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How to fix a dent on the refrigerator door

If you don’t have time at all, this method is perfect. Hiding the dent with magnets, self-adhesive tape, wishbone or stickers with a reminder will not be difficult and will solve the problem for a while.

You need to rinse and let the surfaces of the refrigerator dry. Then heat with a hair dryer and spray the hot spot with carbon dioxide. This product is produced and sold in a spray can. You can buy it in an auto shop.

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The endothermic reaction starts when this product comes in contact with air. This makes the surface very cold. If it does not succeed the first time, it can be repeated.

How to remove the dent on the fridge

Causes of dents in the refrigerator can be bumps during transportation, accidental damage (dropping something, etc), etc.п.). If the amount of damage is large, you need to contact a specialist.к. It is impossible to remove the dent without assistance, since it requires special techniques and skills that are available only to qualified specialists. If the dent is small, you can do with your own forces and improvised means.


Below you will find different ways of removing the defect on the fridge surface. Some of them involve certain risks for health and for the equipment being repaired. So it is important to take some precautions.

When using dry ice to create contrasting temperatures, you must wear protective gloves and avoid contact with exposed parts of the body. It is also important that the room where the work will be done must be well ventilated.

When using a rubber mallet and trowel to fix it, you should try to do the repair carefully so as not to aggravate an already existing problem. If you have no experience with damaged metal surfaces, it makes sense to practice a little on metal pieces that are as similar in shape as possible to the elements of the refrigerator.

Warning! Do not dismantle the door to remove surface irregularities. Otherwise, there is a great risk of breach of tightness and loss of its original shape.

How to pull out a dent

There are more than 20 ways to level a damaged area. The simplest and most effective should be used, then the surface will be level again. However, the choice of technique must be based on the nature of the damage. In this case, the dents on the refrigerator will be completely removed and the door will return to its original appearance.

Vacuum suction cup

Refers to the easiest way to straighten the surface in seconds. Suitable for shallow damage left on the stainless steel case.

Pull out the dent with the suction cup. The suction cup is used for levelling the vehicle while performing bodywork. Consists of 2 suction pads and a pin. Procedure:

  • Remove dust from the refrigerator and degrease the area to be treated;
  • Place the suction cup so that the central pin is in the middle of the defect and fix it;
  • Turn the screw and gradually pull out the metal;
  • Remove the tool after the job is done.

Do this slowly, otherwise minor defects will be left on the surface.

If the suction cup leaves streaks on the housing, you can remove them with solvent.

If a small area is damaged, you can try to remove it with a plunger. You will need to attach it to the dent and move it back and forth. After that detach the device from the surface. This may be enough to make the door flat.

If you can not pull out the dent with a suction cup, or if the area of the defect is large, straightening can help fix the situation. You need a flat trowel, called a trowel, and a rubber mallet to do the work. First wash and degrease the surface. Algorithm of manipulation:

  • The damaged area is heated up with an industrial vacuum cleaner;
  • trowel is applied to the defect, overlapping it completely;
  • With a rubber trowel the damage is gradually treated.

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After the work is done, the surface will get its original appearance. But the manipulation should be done gently, to prevent the paint from peeling. If you hurry, the defect will become more obvious and remove it yourself will be more difficult. It is necessary to contact specialists and pay for their services.

Heat and cold will help to repair minor damage. To perform the manipulation you need a hair dryer and ice. Procedure:

  • The dent is cleaned and degreased;
  • Heat the area with the hair dryer;
  • the spot is sharply cooled with ice;
  • Straighten the defect with a smoothing tool or flat trowel.

If you straighten the area in this way, the defect will not be visible. The area will not differ from the untouched area. The heating and cooling procedure may be performed 2 to 3 times. If after that the surface does not become flat, you should try another technique.

Sometimes it is easy to straighten a damaged section at home. Try to heat the surface slightly with an industrial hair dryer and wait until the metal itself returns to its original position. No further steps are required.

Align the dent this way when the area is small. If the area in diameter is more than 7 cm, the method will not work. Radical measures are necessary in such cases.

It is not always possible to repair a defect on the refrigerator door. However, it can be masked. For this purpose will be suitable:

Americans decorate the door with their children’s drawings. Sheets are attached to the door with magnets or double-sided tape. Photos of the family can be used in the same way.

This product copes with small and medium-sized defects. Sold in auto parts stores. Work algorithm:

When the substance interacts with air, an endothermic reaction occurs. It causes the metal to cool instantly. As a result, it is leveled out. The procedure can be repeated 2-3 times, waiting 20-30 minutes between manipulations. You have to be careful not to damage the paint by straightening the surface.

A can of compressed air is a good way to remove the damaged area. Principle of operation:

The method is suitable for removing small dents. The metal will first expand and then shrink sharply. This will remove the defect. If the dent is not fully removed, it is permissible to reapply the heat to the damaged area.

Using a trowel and rubber mallet

This method is suitable if the area of the surface defect has a significant size. To work you will need a rubber mallet and a trowel. a trowel for plastering or tile work:

  • Degrease the problem area on the refrigerator;
  • Turn on a construction hair dryer and heat the dent. Be careful not to expose the damaged surface to excessive heat. Otherwise, there is a risk of damaging the paint layer.
  • Turn off the hair dryer, put the trowel on the unevenness so that the spatula completely covered the defect;
  • Lightly tap the entire surface of the trowel with a rubber mallet;
  • After repeated treatment, the dent will be straightened out.

IMPORTANT! It is unacceptable to use a metal mallet instead of a rubber mallet for this method. When tapping the trowel with the tool, the movements should be unhurried, light.

What not to do

You need to understand the type of damage. If the paint layer is intact, it is not necessary to hurry. The metal in the area of the defect is in a state of stress and it is possible that it will return to its original position on its own. It is enough to heat the surface slightly and the dent should disappear.

If enough time has passed, and the dent does not disappear, then you should not resort to the following actions:

  • Hit the area of the dent with an iron hammer. The coating will be even more damaged and the paint will be cracked;
  • Disassemble the unit door. The refrigerator could lose its tightness and the shape of the door would change. Loss of tightness will cause the compressor to operate in a different mode and fail;
  • The presence of a minor defect only affects the appearance. If the dent is of small dimensions and it is not critical, it is better not to touch it, in order not to damage the fridge by careless impact. In the manufacture of modern models of refrigerators thin metal is used, which is quite easy to damage;

The given recommendations will help you to eliminate the insignificant defects. Larger, deeper dents should be left to professionals.

Dents inside the fridge

The formation of any irregularities on the inner walls of the unit is due to the manufacturing technology. Such defects occur with excessive sagging of the foam and retraction of the thin wall of the housing after the foaming of the interwall space of thermal insulation.

If the defect does not violate the tightness of the housing and does not worsen the fastening of the shelves, then there is nothing to worry about. To clarify the degree of irregularity, call specialists from the service. In some cases the unit may need to be replaced.

How to dismantle the fridge door

The door of the upper chamber of the refrigerator

Most units are twin-tube. Their compartments are one above the other. Start in such a case with the upper chamber. If the machine is single-chamber, everything is done similarly, only for one door.

  • Sequence of operations
  • Close the door. Take a scotch tape, with its help we fix it to the body in several places. This way the sash will not fall off during disassembly.
  • Unscrew the top hinge fastener. If it is located in plain sight, you do not need to do anything else. On some models, it is covered with a decorative bar. You will need to remove the handle beforehand, then unscrew the fasteners. Removing the hinge.
  • Unscrew the fasteners on the handle. Take out the bolts, remove the element.
  • Remove the adhesive tape. Let’s remove the door, lifting it slightly to get it out of the middle hinge. It is located at the bottom of the sash. Slacken the bolts of the securing element and dismantle it.

It remains to prepare the mounting holes on the opposite side. With a flat screwdriver, neatly pick up the plastic plugs, take them out of the grooves. You can immediately reposition them into the vacated slots, or do so after you have finished re-hanging the door. All removed fasteners and hinges should preferably be placed in a separate box or box, so as not to lose any element.

The door of the lower chamber of the refrigerator

To do this, carry out several operations one by one.

  • Secure the sash with tape to avoid dropping it during disassembly.
  • Remove the plug from the hinge pins at the top. Unscrew screws. Some varieties have the middle hinge. It is common for lower and upper door leaf. In this case it is simply unscrewed.
  • Remove the duct tape. Lift a little the leaf to remove it from the fasteners, take it out of the socket. Set the blade aside.
  • Dismantle the hinge mechanism, unscrew and remove the pins and bushings. In the vacated holes move the plugs, remove them from the sockets on the opposite side.

Stack all dismantled parts and fasteners carefully so you don’t lose anything.

Remove a dent in the refrigerator door with a suction cup

Most car owners know that with the help of a pneumatic suction cup you can quickly eliminate small and large damages on the body of the car without previously removing the paint layer.

This tool will also be suitable for removing a dent from the surface of a household appliance:

  • clean the existing dirt, degrease the damaged area of the refrigerator;
  • Place the suction cup on the defect so that the edges of the tool adjoin tightly to the metal surface;
  • Pump out the air from the internal cavity (the space between the suction cup and the external part of the refrigerator);
  • After removing the air and securely grip the tool with the electrical appliance, proceed to remove the dent: slowly pull the suction cup handle in the desired direction, pulling the metal to the desired level;
  • Let the air in, thus detaching the instrument from the surface of the kitchen appliance.

If you do not have a professional vacuum tool, try removing the small dent with an ordinary plunger.

Using a suction cup is acceptable only if the paintwork on the refrigerator is undamaged.

Another convenient way to fix a bump is to use a minilift to remove dents on the body of the car.

The tool consists of a centrally located pin for a suction cup and two rubber feet that allow you to securely fix the device on the surface and eliminate the risk of damaging the paint coating.

The tool can remove dents up to 8.5 cm in size:

  • Clean from dirt, degrease the damaged plane, wipe it dry;
  • Select the fungus-piston that fits the shape and size of the problem area;
  • Apply thermal adhesive to the piston, place the mushroom on the defect, wait for the composition to crystallize (30-50 seconds);
  • put the rubberized feet of the tool so that the central pin is exactly above the glued piston, and insert the mushroom mount into the adapter of the minilifter;
  • Press down on the handles of the tool several times, and repeat the motion until the dent is completely leveled. Remove the fungus with thermal adhesive remover.

Never use sandpaper, a knife or other sharp objects to remove adhesive residue.



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