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How to get started with Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner

Installing and turning on the Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner 1s robot vacuum cleaner

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1 Connect the power cord and put the excess wire in the slot on the docking station body.

Note. The unit may accidentally yank or pull the power cord if it hangs on the floor, causing the charging dock to power off.

2 Place the charging dock on a flat surface against the wall and plug it into a power outlet

Note. Allow clearance around the Charging Dock (at least 0.5 m on each side and at least 1.0 m in front).

3 Turn on the device and charge it.

Press and hold the power button. Wait until the indicator light turns on and then place the device on the charging dock station.

Note. It may not turn on if there is not enough power. Place the appliance directly on the charging dock.

4 Connect in the Mi Home app (you can skip this step)

When the light on the product stops flashing white and lights up steadily, it means that the product is fully charged. Press the button on the product or select a command in the Mi Home app to start cleaning.

Turning the Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner 1s on and off

Press and hold the button. To turn on the Mi Vacuum Cleaner 1s. The indicator light will turn on and the unit will go into standby mode. When the device is stopped, press and hold the button. The light turns on and the unit goes into standby mode, so you can turn it off and finish cleaning.

Note. You can’t unplug the device when it’s charging

Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner instructions

Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner refers to complex engineering equipment. The tool should be maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements, as set out in the instructions for use of the machine. The full name of the dry cleaning model is Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner. The product was released in 2016. Fundamentally the same device with the function of wet treatment of hard smooth surfaces is available to users since 2017, called Xiaomi Mi Roborock Sweep One. New in 2018 was a robot vacuum cleaner with a simplified layout. Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner. There is no manual in Russian, translation should be found on the Internet.

How to configure the Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner through the app

Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaners are distinguished by the ability to control not with a remote control, but through a mobile app for the Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner in your smartphone. In the app you can choose the modes of operation, set the schedule of cleaning, monitor the status of the robot and divide the room into sections. In order to operate the Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner quickly and without problems, you need to spend some time setting it up. Next we will tell you how to connect Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner to your phone via mobile app and teach you how to switch between cleaning modes.

How to connect Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner to your phone on Android and iOS detailed instructions

One of the key features of robotic vacuum cleaners from Xiaomi is the support for control via smartphone. It can be used to set up a cleaning map, add “virtual” walls, set a schedule, and get additional information about the current mode of operation, the remaining battery charge or the total area cleaned for the past few days.

All you need to do is to install a special application on your smartphone and synchronize it with the technique. And what programs can be used for this?

What problems the user may encounter when synchronizing the robot vacuum cleaner with phones?

Caring for a robot vacuum cleaner that will extend its lifespan

Vacuums become clogged over time with hair, hair and dirt, so they need to be cleaned regularly.

  • It’s a good idea to clean the canister and filter every time after cleaning.
  • You should not wash the filter in water. you should shake it out or blow it out.
  • The central brush needs to be cleaned weekly. It is enough to clean the side brushes, wheels and sensors once a month.

Of course, all of these recommendations are tentative, so just try not to run the condition of the robot vacuum cleaner by paying attention to cleaning it periodically.

Best Budget Robot Vacuum Ever! Xiaomi Mi Robot 1C Vacuum Mop

Filters and brushes are easy to remove for cleaning and washing.

How to get started

Most robot vacuum cleaners operate independently of humans and do not need to be set up. Some devices are equipped with an autostart function. this allows the owner to remotely turn on and off cleaning, even if no one is home. The general algorithm of work with the device looks like this:

  • Inspect the device for damage.
  • Charge the battery.
  • Program the machine’s operation.
  • turn on the appliance.
  • Monitor the unit’s movements.
  • Turn off the appliance and carry out the necessary maintenance;. Turn off the appliance and carry out the necessary maintenance.

Whether you’re present at home or starting the vacuum while at work, the room itself needs to be prepared before cleaning. Large objects must be removed from the area and virtual walls must be installed, which are laser sensors that turn on and off along with the vacuum cleaner. Virtual walls confine the space, preventing the appliance from moving into areas where it is not planned to clean.

Before you start the robot vacuum cleaner, make sure that:

  • Water has not come into contact with it
  • There is no damage to the cable;
  • all accessories are installed;
  • There are no wires in the path of travel;
  • Scattered items removed from the area.

Operating the device extends its life, and prolonged stagnation has a negative effect on battery performance.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Pro (STYTJ02YM). turning on for the first time

Setting up the Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner


Press the button. To start cleaning Press any button to pause the device during cleaning

Note. ✓ The unit cannot start cleaning without enough battery power. Recharge the unit before cleaning. ✓ The unit will automatically return to the docking station to recharge if it diagnoses low battery while cleaning. The unit will automatically return to the place left behind and continue cleaning after recharging ✓ Before cleaning, all cords lying on the floor (including the docking station power cord) must be removed to prevent the unit from getting caught on any cords during cleaning and disabling other appliances, damaging cords or furnishings as a result ✓ The unit will clean the default cleaning area twice if it cannot complete the cleaning in 10 minutes

Partial cleaning

Press and hold down the button. To start a partial cleaning job with the device in a paused or command standby state. Use this mode for cleaning zone 1.5 × 1.5 m directly around the device. When partial cleaning is complete, the main unit will automatically return to its original position and stop cleaning.

Note. Activating Partial Clean mode while the unit is in a pause state will stop the cleaning operation previously performed by the unit

Pause state

Press any button while the unit is running to put it into a pause state.

Press the button. To continue cleaning and then press the button to return the unit to the docking station and complete ongoing cleaning tasks.

Note. Charging the device on the docking station while the device is paused completes current cleaning tasks.

Schedule cleaning

In the Mi Home app for the vacuum cleaner, you can set the time to start cleaning on a schedule. The main unit will automatically start cleaning at the designated time and automatically return to the docking station when it has finished cleaning.

Cleaning modes

In the Mi Home app, you can select quiet, standard, or intensive cleaning mode with the robotic vacuum cleaner. The default mode is standard.

Do Not Disturb mode

The Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner 1s robot will not automatically start another cleaning task or give voice alerts in Do Not Disturb mode, and the indicator light will glow dimly. The factory default setting of the unit is set to “Do Not Disturb” between 10:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. You can disable Do Not Disturb mode, or change the duration of Do Not Disturb mode via the Mi Home app.

Safety precautions

Before using the vacuum cleaner, you should test it according to safety regulations. What to check before turning on the robot vacuum cleaner:

  • It should not get any water on it. If there is liquid on its contacts, inside it, it is forbidden to turn on the device. It needs to be taken to the service center for inspection.
  • It is forbidden to operate equipment with a damaged cable. It is not safe for people.
  • Do not operate the robot vacuum cleaner unless all of its components are installed. This will cause the equipment to break down.
  • Before turning on the vacuum cleaner you need to remove animals and small children from the room to avoid injury to them.
  • The wire from the charging station must not be in the path of the vacuum cleaner’s movement in the room. If it hits the cable, it can damage it.

Having taken all precautions before you turn on the robot vacuum cleaner, you can begin its operation. You need to press the start button, the equipment will start cleaning the room.

Robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Roborock S5 Max. review

The idea to buy a robot vacuum cleaner occurred to us a long time ago. But, as usual, I couldn’t get my hands on it, or else more necessary purchases came first. But before the New Year, my husband and I were firmly resolved to buy a helper. After reading a lot of reviews, we settled on the Roborock S5 Max from Xiaomi. The main criteria of choice were its power, availability of smart home and wet cleaning. Ordered it at the official site [link].

And then, after a few days we brought our miracle! And along with it, we got a bunch of presents:

Universal wire to charge devices with different types of sockets

Inside the robot has a filter where it collects dust, brush to clean it, a container for water, a platform bracket, where the cloth is attached for wet cleaning.

In order to start a robot vacuum cleaner, you need to study the instructions, which says what application to download and how to start a “friend” with this beast. The application, you need to work with s5 max is called Mi Home. You can download it on Android and iPhone.

The app itself is simple and straightforward. The first time you start the robot vacuum cleaner, it scans the room, then the map of your apartment will be displayed in the app.

As I said before there is a dust canister inside the robot. It’s small, so you have to shake it out after every cleaning in the apartment. The rag also needs to be washed every time. I wash it under the tap with soap and water and once a week I put it in the machine.

It is very convenient to use a robot vacuum cleaner from a distance when you’re not at home. The only thing you need to be sure to remove the toys and wires, otherwise it can “eat”.

And this is what the room looks like after cleaning the robot. In my opinion, great: the carpet is clean and so is the floor.

Робот пылесос Xiaomi инструкция по использованию, подключению и настройке

We have been using the robot for over a month now. No complaints. I am very happy with the purchase and glad that I now have such a reliable friend, easy to maintain and easy to use. I highly recommend it!



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