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How to grease the Electrolux vacuum cleaner engine

How to disassemble the engine of the electrolyux vacuum cleaner

There is always such a situation when the master is faced for the first time with the fact that he cannot understand how to disassemble the vacuum cleaner engine quickly and quickly after getting to it. The reason for this is incredibly simple. The engine has a small nut that holds all this design in full collection. In addition, it is very well attached using high.quality sealant and at the same time constantly rotates simultaneously with the motor rotor.

On a note! Do not try to lock the rotor or anchor installed in the electric engine of the vacuum cleaner using a screwdriver or any other metal item. This will not help unscrew the nut and can provoke damage to the motor winding, which then will not be able to repair it on its own.

Dismantling of the Electrolux vacuum cleaner

Electrolux Ultra Silentra Silentra Silentra Disobegun Instructions

3.one. To dismantle the control handle, carefully squeeze the latches on both sides with a flat screwdriver as shown in the photo.

  • Open the cover of the vacuum cleaner and remove the holder of the bag for dust and dust bag.
  • Remove the clips with thin holes that hold the handle as shown in the photographs, from both sides.

Make sure that the vacuum cleaner works properly:

  • Turn on the vacuum cleaner power plug in the electric network.
  • Turn on the vacuum cleaner
  • Move the slider of the power regulator from the Min position to the Max position
  • Turn off the vacuum cleaner

All the best, write To Elremont 2009

Vacuum cleaners are relatively simple designs that allow you to create a directed air flow. Today, such systems are increasingly improved, and even more functionality is added to them.

When choosing a vacuum cleaner, it is necessary to evaluate its technical characteristics and choose the right power. You can familiarize yourself with such systems in more detail on the ELUX-RU website.ru.

Water heat does not occur

Modern washing machines do not depend on what water is in the water supply. Washing technique has the ability to warm the water itself until a certain temperature. It does not become very pleasant when the water is not heated in the washing machine electrolyux. You can find the cause of the breakdown after about twenty minutes. You just need to attach a hand to the glass. If it is cold, it means that water heat does not occur.

Most often, the reason is that the installation and connection of the washing machine of the electrolyux is made incorrectly. Perhaps the wrong washing mode is also exhibited, since not all programs know how to heat the water much, and therefore heat is not felt when touching the hatch cover. The water heater is also possible, after which the washing machine does not heat the liquid. The reason is most often scale, this leads to overheating, and as a result, the heater burns out. There is a malfunction due to differences in tension. It also happens that the temperature sensor fails, and the machine automatically stops heating water so that there is no overheating of the heater.

It is quite difficult to confuse a breakdown of the heating element on the other. It is not as difficult to replace with your own hands as it seems. The most important thing is to do car repair carefully and efficiently. Before repairing the heater, you first need to be checked using the multimeter. There may be a breakdown in it, but in the control board, but this is extremely rare. It is still worth noting that the repair of Electrolux washing machines can be done independently, the main thing is to have good patience and little experience in this.

The main causes of damage to the vacuum cleaner

  • bearings
  • Brushes
  • fuse
  • Network wire
  • NOT contact in the switch
  • engine windings, breakage or burning of the winding (stator or rotor)
  • the failure of the capacitor
  • Damage to the electronic circuit of the power regulator

Drop in power and absorption force. Most often the reason is either clogged filters or a malfunction of the bearings. The filter must be cleaned and checked again, also check the work (traction) of the vacuum cleaner without filters, as it happens that the usual cleaning of the filter does not help and it already needs to be replaced. If the craving without filters does not give the previous working traction, you will have to disassemble the vacuum cleaner, the impeller on it should easily be punished with a finger without much effort. Additionally, we remove and inspect the brushes and clean the collector from the carbon fiber, using nyevela’s sandpaper or a piece of ordinary fabric.

In some cases, the tightness of the hose is violated, it can be either a violation of the integrity of the hose itself and connecting pipes at the ends of the hose, simply the hose slides a little from them.

The vacuum cleaner does not turn on. If everything is fine with the voltage in the outlet, we disassemble the vacuum cleaner and first of all examine the fuse and the network cord, especially at the very end of the cord on the winding drum in the rations. If there is a tester. We call the contact. The inclusion button could break or the contact is simply violated in it, it is clogged, again, with the help of a tester, we convince the button’s serviceability. If all the elements were rolled up by the tester and the voltage without problems comes to the engine brushes, and the brushes themselves are not wiped away, then most likely you have an expensive engine repair or simply replacing it, because in most cases it is more advisable to put a new motor than to repair the grimacing old rewind.

If the vacuum cleaner worked for a long time and does not turn on, it is quite possible that the protective thermallane on the engine itself worked as a result of overheating. In this case, there is nothing to repair, it will be enough to leave the vacuum cleaner to cool the engine.

The speed of the vacuum cleaner engine is not adjustable. The most common cause of such a malfunction is the breakdown of the simistor in which the voltage is not regulated through it, but freely passes through it without any control. Perhaps the failure of this element and possibly loss of contact on one of the legs of this element on the board. Having a little pressing the speed of the speed regulator, you can make sure whether the regulator itself is working out or the contact may violate in it and the regulator slider does not contrase to its site.

The vacuum cleaner emits an extraneous smell and hot air. First of all, you need to make sure if the absorption entrance is scored, inspect the hose, check the power of retraction at the input and whether the sound of the engine is changing when the entrance is shut up with a palm. In case of satisfactory operation from the suction system, we can assume about the malfunction of the engine and most likely brushes.

The vacuum cleaner is buzzing and tapping. The reason for this action is the engine, and in particular its bearings. Most likely they need additional lubrication or in the presence of a large shaft around their axis, replacing with new.

The cord does not delay when you press the button or is constantly delayed during operation. Disruption of the daily drum, perhaps the spring burst, weakened or vice versa is too stretched. We examine the button’s clamping video and, if necessary, remove the drum, wind or open the wire on the drum. Changing the tension of the drum itself to the right we need.

Parsing the electric motor

All actions carried out to analyze the device should be performed as accurately as possible to damage nothing. In order to extract the bearing, it is necessary to disassemble the vacuum cleaner motor, clearly observing the sequence of actions:

The bearing is removed using a screwdriver or threaded filmmakers

Комментарии и мнения владельцев

Olga :

electrolux, vacuum, cleaner, engine

Hello! I accidentally lubricated the question, in the vacuum cleaner motor. machine oil collector plates on the rotor, what to do? The vacuum cleaner works. but it became quieter and a specific smell, it will soon burn out ? What to do? help me please.

Alexei :

Hello Olga. Electric contact is created between brushes and collector plates. You introduced additional resistance by machine oil. As a result, increased heating of carbon brushes and copper plates is created, oil burns out. I recommend cleaning contacts. First mourn all the traces of oil with a rag. Copper records can be treated with an ordinary eraser that is erased by a pencil from paper. I always cleaned the relay contacts. But, after the operation, it is imperative to clean all rubber crumbs. A dry rag is suitable, and then the surface of the plates can be a little polished with a wooden stick of non.coniferous rocks. They have no resins. As a result, the plates should shine and do not contain traces of soot and oxides. You can still polish scratches on the plates with steel plates. Voronils. But, you need to do it carefully. Look at the brushes: how tightly they fit to the collector plates, are there cracks and peeling of coal. A layer of oil from them also needs to be erased. Another good way: to wash off the contact surfaces with clean technical or medical alcohol. He is without impurities. And in cologne, for example, they are present. In extreme cases, vodka will go. But you have to wait for it to dry or wipe at the end of a pure rag. Choose one of these methods and clean the traces of the oil from the collector and brushes. Good luck to you!

Alexei :

Electro lux vacuum power cord stuck

I decided to supplement 2 questions in the morning. The gaps between collector plates should not conduct electric current. Coal dust gets into them. She scrape her chips with the tip. It is better to wrap it with a thin rag and moisten with alcohol. Second: when you take out brushes from holders, then mark their place and position. During operation, they are rubbed to the collector plates. Therefore, try to repeat their location during assembly. There will be a more economical contact shallow. Olga, write off what you did.


The LG Storm 1,1400 vacuum cleaner has worked for 15 years.I saw a video that read the articles.I decided to make out El.engine.The hulls of the brushes are riveted and not removed.The nut is not unscrewed, what to do?There is no where to insert wooden churochki, the windows in the stature are very large, and the stress houses interfere.The thick wire does not climb, and it is not possible to wrap it on the collector due.Only then, having looked carefully, he decided on the direction of the threading of the nut, along the impeller, because it throws the air from the center to the periphery.It turned out that the thread on the nut was right, and I was sulking with the last forces. I had to drill an additional two holes for 9 mm in the stator case. with such a calculation that the screwdriver inserted into the hole will jam the rotor, between the groove and the stator shoe.Putting the screwdriver into the groove and jamming the rotor, on the church candle I heated the nut, it smoked a little, putting a slightly force of the end key, it easily unscrewed.I replaced the bearings in the rotor (they had a backlash), cleaned the collector.Collected in the reverse order and the vacuum cleaner earned quieter.If my information helps anyone, I will be glad.

Alexei :

electrolux, vacuum, cleaner, engine

Nikolay, thank you for the comment and the information provided. They will definitely come in handy for people. The riveted hulls of brushes are a technical nonsense that complicates the repair. I didn’t meet this. There were screws everywhere. But was it difficult to drill rivets, and then put them on the screw?

electrolux, vacuum, cleaner, engine


Hello. Tell me where you can buy a engine for samsung vacuum cleaners on the Internet?(Samsung SC4474)

Sergey :

Hello. As an option, drive Yandex to search for “Buy engine for Samsung SC4474″. The search engine is adapted to the Russian.speaking segment and pick up store options for you, taking into account your geostation. From them you can choose.


I unscrew the nut as follows. one.I determine the direction of the thread. 2. I install a end key with a gate inserted into the nut. 3. Sharp blows with a light hammer at the end of the gate pushed in the direction of unscrewing. I twist the nut.

Alexei :

Thank you, Gennady, for the addition. It is possible that your method will come in handy for other people. It must be checked at the very beginning. If the threaded connection did not have a sophisticated, then the sharp blows and forces of the inertia of the rotor may well remove the nut out of the hook.

How to replace vacuum motor

How to fix a vacuum cleaner with your own hands: the most common breakdowns and their repair

The service life of vacuum cleaners is an average of 5-10 years, and the warranty repairs provided by the manufacturer or the company-divider-1-2 years. During this time, the technique rarely fails. Exceptions. factory marriage, cheap and poor.quality products.

Therefore, when breaking the unit after the expiration of the warranty service, you have to contact expensive service centers. Agree, it would be nice to learn how to independently correct some problems? Such a skill will help when there is no time to wait for the master, and will also save the family budget.

In doubt? We will help you cope with the problems that have arisen. In the article, we designated the most common breakdowns of different types of vacuum cleaners, and also brought detailed instructions to eliminate them.

In addition, we have listed the basic rules of operation and prevention, the observance of which will prevent any malfunctions in your device.

Councils of specialists

When failing of the electrical part of the motor itself (stator or rotor), you need to change the entire assembly assembly. Rewinding of excitement windings, as a rule, does not lead to a positive result. After a short time, the vacuum cleaner again for the same reason fails. Also, if this breakdown is detected, it is worth deciding whether it is necessary to repair this device or purchase a new one, since the cost of a motor unit is often comparable to a new vacuum cleaner.

Experts advise using spare parts purchased in specialized stores approved by the manufacturer Bosh, the list of which can be found on the official website of the campaign.

Professionals also note that it is economically profitable to carry out minor repairs. If serious problems are found, you should contact a specialized technical center or decide on the acquisition of new equipment. of course, Bosh.

What to do if the Bosch vacuum cleaner does not turn on, watch in the video below.

Conclusions and useful videos

Comparative review of wireless vacuum cleaners from leading manufacturers:

Battery vacuum cleaners from electrolyux. a decent choice for any home. In general, they are of high quality and good performance. With proper care, such a device can last several years. Replacement of a worn battery is performed in the service center.

Look for an inexpensive and high.quality wireless vacuum cleaner? Or there is an experience using the unit from electrolyux? Tell our readers about the specifics of the work, practicality and effectiveness of such a technique. Share your personal experience and ask questions. the form for Комментарии и мнения владельцев is located below.



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