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How to get a biscuit from the oven correctly

How much the biscuit is needed?

So that the biscuit does not opal, it is cooled in forms. Then they turn it on to the grate, so the biscuit is evenly cooled from all sides. After the finished biscuit has cooled down, it can be wrapped in a food film and sent to the refrigerator for the night.

The collected cake must be cooled for 8 hours, at least 4. The cream should be stabilized. If the cake is used as a lower tier in a multi-tiered cake, I recommend that you put a 1-2 kg press on top. Not on the cake itself, but on the bottom or substrate.


What mode to cook a biscuit in the oven?

For an electric oven, we always use the “top-niz” mode. At the same time, the biscuit mode is evenly baked from all sides, and also does not rise in a hill. Convection for baking biscuit in an electric oven is less suitable, but there are times when there is no way to turn on the “top-niz” mode.

Time depends on the thickness of the biscuit, but on average, it is 40 minutes at 100 ° C. You can bake a biscuit in a steamer with convection at 120 ° C.

How much biscuit should be infused?

Therefore, as soon as the biscuit is ready to take it out of the oven, get it out of the form and leave it to cool on the grill. This is the only way moisture in the biscuit will be distributed evenly. As soon as the biscuit cooled down, it is immediately necessary to wrap it in the food film and leave to infuse for 6-8 hours.

If the mountain is slippery, then the probability of rise is zero. If the surface is dry and clean, then getting to the top is much easier. In the same way, the biscuit dough is climbing the sides of the form. Therefore, if you lubricate them, then the dough does not rise at the edges, but the dome will form in the middle.

How to save the finished pie with lush?

The cake can fall greatly: 1 from a sharp temperature difference, with a concussion. They sharply took it out of the oven, slapped the door, especially if it is a little underpidden. Therefore, it is better to leave the baked cake for a while in the oven, so that it cools down a little and get it from the oven warm. 2. If this is a biscuit, then it is better to leave it in the oven until completely cool. It is better to cut it on the 2nd day. So it is much tastier, especially if you prepared with additives (for example, a biscuit with apples) 3. The cake cannot be baked at a very high temperature, since it will immediately “grasp” (harden) from above. inside will remain raw. And, of course, will fall. The ideal temperature that is suitable for baking most biscuit products. 180 ° C, sand cupcakes. 160-180 ° C (for yeast dough. from 170-175 ° C to 240 ° C (and even higher). Depending on the size and type of baked product, in addition, the behavior of yeast test is affected by the recipe and cooking mode).

I used to fall out of the biscuit because I did not have flour. I was afraid that it would be clogged, in the end he was lush in the oven, and then flat.

Causes of baking after baking:. sharp temperature difference. The dish should remain in the oven for at least 10 minutes after turning off A large amount of filling. Under her weight, the pie often settles. It should be remembered that for curd baking is considered normal partial falling. The biscuit will not fall if, after baking, turn it on the kitchen bars and let it cool without taking it out of the form. Before looking into the oven, look through the glass door. The pie should look ruddy, then check with a toothpick.

How to Make Biscuits at Home

There are some tips that I try to adhere. I read them at one time in the vast vapor of the Internet before putting the pie in the oven, it is allowed to come for 15-20 minutes, grease it before baking eggs from sand dough should be removed from the forms chilled during the first 20 minutes of baking the door of the oven should not be opened then you can just check on a dry match not to clap the door with the door for the dashed pies allow to cool in the same room where the pie is fed soft and magnificent. while it is still hot. cover it with dense fabric pies, it is better to store them in clay dishes. covered with a napkin, or in a plastic bag.

But here it all depends on the test that you use when cooking a pie.

If you turn off the oven, but leave the pie there. He will not continue to prepare for some time? That is, not to stroke/will dry? Or these are vain fears? Today I baked a banana cake, yes, the bananas are heavy, but it got up, pulled out 10 minutes later and again great. At home we have not so paired, but far from cold.

And everything is fine with the recipe? And specifically with baking powder?And perhaps you put and bake in a heated oven.Check your temperature regime

Now I read that the dough is biscuit. I think the problem is in the oven.I haven’t tried to bake from someone? Or on a very hot or cold oven bake. What temperature do you bake? If normal, then the oven itself does not support the desired temperature regime.It is necessary to measure the temperature separately and compare with the readings of the regulator. And contact an electrician or service. My electric ordinary oven overshadow is much better than new with a bunch of bells and whistles.Although the same temperature regime.And the temperature can kill any pastries

Thank you, I also suspected that the problem is in the oven. In the very near future I will check with my mother.in.law. Peku with standard 180, as a rule, the most common temperature, 25-30 minutes. As I see that the edges are brown (through the glass of the form) and the top grabbed, which means it is ready.

What mode is it better to bake pies?

Finished products will be rosy and golden. If the oven has a “convection” mode, then it is best to bake pies in this mode. If not, then 85% of the baking time of the “bottom” mode and 15% “top”.

We put a bowl of dough, covering it with the same wet hot towel, in an oven with a temperature of 40-45 ° C. And reduce the allotted time by the recipe by exactly 2 times. Or put our dough in a bowl simply in the oven, turn on the lighting lamp and close the door.

When you need to pull out a biscuit from the oven?

Open the oven during cooking, especially when these alluring aromas of fresh baking fly in the kitchen. Hold yourself in your hands! It’s definitely not worth it to open the door after 25-30 minutes-the biscuit is falling and will not rise anymore.

biscuit, oven, correctly

The most important reason for this failure is poorly beaten eggs, so the biscuit dough of the wrong consistency. Beat the eggs with sugar into a lush white foam until the mass increases by 2-3 times. A powerful mixer will help to do it correctly. Mix the flour in small portions, using a shoulder blade (and not a mixer).




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Record the ingredients for the biscuit for your form in the baking biscuit baking, we will need only 3 ingredients: 5 eggs, category S-1, 150 g of flour and 150 g of sugar. The most common mistake is to measure the ingredients with glasses and by eye. Weigh flour and sugar exclusively on the scales. Sugar and flour with the same weight have a different volume, and you can see this difference on the example of two identical in volume of glasses.

Immediately prepare a baking dish. The dough for the biscuit must be baked immediately, it should not stand. For baking biscuit, any detachable shapes or baking rings are suitable. If you bake in a normal detachable form, put a parchment circle at the bottom, but the walls of the shape cannot be lubricated with oil, t.to. the biscuit rises and grows, clinging to the walls of the shape.These proportions are designed for a standard detachable form with a diameter of 20 cm and 5 cm high, but other options are possible. For example, the diameter of my shape is 18 cm, and the height of the side is 8.5 cm. That is, you should always take into account the height of the side, t.to. the biscuit rises strongly during baking and it should be enough for this height.My shape is without a bottom, so I wrap the bottom of the form with foil, you can wrap with two layers of foil. The foil also helps to isolate the walls of the shape from excess heat and balance the baking temperature. The color of the baking dish also affects the temperature and baking time.

We prepare a biscuit dough.We place the eggs in a bowl of a mixer or a clean dry bowl. I use at room temperature eggs.Add all sugar at once.

Mix eggs with sugar with a whisk or using a mixer at low speed. Our task is now not to beat the eggs, we need to help grains of sugar dissolve.


To do this, you can place a bowl of eggs and sugar on a pan with hot water. t.e. in a water bath, and work for a couple of minutes with a whisk, continuously stirring the mass. We just need to heat the egg mixture a little so that it becomes warm. Check the temperature with a finger, and if the mixture is warm, remove from the heat. The water bath helps the sugar dissolve faster, but if you are already quite experienced in the preparation of the biscuit, the egg mixture can not be heated.

And now, when the sugar has disappeared well, we begin to whip eggs with sugar using a mixer.Beat at maximum speed to splendor and increase the egg mass in a volume of several times.

I have a powerful mixer, and he whips the eggs in a lush foam in about 5 minutes. If you have a regular manual mixer, eggs with sugar will have to beat for a long time, about 20 minutes.

We focus on the consistency of whipped eggs. I always check if the eggs are beaten enough: draw a groove with a finger, and if the groove does not immediately swim, the eggs are beaten well enough.

Now we sift about half the flour.

And mix the dough very carefully, moving from above-down. The dough cannot be mixed too intensively to maintain its airiness as much as possible.

Sift the remaining flour and also very carefully mix the dough with flour. It is important that the flour is evenly distributed along the test and there is no reasoned places and lumps of flour in the dough.Our biscuit dough is ready.

Lay out the dough in shape. We remember that we do not lubricate the sides of the form and do not fill the shape to the very top, leaving a place for the growth of the biscuit.

And now the most crucial moment is baking biscuit. If you did everything right until this moment, you can’t relax at the baking stage either. And the main reason why the biscuit can fall after baking is an optimally selected temperature in the oven. If the temperature is not high enough. the biscuit will rise, but its center will not be able to rise and get horned.And if the temperature is too high, the biscuit will quickly rise in the oven and will be very browned, but it will not have time to bake inside and fall immediately after baking.Therefore, the temperature of the oven should not be low and high, and it is very important to understand that each of us has different ovens and it will be necessary to experiment a little with the temperature and feel our dwelling, let’s put the biscuit in the already preheated oven.The baking temperature is approximately 165-170ºC, heating the top of the bottom, the average level of the oven.

biscuit, oven, correctly

What can be done with a spoiled biscuit?

The failed middle happens that the biscuit is baked very beautiful, but it is worth opening the oven to check its readiness, as it falls right away. In this case, the easiest option is to cut an unpresentable middle of the cake and arrange it in the form of a ring (usually the cupcakes look like this).

biscuit, oven, correctly

Coffee syrup is ideal for impregnation of chocolate biscuits and cupcakes. Just add 2 tablespoons of freshly brewed coffee to chilled sugar syrup. For fruit cakes with white biscuit, citrus syrup is perfect. To chilled sugar syrup add the zest of half lemon or orange.

Secrets of alignment of the cake

To make the cake not only tasty, but also beautiful, follow the proposed instructions and take your time. A little patience and practice. and your desserts will be delightful.



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