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How to find out a refrigerator or not

How to check the performance of the compressor of the household refrigerator yourself

Damage to the refrigerator can greatly complicate life. Of course, the easiest way to contact the service center or call the master at home. But in cases where these options are not available for some reason, you can check the refrigerator compressor and, perhaps, it will be possible to fix the device yourself. In the article, we consider the principle of operation of the compressor, and everything connected with it is the causes of malfunctions, the algorithm for finding the causes, the (a multimeter is a multimeter, a rolling table, a resistance table and another.

  • one. How is the refrigerator compressor arranged
  • 2. The principle of operation of the refrigerator compressor motor-compressor
  • 3. The compressor of the refrigerator does not start. signs of a malfunction
  • 3.one. The compressor of the refrigerator works, but the refrigerator does not freeze
  • 3.2. The compressor of the refrigerator works without stopping
  • 3.3. The compressor of the refrigerator is buzzing, but does not start
  • 3.4. The compressor of the refrigerator turns on and immediately turns off
  • 3.5. The compressor of the refrigerator is heated
  • 5.one. The need to check
  • 5.2. Everything you need to check the compressor
  • 5.3. Diagnosis of the compressor of the refrigerator
  • 5.4. How to call the refrigerator compressor
  • 5.5. How to check the compressor of the refrigerator with a multimeter and manometer
  • 5.6. Measurement of the resistance of the compressor of the refrigerator with a megammeter
  • 5.7. Checking the inverter compressor of the refrigerator
  • eight.one. The need for such a connection
  • eight.2. Checking the compressor performance
  • eight.3. Connection and launch
  • eight.4. Connection scheme
  • nine.one. Refrigerant leak or defect of the thermoregulator
  • nine.2. Problems with the winding
  • nine.3. Interpretation close
  • nine.4. The jamming of the engine
  • nine.5. Damage of valves
  • nine.6. Thermal attemptor or launch relay
  • ten.one. Dismantling of the supercharger
  • ten.2. Measurement of resistance by an ohmmeter
  • ten.3. Checking the current strength
  • ten.4. Preparation of tools and equipment
  • ten.5. Installation of a new compressor
  • ten.6. Launching a refrigerant into the system

B/u refrigerator

If a used refrigerator is purchased, its serviceability must be checked especially carefully. You can evaluate it before the purchase. Look at the appearance, compression block.

If damage is not detected, it is worth turning on the device on the network and evaluate whether the temperature has changed in the chambers.

Important! If there are minor damage, they should be fixed in the documents, take photos.

What is the compressor

It is generally accepted that the compressor is the heart of the refrigerator. The work of the entire household appliance will depend on his work. There is a closed system in the refrigerator, which includes a compressor, evaporator and capacitor. Thanks to the engine of the cooling reagent pairs, it is pumped through this closed system. The compressor device is technically complex, consisting of a relay, an electric motor and a piston. If in operation of the compressor engine there are malfunctions, then urgently you need to carry out the repair otherwise you will have to complete the full replacement.

Where is the compressor in the refrigerator

This node is located behind the apparatus in its lower part. The compressor belongs to the main part, thanks to which a refrigerator agent circulates in the thermal system. Depending on the purpose in the refrigerator, two nodes can be delivered. The compressor is driven by the motor. Modern improved devices are equipped with piston compressors, an engine is installed inside them.

Piston devices break less because they exclude the loss of refrigerant.

The principle of operation and the device of the motor

The work of the refrigerator of any model (Atlant, Indesite, Steinol) is generally the same. It is based on the circulation of refrigerant (freon) in the system. Initially, the refrigerant is gas, the pressure that the compressor creates, contributes to it to get into the capacitor. There the gas is cooled, turns into a liquid and flows into the evaporator. Heating, the liquid goes into the primary state and repeats the cycle.

Therefore, if problems arose with the compressor’s work, it will not create pressure or it will not be enough for normal operation.

The degree of cooling. the temperature in the chamber. regulates the thermostat. From it, the signal goes to the trigger relay of the motor, which launches the whole process.

A motor-compressor motor is located on the back of the aggregate case. It is fixed in special oil and covered with a protective casing that you can see in the picture.

find, refrigerator

Consists of an electric motor from the launch and working winding, as well as the relay.

Three conclusions are connected to the body, one of which is a common. Two others lead to a launch and working winding. In the last models of refrigerators, an electric circuit is installed, which can adjust the speed of engine operation.

Checking the operability of the refrigerator

After delivery to the house, they check how the equipment works and whether it has external flaws. If a factory marriage is detected, the buyer has 14 days to replace.

But, sometimes the refrigerator during delivery receives damage, which cannot be identified immediately. And, if they are not found, then the warranty replacement is canceled.

  • evaluate the external state of the equipment;
  • check the compressor;
  • inspect the device from the inside;
  • Check performance.

Additionally verified with documents for the refrigerator. There should be a passport of a model, a commodity check and a warranty card with a seal.

You can check the device straight in the store. Sale rules allow to include equipment in the exhibition hall. Choose a model, ask it to turn it on, and at this time they walk about 20 minutes around the store.

Of course, so that the refrigerator goes to the operating temperature of this is not enough, but it is free or not to understand. If the unit operates using No-Frost technology, then in its internal chambers it will be noticeably colder than in the store.

find, refrigerator

If the usual drip system, in 20 minutes on the back of the freezer and refrigerator compartment, will appear frost. If after 20 minutes the changes are not observed, it is better to refuse to buy this model.

Inspection outside

The visual state of the refrigerator is evaluated only in good lighting, that is, definitely not in the entrance and not in the corridor. The fact is that in dull light it is difficult to replace external defects.

It is possible that during delivery the equipment was hit, leaving a dent on the door, which will be visible only at a certain angle.

First of all, the side walls are carefully examined. Further, the equipment delivered to the house is put in the place where it will be used and look at it from different sides.

If it was decided to bring the equipment home on their own, bypassing store delivery, the actions are similar, only the refrigerator is put in a brightly lit store, so that everything is visible.

With the handles of the refrigerator, both the main door and the freezer, everything should be in order. If a crack is detected, the model is better to replace. such pens do not serve for a long time.

The diagnosis of the compressor is also included in the external inspection. In the models that are available now, the motor is hidden behind a decorative grate fixed with self.tapping screws. But those who are little versed in technology will not give anything if they see or do not see the compressor.

Even the specialist, assessing the appearance of the motor, is not able to accurately answer. in a working condition he is or not. But, the presence of mechanical damage can be seen.

Иногда в ходе неаккуратной доставки мотор слетает с креплений или перекашивается. As a result. the compressor works very loudly or completely breaks.

Inspection inside

If there were no external flaws, this does not mean that they will not be inside. Examine the refrigerator and freezer compartments.

All boxes are extracted from the freezer, if any. Evaluate in what condition the camera, are there on plastic surfaces of cracks or other damage. The boxes themselves also require attention, especially those places in which the main box is attached to the front decorative panel.

There is a chance that these fasteners will be broken (in some models of refrigerators they are quite flimsy). There is an opinion that manufacturers do this on purpose, with the aim of additional sale of spare parts.

, And this is a good profit. These shortcomings are not inherent in all models. There are refrigerators and without decorative panels at all. But, warned, it means armed.

Next, inspect the refrigerator compartment, extracting each shelf. Regiments, like the sites on which they are placed, should be whole. If the plastic is spoiled, then this is a mechanical damage that does not apply to warranty cases, so the owner will have to pay for the repair.

Assessing the internal state of the household appliance, you should sniff. The only smell should be plastic. It happens that unscrupulous merchants buy used refrigerators, repair them, and then sell them under the guise of new.

But, the smell of products that have already once been in a refrigerator is difficult to get out. Yes, there are special means for these purposes, but they will certainly leave their “imprint”.

This is where the refrigerator‘s condition is completed. It takes some time and those who delivered the goods may start nervous. But the buyer should be all the same, because he must make sure that the purchased refrigerator is new.

Electric circuit

To independently find the cause of the problem, you will need knowledge of the electrical circuit.

The current fits the circuit goes this way:

  • goes through the contacts of the thermallela (1);
  • thawing buttons (2);
  • thermal relay (3);
  • start.up relay (5);
  • Submitted to the working winding of the engine engine (4.one).

Non.working engine winding misses the voltage of more than a given value. In this case, the starting relay is triggered, closes contacts and launches the winding. After achieving the desired temperature, the contacts of the thermallane open, and the engine stops the operation of the motor.

Now you understand the device of the refrigerator and how it should work. This will help to properly operate the device and extend its use.

What to do if the refrigerator is badly freezing?

It is badly freezing

The refrigerator can freeze weakly or, conversely, strongly. This is also a problem that needs to be solved in time until the camera has failed at all.

Why the refrigerator does not freeze, and the freezer works:

  • The thermostat has broken. It is subject to replacement.
  • Not enough freon. If so, then the capacitor in the back of the device will be cold. It is necessary to determine how the leakage occurred, replace or repair the part and season the device with a refrigerant.
  • The compressor does not work. Only a master can solve this problem.
  • Depressurization. If the door does not close, as expected, then there is constantly warm air in the chamber. You need to fix the refrigerator door.
  • The seal was worn out. It is required to replace the elastic band.
find, refrigerator

Refrigerators’ problems

If you are in a hurry, trying to quickly defrost your refrigerator, they broke the freezer, a crack could form in it, holes. It all depends on the “tool” with which you helped the camera to get rid of.

Not all refrigerators are equipped with the know.to.Frost system, and in drip ice in the freezer does not surprise anyone, because it is defrosted manually. But what to do if this problem has arisen in modern.

You felt that the walls of the freezer are hot? This is possible while the compressor continues to work. But when the motor is resting, the walls should cool down. If this does not happen, you need to look for the reasons for.

The two.chamber refrigerator works properly, but the “Attention” lights are on the panel? It is red and can be marked with an exclamation mark. Why is this happening? There are several reasons, but the main one: too.

If the fan fails and turns off or vice versa. it is constantly working, problems arise. What are their reasons and methods of elimination, we will consider in this review. Fan. component of the system.

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Ice generators are used in everyday life and in professional kitchens to create ice cubes. You fill in the water, press the button and get a large batch of ice. conveniently at parties. But even with such simple.

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