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How to fix the ironing board on the wall

DIY Hinged ironing board

In this article, we consider a simple way to redo the ordinary ironing board into a folding.Probably everyone has such a thing as an ironing board, so I have it! But, unfortunately, there is no place in the apartment for her at all. In the unfolded form, it occupies a precious space and interferes with the movement around the apartment, in folded form there is also nowhere to put it, so after thinking a little, I decided that it was time to attach it somewhere. The only free place in the apartment was a loggia, the board was perfect in size, and besides, there were sockets in this place, which, of course, simplified everything. It only remained to come up with a way to adapt the board so that it was convenient to use it. What I got from this, you can find out by reading the article until the end.

I attach detailed instructions, and photo report.

Convenient ways to store an ironing board

In fact, finding a place for storing an ironing board is simply. Almost any narrow and high niche is suitable. The catch is that to transfer it is not very convenient. over, good models usually weigh a lot.

The first thing where the storage place begins to search is an analysis of their own habits. So the designers advise.

  • If you prefer to iron clothes with the TV turned on, it is obvious that the ironing devices should be nearby.
  • Another moment: there must be a socket next to this place, boring with the extension cord every time.
  • Stroke in the post.decoman is convenient. But such a room is not provided in every apartment. As an alternative, you can consider the bathroom if the area, or insulated loggia allows.
  • Many manufacturers of kitchen sets offer options with a compartment for ironing. Consider this possibility when ordering furniture.
  • You can also iron in the corridor. But if you block the passage to the bathroom or to the toilet, consider this moment in time.

When you determined the room, you can choose a way.

Hinged cabinet

A hinged cabinet with an ironing board is convenient in that you can make a socket nearby and the ironing process will become as comfortable as possible.

This solution has an indisputable advantage. the design does not take place in a folded form and looks aesthetically pleasing, so such a cabinet can be placed in any room.

Rules for choosing functional ironing boards

Preparing to buy or accept boxes ordered and mounted in the closet, on the wall of built.in ironing boards, check:

  • The folding mechanism. smooth lowering, lack of noise, there should be no doubt in the quality and durability of the material;
  • The reliability of the support of the support to the box, shelf or wall and the stability of the structure. staggering, chatting in a horizontal position will unbalance the fasteners, lead to injury during ironing and breakdown;
  • The weight of the structure. the wall thickness should not hold, but calmly keep the total mass of the ironing board, linen and iron;
  • warranty promises and obligations of the manufacturer and installer: lack of guarantees. refusal.

Ironing board on the door

For expressive personalities that can slam the door with hot, this option is clearly not suitable. But if you have a calm character and like to ennoble your interior, then you may be interested in the location of the board on the door. You can fix it according to the same principle as on the wall, using hooks.

Only for reliability, so that the ironer does not thunder at each opening and closing, mount several additional nails on the door and bend them. If necessary, you can fix the ironing board, and it will be firmly fixed.

Some popular models from rating manufacturers

Among the available options for built.in boards there are those that can be equal by making devices for the iron/clothing ironing yourself or buy and use for its intended purpose. they will last a long time and correctly. I am glad that they were produced mainly in Russia and the CIS-Triya, Iron Slim, Shelf-on, “Favorite House”:

  • The wall ironing board “Mermaid” with the frame of their chrome pipe, an automatic latch. is installed quickly and easily, takes only 8 cm from the wall;
  • The built.in “Rocket” board with variable installation methods (inside and outside the cabinet), fastening on the right or left rack, with a variety of completion of the surface surface and, especially valuable, its maximum permissible load is 70 kg;
  • wide built.in, fastened with reinforced brackets to the wall, ironing board with a mirror cabinet from Iron Slim;
  • Compact ironing board Astra-Mini ECO, built into a cabinet with a swing type of door, with a plastic latch in the kit-protection from the baby.

How to do it with your own hands

The easiest way is to make a folding type. Firstly, due to the availability of mechanisms for it, and secondly, due to the lack of the need for additional work on the organization of electric power supply. We chose any free wall next to the outlet. it remains only to make a rectangular box and fix the folding mechanism on the wall.

Do.it.yourself hinges do the easiest way to make.

Each mechanism has its own limits of maximum load, this also must be taken into account. Sometimes you can do without a decorating element, but this option is not very aesthetic.

Without a decorating element, the mechanism of fastening the board does not look very aesthetically pleasing.

ironing, board, wall

As a mechanism for attaching the canvas, you can use a simple P-shaped pipe to which the base of the board will be attached. On the one hand, such a canvas can be fixed even with magnets, or hooks sold in each construction store.

You can fix the canvas of the ironing board in different ways.

The folding canvas should rest against the wall, and for the reliable implementation of this possibility there is enough stop, connecting the base of the board and wall. It is better that during ironing this emphasis is fixed to both contacted surfaces.

Important! The extension option can be collected only if the dimensions of the device can be entered into existing furniture areas.

The same rule applies to the ironing canvas built into the cabinet. It can only be installed in accordance with the size of the furniture with the ironing canvas itself in an upright position and the presence of a mechanism.

ironing, board, wall

When creating a retractable board, the size of the furniture should be taken into account.

How to choose the right iron board

Here, first of all, it should be based on the presence of free space and convenience for humans. Indeed, thanks to the great many species, the board can be located anywhere.

Choosing an ironing board should be based on the presence of free space in the apartment.

Want to be able to iron things immediately after their washing. choose a retractable type in the bathroom furniture. I like to try on ironed things-you are perfect for a folding option, closed by a mirror door.

note! The main factor is the presence of a nearby socket. After all, an ironing board, to which meters of extension cords are drawn, conveniently not to call.

Ideas for storing an ironing board. Or 10 places where you can hide the ironing board

Oh, this ironing! I don’t like to iron. Each time, starting to iron, I swear! It is inconvenient to get the board while you pull it out, you will find your free space, lay out so as not to interfere with anyone, it will not be able to iron.

So I decided to look for a solution to this problem. I want to share my findings with you.

One of the most convenient ways is to make a small vertical compartment in a wardrobe or any other closet to store an ironing board. This is more convenient than just putting the ironing board between the wall and some furniture where dust accumulates.

Wall Mounted Ironing Board

Such a narrow compartment is good because with a sufficient depth of the cabinet allows you to store even a large full.format board, on which it is most convenient to iron. At the same time, she does not cling to anything, does not fall at the most inopportune moment, and you do not need to take out or push off other things to get it.

On the ironing board in a folded state, 20 cm on horizon and 200 cm vertically are required. I think not so much space will take up.

Most often, this method is chosen for corridors, dressing rooms or other household premises, as well as bathrooms, where the ironing board is not so striking. Took off, stroked, hung it back.

Since the “severity” of the synonym for the quality of the ironing board, the mounts should not be highly located above the floor. Ideally, if you move the board to the wall and fix the legs. But there is a problem: which leg to hang for? After all, one of them reliably holds an ironing board in a folded position, and hang it for another. the board will decompose right on the wall. Yes, even crush fingers. So this must be paid attention to when choosing a suspension method.

You can disguise the ironing board with a curtain, if you hang it in a canopy, next to the window.

For the board you can also sew or buy a bright case of an unusual color or with a print. Firstly, it is convenient-with additional covers, the iron slides better over the surface (the metal frame does not “appear” through the fabric). Secondly, if you choose the right color, as made in this interior, the board in the unfolded form becomes one of the accents-together with the countertop and a soft pillow.

Now there are many options for fastening the ironing board on the wall.

Think on the routes of the apartment. And at the same time decide for yourself: will you be pleased to iron four sets of bedding, standing “in the corner”.

And how your home will move around the apartment while you are stroked. (For example, as in this version).

Many people like to iron where the TV stands (in the living room). And here you can find a solution. like a board with an accent panel.

If you plan to repeat such a solution, make sure that the TV is well visible from the wall where the board is suspended. And a rosette is bred nearby. You can make such a cabinet with an ironing board inside a part of a series of decorative objects of a comparable size, for example, posters.

Many manufacturers of kitchen furniture have a section for embedding ironing board.

It is convenient if the board is installed in the working position parallel to the main headset, and not perpendicularly, burning the passage.

ironing, board, wall

Keep in mind, the solution, as in the photo, is designed to use an ironing board sitting. The standard height of the kitchen set is 85-90 cm, the surface of the board is located at the level of 75 cm, which corresponds to the height of the dining table. This may be a problem if you planned to iron standing, and your height is higher than the average.

A chic idea instead of an ironing board to make a chest of drawers in which you can store any things. Boxes in such chests of drawers are built.in, or baskets for trifles are used.

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