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How to find out the model of the Dyson vacuum cleaner

The best Dyson vacuum cleaners: 2022 rating

Technical perfection and stylish design combines the entire model range of Dyson vacuum cleaners. High power and a large set of accessories allows you to remove old spots from carpets/furniture, clean hard surfaces and much more. Each vacuum cleaner model is good in its own way, but how to choose the most suitable? Today in the article we will consider our rating of the best Dyson vacuum cleaners in 2022.

Any technique is imperfect and has both positive aspects and negative. To discard all doubts about the advisability of such a purchase, you should get acquainted with the main advantages and disadvantages of Dyson vacuum cleaners.

  • The entire range of Dyson vacuum cleaners have high consumed and absorbing power. This is due to the equipment of technology by special engines. Even the container filled with garbage does not affect the performance of equipment.
  • Ergonomic design, high power combined with a large number of additional nozzles makes it an indispensable house assistant.
  • Simplicity of operation and maintenance. After each use, it is enough to clean the flask, and then put the battery for charging.
  • Long.term operational period subject to all rules of use. The manufacturer is confident as the assembly of its equipment, therefore it provides a long warranty period. There are plenty of spare parts in the market, difficulties with repairs should not arise.
  • Most models are wireless, which makes a vacuum cleaner with a slight weight and compact dimensions even more mobile and convenient to use.
  • Overstated price for technology. Dyson vacuum cleaners are included in the category of one of the most expensive.
  • A short operational period of batteries, taking into account the high cost of household appliances. Even with full charge, the duration of the 1st cycle does not exceed 15 minutes.

What to look for when choosing a dyson vacuum cleaner?

Which vacuum cleaner from Dyson is better to buy?

The issue of choosing a high.quality and functional vacuum cleaner for the home is open to many. A large range of household appliances with different configurations causes certain difficulties in buying the most suitable model.

What criteria is it recommended to pay attention when buying a Dyson vacuum cleaner?

5 Best Dyson Vacuum Cleaner 2022

  • Flooring in the house. When choosing a vacuum cleaner, you always need to take into account whether there are carpets at home, or only linoleum/parquet/laminate lies, are there any special requirements for floor cleaning. For example, if there is a staircase in the house, then for the convenience of using a vacuum cleaner it is better so that it is not equipped with cables; If allergies and/or asthmatics live in the house, then the kit must be attached to a turbochite for better dust removal.
  • Additional functionality. Modern vacuum cleaners can be equipped with a large number of additional options. Some of them may be necessary, but for others it makes no sense to overpay. Each case is individual. For comfortable use of technology, without exception, you need to pay attention to the possibility of managing speed, length of the cord, the presence of additional accessories, the ability to adjust the height, the presence of a built.in storage of tools.
  • Performance. For high.quality cleaning of coatings, the device must have a good power consumed and absorption power. There are few who pay attention to the last parameter, despite the fact that it is a fundamental.
  • The capacity of the tank for collecting garbage. The larger this container, the less often it needs to be empty. If a house with a large area, then the “bag” should be roomy, more than 500 ml.
  • Filtration. This criterion is important for everyone, especially for asthmatics and allergy sufferers. It is important that the vacuum cleaner holds garbage and small particles in itself, not threw them back into the air. It is strongly recommended that the design is equipped with non-films. Thanks to their dense structure, even the smallest particles settle on the walls of the fibers.
  • Noise level. Specialists also recommend paying attention to this parameter. Some models publish so much noise during work that using them is extremely uncomfortable. The permissible noise level ranges from 70 to 77 dB.
  • Assembly quality and duration of the operational period. It depends on the quality of the assembly how long the household appliances can last. Before buying, it is important to inspect the vacuum cleaner and make sure personally that the case is made of high.quality material, which does not “play” when pressing it with fingers, that all joints are strong.
  • Simplicity of use and maintenance. It is important that the vacuum cleaner has compact dimensions, low weight, is maneuverable, otherwise it will not be very comfortable to use it.

These are the main parameters that are recommended to pay attention to when choosing the most suitable Dyson vacuum cleaner model. To avoid buying a fake, it is recommended to draw up a deal in a large or chain store of household appliances. It is important to verify the presence of a full set, all accompanying documentation and warranty coupon. To facilitate searches, we will consider a list of the best Dyson vacuum cleaners in 2022.

Rating of the best vacuum cleaners Dyson

NIMH accumulator

Although now this is already a rarity, nevertheless, there are still sometimes vacuum cleaners equipped with inexpensive nickel.metallhydric batteries (NIMH) with a “memory effect”. loss of container in case of non.compliance with the rules of operation and charging of such a battery. So, if the entire charge of the battery is not spent, it cannot be recharged, otherwise the time of operation of the vacuum cleaner will be equal to the time, which in the previous cycle remained at the battery before recharging. We turn the effect of memory: the battery can be discharged and charged again, but at the daily pace of life to remember such a feature is inconvenient, and the vacuum cleaner can suddenly refuse to work at the most inopportune moment.

Another minus of the NIMH accumulators is a high percentage of self-discharge: a battery loses up to 10% of the charge per day even without work. To be always ready for cleaning, such a vacuum cleaner should always be on charging. And if the vacuum cleaner with the NIMH accumulator is not used for a long time, it is recommended to completely charge it first, and then remove it (if possible) and store it separately. Who keeps all this? Unless very meticulous and technically pumped users, and the rest simply lay down with the inevitable deterioration of the vacuum cleaner (well, or write negative reviews about it).

Briefly: today it is better not to take a vacuum cleaner with a NIMH accumulator.

A small time of autonomous work

How long does it take to clean a standard kopecks with a vacuum cleaner? Minimum. forty minutes, and if you need to spill not only the floor and upholstered furniture, then more. From this we must proceed when choosing. The characteristics of the device always indicate the maximum operating time without recharging, but it should be borne in mind that it is most often meant working on minimum power. The higher it is, the faster the battery discharges. Therefore, standard “40 minutes of battery life” most often mean “40 minutes for a slightly contaminated smooth floor”. If you use such an average model at an average power (subject to its presence), then it will work without recharging about 20-25 minutes. And if you turn on turbojet (maximum power and motorized brush), then 7-8 minutes.

In recent years, there are many models with interchangeable batteries in the market: while one works, the second may charge. This solution allows you to increase the operation of the vacuum cleaner twice or more if the charge time is minimal.

Briefly: if an additional battery is included in the kit. this is very good.

Where to buy a Dyson vacuum cleaner and which is better?

Based on the points above, we recommend the next algorithm of action.

If you can’t get a replacement through the official website?

Select an analogue of the battery from the famous brand: Cameronsino, Shark and others. We give our selection of analogues that we trust:

Where to buy an analogue?

Choose shops or sellers that give a guarantee for replacing 12 months. You can see our warranty conditions as an example.

Nowhere is there neither the original nor an analogue, everything is discontinued from production?

You can contact the manufacturers directly. For example, we have a service in Neovolt for the manufacture of rare and outputs of batteries or restoration-repair of your nutritional element.

We found out from Ny Times and their expert Lee Johnson (for testing electronics from NASA) that the original Dyson vacuum cleaners are perfectly designed, but are too expensive. Do not chase the original if the warranty period of replacement is over. For original solutions, contact only the service.

In other cases, you should choose the standing analogues. These are Shark, Cameronsino and probably others (write in Комментарии и мнения владельцев on which you should pay attention to). From the dough it follows that Powerextra and DSANKE are not included in their number. they have significant disadvantages.

All these branded analogues are always more expensive than “Noname” or little.known offers with AliExpress. And in order not to get to problems with the failure of the battery ahead of time (in a few months), demand a guarantee of 12 months from the seller or store, which is also given by the manufacturer Dyson.

Thank you for leaving Комментарии и мнения владельцев on our articles and sign in @neovoltru. If you notice obvious inconsistencies, errors or fundamentally do not agree with the author’s opinion, then write about it. we will correct.

The most popular models of Dyson vacuum cleaners

After comparing Dyson vacuum cleaners, the most popular models can be listed. The five wired devices, according to the rating, are as follows:

  • Dyson DC37 Allergy Musclehead. The most powerful, maneuverable, almost silent, with an automatic change in the operating modes of the brush. From the shortcomings. you cannot use for wooden flooring.

Important! It is equipped with a thin cleaning filter that does not miss up to 99% of the dust and microbes, which is necessary for allergies.

  • Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Pro 2. a unique mini turbo.shutter includes that does not confuse hair and removes animal hair, there are thin nozzles for complex places. When falling, the aggregate itself embarrasses a vertical position.
  • Dyson Big Ball Multifloor 2. also comes to the initial position in case of overturning. Powerful, garbage capacity is pulled out using a button and rinsed with water. But compared to the second number, this one copes worse with cleaning carpets.
  • Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Parquet Convenient cleaning of the tank for garbage. you just need to press the button. Consumables do not change, so the quality of cleaning is always on top. Almost silent, but poorly copes with carpets.
  • Dyson Cy27 Ball Allergy. The characteristics and equipment of this model is much more modest, but the price is quite acceptable. There is one universal brush, furniture nozzle and for hard.to.reach places. Fitting filter saves air from dust and microbes.

The five popular wireless models include the following:

  • Dyson V11 Absolute. vertical model. During the cleaning process, garbage accumulates in the container on the handle, the power adjustment button is located there. A special fastening of the device on the wall is provided. The main minus is a high price.
  • Dyson V10 Motorhead. Equipped with a five.speed air purification system. Can work without recharging one hour. All nozzles can be removed in the handle, and it is convenient to store the vacuum cleaner with a wall mount.
  • Dyson V10 Absolute. When compared with the V11 model, this vacuum cleaner is less powerful, but it is easier and faster to charge. The handle is easily removed and it turns out a set for cleaning the car interior.
  • Dyson V7 Parquet Extra. The peculiarity of the model is the engine on digital control, which guarantees constant labor of absorption. It only works for half an hour without recharging, but a silent and lightweight model. Of the minuses. only two power modes.
  • Dyson V6 Animal Extra. just gathers manually, and even the ceiling can be cleaned with a long pipe. A special electric shield copes with carpets and hair of pets.

The main selection criteria for what to pay attention to

There are three main parameters when choosing a quality vacuum cleaner:

  • Half power. The larger it is, the more effective and faster the cleaning will be, but electricity consumption will also be greater.
  • Garbage capacity and air purification system. Dyson vacuum cleaners do not have dust bags, instead there are containers up to 3 liters with a capacity of up to 3 liters. As filters, “Dyson” uses mainly high-quality non-films.
  • Dimensions and weight. Compact devices are easier to store and easier to operate.

Dyson vacuum cleaner can become indispensable for many years. Simply, given the high price, you need to more carefully approach the choice of a suitable model.

Passport characteristics, delivery set and price

  • Dyson Digital V10 electric motor with digital control
  • Ceramic shaft of the engine
  • Allergy Standards Limited Certificate
  • Warranty 2 years
  • a vacuum cleaner
  • Direct drive (16.2 V, 50 watts)
  • Electric brush with a soft roller (16.2 V, 30 W)
  • Mini-electrode (16.2 V, 30 W)
  • Combined nozzle
  • Slit nozzle
  • brush with soft bristles
  • pipe
  • Food adapter (100-240 V, 50/60 Hz at 30.45 V, 1.1 A)
  • user’s manual
  • A set of docking stations
  • User manual for the docking station

At the time of writing this text in retail, three configurations/modifications Dyson Cyclone V10 were offered. They differ in the color of the pipes and the number of nozzles: Motorhead. three nozzles, Animal. five nozzles, absolute. six nozzles. In addition, Motorhead has a reduced vacuumber to be 0.54 liters, while in the other two it is 0.76 liters. Cyclone V10 Absolute with the richest configuration visited our testing.

The main details of the case and most accessories are made of plastic of different types. Opennial structural elements. from ABS (or ABS polycarbonate) or polypropylene, transparent. from polycarbonate (a glass of dust collector and casing of brushes, for example). The outer surface of the parts from ABS is mirrored, from polypropylene. matte. Minor damage and scratches are invisible to them, since the plastic is not too light and not too dark. The block of small cyclones from the outside has a dark gray silver-resistant silver cloak.

The grid on the inner glass of a large cyclone is a orange thin sheet of stainless steel, and the orange pipe is made of aluminum on the outside anodized and painted.

A plastic liner is inserted inside the pipe, forming a smooth and even channel for air passage. At the ends of the pipes, you can see the connectors that ensure the connection of electrical drives of brushes to the power source.

In previous models of Dyson batteries, the vacuumber is oriented perpendicular to the pipe or connected nozzles (for example. V8):

In the V10, the vacuumber cylinder is pulled along, and the pipe or nozzles are connected in the end in the center:

The manufacturer claims that such a “linear design” provides an air flow in a straight path (above V8, at the bottom of V10):

You can argue with this, since at the entrance to the large cyclone V8, the air flow changes once at an angle of 90 degrees, and in the case of V10 there are two turns: first from the center to the outer wall, then along the wall. Here at the exit from the block of small cyclones V10, the trajectory of the flow can really have fewer turns.

Black rubber skirt is a new element in the design of the vacuumber. She shares the camera of the first large cyclone from the lower part in which garbage accumulates. As a result, when leaning the vacuum cleaner up, the already collected garbage will not fall into the cyclone again. The transparent body of the vacuum cleaner allows you to evaluate the degree of its filling at first glance. To devastate the vacuumber, you need to disconnect the pipe or nozzle from the vacuum cleaner, place the lower part of the vacuum cleaner in the garbage bag and move the red handle down all the way. The lid is thrown back, the bulk of the garbage is dumped into the bag, and during the movement of the vacuumer down the red rubber skirt, the garbage cleansed the garbage, stuck to the grid. At the end of the movement, the red skirt squeezes a black skirt so that the remnants of garbage fall down.

Devastating the vacuumber in the V8 and the models similar to it, the vacuum cleaner had to hold over the garbage bag, so a little dust could fly apart past the bag. In the case of V10, such a nuisance will occur with a lower probability, cleaning its container is more hygienic.

If necessary, a glass of a vacuum cleaner can be removed completely by pressing a red latch that has become available and pulling the glass further down.

The pre.engine filter is made of fibrous material, and the exhaust postmotor filter is folded. The name HEPA is not mentioned anywhere, but the manufacturer states that the filtering system “holds 99.97% of dust up to 0.3 micron”. This degree of cleaning corresponds to the HEPA class according to the US standard and HEPA H13 according to European classification (see. Wikipedia). Now both filters are combined in one removable block.

When the filters are contaminated, they must be washed with cold water and dried. The manufacturer recommends performing this procedure at least once a month.

The described details make up a five.speed filtration system. On the first in a large cyclone, large and heavy garbage is separated from the air. On the second large and light garbage (wool, fluff, etc. D.) linger with a mesh on the inner glass of a vacuumber. On the third 14 small cyclones, the smallest dust and air are put down. The dust falls into the central part of the defiletor container isolated from the outer part and from the internal air duct.

And the air goes to the fan through the pre.engine filter (the fourth stage of filtering), delaying almost everything that managed to leak. Finally, the postmotor filter performs the final cleaning. Note that all the joints of the separated elements of the design of the motor unit, pipes and nozzles, along which air passes from the cleaned surface to the exhaust filter, have seals made of rubber or elastic plastic, so the parasitic suction and the release of not cleaned air is negligible small. A reliable connection to the pipe/nozzles is provided with fixers-liners.


In high power mode with a combined nozzle, the vacuum cleaner worked for 5 minutes 45 seconds. With real use with a direct drive with a direct drive in normal power mode, the operating time was 22 minutes 30 seconds. Low power allowed the use of a vacuum cleaner with a mini-electrode for 55 minutes 30 seconds.

Due to the low time of operation, the high-power mode has limited benefits. It will come in handy if you need to clean something small in area with deep dirty dirt, and where you do not crawl with electric shows. Also, in high.power mode, you can clean, for example, mattresses using a special nozzle described above.

Work and efficiency in the case of normal power and using electric grinders is enough for harvesting an apartment area about 40 m² or even more if the floors are not very dirty and without difficult to clean the carpet coatings.

In mode with low power, the use of electric grinders will remove the floors on a much larger area or clean a lot of furniture, but this is provided that everyday cleaning is, when the dirty dirt (especially on carpet coatings) is not very much.

Due to the large length, shifted forward by the center of gravity and slightly increased weight (in comparison with the same V8) V10 vacuum cleaner, it is difficult to operate when you need to remove vertical planes or make frequent reciprocating movements when using non-rheatized small nozzles. Also, with small nozzles, a wide end of the vacuum cleaner partially obscures the cleaning area from the user’s eyes. These difficulties can be overcome if you use an extension flexible pipe. In the case of V10, this accessory significantly expands the functionality of the vacuum cleaner.

The main advantages of a wide electrode with direct drive should be considered an enlarged working width and narrow ends, as well as a large diameter of the shaft, on which the hair and threads are practically not wound, and all the wound is easily removed with the hands, without the use of tools.

We experienced an electric shock with a soft roller on a carpet with a short loop pile, as well as on linoleum and laminate. Visual control shows the high quality of cleaning provided by this brush. You can clean almost the entire surface of the floor, to the obstacle, additionally use the slit nozzle for cleaning in the corners. This brush requires minimal maintenance, since nothing is wound on the rollers.

Mini-electrolyte copes well with cleaning upholstered furniture. Figure shaft and solid rows of bristles contribute to the fact that not a lot of threads, hair and other things are wound on the brush, and all the wound is easily removed with fingers. The only disadvantage of this brush is the absence of a hinge, so it does not work to crawl with it under the sofa, but there are two other wide brushes for cleaning there.

A transparent glass allows you to quickly assess the degree of fullness of the vacuumber.

It is very convenient to empty the vacuum cleaner and the contact with dust is minimized. One movement. and the practical all garbage is in the garbage bucket or package. In this test for clarity. on a sheet of paper.

Having removed the filters block, on the pre.trial filter we found the visible amount of fine dust. The inner side of the pre.engine filter and the exhaust filter in appearance remained clean.

Of course, the vacuum cleaner can be used several more times before you have to wash the filter, but in the case of V8 vacuum cleaner there are no visible traces of pollution after 1.5 years of use. Dyson explained that the V10 of air filtration comes from the outside of the filter, and therefore pollution is better.

The filters combined in one block have to wash both at once. At the same time, dirt from the pre.engine filter can get into postmotor. And the fact that the folded filter can be effectively washed several times without loss of throughput, we do not believe.

The new wall dock is more convenient to use, since the installation and removal of the vacuum cleaner now occurs in one movement. As in the case of previous models with the dock, it changes a typical cleaning scenario. No need to look for a wire and connect a vacuum cleaner to it for charging the battery. No need to get a vacuum cleaner and favorite nozzles from somewhere. Everything is in one place, in constant readiness. You can remove it as necessary and locally, with minimal time spent. With ordinary wired and heavy vacuum cleaner, frequent cleaning are simply not justified due to a long preparatory stage. As a result, despite the limited working hours, with Dyson battery vacuum cleaners, it is easier to maintain cleanliness than with wired.

In high power mode, especially if you use the vacuum cleaner continuously up to the full discharge of the battery, the case heats up greatly, although it is in the area of ​​the heating handle. A picture made by an infrared camera allows you to evaluate the temperature distribution after continuous operation at high power:

The battery compartment (in places up to 54 ° C) is most warmed up:

In normal power mode, heating is slight, however, the hand still sweats a little and the slippery smooth plastic of the handle becomes unpleasant to the touch, more effort is spent on holding the vacuum cleaner in the hand and the direction of the nozzles in the right places. The grip, however, is very reliable, so there is no chance of a vacuum cleaner from a vacuum cleaner.

It took 2 hours 40 minutes after continuous operation at maximum power and 3 hours after working at medium power. The charge schedule for the first case is given below (consumption from the network is indicated):

How to locate the serial number on your Dyson V6 cord-free vacuum

At the beginning for several minutes the battery is cooled and the charge does not go. Then the main charging phase is underway. At the end, several short charging cycles are performed. After that, one or two short charging cycles are carried out every hour to maintain the battery charge at the maximum level. This vacuum cleaner charges 1 hour faster than V8. However, this has no fundamental significance, since it does not affect the scenario of use.


From the first seconds of dating, Dyson V15 Detect Absolute was able to surprise us: this is the first manual vacuum cleaner to have proposed to choose the integse language before operation. On the sensory LCD screen when you first turn on, you can select language settings. After choosing the Russian language, the device proposed to fully charge the battery to continue the work, which we did.

The first charge lasted a little more than two hours: to extend the life life of the battery, the device is supplied in half charged.

Starting work with a vacuum cleaner, we faced another unusual feature of this model: the “trigger”, including the device, is not fixed in the pressed position. This solution distinguishes V15 from the vast majority of analogues, but, perhaps, logical. there is no need to work in a short.lived vacuum cleaner. The power button has a soft move, keeping it in a pressed position is not difficult.

As noted above, Dyson V15 has three operating modes: economical (with reduced power), powerful and automatic. The last option interested us the most.

In the power of the power of power, the device independently determines the degree of pollution: a special sensor at the entrance to the container determines the amount of dust and, if necessary, includes increased speeds. When using this function, there is no need to adjust the power manually, by eye. the vacuum cleaner decides when it should be pushed.

At the first acquaintance with the device, we were somewhat skeptical of the automatic regime, but after some time we found that we only use it. Indeed, Dyson V15 capacity autocracy works efficiently and predictably, allowing you to save the battery charge and increasing speed only when there is a real need for this.

Power auto.cutting is only working with motor nozzles. When connecting simple non.neutralized accessories to the vacuum cleaner, instead of the “auto” mode, “average” is available, with the corresponding power.

Eco and Turbo modes when using unelectric nozzles have higher suction power, which is logical: without rotary brushes for high.quality cleaning, a stronger air flow is required. But the time of autonomous work in this mode is much less.

A small round displays of the vacuum cleaner turned out to be extremely informative. In addition to the traditional alarm about the degree of discharge of the battery and the currently selected power level, he tells the user many more useful information.

In the process of cleaning, the vacuum cleaner in real time shows the composition of the cleaned dust: the diagram on the display informs the user about the size of the particles that fell into the garbage collection and their number. This function cannot be called vital, but to know how much we removed the invisible eye of the dust is perhaps useful and curious.

In case of problems in the work, the device will not only report them, but also talk about ways to eliminate them. So, for example, if the filter of thin cleaning is improperly installed, the vacuum cleaner gives a text message, and then loses an animated picture explaining how to correctly fix the filter.

In the case of a fall of absorption power, the V15 will suggest that the problem is in clogging the air tract or in overflow of the garbage collection and in a short video will tell the user how to clean the blockage correctly or devastate the container.

During charging, the vacuum cleaner shows an animated battery on the screen, which is filled with a proportion to the battery replenishment.

With such a high level of interactivity, the user of the vacuum cleaner can really do without printed guidance: the device himself tells how to handle it. The only disadvantage of the display is perhaps too small a font: people with poor vision are difficult to read the text on the screen.

The vacuum cleaner is well balanced and, despite the fairly large weight, lies comfortably in the hand and is well controlled.

The design of both electric shots for the floor does not allow vertical parking: when pauses in cleaning, the device has to rest on the walls or furniture.

One of the most innovations we liked was (rather predictably) laser backlighting of the cleaning zone at the nozzle for hard flooring.

She highlights the dust and fine garbage much better than the usual LED and does cleaning more efficiently and faster: uncleaned areas in a polarized light are perfectly visible.

The backlight works not only in the dark and twilight: in the photo below, made in bright sunlight, contrasting shadows from small light snorges are clearly visible.

Laser backlight, of course, is useless when cleaning carpet coatings and upholstered furniture. the other two electric shutters do not have it. Nevertheless, it is necessary to cover hard.to.reach places, and traditional lighting with LEDs would be useful here.

We also liked the corner hinge that allows the use of motorized nozzles: with its help, cleaning the inaccessible areas is greatly simplified. It is especially convenient to process furniture and vertical surfaces with it.

The design of a conical electrographic engine used in the nozzle for furniture, during practical testing, has proved its effectiveness: we have never found any long hair or wrapped threads on it.

In manual configuration, the vacuum cleaner is also convenient, and the behavior of non.ruptered nozzles is simply and predictable. It is equally convenient for them to clean furniture, household items, clothes and interior elements.

Our measurements

We give the measurements of the mass of the main components of the vacuum cleaner in the table:

Name of the component weight, g
Basic block with a vacuumber 1315
Battery 730
An extension tube 260
Hard.coat 425
Carpet for carpet coatings 800
Electric brush for furniture 385
Corner hinge 175
Nozzle “2 in 1” 70
Slit nozzle-soot 45
A wide brush 42
Long brush fifty
Weight in the collection, maximum 3105
Weight in the collection, minimum 2087

The power of absorption (what it is and how we measure it, described in a separate article), we determined when the vacuum cleaner was working with an extension tube, but without nozzles. The dependence of the absorption power on the vacuum created is given on the graph below:

We measured the maximum absorption power in turbo generation was 166.5 AUT. an excellent result for this class of vacuum cleaners. The maximum power in medium mode is 76 AUT, and in eco.regimen. 57 AUT.

The average full charge time, which we checked for several cycles, was 3 hours 40 minutes: the vacuum cleaner charges a little faster than promised by the manufacturer. During the power of the battery, the vacuum cleaner adapter consumes an average of 30.8 watts, in waiting mode. less than 0.1 watts.

The level of noise published by the device depends on the mode of operation. At maximum power in the configuration for cleaning the floor, the vacuum cleaner makes noise by 78 dBA, the minimum power reduces the level to 65 dBA.

Dyson V15 autonomous operation depends on the nozzle used and the selected power mode. The collected data is presented as a table.

Electronstat for hard coatings without nozzles Minimum power

Maximum power

83:16 73:03
15:30 8:13

Since the vacuum cleaner works at high power without the use of electric shots, the battery life time is noticeably higher than with an additional load in the form of an electric motor and laser backlight.

Maximum absorption power

Duration of work at maximum power (manual mode)

Duration of minimum power (motorized nozzle)

Noise level

Weight in configuration for floor cleaning

Light in manual configuration

166 Auth
up to 83 minutes
Up to 78 DBA
3105 g

Review of the Dyson vacuum cleaners

Despite the fact that the studies around the rhetorical question “where does the dust come from?”Worthy of the Ignobel Prize, the dust itself does not go anywhere and it is still necessary to remove it. An ordinary vacuum cleaner, working on the principle of a mechanical filter, is a good tool, but it draws out the CRO until a bag for dust closes. After that, a vacuum, and with it the quality of cleaning, drops sharply. The English inventor James Dyson decided to improve the existing way of getting rid of dust. He proposed applying in household devices a well.established method for cyclone air purification in industry.

In advertising materials, the Dyson method is called “new” and “revolutionary”. But actually it is not. If you passed by any industrial enterprise, then you probably saw steel cones of dry dust dust, in the upper part of which is located in the lower. dust.

Their dimensions are very different: a fan of a small cyclone can stand in the window and collect garbage in a box, and a large cyclone, for example at the woodworking enterprise, gets air through the meter pipe, and ships the dust directly into the body of the dump truck.

So the new method can be called only partly, the merit of Dyson. In the exact modeling of the form of cones and snot, generating numerous air vortices, rotating at a huge speed. The centrifugal force inside the vortices is so great that it presses against the walls and drives into the lower part of the container even the smallest dust and microorganisms.

In general, in my opinion, Dyson is quite worthy of the title of “Master of Air Streams”, because in addition to vacuum cleaners, his company makes an amazing Airblade electric launcher, capable of removing water from less than 10 seconds, as well as non.disabilities Air Multiplier.

Cyclone in the service of cleanliness

Now let’s talk about the Dyson vacuum cleaners offered. To begin with, we note the general features and advantages of all models:

  • unusual futuristic design of devices;
  • the absence of a bag for collecting dust, only a dry glass;
  • constant absorption power, independent of filling the container;
  • the absence of any consumables (filters, bags, liquids);
  • clean air at the exit of the vacuum cleaner;
  • Simplicity of cleaning the container.

The disadvantages of these vacuum cleaners are a direct consequence of their advantages. The devices are significantly noisy: the motor works at high speeds, air whistles subtly in the nozzles. There can be no talk of the engine power regulator in the cyclone vacuum cleaner, otherwise it will not work.

Meanwhile, reduce the enormous force of absorption quite often. It is so great that the brush sometimes just sticks to linoleum or drags a rug behind it. There is a special valve opened by the ring near the handle to go into the air pipe from the outside. So it is possible to take the curtain pulled into the pipe, but constantly pulling it with your finger, while taking a brush along linoleum, is not very convenient.

Also, a significant drawback can be called the price of vacuum cleaners. It starts from 17 thousand.

Now consider which devices DYSON offers. The assortment of the company presents vertical, cylindrical and portable vacuum cleaners.

Vertical models with numbers DC 15, DC 18, DC 24 and DC 25 include. They say that such a form factor is very popular abroad, but when I look at these vacuum cleaners, children’s memories of the household device with the funny name “Poloter” that lived in our closet come to life in my memory. This thing was taken around the apartment on small wheels, and round rotating brushes under the bottom rubbed a parquet floor.

The similarity with Poloter is further enhances the dust collecting dust. It is equipped with a separate electric motor and is especially suitable for deep cleaning of carpets. Typically, such devices are not too maneuverable, so Dyson invented and implemented Ball technology. a large ball, on which, just like a gymnast in a circus, the whole structure rides. This gives amazing mobility. Vacuum cleaners with a ball (DC 15, DC 24, DC 25) can turn around in one place.

Vertical vacuum cleaners are designed, rather, for cleaning large rooms. Despite the fact that there are clamps for fastening additional accessories on the housing, they take up a lot of space during storage, which may be unacceptable for small apartments. So, the DC 15 model has a height of 1.12 m, a weight of 8.6 kg and a glass for dust 2.5 liters. Be prepared for the fact that this large pipe will have to carry your hand all over the floor and only to access complex places to unfasten the hose (Telescope Reach technology).

An exception in the series is a specially designed compact model DC 24, 76 cm high and a weight of 5.4 kg. The volume of its garbage container is 0.85 liters.

In the form and experience of work, we are more familiar with cylindrical vacuum cleaners (models DC 22, DC 23, DC 29, DC 32, DC 26), traveling on wheels after the brush. Let’s start with the base model DC 29. which perfectly copes with all the tasks, but almost does not contain in the description of the “romantic” names of the applied technologies. The kit includes a convenient universal flat nozzle without any electronics, capable of crawling under a low cabinet, a nozzle for upholstered furniture and a sliding pipe with a hose, which can be filtered and put in a closet. The vacuum cleaner has dimensions 345x286x434 mm, the weight is almost 8 kg, the volume of a glass for garbage. 2 l.

The DC 22 and DC 23 models have a slightly different design that allows you to disassemble the suction pipes and fix them around the vacuum cleaner case (this is called Telescope Wrap). The kit includes a turbo engine with rotating rollers (DC 22) or an electric brush (DC 23). They say that the step of the support wheels is selected so that vacuum cleaners are conveniently placed on the neighboring steps of the stairs.

What if the Dyson vacuum cleaner flashes a red bulb due to a motor block?

Sometimes the reason is not in the battery, but in the motor block. Do not rush to be upset and contact the service. Now we will try to restore the device together.

Checking filters

Sometimes a filter is clogged, or its seal is installed incorrectly. In such a situation, the Dyson vacuum cleaner does not charge and blinks red less than 12 times when the button is held in the pressed position.

How to fix:

  • – Inspect the filter for small and large particles;
  • – If you can see large particles like sand or stones, then clean the filter and check if the seal is installed correctly (if any);
  • – If you can see fine dust, then wash the filter with cool running water from the tap without detergents until the drain is clean;
  • – Dry the filter during the day (do not rush, and do not try to warm it);
  • – After natural drying, set everything in place and try to run the vacuum cleaner.

Drying the vacuum cleaner

When water gets inside the vacuum cleaner, a failure may occur along the control circuit, on the controller and even on the battery side. There are an insufficiently dry filter, or other reasons (including moisture condensation).

How to fix:

  • – remove the battery;
  • – Disconnect the accessories and delete the filter elements;
  • – Disassemble the vacuum cleaner in the most accessible way;
  • – Leave it for 24 hours in drying in a warm dry room;
  • – Do not try to warm it with a hairdryer or put it on heating equipment!

If the motor block refuses to work, then contact the DYSON service center. Be prepared to inform the employees that you have already completed the basic recovery procedures. Be sure to describe your actions.

Is it possible to repair a vacuum cleaner if Dyson blinks red due to the motor block?

Repair is carried out according to the results of the diagnosis in the service center. If it is a Dyson workshop authorized by Dyson, then you will be voiced the cost until the device is accepted into the work.

So, for example, replacing the power controller according to the DC62 model will cost at least 2000 without taking into account spare parts.

The power controller in the motor block is most often due to water, leaving the device in the cold, or after condensation of moisture after a sharp change in temperature.

For example, you took from a hot balcony to a conditioned room or from frost to a warm room, and then immediately turned on. This is risky for electronics.

How to wash the Dyson vacuum cleaner from the inside, a step.by.step algorithm

Rinse the technique from the inside is not difficult. The need for regular cleaning is laid down by the creators, and therefore no problems arise.

The cleaning of the vacuum cleaner is carried out a few steps:

  • The vacuum cleaner is disconnected from the network.
  • The nozzle and hose are removed, washed and cleaned with a damp cloth.
  • A container for dust is pulled out, shakes or washed, if necessary. replaced (if it is a one.time or tissue that has begun to deteriorate).
  • Filters are removed and cleaned under cool running water.
  • All parts must dry thoroughly. This may take 1-2 days. If they remain wet, an unpleasant smell may appear.
  • Wipe the walls of the vacuum cleaner, if necessary, with a damp cloth or antibacterial napkins.
  • Before the collection, the details are checked: are there cracks, scratches or damage.

Is it possible to wash the vacuum cleaner from the inside, how to open it

You can wash the vacuum cleaner only by pulling it out of the technique. It is impossible to wash the container while it is inside the vacuum cleaner, since water can get into the motor.

Security measures

In order not to spoil the vacuum cleaner and not suffer during analysis, it is worth remembering the precautions. They should be read before starting to clean the Dyson vacuum cleaner:

  • The technique should be completely de.energized.
  • Correct cleaning will not do without choosing a good cleaning agent. You can not use gels and powders based on acids and alkalis, as they are too strong and spoil the device. You can use a wet rag and soap solution.
  • Remove the lid and pull out the details carefully so as not to bend the mount and not spoil them.
  • Washing frequency depends on different nuances: the frequency of use, the volume of work, the amount of dust, the type of filter and the vacuumber. For example, waterfilters change after each cleaning, fabric filters are cleaned when they fill up.
  • A special napkin is suitable for cleaning the vacuum cleaner inside. You can’t wash it under water, but you can use a slightly wet rag.
  • When washing filters, you cannot use aggressive cleaners, hot water or hair dryer, dishwasher or washing machine. The filters are cleaned in cold water, carefully tapping the walls or with a soft rag, then leave to dry for 1-2 days. Fabric filters need to be dried completely straightened, on a horizontal surface. Filters can be disposable. They are not recommended to clean and re.use, as they are not intended for this.
  • Rubber parts require special caution, as they are easily torn at high pressure.
  • You can only collect a vacuum cleaner when the details are completely dry. Moisture does not affect the motor well and can get to electronic contacts.

After assembly, the vacuum cleaner needs to be turned on and checked.

When should be used by specialists

If the problems are related to the engine, it is better not to engage in independent disassembly of the device, but to take it to the service center. Engine repair is a complex process that it is better to entrust to a professional. Incorrect actions can easily break the “insides” finally, after which you will have to change everything completely.

Dyson vacuum cleaners are highly durable, but it is still necessary to regularly clean them. This will require partial disassembly of the technique: pulling out the container for garbage, filter and a small check of details. It is better to leave the motor to repair the service center.



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