the stoves of the company;
  • There is no need for constant cleaning of the stove glass;
  • high quality of materials and paint used to cover the body;
  • complete tightness when the door of the equipment is closed;
  • Possibility to control the air supply during the furnace operation.
  • chimney flap, which reduces the draft when the door is closed;
  • Even burning of wood in the product.

As such, there are no visible disadvantages in Fehringer sauna stoves, but some users note that over time, on some models, the door latch does not work properly.

Also the stoves have an opening too narrow for a human hand to load stones (it is necessary to use tongs).

design features

The main distinguishing feature. the firebox, stretched upwards. In the diagram you can see that the furnace is surrounded by stones. The heat from the walls passes to the stone, which heats the screen, and from the screen heats the room. Therefore, this stove is not encased in brick, as is done with other stoves.

The second distinctive feature is the absence of grates in the firebox. As the combustion method from the top is applied. In this design, fuel is ignited from above, which makes maximum use of the heat from combustion. The coals are always positioned in the burning area and burn completely.

The third feature. the presence of combustion on the side and the smoke tooth. Due to this method, the main amount of heat is used for heating, rather than escaping into the chimney. The method of side combustion is a special design, in which the coals are located throughout the stack, igniting the wood on the sides. Smoke tooth. located at the top of the firebox, spirals the flame. Thanks to this, the combustion lasts longer in the furnace, heating the walls, and only small remnants go out into the chimney. But the heat that flies out of the chimney is also used to heat up the steam room. For this purpose the “Fehringer” has some peculiarities.

  • A stove on a pipe in different variants, with a grid or a decorative screen.
  • Convector, with control on the tube. This is a fixture with air ducts around the pipe.

When installing the convector at the bottom, after igniting the stove, hot water is poured. As the emitted smoke gases pass through, the water evaporates and enters the lamella channels. Wet steam has a high heat capacity, so it takes in and transmits a lot of heat. Steam fluxes warm up the steam room much faster. But this device is used only when warming up. When steaming. it is covered with a flap, making sure that the water has boiled off.

Closed heater in the Fehringer furnaces.

As you may have observed in Vesuvius (Hurricane) or TMF (Geyser) stoves, mostly the manufacturers make an open heater and in it a small closed. But Fehringer went the other way. This stove is a fully enclosed stove, and its main task is to heat the stone as much as possible. The stone completely envelops the firebox. In the Fehringer furnace at the factory, the stone was heated to 600 and a penny degrees! At this point, I have yet to see a result, in indirect heating furnaces, greater than Fehringer‘s.

We all know that the main task of a Russian (steam) sauna heater is to heat the stone. You will never get this effect with an open heater.



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